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Michelle was a hoot. I played a new game, from the beginning, concentrating on her – and her alone. The first night that we retreated to her room, I made sure to lock the door.

Once she was certain that I was choosing her, Michelle became exceedingly … daring.

If we were watching a movie, her hand would inevitably find its way into my pants. Of course, I had my own options to reach under her clothing, which I took full advantage of.

There were a few evenings where we were very active under that (by now) legendary blanket. Snogg had crafted several smaller renders which I found amazing. They were generally dark, showing little more than a shadowy outline: Michelle’s breast, with my hand around it, a naked butt cheek (hers), or her hand around my erection.

They were extremely effective.

On the fourth occasion that we watched a film together, at night, Michelle pushed the boundaries again. We were under the blanket, lying down, with me behind her. I had two fingers inside her, and she began sighing ever more loudly.

She swore, suddenly, and shoved her jeans down past her knees. Then she reached behind her for the zipper on my pants.

Within seconds, she had me inside her, as we humped and pumped like demented spoons on that narrow couch, under that wonderful blanket.

When she came, Michelle made choking sounds, as if she had her fist in her mouth. She didn’t want to wake our roommates. I came a moment later – quietly.

– Was that the climax of the film, Michelle? I asked her.

– I don’t know about that. But it was the climax of the week – that’s for sure.


Michelle came to the Halloween party as a gypsy fortune teller. I went as a pirate.

She was smiling the whole time. She pointed out everyone else’s costumes, and seemed genuinely happy that they were all having a good time.

We danced, and Michelle made a discovery about my costume.

– Aww … really? You had to wear underwear? Pirates aren’t supposed to wear underwear.

– Sorry. I’m guessing that fortune tellers don’t?

– That’s because I know the future. I won’t be needing them later, will I?

When the party began to break up, Michelle showed no signs of wanting to leave. I was growing a little impatient, but she said good night to everyone, got a cab for one guest who was too drunk to drive home, and comforted Nalani, who was a little teary.

After that, she began to clean up.

I pitched in, of course. But it was a powerful reminder of who Michelle was: the den mother. Despite her uninhibited behaviour with me, she was still the most responsible of the roommates.

She made sure that there was food in the fridge, and that her friends were supported. I’d failed to notice the significance of the fact that it was Michelle who collected the rent from each of us, before it was due.

I was almost tempted to start a game from scratch, just to see what Michelle would do if I couldn’t pay the rent. Something told me that she might just cover me – for a week or two, anyway.

When we’d finally tidied up to her satisfaction, Michelle led me back to her room. It was a great pleasure to help her out of her costume.

– You know, I said, sometimes I can tell the future, too.

– Is that so? And just what do you see, Mister Pirate?

– Well, I see that your bed is longer and wider than the couch. Which means that if I lie you down there, I’ll have enough room to show you some appreciation.

– Appreciation?

I put her on her back, and went down on her. It was something I just hadn’t been able to do on that short couch – something we hadn’t done since our date (with or without Laura).

Despite her failure to correctly foresee the future, Michelle seemed to appreciate my efforts. Snogg must have been fixated with gumdrops, or Hershey’s Kisses, because Michelle’s breasts sat up proudly on her chest, even though she was lying on her back.

But her smile was radiant, and I loved the sight of her fingers twined in my (Tristan’s) hair. She was also encouraging me vocally, with a mixture of sighs and specific instructions.

I didn’t wait upon her orgasm. Instead, I swiftly crawled up between her widely spread legs, and found her wet opening with the tip of my rock-hard erection. I penetrated her in one long, slow thrust.

– OH! she called out. Piracy! Help …

I fucked her halfway off the bed. In a brilliant illustration, Snogg showed Michelle’s head and shoulders hanging over the edge of the bed.

She was still grinning, even though her position looked decidedly uncomfortable. Her breasts were spread a bit, to either side, though her nipples still pointed north. Her legs were spread wide.

Her vocalizations were more intense than usual – which sounded very appropriate. It was an energetic, no holds-barred fuck, and I found it far too exciting. This time, I came before Michelle did.


Michelle’s bahis firmaları birthday didn’t appear on the calendar. Heather’s did.

