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I sat on her because I’d had enough. For over ten years she’d been the bee in my bonnet and I’d told her time and again that one day I’d have enough of her sarcasm, barbs, snide remarks, cuts and jabs and if it continued I’d turn her over my knee.

She was a friend of an old girl friend. The girl friend and I had broken up within weeks of starting to go together but in that time I’d met a circle of the gal’s female friends and she was one. After the breakup I still saw most of the gals around town or at parties and I’d even asked out a few. After all this time several had married or moved away but there were still about half a dozen left. Of those six two are divorced and are now free again.

Three of them and I are closer than the others and she’s one of that three. She’s cute in a way but really a snip. She must’ve had twenty different boy friends in the years but has never gotten close to marriage. She seems to revel in embarrassing people most often and especially me. We’ve never dated. I’m a serious type. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy fun it only means that I take life a bit more seriously… and relationships too.

Even when I first met her she’d loved to embarrass me and tear me down. She’s the kind that runs from place to place and barges in unannounced and thinks nothing of it. She’s barged into my place at different times when I was ‘with’ a gal. Fortunately there was always a sheet or blanket, but it didn’t bother her. She’d sit down and start talking as if no one else was there.

Some of the gals had become frustrated because although I’d told her off and even threatened her with the beating of her butt I’d never done anything and she’d stay and return.

I’ve been embarrassed by her in stores, movies, at dances and parties, while getting a traffic ticket and in front of family and friends. I take a lot and can take a lot. I consider the source on occasion and long ago ruled out any reticence or hate on her part. She’s just always been a bit malevolent toward me.

This time I’d told her I wouldn’t embarrass her in public at the moment but that the next time she came over I would deliver the spanking. That was last night and she’d had a glass of wine but wasn’t drunk or feeling tipsy and she understood everything I’d said and continued taunting all evening. If anything her sarcasm had gotten worse.

So when she came in again this afternoon without knocking, I got up quietly and walked to the door she’d just canlı bahis appeared through. Quietly I closed it, locked it and turned to glare at her. I think she knew it was coming but only half believed it or perhaps believed she could talk her way out of it. I was determined to spank her even if I got arrested afterward.

She was backing to a wall while I walked toward her. I didn’t say a word as she bumped the wall. I smiled sardonically and took her hand and pulled her to the center of the room. She tried fighting but I’m significantly larger and physically far stronger. I’d been headed for the couch but now I forced her to the floor and she rolled onto her back and struck at me. Her head was at my feet and so I kneeled and trapped one struggling arm and then the other under my shins.

While clamping her I was careful not to apply my weight to her skinny arms. She was small enough that my weight could have easily bruised her flesh or broken something. She wore conventional jeans at times but could easily wear all styles and tonight she was wearing low-cut hip-huggers.

Her tee-shirt had come up in the struggle and was above her navel as I decided how to handle the situation. I was going to make it sting. Make it sting the way her Dad should have possibly done years earlier. My first effort had to bare her bottom and so I moved my hands to the top button.

My fingers touched her bare tummy just as she tried to bite me. My jeans are tight too and she couldn’t get a purchase with just lips and teeth and her teeth just slid along the cloth without hurting. However I noticed something I hadn’t before. Touching her bare tummy had aroused me and my cock was growing as stiff as a broom handle. She couldn’t see or feel it the way I was sitting but I sure could.

With the top button undone I reached for the tag on her zipper, but paused. I put my hand flat on her tummy and was thrilled at how good she felt. Maybe it was just me being horny but I felt drawn. My hand slid down her tummy, under the jeans and she stopped struggling. She was shaved and wet. She was wetter than I’d seen a gal before, almost dripping.

I wondered and slid my hand further until I could feel her nude lips and I squeezed with the palm of my hand. I heard her ask “What…?” and she fell silent again but this time she seemed to be squirming from the waist down.

I ran my hand further and felt her lips parting and then the jeans were so tight the pressure bahis siteleri had forced my fingers inside. I heard groaning behind me now and I explored by running my fingers further inside and then back. My hand was drenched and now I had an urgent need to learn more.

