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Chapter 2- Preparations

The Isabella arrived at the location Allen had entered, under the cover of darkness. The secret facility was outside of Austin, inside a heavily radioactive crater. The landscape below showed a bomb ravaged set of buildings surrounded by high barbed wire fences and abandoned guard towers. The rusted machine gun emplacements were still on top of the towers. Nobody dared enter the hot zone created by the nuclear blast.

“Are you sure it’s safe to land here, Brad questioned as they neared the low concrete building that was partially covered by landslides from the nuclear blast. Brad didn’t know that Allen had initiated the blast himself over the fortified, bomb proofed basement of the old Stellardyne headquarters. The low yield tactical nuke had created the crater and the surrounding damage, but hadn’t touched the bunker. This blast had given Allen a perfect cover for the research and prototype production center housed there.

Before the latest war on Earth, A number of countries, experiencing more significant famines, had tried to take land and resources of the better fed countries by force. The poor countries, mostly communist regimes, had failed to take the land by conventional weapons, so they relied on small tactical nukes to speed their advance. They knew that thermonuclear weapons would trigger mutually assured destruction and nobody was willing to do that.

These attacks were met in kind, of course, and with fission bombs, until one side ran out of nukes. The U.S and European bloc nations, along with United Russia had many more weapons than either the Chinese, Vietnamese, North Korean or the other small Communist countries could muster and those countries were not successful.

“It’s perfectly safe,” Allen assured him. It cost billions to clean up the radiation. The radiation levels you’re reading are artificially produced. This is my home and research facility here on Earth. Nobody but trusted Stellardyne employees ever come near here. We can live here in peace, in a Utopian environment, safe from another incident like the one we had before,” Allen confided in him.

Brad didn’t know what had transpired before the war, but assumed that it had motivated the expensive ruse that the bombed out radioactive crater below them presented. There were plenty of bombed out sites throughout the world that had been left untouched. The expense of the cleanup was too much for any nation to afford, including the Republic of Texas.

As the ship lowered over the secret facility, the rooftop, shielded by taller buildings around it, snapped open, revealing a state-of-the-art landing facility below. As soon as the starship cleared the top of the building, the roof rapidly reclosed. Allen told Brad to wait a moment until shielding below the gamma ray generators had completely closed inside the hanger. As soon as the shielding was in place, a green light appeared over the door of the main facility. A group of people, dressed in medical gear burst from the building and rushed toward the starship. Allen was the first to be hustled off the ship, complaining loudly that he was fine.

“Aunt Gia!” Brad shouted to one of the nurses swarming around Allen Feldon as they floated him toward the opening door, past the rest of the starship’s crew. Gia, not noticing Brad’s call, continued to move with the other medical team members, carefully monitoring her boyfriend’s condition. Ana and Gabby were next to get a ride into the facility on their own gurneys. A young male medic stopped to talk with Rob and Brad, checking on their general welfare. When neither man complained of any ill effects, the medic left them behind in the hangar, after telling them to come inside and make themselves at home. Rob and Brad walked to the entrance of the bunker and they all entered Allens home away from home on Earth.

They were met by a middle-aged couple who were completely nude. Rob shrugged and withdrew his flimsy. “When in Rome,” He mumbled, repeating Brad’s reasoning for Brad cleaning up Gabby’s pussy after he’d fucked her the first night of the journey. The man introduced himself as Justin, and introduced them to his wife, Judy. The couple greeted Rob and Brad in the Utopian way, thanking them for rescuing the boss and his family. Justin shook the men’s forearms, allowing them to touch each other’s wrist sensors and getting important information transferred between the men’s PICs.

Brad and Rob immediately knew that Justin was Allen’s right hand man, the CEO of Stellardyne, and his wife, Judy was the CFO. Justin explained that this was the nerve center of Stellardyne as well as repair and storage facilities for Allen’s personal fleet of stardrive and anti-gravity equipped yachts. Justin, the CEO and Judy, the CFO lived at this facility full time, overseeing the VPs who carried out the day to day operations of the Stellardyne corporation at other locations.

Gia, Justin and Judy lived here with a small household staff. Other top executives and a dedicated team of the finest canlı bahis scientists and engineers on the planet who were not Utopians, lived in nearby Austin. Several high-ranking Utopian employees lived here at Allen’s home on Earth. The compound had become a mini Utopian colony here in the middle of Austin. This particular facility was where most of Stellardyne’s original technology had been developed, but recently, the new Research and Development team had been relocated to Eden, Allen’s permanent home.

