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Storm Warning

The measured voice on the radio continued until at last it said, “Irish Sea. Wind — variable 4 becoming West 5 to 7, perhaps gale 8 later. Sea State — slight becoming rough later. Weather — sunny becoming rain — heavy. Visibility — hazy becoming poor.” The Shipping Forecast then went through the rest of the sea areas around the British Isles, a solid reassuring sound announcing what was going to be a dirty night here on the hills over-looking the Lancashire coast and Morecombe Bay. The forecast completed, the radio went back to the cricket at Old Trafford and to be honest the coming storm would be a blessing for the Aussies who were suffering greatly at the hands of a rampant English bowling attack.

It was, the TV weather people confirmed later, going to be the full monty. As it was the hot hazy morning was still, the day was sunny but the air thick and humid. That would change.

I picked up my mobile and rang my daughter.

“Becca? Are you and Kay still coming over this week-end?” My daughter and her friend were in Manchester — about an hour down the motorway, they’d planned to come up — separately but they’d be with me over the long weekend.

“Yeah dad,” my daughter’s voice sounded tense, “I might be later than I thought though, something’s come up and I need to fix it first.”

“Well be careful,” I told her, “The weather’s going to be foul.”

Becca chuckled, “Dad! I’m twenty-four, and still you’re fussing.”

I laughed with her, “And you still don’t get it, do you? I’m going to be fussing over you for the rest of your life, now deal with it. It’s my job.”

“Thanks dad.” There was a sense of relief in Becca’s voice, that I wanted to know more about, but reckoned it wasn’t the time.

“Take care, sweet-heart, see you later.”

“See you later dad.”

I put the phone down and went through to the living room — all of the windows were open, and the feeble breeze tugged at the curtains. As I was about to sit down, I heard a car pull up in front of the house.

“Kayleigh!!” I called out to the girl I often called my ‘other daughter’.

The two girls had been the terror of their junior school. Firm friends from the day they had started in the reception class and it had gone on from there. A force of nature, chaotic neutral someone called it, chaotic mental I called it. They had watched each other’s backs like something out of fiction. Teachers, boys, bullies, the lot, no one got the wrong side of the Twin Terrors.

In later life there had been bust-ups, but the bond between Becca and Kayleigh was such that it was genuinely a case of ‘least said, soonest mended’, and no matter what, it never came between them for long.

Despite both going to Manchester Uni together, Kayleigh had gone to work for a telecoms business, while Becca was working in the media.

The ever-sunny Kayleigh leapt up the steps to greet me, a warm hug and a kiss on the cheek. She had obviously come straight from work and wore a sharp looking grey pencil skirt, with a white blouse with her jacket in her hand.

“Hi John!” her white blonde hair — startling against her tanned complexion – was cut short these days, and she had started to wear more make-up, but she was a girl I often found myself just looking at, mainly because she was just so pretty with such a sunny smile.

“I heard from Becca,” she told me.

“Yes, she’ll be late.”

“Is it okay if I go and get a shower? Manchester is sticky and ‘orrible.” She pulled a face to show how “‘orrible” it was.

“Mi casa.” I laughed. It was true Kayleigh had been coming in and out of our house for so long it didn’t matter that she wasn’t actually blood kin. Kayleigh had grown up in front of me, from a little girl into a lovely woman. She even had her own room at my house, or at least a room that everybody thought of as ‘Kayleigh’s room’. I watched her turn and go and fetch her bag from the car,

She came in and went up the stairs to her room, “I can’t wait to get out of these clothes — they’re just so bloody hot!”

I went back into the living room and the cricket.

As the players went in for the tea interval, I decided to use the loo myself. As I left the bathroom, I was aware of a sound, a prolonged low buzzing noise. This was followed by a low and equally prolonged groan. It might have been a moan, but whatever it was, it was low, long and very heart-felt, and the pleasure it conveyed was palpable. I chided myself for listening, but even as I did the image of Kayleigh on her bed pleasuring herself — at least that was what I assumed she was doing – flashed through my mind.

I will admit I enjoyed the thought of her lithe young body writhing on the bed in the throes of her orgasm, but I banished it fairly quickly, after all she was an adult, and while it was good that she felt comfortable enough in my house that she could do something like that, it did feel kind of inappropriate to be thinking of her like that. So that settled in my head, I went into my own room to canlı bahis change into shorts and a t-shirt.

