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A symphony of unfamiliar noises shocked Louis into wakefulness. He sprang up looking around the semi-darkened room. First, he noticed he was alone. Lonnie’s side of the bed was vacant, and neither was she in her bathroom. The sounds emanating from below were way beyond anything he could possibly sleep through. A quick glance at the clock revealed that it was already eight a.m. He’d never slept this late.

Rising, still nude, he grabbed his underwear from a nearby chair and headed to his room for a shower. A young girl, maybe his age or slightly older, was sitting in a chair between Lonnie’s bedroom and his. She stood when he approached, eyes wide, mouth slightly agape. It made Louis realize he was naked. He fumbled to slip his underpants on.

“No need for that,” The girl said. “We’ll be seeing a lot more of each other. I’m Chrissy Lee. I’ll be your assistant while you’re shooting. And help fluff.”

Still groggy, a confused Louis asked, “Assistant? Fluff?”

She smiled and he noticed she was very pretty. There was also something familiar about her, but he couldn’t imagine what. In short shorts and tank top, she was also quite attractive. “As your assistant, anything you need, I’ll get it for you. In this business, men sometimes have a difficult time maintaining an erection, so there are women who assist with that.”

“How do they do that?” Louis asked slowly. He must have missed that in his research of the porn industry.

“Hand, oral, whatever works.”

“So, basically, you’ll suck me to keep me hard?”

“Only if you need me to.”

He nodded and pointed to his room. “I’m going to take a shower.” He took a couple of steps, turned and asked, “Who would do a job like that?”

At that moment, Lonnie appeared. “Oh, good, you two have met. Louis, Chrissy will be—”

“Yeah, she’s already explained that.”

“You okay with that?”

“I guess. I was going to take a shower.”

“Yeah, you should. We’ll be ready for you when you’re finished,” Lonnie advised. “Anything he needs, Chrissy.”


Lonnie returned downstairs and Chrissy followed Louis into his bedroom and bathroom.

“Anyway, to answer your question,” Chrissy went on, turning on the shower for him, “it’s a way to break into porn.”

“Why do you want to do that?” Louis asked, stepping into the shower.

“I love sex. Love to fuck.”

“I do too. But I’m not sure I want to do it in front of cameras.”

“Then why are you here?” Chrissy asked with a frown.

“Lonnie talked me into it.”

“Did you fuck Lonnie?”

That caught Louis off guard. “I don’t talk about who I’ve had sex with,” he said for lack of anything better. Besides, he didn’t know if Lonnie wanted that known.

“She says you’re the best. How would she know that? Bet you’ve done Gwen and Diane also.”


“Doesn’t matter. I have, too.”

“Oh, you do girls also?”

“You can’t hardly be a woman in this business and not. And if you’re as good as Lonnie says you are, I’d love to do it with you, too. You’ve certainly got the tool for it.”

“Can I ask how old you are, Chrissy?”

“Just turned twenty.”

Louis didn’t know where else this conversation could go, so he said, “I’m hungry.”

“I’ll get you something. What would you like?”

“Are there any pastries? And a cup of coffee, cream and sugar.”

“Be right back.”

Louis quickly finished showering, passed the razor over his face, brushed his teeth and was about to apply antiperspirant.

“No, no.”

Louis dropped the antiperspirant container, surprised the Chrissy’s reappearance.

To his frown, she explained, “Don’t want any chemicals on your body that someone could ingest.”

“Are you telling me someone is going to lick my underarm?” Louis asked incredulously.

“Don’t know what they’ve got planned.” She handed him his coffee and a plate with three assorted Danish rolls.

Stepping into the bedroom, he noticed a robe laid out on the bed and slippers on the floor. “What’s this for?”

“For you to wear.”

“No regular clothes?”

“Not today.”

He knew that Chrissy was only doing her job so he didn’t want to be aggravated with her. Lonnie should have told him all of this in advance. Right now, he was not approaching his “screen test” with a very positive attitude. He wolfed down a couple of Danish and the coffee, took a deep breath and asked, “I guess I’m as ready as I’m going to get.”

“Then follow me,” she said with a big smile.

Lonnie met them halfway down the stairs. The static of chatter below hushed as Lonnie turned to the assembled crew and announced, “Everyone, meet Louis.”

There was a chorus of “Hi, Louis,” and then everyone went back to work.