Utopian scientists loved the solitude and natural beauty of Eden. The Utopian community was much larger there and the Utopian scientists and engineers preferred working there, rather than this underground environment. Judy led them all to a well-appointed lounge.

“How do you know Gia?” Judy asked as they visited they sat together on the large curving sofa.

“Gia’s my twin sister,” Rob replied.

Judy raised an eyebrow. “So you’re the brother that Gia often talked about. “Gia is Allen’s mistress and personal nurse,” Judy informed them.

Mistress!” Brad exclaimed. He couldn’t believe that his beloved and saintly Aunt was somebody’s fuck toy.

“More of a fiance really,” Judy quickly ammended her terminology. Allen’s asked her to marry him hundreds of times, but she always says no. They do have a permanent committed relationship though. She doesn’t want to inherit all the responsibilities of running a company as big as Stellardyne. Justin and I keep reassuring her that we would oversee the business, but she’s content to just live with Allen. She loves and spends most her time with him on Eden. When he comes to Earth, Gia comes with him and visits her family in Columbia,” Judy explained.

“We haven’t seen her in over three years. We met in Columbia where my wife’s family lives,” Rob said. “The last time we saw her, she told us that she had an exciting new job working for Stellardyne on a distant outpost. Normally, she would always tell us where she was working so that I could visit, but this last time when I asked where, she told me that the facility was classified and that she couldn’t say any more about it,” Rob told Judy.

Judy smiled at them. “Now you know where she is. Eden is a classified project, an experiment that’s been ongoing for nearly forty years. Eden is the model for the entire Utopian lifestyle. The ideas behind Utopianism all started on Eden. It was the brainchild of Janet Feldon, Allen’s wife,” Judy explained. “Janet wanted to help make people more humane and kinder toward one another. It’s certainly that way on all of the Utopian worlds. Allen is intent on having Utopianism spread throughout the entire Confederation.

“I’m certainly interested in the lifestyle!” Brad told Judy. “I’m really eager to move to Eden and see how an entire community of Utopians lives.

Ana and Gabby soon arrived from the back of the room where they had been checked out in the small medical clinic. Instead of a peck on the cheeks like Rob and Brad had received, Justin and Ana kissed with passion, as old lovers would kiss. Justin repeated his greeting with Gabby, kissing the young woman with passion as he had with her mother. Judy was next to greet Ana and Gabby, with a repeat performance of their sensuous kiss. It was obvious to Rob that Ana and Gabby were in an intimate relationship with this couple. Probably with everyone in the household including Gia.

Judy asked Ana and Gabby if they wanted something to drink and eat. Everyone ordered a light breakfast. Judy contacted the cook through her PIC and asked everyone to make themselves comfortable. Gabby sat beside Justin and fondled his cock while Justin returned the favor by stroking her wide open pussy. Neither Judy or Ana reacted to this bizarre sight, and so Brad and Rob assumed that this was simply the way that Utopians lived. After a few minutes, a young Tejano woman came through a swinging door floating a tray of coffee and freshly baked croissants toward them. “Abilene, These are Gia’s brother and nephew, Rob and Brad. They are the ones who rescued everyone when they escaped the pirates.”

Abilene’s eyes grew wide. “Thank you, thank you, thank you both!” the woman exclaimed, getting down on her knees and taking Rob’s cock in her mouth.

“It’s our way,” Judy explained. Rob understood completely. Judy took the tray, left floating in the air and served the coffee and pastries to her guests. Everyone except Rob and Justin took a cup and a croissant. Justin was nearly hand deep in Gabby’s cunt and Rob was relishing the sensation of having a beautiful woman blowing his dick. Rob shot his load into Abilene’s mouth and she swallowed it down immediately.

Without missing a beat, she then crawled over to Brad and repeated her actions, taking his cock into her mouth as well. Judy saw Brad’s predicament and laughingly took the coffee and pastry from Brad’s hands. Brad reached down and cupped the young woman’s breasts, squeezing and fondling them as he did her magic on Brad’s pecker. “Brad’s always been a titty man,” Rob told them. “He just bahis siteleri can’t resist a set of beautiful brown boobies. His mom was South American.”