By now the intense heat of the day had settled over the landscape like a hot blanket. Even the distant sea coast didn’t offer any sign of relief in a breeze. It was still, humid and heavy. There would be lightning later.

The English bowlers were toiling in the Manchester heat, but it was worth it as they brought the pain to the embattled Aussies, who were resisting as only Aussie batsmen can, but still the wickets fell slowly, despite the various commentators muttering about the growing storm clouds in the distance.

Kayleigh appeared, like me wearing shorts, tight ones that looked painted on – showing off her shapely legs, and a loose t-shirt that hung from her shoulders and showed a lot of skin. I was stunned to see it was one of my old Guns ‘n’ Roses shirts. On her considerably smaller frame it was massive. At some point, I guess Becca had had it, the sleeves had gone and the side-seams opened up. Kayleigh saw my face.

“Becca loaned it to me,” she said apologetically, “I guess I never gave it back.”

“You keep it love,” I told her, “It looks a damned sight better on you that it does on me.” I didn’t mention that her small breasts pushed the front out delightfully or that her nipples made interesting points in the front of it, or even that the occasional flash of side-boobage was worth the loss of a treasured shirt. I should have felt guilty about looking but couldn’t.

“Thank you,” she said as she sat on the couch, “Do you want a drink? I’m making one.” she asked. Kayleigh really wasn’t a visitor anymore.

“I’m good,” I told her, “I was going to do tea in a minute — I’ve got some tuna steaks and makings for salad.”

She waved her hand in front of her face, fanning herself. “Salad is good, it’s too hot for anything else.

“Do you think it’s going to storm later?” We could see the dark clouds building over the sea.

“Racing certainty.” I told her at which she pulled a face. Kayleigh doesn’t like thunder and lightning, she never has, ever since she was a child. Changing the subject quickly I got her to come and help me do tea. While I grilled the tuna, Kayleigh threw the salad together.

“Have you heard from Sarah?”

“At the start of last week. She and Carol are in Tibet.”

“And you’re still cool with all of that?” Kayleigh asked me. It was going quite dark now outside, I’d have to start closing windows soon, but at least it was getting cooler.

“Why shouldn’t I be?”

“Well,” she started, “Your wife leaves you for another woman, but she still wants to be friends…?”

“And I’m friends with her girl-friend as well?” I added.

“Yeah?” Kayleigh laughed.

“We were growing apart, even while you and Becca were at uni. One day she came home and said that she was looking for a divorce, and would I be open to the idea. I knew she wasn’t happy so I said yes. A couple of days later I was in town and I ran into her and Carol and we went for a drink to talk about it.

“It was all very grown up; we’re not kids anymore — I found I quite liked Carol and it was all resolved amicably.”

“Are you seeing anyone?” Kayleigh looked at me round the tall glass of her drink.

“Nah!” I chuckled. “I’m not sure I want to plunge back into a relationship_”

“But if the right woman came along?”

“I suppose, but there’s no one on the horizon, so I’m not worrying about it. What about you? Anyone at work?”

“Not at work, no.”

“So, there IS someone?” I teased. Kayleigh has never been that into boys, I wondered for a while whether she was a lesbian — not that that would matter, Becca is (she thinks I don’t know, and is hesitant to tell me, she will in her own time) – but Kayleigh has always walked her own path.

“There is.” She smiled shyly; her body language was evasive. “He’s older than I am, but I’m not sure he even realises I exist.”

“Is he blind? Or is he…” I leaned in and whispered, “Married?”

“No.” She said quickly.

“Keep at it love, you’ll sort it eventually. Remember you can’t make people love you, you can only stalk them ’til they give up!” I joked.

“What does Becca think of him?”

“Oh, she likes him, a lot! But she’s not sure he’s right for me.”

“Well just be careful Kayleigh, I’d hate to see you hurt.”

“I don’t think he’d ever hurt me intentionally.”

“The accidental stuff hurts just as much.”

Just then the phone rang.

It was Becca, telling me that the ‘something’ she had had to sort out had gotten stupid and she had to be in Leeds tonight — only a short drive from where she was based in Manchester but with the situation and the weather, she wouldn’t get to my house till tomorrow afternoon.

I was disappointed and said so, but there wasn’t a lot to be done about it. I passed the phone to Kayleigh, took the plates through to the kitchen and started closing windows. A breeze had picked up — though it didn’t bring any relief from the heat – and bahis siteleri it was getting as black as a bag outside.

