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A/N: This is part 3 of a 6-part series. It helps to have read parts 1 and 2 first.


At the start of our third month of sex school, we wondered what could be next. We were given massage lessons for the first two weeks. We learned the art of relaxing massages, deep tissue massages and then sensual massages. We got to practice on each other and rotated partners to ensure we had maximum experience before having to give anyone else massages.

Then, in the third week, we got to massage the female models we had worked with the first month. To protect their identities and ours, they wore masks and blindfolds. They got full body massages and each and every massage was to end with them getting an orgasm at our hands. I found that giving a massage was very relaxing even to me though the deep tissue massages were more work. I particularly enjoyed massaging their breasts and spent a lot of time teasing their nipples when it was time for the happy ending. One hand would be on the model’s breasts while the other would focus on her clit or her G-Spot. After every massage, we would get written feedback on what our model had liked and what we needed to improve. The feedback was very useful and we learned a lot each and every day.

The fourth week, we got to massage our male models. Again, the models were wearing masks and blindfolds. It was really nice to see and touch their whole bodies. Massaging men was different from massaging women as they required more strengths to reach deep tissues. However, with good instruction from our teacher, we learned and got positive feedback from our customers.

Though we had to rotate models, I got to massage my favorite three times during the week. I loved giving him the happy ending after relaxing him with my hands for an hour prior. On the Friday afternoon, we had to rate our preferences for who we wanted to massage and then receive a massage from. The models would also rate us and then the teacher would try to match number one choices together if possible. I was thrilled to get my favorite!

I made sure to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri give him the best massage I could. I massaged each and every part of him to relax him and make him feel good. While he was lying on his stomach, I massaged his feet and his legs but avoided getting too close to his testes. I then moved to his hands and his arms and up to his shoulders. Then, of course, I massaged his back and down to his buttocks.

After I was done with that side of him, he turned around and laid on his back. Once again, I started with his legs. Despite my avoidance of his genitals, his cock had already swollen to full size. I simply avoided it and focused on the task at hand. I massaged his hands and arms again and then moved to his chest. Though men don’t have breasts, I found that many still like to have their nipples stimulated and my guy certainly liked that too. As I played with his nipples, his breathing quickened. After a while, I moved lower and finally wrapped my hand around his hard cock. I rubbed it up and down for a time but without tightening my hand around it. Then, I stopped and moved it so it would lay against his lower abdomen and reached between his legs to massage his testes.

He moaned when I did that. Encouraged, I gently massaged them for a bit and then left one one hand on the testes and the other moved back to his hard cock. As soon as I wrapped my hand around his cock again, he lifted his hips from the table. He was ready. I tightened my grip on his rod and stroked him up and down. With my other hand, I kept playing with his sac but then, I switched hands. The one that had been massaging his testes moved to his penis and the other hand moved to his nipples. I flicked his nipples while I stroked him. I increased the speed of my strokes as well as tightened my grip and soon, he groaned his release. I gently but firmly continued to stroke him until he was done and then used a wash cloth to clean him up.

While he went to take a shower, I striped and put on the mask and blindfold I was given and laid down güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on the table. I heard him come back in and then felt his hands on my back. He gently caressed my back and made his way down to my legs and feet. The massage he gave me mirrored the one I had given him. First the legs, then the arms, then the back and finally, he massaged my buttocks.

He pulled my leg slightly closer to him so that he could rub between my legs. I felt his fingers touching my outer lips gently and it turned me on. I moved my other leg slightly out and he recognized the move as a sign I wanted more. He used both hands to rub my buttocks and push them together only to pull them apart slightly in the next move. Then, he put one hand on the small of my back and with his other hand, he rubbed along my slit. At first, his hand was flat but then I felt his middle finger press down more and slip into the crack. That made me arch my back some and he understood that I was enjoying the caress.

He rubbed up and down my slit and stopped to caress my clit for a while, making little circles on it with his finger. Then, he rubbed up and down a few more times. Finally, for the first time, he pushed a finger into my vagina and I inhaled sharply at the new sensation. He paused and bent down and whispered “Did that hurt?”

“Oh no, it’s wonderful!”

It was also wonderful to hear his voice for the first time. It was low and velvety. He moved his finger in and out for a bit without moving the whole hand but then he started moving the whole hand. He would move it up and away and then slowly plunge back in. I couldn’t help it, I met his finger with tiny little movements of my hips. This was heaven.

But it stopped. And he had me turn over and though I felt like I never wanted him to stop, I knew that it would get even better. He massaged my legs and teased me by lightly touching my outer lips when at the top of the legs. He massaged my arms. And then, he massaged my torso and my breasts. He made my nipples stand totally erect and tingle güvenilir bahis şirketleri with pleasure. It was amazing how much electricity ran through my body from having these two little nubs stimulated!

And then finally, he reached down and caressed my vulva. He used both hands to push my outer lips together into a pout and indirectly stimulate my clit. He gently pulled my legs apart to gain better access. And then, he focused on rubbing my slit. Up and down he went, stopping to rub the clit in little circles and then going back down all the way to the bottom. He would tease the entrance to my vagina but not go in, going back up to rub the clit instead. His other hand went to my breasts and teased my nipples. By that time, I was breathing heavily and moaning.

His middle finger was in my slit, rubbing, while his thumb rubbed my clit. And then he pushed that finger inside me. Once again, I drew a sharp breath and lifted my hips off the table in response. He froze and pushed me back down, never removing his finger from where it was. When I relaxed, he started moving it gently back and forth, just like he’d done previously when I was on my stomach.

He gently pushed a second finger inside and it was super tight though there was no pain. Slowly, he moved them back and forth and twisted them around. He finally found what he was looking for inside me: my G-spot. Once he found that, he rubbed it and got me moaning. Ah to finally understand the joy of having that wonderful little spot rubbed!

He gently pinched my nipples with his other hand and started finger-fucking me, making sure that spot got stimulated with each movement. By then, I was moaning non stop. The feelings were amazing!

He increased the speed of his movements and the pressure also and soon, I was pushed to an amazing orgasm! He stopped moving in and out and pressed against my G-spot and rubbed it and held me at the height of my orgasm for a few seconds. My pussy was clenching around his fingers, convulsing. It was super intense! And it was followed with several aftershocks that felt almost as amazing as the first earthquake. He waited, unmoving, until I was done all my little aftershocks and then gently removed his fingers from me. Then, he covered me with a sheet and quietly left the room. I vaguely heard the teacher say “have a little nap” before I drifted off to a wonderful slumber.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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