Without retracting my fingers I used my other hand to slide the zipper open. Now I could see the wetness and the start of her swollen lips. I had been drawn downward and my face was at that split in the jeans. I inhaled a fresh and delicious scent and then extended my tongue and tasted her. She was sweeter on the palate than any woman I’d dated and I felt her trying to raise her hips against my tongue as I tasted.

I paused and decided that I wanted more. I withdrew my fingers and grabbed the sides of the jeans and pushed them down and I noticed that her screaming and fighting me had started again. I ignored her and focused on removing the jeans. As she struggled the movement of her hips helped and soon they were down almost to her knees.

I paused, sat back and stared. I brought my fingers to my lips and tasted. She was still there, sweet and warm. I caressed her tummy with my fingers and watched the gooseflesh forming there. I placed my hands between her thighs, cupped her thighs and raised them. She paused as I leaned forward once more and I tasted again and then her knees were raised and her thighs closed warmly around my face. Her feet were flat on the floor as she strained her hips upward toward me.

With my face clamped firmly her knees swayed back and forth and she dragged me as I worked. Suddenly I remembered what I had been intending to do. I sat back straight and then she started struggling again. I grabbed her wrist as I stood and then headed for the chair. I pulled her up and she tried pulling her jeans up with one hand and resisting me.

When I got to the chair I put her ass over my knee and spanked hard and firm against one cheek. My hand stung and she yelped and settled. I spanked her on the other cheek a bit softer to favor the sting left in my palm and this time she didn’t holler but seemed to squirm with her pussy against my knee. Another spank and the squirming was obvious and my knee was wet through and her scent was fresh and delicious.

Another spank and I was drawn again to lean forward and kiss her hot red flesh. I laid my cheek against it and then I softly asked if she would behave now. She struggled and cursed me… and I spanked bahis şirketleri her again several times in a row. She was groaning when I’d finished and I decided I wouldn’t spank her again. But then I noticed that she’d managed to work one hand under and had clamped onto my hard-on. All this and I hadn’t noticed.

Now she squeezed and sat up before sliding to the floor without releasing me. She whispered a breathless question about how turned on I was and she fumbled with the front of my jeans. Exasperated at not being able to open them she demanded loudly that I open them. She was a little agitated and so I did and she reached in and yanked me out. She had to yank because I was curled and trapped inside. Her action was rough but welcome.

She looked at me and held it and then I heard her whisper “I thought so…” as she leaned down and began her own oral. Her hands, her mouth, her tongue were alive and I’d never felt anything so good… never received anything this needed.

She whispered that the spanking and our oral were all good… but she needed more right now as she reached around and kicked off her shoes and then withdrew one long shapely leg from her jeans. Next she stood, raised that leg and straddled me. Slowly she began a tease that I didn’t mind as she lowered herself onto me. I felt her expanding caress as she slid firm and warmly around me and then began a sensuous slide that I wanted never to end.

Her hands were on my shoulders and her head tipped back as she rode and satisfied me. Her head would whip side-to-side and her mouth would open and moan. Her hips and pussy fit me perfectly and tightly and I had to change my pants after. I was thoroughly drenched and smelling of woman’s natural scent that had been sweetened by years of desire.

After one particularly deep felt of her orgasm’s she asked me to lean back. I did as she asked and she used the moment to swing a leg over me without ever exiting. I found her lying sideways across my lap still deeply embedded. Her bottom was still shapely and red from my earlier effort and facing me, but now I felt the urge to do it again.

With one hand I grabbed a handful of her hair, pushed her head down and then brought my other hand down hard. She moaned and almost as part of the swing she drove deeply onto me. I felt muscles tighten and she began a slow hump as I swung again and again. Finally she screamed and hollered at out how good and perfect this was and how deeply she needed it. In moments we received the ultimate pleasure together.

She’s still a pain… my pain. I spank her now on an irregular schedule but she always needs it and I know what I’ve been missing for all those years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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