Kayleigh and I opened a couple of beers and settled down to watch some telly.

“You know?” Kayleigh turned to me, “I never figured you to be a Guns ‘n’ Roses type of bloke.” She indicated the top.

I laughed. “Appetite is just a ‘top’ album. And of course, Sweet Child is one of my favourite tracks.”

“So, you’re a bandana and booty kind of guy?” Kayleigh was said laughing, holding up the devil’s horns and pulling her — surprisingly long — tongue out.

“Naah!” I pushed her gently, I knew she was teasing. “Just rock music, as long as there’s guitars and a nutter banging a pan in the background, I’m good. What do you like at the moment?”

Kayleigh mentioned a few bands — most of whom I had never heard of, and then she said something quite quietly. Just then a rumble of thunder clattered across the sky. It was still a few miles off and just one on its own, but it caught both of our attentions.

“Sorry love, what did you say?”

“I said ‘and I like your music’, John.”

Which made me very happy.

“Yeah, I can see you as a rock chick, Kayleigh. Me as the ageing rocker and you as my bombshell groupie.” We both laughed.

Just then there was a massive thunderclap that sounded like it was right over the house, and Kayleigh all but jumped into my lap.

I wanted to re-assure her and tell her that if you’ve heard the thunderclap it’s too late to worry, but having known Kayleigh as long as I have and knowing her fear it wouldn’t do any good. She was genuinely scared.

I also wanted to put my arm around her and comfort her, but that wasn’t really an option either.

The lights flickered and another huge thunderclap rattled the house as it clattered and banged across the sky over the house for several seconds.

This time Kayleigh did jump.

And she landed on my lap, ending on my thigh and missing my nadgers by half an inch. And she stayed there.

Her arms shot out around my neck and she burrowed in, seeking comfort from the frightening noise.

I chuckled to myself. I don’t think Kayleigh heard me, but rather, she felt the movement of my chest.

“What?!” Her head came up and she looked at me accusingly.

I stroked her back soothingly. Smelling her hair, a heady mix of scents, her bodywash and the sweat on her skin mixed “I just find it funny that’s all.”

“What?” She asked again, curious this time.

“Well,” I started, “In all the years I’ve known you — you were the tough guy. That’s how you and Becca met remember — you sticking up for her?”

Kayleigh smiled in the dim light. “Theresa Mawdsley, the school bully, she had Becca against the wall…”

“And you stepped in and decked her.” I finished for her. Kayleigh relaxed a little, curling up against my chest. “Not that I approve of fighting, but Becca has never forgotten.”

“Becca’s not a wimp you know?” Kayleigh stuck up for her friend.

“No, I know.” I agreed with her. Becca used to stick up for Kayleigh when they made fun of her pale blonde hair. I could feel Kayleigh’s skin under my fingers where it was exposed by the singlet. It felt cool and soft. I had to stop myself from stroking it. It was the first time I had ever had such close physical contact with this young woman who had been in my life for so long.

It felt good.

Too good.

Ever since Kayleigh had started to visit our house, I had been scrupulous to avoid being ‘inappropriate’. No picking up or touching, I was always to give her ‘room’. We were now in strange territory. Part of me was telling myself to put Kayleigh back on the sofa and the other part wanted to just stroke and touch her lovely smooth skin.

“You led and she followed.” I said, “But despite the tough guy routine, you’re still scared of thunder.”

There was another rumble, further away, which was about right, it doesn’t usually last long here. Kayleigh clung tighter. “It’s just so big and so loud” her slightly muffled voice came up from my chest.

As pleasant as it was, I finished wrestling with my conscience and decided it wasn’t really appropriate, for me to be holding Kayleigh like this, it wasn’t the ‘inappropriateness’, or the fact that she was strangulating my nuts, but I really didn’t trust myself. So, despite a little resistance I started to disengage her. Lifting her bodily off my lap, I sat her back on the sofa.

It had started raining, and after the heat of the day the slightly cooler air was refreshing. The sound of the rain through the remaining open window was beautiful.

“There’ll be a few rumbles but nothing much after that” I said. “I’m going to finish this beer, and then I’m going to bed.”

Kayleigh gave me a quick ‘uncle John’ kiss, and went up.

The storm came back later, bigger and beefier. The thunder claps coming fast and furious, with no time between them.

I was getting up to make sure I had shut the windows when my door opened and bahis şirketleri Kayleigh — still dressed in the singlet top – barrelled into my room, knocking me back onto the bed.