Continuing back downstairs with Louis and Chrissy, Lonnie explained the plan. “We’re just going to shoot some short scenes with three different aged women: a teen your age, a thirty year-old, and a mid-forties cougar. We want to see which one, if not all, you interact with ataşehir escort best. We’ll try a number of different positions and oral to see what looks and works best. Won’t be much dialog, just enough to see how you handle lines. I’ll be directing you.”

“There’ll be two cameras. They’ll be moving around, so don’t be distracted by them. Just ignore them as best you can. Now, from time to time, you’ll hear me call cut. When you do, just stop where you are. Don’t move unless I tell you to. If it’s a camera repositioning, we’ll want to resume from where we are. It might also be a position change. If the position you’re in doesn’t look good, we’ll try something else. Let me know if you’re having trouble staying hard and Chrissy will fluff you.

“I know you’re not used to having sex with all these people watching, but that’s the movie business. You do what you have to do and don’t worry about them. Don’t come if you can help it. When we’re ready for a cum shot we’ll let you know and we’ll do whatever is necessary to help you. I know this is very intimidating, just do your best. Any questions? Are you okay? Nervous?”

“No. I’m okay,” Louis answered, fairly certain that he was.

“Good. Let me take you to meet the ladies you’ll be working with.”

Following Lonnie, with Chrissy tagging behind, Louis was amused at her choice of words: “ladies you’ll be working with.” He saw lights being set up in the huge living room aimed at the sofa, wires were being run, microphones laid out, cameras tested. They went through to a guest bedroom that Louis didn’t know about. More lights and wires.

A young woman with dark blonde hair was sitting in a chair with nothing more than a yellow bra and matching bikini panties on and an older woman was doing her make-up. Louis noted that she was quite attractive, her breasts filling their cups. Beyond that, he did not recognize her, although he assumed she would be one of his partners.

“Louis, this is Teri Russell,” Lonnie introduced. “She’s about your age.”

Louis held out his hand and she took it with a single shake.

“Hi,” Teri offered with a girlish smile.

“The two of you will do a bathroom scene,” Lonnie explained. “Louis, you’ll spy on her while she is in there. You’ll take out your cock and start jerking yourself. She’ll catch you and want to watch you handle yourself. She’ll play with herself and then you will play with each other, some kissing, nipple sucking, she’ll suck you, you’ll lick her, then you’ll fuck in a couple of positions before coming on her.”

Louis merely nodded. It all sounded so clinical.

“How big is he?” Teri asked.

“Show her your cock, Louis,” Lonnie commanded.

He pulled aside the flaps of the robe. Teri’s eyebrows bounced to show that she was impressed. He wasn’t hard so she reached out, fisted it and jerked several times. He had most of an erection quickly. She eased out of her chair, stooped and took him into her mouth, sliding up and down a few times.

“I can handle him,” Teri reported, letting go of him and returning to her chair. “Nice cock, Louis.”

He felt like a piece of meat. What did he say? “Thanks.” Should he compliment her back? “Nice tits.”

Teri smiled and lifted her bra to expose her breasts for him.

They were nice, he noted.

“We’ll be ready for you shortly,” Lonnie told her, and then led Louis to the bathroom.

Another woman in green bra and panties was there applying make-up. She was a bit older with much larger breasts and long dirty blonde hair. “Say hello to Trudy Jenkins, Louis.”


“Hello,” Trudy offered seductively. She could see that he was still hard so she reached out to fondle his dick.

Lonnie described their scene. “Trudy will catch you lying on the bed with her panties wrapped around your cock. You’ll be using them to jerk off. She’ll tease you a little, scold you some, she’ll unleash those monsters and jerk you off.”

This is what Trudy was doing while Lonnie was talking. Like Teri, Trudy dropped to her knees and sucked on his cock like she meant it. “Mmmm, good,” she mouthed.

“Glad you like it,” Lonnie remarked, “but let’s not get carried away just yet.”

As they walked off, Louis facetiously remarked, “Anyone else want a taste.”

Lonnie snickered.

Chrissy eagerly said, “I do.”

“You’ll probably get your chance,” Lonnie pointed out, leading them outside to the patio where an older redhead was sitting in a lounge chair topless with blue panties on. “This is your cougar, Louis. Carly Saunders.”

Of course, Louis immediately recognized her. He’d seen a bunch of her films. She was as famous as Vermeil Chaleur. In fact, he was certain the two had done a movie together about a couple of redheads. He noticed that she was starting to show some age, but he loved her well-rounded tits; neither big nor little. Just right. “Nice to meet you, ma’am.”