“I’ve seen pictures of her,” Judy said. Gia has hundreds of them. Some with just Bella and some with you and Gia making love with her,” Judy said. “Would you lake a copy of them?”

Rob nodded enthusiastically. “I think I’m emotionally ready to see them now. Gia tried to share them with me earlier, but I was still emotionally raw from the tragedy.”

Brad filled Abilene’s mouth with jism, but she didn’t swallow Brad’s sperm. Instead, she leaned over and gave Judy half of what she had in her mouth. The women kissed for a minute, enjoying the taste of the cum and the gentle kiss. “Thank you Abilene,” Judy told the woman after she kissed her. “Where’s your mama and papa?” Judy asked.

“They’re in the garden, picking herbs and vegetables for la comida,” Abilene told them. Abilene, like all other Tejanos spoke perfect English. They had been in Texas for hundreds of years. She and Judy sometimes used Spanish words in conversation since the first time they’d met Judy didn’t know that she spoke English and had used her broken Spanish to try to communicate with the girl. Finally, Abilene asked Judy in perfect English what it was she was trying to say. It had been a running joke between them since that time. “As soon as they come inside, I’ll tell them that Rob and Brad are here,” she said, before taking the tray back to the kitchen.

“I have to warn you, mama is going to want to fuck you both. She’s a big woman, but Justin tells me that she’s a great fuck!”

“No great cook is skinny,” Gabby said. “Grandpa always told me that, and Veronica is one of the best cooks in Texas,” she added.

Ana told Justin and Judy the story of the pirate’s chase, their escape and crash, and their ultimate rescue by the crew of Isabella. About a half hour later, Veronica burst into the room.

Like her daughter, Veronica quickly knelt down and took Rob’s cock into her mouth. As soon as Rob was hard, Veronica spun around and sat on Rob’s cock. Veronica wasn’t skinny, but she wasn’t obese either. If pressed on the issue, Rob would have to describe her as pleasantly plump. Veronica was as Justin described her, a great fuck. She could move her ass in unusual Latin rhythms, causing Rob to fill her fuck hole quickly. When Rob was completely drained, she cleaned Rob’s cock and Gabby got down behind the woman and slurped Rob’s sperm out of Veronica’s seeping fuck hole. Gabby slapped the woman’s plump ass when she was all clean and Veronica moved over to Brad and began fellating him as well. Brad was soon hard and Veronica mounted Brad. Brad grabbed the woman’s large breasts from behind and enjoyed fondling her soft titties. Like his father, Brad couldn’t last long buried inside this gyrating Latin pussy. When Brad had shot his load deep in her pussy, Ana laid down on the floor and Let Veronica kneel over her and squeeze Brad’s cum from her cunt into Ana’s waiting mouth.

“Utopians don’t like any semen to go to waste,” Judy explained. “Janet believed that something so precious to human life should never be spilled outside a human body. When women are present, one of them should clean the sperm from the other woman. Women are the natural recepticals of a man’s semen,” Judy told them.

“What about homosexual men?” Rob asked. Several of the ship’s captains he knew were gay and made love to other men in their crews.

“Oh Janet knew all about homosexuality. She knew that some men were simply that way. She was all about natural processes and natural consequences. We can’t increase the human population on Utopian planets with exclusively gay men,” she said.

“Isn’t that a little bit hypocritical that women can be openly bisexual but men can’t?” Brad asked. Several of his classmates at the Academy had been bisexual.

“Judy was an idealist, a philosopher,” Judy explained. “Utopians are pragmatic people though. Judy got her wish, no male homosexuality in public.

“What happens behind closed doors are not ours to control. Just because Judy didn’t like to promote the practice with public displays, doesn’t mean that a citizen can’t be bisexual or homosexual. She also knew that a person loves who they love, that will never change,” Judy told them.

“What if no other woman is there?” Rob asked, seeking a reason for the practice of cleanup.

“If a woman and man are alone, the man usually eats his own cum to clean his partner up, Judy said. Brad and Rob nodded. They had both done that very same thing.

“So you’ve done it then,” Judy asked. “You’ve eaten your own cum?”

Both Rob and Brad acknowledged that they did.

“Was the cum you ate disgusting?” Judy asked.

“Not at all,” Rob said, but I’ve never been sexually attracted to men, and eating someones cum is very personal. I would not do that with someone I didn’t love,” Rob said.

Judy shrugged. “I understand. That’s just a personal preference,” Judy said. “Justin is a bi-male. His preferences bahis şirketleri are completely different,” Judy smiled.