– It’s Heather’s birthday. Michelle told me.

– We should get her something.

-That’s what I was thinking.

We went in together to get together to buy Heather a cake – and a new swimsuit. Heather thanked us effusively. Michelle thanked me more quietly – and more privately.

– You’re a very nice man.

– I can’t come close to you.

– Yes, you can. Come over here.

Michelle took me in her mouth, but that was only a prelude. Once she had me hard and thoroughly wet, Michelle straddled me, and sank down on my cock.

The illustrations were top-notch, from the beautiful expression on her face, to the exquisite shape of her breasts. A second view was provided, showing the glorious globes of her ass, and the twin dimples in the small of her back.

– This could be the start of a … beautiful friendship. she said.


I could only wish for a girlfriend like Michelle.

Beautiful, confident, with a great sense of humour. She had a big heart, and preferred giving, rather than taking. Michelle often thought of others before herself.

Responsible, caring … and frisky. I had to admire her adventurous sexuality. Hot. Very hot. That couch and that blanket would be embedded in my memory.

Heather might be the kind of girlfriend I could aspire to. Someone like Michelle was certainly well beyond my reach. A fella can dream, though, can’t he?


Laura was ridiculously hot. La-ow-ra. Just hearing her say her name gave me a shiver. And I have to admit that I lingered over quite a few of her illustrations.

Yes, she had large breasts. But she also had a beautiful face, long black hair, and everything about her was sensual – even her voice.

I replayed her story from the start. I got the wine for her friend’s party, and took her to the museum again, after which she surprised me in the kitchen. Then we went to the cafe, and ended up in her room. Ah, that beanbag.

Surprise, surprise: there was an additional scene with Laura before the Halloween party. It was a Sunday morning. Laura came to my room, and knocked on the door

She was in her housecoat. She looked really good, with minimal makeup and a terrycloth robe that covered virtually everything.

– Oh! I’m sorry. Did I wake you up? she said.

– I was just going to grab a shower.

– Oh. Okay. I need your opinion about something. Can you come by my room when you’re done?

– Sure.

I didn’t know what to expect. When I’d finished in the bathroom, I threw on some clothes and went to see what she wanted. Laura closed the door behind me. She was still in her robe.

– I want your honest opinion. she said. I bought this on a whim, but I’m not sure if I should actually wear it …

– Okay. What did you buy?

– This.

Laura opened her robe, to reveal the most astonishing bathing suit I’d ever seen.

I forgot to breathe, for a few moments.

The suit seemed to consist of three patches of green and yellow fabric, rather tenuously linked by some pieces of gold string. Now, I’m no bathing suit engineer, but this particular piece of swimwear struck me as highly improbable. Structurally, I mean.

– Do you think it’s too much?

– Too much for … what?

– For the beach.

Yes, Laura. It was too much for the beach. There was absolutely nowhere you could wear that without setting off a riot. It could break the internet. If Laura had worn that in the forest, with no one there, the trees would have fallen down.

– Are you sure?

Laura turned around, and simply dropped her robe. It wasn’t very subtle. Lord, it was effective, though. I didn’t know how to break it to her, though: there was nothing covering her back – nothing at all, except for a few bits of string.

We ended up on her bed, in the doggie position. Snogg’s illustration allowed to me to see us reflected in a full-length mirror. My goodness, she was loud.

After our frantic coupling, I couldn’t help asking: That’s what you meant to happen all along, wasn’t it?

– I don’t know what you mean. I just wanted your opinion.

– And? Did you get it?

– Oh yes …


Laura’s costume was definitely creepy. She came as a vampire, with fake fangs, and lots of makeup: white all over her face and neck, with dark black circles around her eyes, and red blood all over her cheeks and chin.

Of course, she couldn’t conceal her shape, so the overall effect was gruesome and sexy at the same time.

And when we danced, she pressed that sensational body against me. I couldn’t help but respond.

– Mmm. I seem to have your attention.

– You always have my attention, Laura. My complete attention.

When it came time to clean up after the party, Michelle jumped in, of course. Laura and I offered kaçak iddaa to help, but our roommate simply laughed.