“Ma’am? Do I look that old?”

“Uh, no, I, I was just being polite. I’ve seen many of your kadıköy escort movies. I like watching you.”

“Carly was chuckling. “Good save, kid. Just messing with you. You can touch them, if you like.”

Louis was embarrassed that she’d caught him staring at her tits. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to—”

She hushed him by taking his hand and placing his palm on her right breast. Then she took a deep breath so he could feel the size.

Well, at least, she hadn’t grabbed his dick like the others—yet. Enjoying the moment, he pointed his finger and rubbed the tip of her nipple.

“Now, you’re talking. Sit.”

He sat on the edge of the lounger and she took his other hand and put it on her other breast. As Lonnie depicted their scene, Carly moved his hands up and down on her breasts and he got the message to massage them.

“Carly is going to seduce you, Louis, which it seems she’s already doing. She’ll get you on your back in bed and rub those tits that you seem to like all over you, give you a blow job, you’ll turn her over to suck her pussy, then you’ll fuck her in a couple of positions and come.”

“I can hardly wait,” Carly commented.

“Rest up, old girl,” Lonnie teased, “you’re up last later this afternoon.”

“You better save me something, Louis.”

As they stepped away from Carly, Lonnie said, “Chrissy, tell them to get ready in the bathroom. Louis, come with me.” She led him into her private office and closed the door. They sat in chairs facing each other. “Are you sure you’re ready for this, Louis?”

With widened eyes, he nodded.

She wasn’t certain how to take that response. “I don’t know what you’re expecting, but this is not like you and I having sex in private.”

“I think I figured that out.”

“You’re going to do well. The ladies all seem to like you. But I will give you one last chance to back out.”

“I’m here, aren’t I?”

She smiled. “That’s the spirit. Any questions? Anything you want to talk about? Anything that I’ve described you don’t think you can do?”

“Nothing seems complicated. And I’m sure you’ll be directing me as we go. So let’s do it.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Walking back through the living room, Lonnie announced, “Alright, places everyone.”

There was one camera outside the bathroom aimed inside at Teri who was sitting on the edge of the tub. Another camera was inside aimed outside at Louis.

“Everyone set?” Lonnie asked. No one replied so she said, “Action!”

Teri pretended to rub lotion on her legs, spreading her robe to show her pussy. Louis was peeking in, moving his head from side to side as though to avoid being caught.

“Good, Louis,” Lonnie whispered. “Now, take out your cock and stroke it.”

Louis did as directed. He was mostly hard already, and within a few strokes, completely erect. He heard some of the female crew in the background emit positive sounds.

“Cut!” Lonnie shouted, and everyone froze. “Use your other hand, Louis, so the camera can see you stroking. Remember to always play to the camera.”

With a nod, Louis instantly switched hands and continued stroking.

“Action,” Lonnie called.

Teri stood, wrapped a towel she’d been holding around her neck and glanced toward the door as though she’d heard something. Louis ducked back.

“Good, Louis,” Lonnie said.

Teri approached the door. Louis looked up, suitably showed some surprise, but not too much. Teri smiled at him, and then reached out to fondle his cock. “Like what you see?” she asked. She then took the towel from around her neck and put it around his and used it to pull him into the bathroom. “Now, let’s see you do that.”

Mindful of camera placement, Louis resumed jerking his cock with Teri watching. She smiled at him and he smiled back. She pulled her short robe apart slightly not exposing her breasts, but giving him a narrow view of her pussy. Now, she eased a flap aside to display one tit, which she played with.

The camera already in the bathroom eased nearer for a close-up. Teri lifted the bottom of her robe up to show off her ass. She dragged her hands across her cheeks, and then turned around to wiggle her bottom at Louis. In looking at her, he could see Lonnie gesturing with her hand for him to jerk faster, so he did. Teri slapped her ass a couple of times swaying her hips. She turned back to Louis, took his free hand and placed it on her exposed tit. He ran his hand around it and pulled on her nipple.


With his hand frozen on Teri’s breast, Louis continued stroking, but slower. Lonnie moved the inside camera to the other side.

“These cuts are distracting,” Louis whispered to Teri.

“Wait until we’re fucking and she calls cut,” Teri responded.

“Okay, action,” Lonnie said.

Teri reached down to play with Louis’ balls. With her other hand, she moved his hand from her breast slowly down her side and hips to her rear as though she was encouraging him to play with her. She stepped closer and he rubbed the bostancı escort bayan head of his cock on her leg.