Brad looked to see Justin openly fucking Gabby right there in the living room. Things certainly were different for Utopians, but Brad, like his dad, was as straight as an arrow. He guessed people liked what the liked, and he liked women. He would have to ask Justin what he saw in another man that wanted him to have sex with them.

Allen emerged from the back with Gia accompanying him. Both were nude of course. Apparently, Allen had been checked out and had been released from medical care. “Rob? Brad?” Gia asked, totally shocked to see her brother and nephew sitting there with their arms around Ana and Gabby’s waists. Allen was surprised to learn that Gia was Rob’s twin sister. Allen knew that Gia had a family and had even mentioned Rob’s name to him, just as Rob had talked about his sister, Gia. There were thousands of men called Rob and thousands of women named Gia. None of them had realized that the Rob and Gia they knew were siblings!

Gia pulled Brad into her embrace as he rose to his feet, squeezing him tightly and kissing him all over his face as she had done since he was a toddler. In his childhood, he had hated it when Aunt Gia had squeezed him so tightly that it made it difficult for Brad to breathe. Now, as an adult, Brad relished the feeling of his aunt’s voluptuous nude body pressing against his naked flesh.

“Hi Gia, Rob said, taking his sister into his arms and embracing her tightly. “I’ve missed you.” Rob hugged Gia tightly, remembering the good times they’d shared throughout their lives. Rob and Gia loved each other. Had it not been for the previous incest laws, they would’ve been married. After their parents, Michael and Samantha Maxwell, had been killed off of Sado in a huge battle between the pirates and the Confederation fleet. The death of his parents prevented Rob from serving on a ship. The psychologists had determined that Rob was too full of hatred toward the pirates to be an officer in a Fleet star ship.

When Rob finished his two years working at headquarters, Gia moved in with him. Both Rob and Gia had always slept nude, so when they slept together in the same bed, natural instincts prevailed. Laws against oral sex between consenting adults had been struck down, and so Gia and Rob often had oral sex with each other from that time on.

Rob was currently unemployed and Gia had finished her nursing residency. They were young, healthy and relatively wealthy from their patents inheritance. They decided to take a year off and just enjoy themselves. They hosted a sex party at their apartment every afternoon. Gia was a non-Breeder, and so she fucked every swinging dick that paid her any attention.

Rob was a Breeder, but was on birth control. There was always a parade of women who came in and out of the apartment. Gia and Rob usually had sex with their separate partners at the same time, in the same bed. As tempted as they were, they never had penetrative sex with each other, because it was illegal. Rob had never broken the law, and never intended to do so.

Gia, who was bisexual had one of her best friends from school over frequently, Isabella Martinez. Rob thought that she was beautiful and started to get to know her when she started coming to their apartment regularly. As the weeks and moths went by, Gia stopped having so many people come over to have sex with her, as did Rob.

Gia loved two people more than anything, her brother, and Bella. Eventually all the other sexual activity stopped. Rob had fallen in love with Bella, but Bella was a Breeder. She didn’t fool around with men, she wanted to find a man that she would admire enough to father her child.

She told Rob right out, that she was very attracted to him, but she thought of him as a one-night-stand kind of guy.

Rob told Bella and Gia that while that had been true about him over the last few years, he had tired of meaningless sex. He wanted to have a long-term relationship too. Gia didn’t believe her brother and challenged him to go three months without having any type of sex, including oral sex.

The weeks went by, Gia, and now especially Bella, were surprised at Rob’s commitment. He would still stay with them in the bed while they made love to each other, but he never touched either of them. Bella moved in with Gia and Rob and she and Rob spent quality time talking and getting to know each other much better. Bella was the first to kiss him, and Rob called a time-out to get Gia’s ruling on kissing. Gia was shocked by the question and quickly told her brother that snuggling and kissing did not violate any of the rules of engagement.

After that, Rob and Bella hugged and kissed passionately, but Rob kept his promise to his sister and Bella otherwise. After the three months were finally over, Bella begged Rob to take her virginity. After checking with his sister, Rob took Bella’s hypothetical cherry. While she’d never had sexual intercourse with anyone, she had torn her hymen doing something else. Rob had her organism on his tongue and fingers nearly continuously. Bella told him that she could take no more teasing, rolled him over on his back and mounted him quickly. She was a virgin no longer.

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