– It’ll take you forever to get all that makeup off. Why don’t you start with that?

Laura agreed. We went into the bathroom, and she began peeling off parts of her costume.

I helped.

That is, I stood there, serving as a glorified clothes rack. Great work, if you can find it. Meanwhile, I got to enjoy and appreciate the unveiling of a phenomenal piece of modern art: Laura’s body.

She jumped in the shower, and began to wash off layers of makeup. There was a great illustration of her naked back and backside, with water streaming down from her hair. Laura’s face was turned towards me, over her shoulder.

She didn’t have to say a word. What on earth was I waiting for?

Sex. Standing up. In the shower.

It wasn’t one of my top fantasies, but I couldn’t complain about the quality of Snogg’s work. And yet …

With her flowing hair soaked, and plastered against her skin, Laura looked like a different person. An extremely sexy, different person – but not quite as appealing to me as the rest of her portfolio.

It was a rare occurrence, but it was interesting to note that I could still be disappointed (slightly) by Snogg’s and Patience’s work.


Laura’s birthday was coming up. Unlike the other scenarios, I had the opportunity to discuss it with her.

– What would you like? I asked.

– Nothing fancy.

– Really?

– Don’t look so surprised. I know the girls will want to get a cake, and sing ‘Happy Birthday’. But … honestly – all I want is some private time with you.

Laura loved to go out. Her definition of ‘Private time’ was probably not a match for what Michelle would have wanted. I figured out what she meant, though.

– Dinner at the restaurant. Just you and me.

– That sounds wonderful.

I got her the necklace, though – just in case.


I reserved a table at the restaurant. Laura wore a form-fitting dress that very nearly reduced me to the level of a gibbering idiot. How could I ever go out with someone who looked like her? I would’ve needed extra napkins to soak up the drool.

Ronnie served us, and brought us a bottle of wine on the house.

– Happy Birthday. I toasted her.

– Thank you, Tristan.

We talked about a few things – goals and ambitions, our to-do lists. Then she surprised me with a question:

– Are you happy with me?


How to answer that? And … once again, I had to take my hat off for Patience. There was no option for me to respond. Instead, Laura continued.

I’m not with you because you tell me I’m hot. I like the way you look, but I’m much happier that you’re a sweet man, with a good heart. I have fun with you.

Every time I started to think of Laura as one-dimensional – the hottest woman in Creation – Patience surprised me by adding a little more depth to her character. It was a recurring theme in this game: pre-conceived notions and stereotypes were regularly shattered.

We walked home, hand in hand, and went straight to her room. For some reason, I thought that the illustrations of Laura which followed made her look even more beautiful. Not her body – that was incomparable – but her face.

We made love in the cowgirl position. It was some of Snogg’s best work.

I felt sad, a little bit.

There was no way – not in a million years – that a woman as unbelievably hot as Laura would ever give me the time of day. That’s not an opinion; it’s just simple fact.

Laura could have any man she wanted. She was that sexy, and that sweet. I could fantasize about her, of course, and masturbate to pictures of her. That was as close as I would ever get.

Laura’s ending was interesting, in an intellectual sense. I could appreciate how Patience and Snogg had created an amazing character. But I couldn’t even begin to picture Laura as my girlfriend.


Patience responded to my last audio review.

Hey Cyrano,

Glad you like the new title. You should – it was your idea. And I really appreciate your help in convincing Snogg to fix the first screen as well. Believe me: it’s difficult to change his mind. But we did it!

As for the music … I was outvoted – that’s all I have to say on that subject.

Glad you liked the calendar. That was partly your idea, too. As for the costumes … well, yeah.

I was pleased to see you recognize the Halloween Party as a turning point – or as a choke-point. You were dead on, with that description. Some players may need help making up their minds, and this event was designed to force them to choose.

I told the voice-actor who did Heather that you liked her work. She was very pleased. I agree with you: I think she was first-rate.

You found Nalani more … high-maintenance? I’m going to have to review what I did. You may very well be right. kaçak bahis I hope you’re not: it means more work for us if you are. Then again, some guys like being the big, strong protector, or the knight-errant.