I could think of a thousand reasons why that might be a bad idea, but a dozen of them died on my lips when I saw — by the light of a lightning-flash how she huddled on the bed clutching the sheet to her.

“Okay,” I told her, “I’ll be back in a second. I need to check the windows.”

When I headed back to bed, going to sleep was the last thing on my mind. There was so much that was wrong with this. She was, as I have said, as close to being my second daughter as you could get, if we did do anything it, almost felt like it would be sort of incest. But I wasn’t worried about her, she was a good girl who saw me as an uncle figure, she trusted me to look after her. I was worried about me. I knew the thoughts I sometimes had, the feelings I got sometimes, like tonight. What if I slipped while I was asleep?

Kayleigh was waiting for me covered by the single sheet. And I was being ripped apart with the strong desire to protect her and an equally strong desire to wrap my arms around her and — well, quite frankly, to do rude things to her lovely body.

Fortunately, for my battered conscience, I mastered the latter, and climbed into the bed.

“I’m not sure this is really appropriate Kay,” I said as I slid under the sheet.

“I am!” she said as she shifted over next to me, only for me to find out that she was stark naked!

I had time for a very surprised “Fuck!” before my daughter’s closest friend, and one of my favourite people reached around me with her arms and pulled herself tight to me.

“I’m hoping.” She said as we slid down. “But let’s not rush it, eh John? I’ve waited so long for this I want to enjoy every second.”

I got out of bed and put the bedside light on. “Kayleigh! What in hell’s name are you doing?”

Kayleigh sat up, the sheet slipping down and exposing her small but lovely breasts. For a moment I was distracted by the size of her nipples and the areola that surrounded them. They just seemed so large and so dark in colour. And they weren’t, I noted with astonishing focus, the big conical type, Kayleigh’s nipples stood out from the middle of her areolae like they were stuck on.

“What does it look like John?” She smiled. “I’m using this storm to try to seduce you.”

“Wha_? I mean! How? Why?” I babbled. “Me? What the hell for?”

I was serious, it was bloody obvious what she was doing, I mean, what she had intended to do, but why me?

“Surely you can do better than me Kayleigh?”

Kayleigh got up on her knees. The sheet forgotten and once again my attention was diverted by Kayleigh’s body, in particular the tiny patch of white blonde hair — so white it stood out in the dim light of the bed-side lamp – that adorned her otherwise bare mons. “And why shouldn’t I want to sleep with you?”

Her tone was playful, but with a nervous edge, she knelt on the bed in a way that suggested she was not going to be put off.

“Well I’m old enough to be your dad for a start.”

“You’re twenty-five years older than me, why is that a problem?” She shot straight back at me. “Forty-eight is nothing. The whole ‘age gap’ thing is just bollocks anyway.” Kayleigh waved that argument away as she climbed off the bed and stood in front of me. She reached out to take my hands, holding them in hers.

“I’ve been in love with you since I was a teenager. You’ve always treated me like family, John, with respect, always been kind, always been gentle. It’s a killer combination.”

“There must be guys your own age though, someone that you have stuff in common with?”

“Guys my age? Have you seen them? Walking round with their bushy beards like wannabe lumberjacks, they’re all boring as fuck, with their coffee macky-art-ohs, and craft beers.” She really had spent too much time in our house, we only had two types of coffee — black and white, with weak and strong the only variants on that.


“But ‘what’, John?” She stepped closer. “But you don’t want to be ‘inappropriate’?” Kayleigh rolled her eyes, while at the same time caressing my hands with her fingers, standing close enough for me to smell her perfume. “I’ve seen you being so careful, all these years, no touches that might be misconstrued, nothing that might be ‘wrong’ in some way, when all I wanted you to do was hold me close. At first, I wanted you just to hold me like you held Becca, but as I grew older, I wanted you to hold me and kiss me like a man kisses a woman.”

The thunder which had gone quiet, rattled the windows again with another of those huge clattering, rolling thunder claps that seem to go on for ever. Caught by surprise, Kayleigh pressed herself against me.

“I’m being incredibly brave doing this,” she said, as she clung to my chest, then she looked up at me and said, “In case you reject me, and at the same time I am scared shitless by this thunder and lightning. Can we get back into bed please?”

It was surreal. I might even be having a fevered dream, I thought to myself as Kayleigh led me back to my own bed.

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