The outside camera darted inside and took up position where the inside camera had originally been.

Teri turned around and rubbed her ass against his cock. She spread her legs allowing him to drag his rod along her pussy lips. She reached down to separate her labia with her fingers and rocked her hips back and forth. She was beginning to enjoy this, allowing moans to escape her lips.


“Fuck,” Louis said under his breath, his breathing quickening.

“We’ll get to that,” Teri whispered, leaning her head back on his shoulder so only he could hear.

“I want you guys to swap positions,” Lonnie instructed. “Teri, reach around and stroke Louis.” When everyone was in place, she ordered, “Action.”

With her left hand, Teri pulled Louis’ robe apart, and with her right she pressed his hard cock against his belly rubbing it lovingly up and down with the palm of her hand. She let her hands drift up to massage his chest and pinch his nipples. That elicited a moan from him as he hadn’t expected it. It also made his dick bounce. She went back to his cock with one hand for a few strokes, and then dragged both palms across his ass. She turned him around to face her, grabbing his cheeks and spreading them.

Obviously, Lonnie had told Teri to improvise, Louis realized. It occurred to him that he should do the same, so he leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips. She responded in kind. He pawed both tits, and then bent his head to suck one nipple and then the other. He pushed her robe back off of her shoulders and let one hand drop to her pussy. She moaned her enjoyment. Out of the corner of his eye, he glimpsed a camera moving in for a close shot of his hand. Louis was waiting for a cut, and when it didn’t come, Teri dropped to her knees and started sucking him.

He leaned back against the counter. Teri was good at fellatio, Louis decided. She played with his balls as she mouthed his cock. Just as he was enjoying it, the inevitable “Cut,” came.

“Change positions,” Lonnie ordered. “You lick Teri, Louis. Action.”

Louis complied by slowly kneeling as Teri stood. She spread her legs and Louis’s tongue made contact. After a minute or so, she eased up onto the counter resting one foot on the edge while keeping the other firmly planted on the floor.

And once again, “Cut. Okay, Louis, now stand and fuck her just as she is. Action.”

Once more, Louis did as he was told. It felt good to finally have his dick in a pussy. This one was nice and snug, but also wet and he had no trouble sliding in and thrusting. Teri’s breathing matched his pace. This time, he knew better than to enjoy it, even though Teri was really moaning now. But she was probably just acting.

It didn’t matter. “Cut.”

“No, wait, I’m gonna cum,” Teri shouted.

“Keep rolling,” Lonnie commanded.

Louis could feel Teri’s pussy tighten around his cock as she exploded in a shuddering orgasm. He continued pumping for what seemed like an unusually long climax. Finally, she reached out to halt his thrusts. Placing her other hand on his shoulder, she fought to control her heavy breathing. A few seconds later, she stammered, “Wow, that was fantastic, Louis!”

“Cut. Glad you enjoyed that. Now, off the counter, turn and bend over it. Louis, take her from behind and let yourself go. Pull out and shoot on her back. Okay?”

“Got it,” he responded, thankful it was his turn.


The pair followed instructions and Louis felt her using her pussy muscles to milk his cock. She was good. Lonnie hadn’t said how long he should take before coming so he decided to have some fun by pulling Teri’s legs together to make her really tight. It worked better than he anticipated and he had to quickly pull out. After only a couple of strokes, his pearly white cum was rolling down her back between the crack on her ass. When he finished ejaculating, as an added gimmick, he took the head of his cock and smeared his semen around the dimple just above her buttocks.

“And cut. That was great, you two!” Lonnie complimented to the applause of the crew.

Chrissy was there with towels for Louis and Teri to clean themselves off.

Teri stood up straight and turned to Louis, “Damn, boy, you really were good! Hope we get to work together again.”

“She’s right, Louis,” Lonnie added, “You were spectacular!”

Other crew members who passed by offered their kind words.

Forcing a smile, he thanked all of them.

“You have about forty-five minutes to an hour before we shoot the next scene, Louis, so go upstairs and relax,” Lonnie informed him.

Chrissy held out his robe. As he put it on and followed her upstairs, he was reminded of a friend of his who was a couple of years older who had been the student photographer for the school newspaper and yearbook. He wanted to become a professional photographer, but after working part time for a local studio, he gave it up. His reasoning was that he had enjoyed it too much as a hobby and wanted to keep it that way. Doing it as an occupation turned it into just work. Louis wondered if having sex with all these different women could become just work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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