Please keep sending me your saved games – I’m learning a great deal from them.

All the best,



Mom got me a job interview. She helped me choose what to wear – ‘casual professional’ she called it – and then took me downtown, to the offices where her company was based.

– “Don’t be nervous.” she said. “They’re not going to grill you. But if you get an opportunity to show them what you know – take it.”

– “Okay, Mom.”

– “And don’t forget to ask questions. That shows you’re interested. And look Mr. Barron in the eye when you’re talking to him. That shows confidence.”

– “Okay, Mom.”

– “I’m over-doing it, aren’t I? Too much coaching?”

– “A bit.”

She was more nervous than I was. But Mom had prepared me very thoroughly; I knew quite a lot about her company, and how to succeed in an interview. She’d also showed all of the programs they used. I was quite familiar with their operating systems.

Mr Barron was the Head of Personnel. He had several employees working off-site (like my Mom), so he wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to the idea of me working from home.

He was a nice-enough older guy (who probably needed to invest in some new suits). He seemed reasonably impressed with me – Lord knows why. He obviously knew about my condition; maybe he was surprised that I could string coherent sentences together.

What Mr Barron didn’t have, though, was the slightest idea of what to do with me. I got the idea that he’d agreed to interview me as a favor to Mom. But he didn’t have a job for me. Given my limitations, he really didn’t see what I could do for them.

He knew that I could assist my mother – but why pay me extra to help her?

– “Mr Barron? May I ask a question?”

– “Sure, Daniel.”

– “How many IT specialists do you have working for you?”

– “In the whole company?”

– “No, sir. Just in Personnel.”

The answer was ‘None’. But I already knew that.

– “When you, or someone in your department submits a ticket,” I continued, “how quickly do you get a response from IT?”

– “Not very.” he admitted. I knew that, too.

I knew that his department’s budget wouldn’t cover hiring an IT specialist. But he could probably afford me. I was able to quickly spell it out for him: for a relative pittance, I could probably solve many of their computer and software problems. The really serious issues could still be reported to their own IT people.

I could be on call during working hours. We could also connect me to their remote desktop software, so that I could fix small problems from home.

Mr Barron was a bit old-fashioned, but he was no fool. He could see that clearing up computer problems quickly, without having to wait for their IT specialists, would increase his department’s efficiency.

I would definitely be cheap. And security was no great risk – he knew where I lived, and who my Mom was. Here was a possible way to make himself look good, at a bargain-basement price.

What did he have to lose? Mr Barron agreed to take me on, on a trial basis. After two weeks, I was to submit a claim for the time I spent working, and we would meet at the end of a month, to decide if ‘we’ wanted to continue the arrangement.

Mr Barron came around his desk to shake my hand.

– “I’m very pleased that you came in today, Daniel.” he said. “I have to admit: this isn’t quite the outcome I anticipated, but now I’m really curious to see what you can do.”

– “Thank you, Sir. Thank you for giving me an opportunity.”


I didn’t neglect the game. But I was just a little nervous about starting another play-through. The reason I hesitated had to do with the last roommate: Veronica, or Ronnie.

The problem may sound strange: it wasn’t that I didn’t find her appealing. At the beginning, though, she seemed to be the least noteworthy of the roommates.

As I first started playing, starting with Heather just seemed right, because she’d been the first one to open the door. When I decided to try pursuing another girl (at the same time), Nalani was the only one home.

Michelle had asked how I was doing with Heather. Laura had somehow stepped into Michelle’s story. What I’m trying to say, I guess, is that I didn’t consciously leave Ronnie for last.

It might have seemed that way, based solely on looks. In the illustration showing all five girls, when I first met them, Ronnie couldn’t even begin to compete.

Heather was tall and busty; Nalani was petite and beautiful. Michelle was really attractive, and Laura, of course, was a smoke show.

Ronnie was maybe 5’8″ or 5’9″ – roughly in between Heather and Michelle. But unlike those two, Ronnie was almost entirely devoid of curves: flat-chested, hipless, and flat-assed.

She was, at first glance, a little odd-looking, too. It took me a little while to figure out why that was. There were the caterpillar eyebrows, of course.

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