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Anal Toy

This year for Spring Break I decided to take a trip down to Florida to see my boyfriend of two years. It’s a very special relationship; we have been together since our junior year of high school. We were both military brats and ended up living next to each other during high school, and we feel in love, and it’s been hard but great ever since. I attend college in our home state of Rhode Island, while he attends college in Florida. The distance makes it very hard, but when we are together things are perfect and I never want it to end.

Aidian is gorgeous, he’s 5’7”, brown hair, beautiful green eyes that change with his mood, and he is a somewhat stocky guy. But I love everything about him. He’s in the ROTC program and works out all the time and gets buffer everyday, which of course just makes me even hornier.

Well I guess I must describe myself. I don’t think I’m too bad looking. I’m 5’6”, reddish brown hair down to my shoulders, chestnut eyes, and porcelain skin. I have a small chest at only 36 B but that’s enough for me. I have all the right curves in all the right places thankfully. I tend to be in shape since I am a rock climber and instructor.

It felt like forever on the two planes down to see Aidian, but as soon as I got off the plane I ran into the bathroom of the airport to fix my makeup. I wanted to look perfect for my baby. I think about him day and night and only wish to be with him. As soon as I thought I looked ok I left to walk down to the baggage claim area where he would be meeting me. I looked down the hallway and didn’t see him, getting worried I looked around….. that’s when I saw him.

He had waited around the corner to surprise me, for a second all I could do was take him in. He was in full camouflage uniform and it was so sexy on him. I wanted him right there and then. I ran into his arms squeezing him tight güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri as he did the same to me. I never wanted to let go, I just wanted to be with him forever. We pulled back and looked into each others eyes before moving in for a breathtaking kiss. My whole world stopped and it was only Aidian and I. We walked hand in hand to the baggage claim and retrieved my luggage.

As soon as we got to Aidian’s car I began to strip off my New England winter layers to the skimpy tube top and tight ass jeans underneath. Aidian could only stare, and then he moved around to my side of the car and kissed me hard. Thrusting his tongue into my mouth as his hands slid down to grip my ass and he lifted me up and pressed me against the car. He knew this turned me on to no end.

“I want you so bad baby” I stated.

“I know me too let’s get the hell back to my room.”

We drove the ten minutes back to his campus and basically ran to his dorm room. His roommate had basically moved in with his girlfriend, so Aidian had pushed both the beds together making a king sized bed for us. He dropped my suitcase and turned and locked the door. I just stood in the center of the room staring at the man I love. He walked over to me and gently started to caress my lips with his. Forcing small moans from me, I had my hands racing up his back, digging in my nails. I gave him back everything he gave me desperately wanting more and more.

“God I love you so much Callie. I can’t stand being this far apart from you, its torture.”

“Oh Aidian, I know it hurts every morning I get up and every second I think about you. But I’m here now, and there’s nothing I want more right now then to be with you. Take me to bed Aidian and make love to me.”

Aidian said nothing he just slowly unbuttoned my jeans and lifted my tight top güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri off me. He began kissing my shoulders as he slowly took off his uniform top. His hands slowly and gently pushed me down to the bed and he sat down next to me. Taking off his boots slowly he talked to me, almost in a whisper.

“Callie I love you more than anything in this world. I find you to be the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m going to make love to you just like I will in the future when you become my wife.”

His words struck me so hard, knowing that he wanted to marry me so bad. But we both knew we couldn’t while still in college, and we both had three more years of undergraduate college to finish and then I was off to Vet school.

Aidian pushed me back until I was laying flat on the bed and he removed my jeans. He just stared at me in my bra and g-string. An animal like groan escaped him as he leaned down running kisses all over my body. He knew what he was doing as he ran his hand between my legs checking to see how aroused I was.

“I’m so wet for you Aidian, please, please take me now. Don’t make me wait any longer I can’t stand it.”

Aidian quickly shed the rest of his clothes and removed my bra and panties. He leaned down close to me as he spread my legs, kissing me making my head spin he entered me. I threw my head back in reaction to the unbelievable pleasure of having my love in my body again. It had been three months since the last time, but to me it felt like an eternity. I was dripping wet, and you could smell us all over the room. I didn’t care who heard us, we were together at last and all I wanted was this.

“Oh God Aidian fuck me! Just fuck me now!” I screamed.

Aidian began to thrust into me driving me absolutely mad. I craved more and more, thrusting back harder and harder güvenilir bahis şirketleri until I could not take it anymore. I told him to get on his back fast. Aidian pulled out and flipped onto his back as I straddled his waist.

“I’m going to ride you like a bucking horse. I’m going to drive you mad and make it so you’ll crave my body day and night. You’re going to smell me on these sheets and you’ll think of me. You’ll think of my pussy being on your cock.”

Aidian’s eyes had gone wide. His cock had grown at least another inch. He was ready for me and wanted me bad. He had no idea what he was about to experience. I slammed down on his cock and began to ride him with a wild look in my eyes. I wanted his cum in my pussy so bad. I wanted to make him cum and feel that incredible feeling that only I could give him. I rode him hard and fast for a good amount of time. My breathing had become quick and my pussy was contracting squeezing his cock begging for cum.

“Callie, oh Callie baby I’m gonna cum!”

“Look at me Aidian look into my eyes as you fill me with cum baby.”

Aidian looked deep into my eyes and I saw the love he had for me. Only I could give him this and he knew it. We both knew no one else could make each other feel the same way we made each other. He came deep inside my pussy, his head lifting off the pillow from the intense orgasm. He was shaking all over and I loved it. Even as he came I kept riding him hard, knowing that after he came he would even more sensitive.

I finally collapsed onto his chest. We were sweaty, out of breath, and basking in the after glow of incredible love making. It was the best feeling in the world. And as I drifted off into a deep sleep, I thought that this is the man I am going to marry. And one day I will be able to do this to him ever day of our lives together, and then we will fall asleep in each others arms and the world will be perfect. I didn’t want to think of the end of the week when I would have to say goodbye and get onto a plane that would put twenty-four hours worth of distance between us. So I will live in the moment of now, when everything is perfect. I love you Aidian……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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