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Big Dicks

Please read previous story “My Best Friend”

This story begins where the other story ended.


“When did you get home?”

“I never went out! I’ve been here the whole time,” my husband said.

“What do you mean you’ve been here?”

“I wanted to surprise you tonight, but instead you surprised me. I saw everything! I saw what you did to her. I saw you eat her pussy and I watched you fuck her!”

I stood there, dripping wet, with a towel wrapped around me, looking at him.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. He just laid there, with a huge hard on, stroking his long shaft, slowly. I could feel my pussy start to throb and my clit start to swell as I watched him.

He had this look on his face, a look of hunger. He was hungry for me. I could feel him fucking me with his eyes. He got up, grabbed me, stripped the towel from my body and threw me down on the bed.

Is this really my husband? Where did all this passion come from?

He had never been this demanding before, he had never been so rough with me. I wanted him to “take” it from me. I wanted him to hunt me like his prey.

His body hovered over mine, all I could feel was his hot breath against my wet skin, as he worked his way up from my feet. His body now completely covered mine. He sweetly kissed my forehead, and rubbed his lips against mine.

I parted my lips, waiting to feel his tongue enter my mouth, waiting to feel its wetness, but that feeling never came. His gentleness suddenly changed into a forcefulness that I had never seen before.

He took my arms and held them over my head with one hand, the other hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head to the side to expose my neck. He placed his mouth on my neck and started to suck and bite, as if he was a vampire ready to take his next victim. I tried to release my hands from his grip but the more I squirmed, the harder he sucked on my neck. He sent chills down my spine.

I thought I was going to explode with anticipation of what was next to come for me.

He finally let up on my neck long enough to whisper in my ear.

“How does it make you feel to know that I was watching you?”

“How does it make you feel, to know that I enjoyed taking my time fucking her?”

“Oh, that is not the answer I was looking for.”

He sat up on top of me, straddling me with his legs, still holding my hands over my head. He pressed his mouth firmly against mine and kissed me with an intensity and a passion that I could feel deep within me. He kissed me long and hard. His hard cock pressed against canlı bahis my flesh, pressed between our bodies.

He moved his mouth from my lips to my breasts, showing them all the attention he had to offer. My nipples were now hard from his touch. Slowly, he licked, flicked and sucked causing them to become even more erect than before.

He took it slow. He took his time, as I did to her, when I had her.

The desire to touch me was so strong that he finally released my arms from his grasp. I placed my hands on his neck and slowly moved them up to his clean shaven, bald head, where I then started to massage. He loves it when I rub his head and pull it into me.

His shoulders are so strong, so muscular. Every part of him firm and hard. A beautiful contrast against my soft white flesh. His chocolate brown skin, glistens from his sweat, sweat that is pouring down over my body. My moaning had now grown in intensity and I could no longer contain my desire for him.

“Chris, Please don’t keep me waiting any longer.”

“You’re gonna wait until I am ready to take you!”

He slowly made his way down my stomach, kissing and licking the soft rolls of my flesh, until he reached my creamy valley. He kissed on my outer lips, teasing me by stroking my slit with the tip of his tongue.

He spread my lips with his fingers making sure he could see the whole length of my pink snatch. He slid his mouth over my clit, slowly flicking it and sucking on it, but that quickly changed. Once he got a taste of my juices, he went crazy. He started sucking on it feverishly, like he had never tasted my pussy before.

He took several fingers and slid them into my cunt as he continued sucking on my fully swollen clit, which was now ready to explode into orgasm. He started finger fucking me, hard and deep, while still sucking on me. I told him I was going to cum. He pulled his mouth away from my pussy, and stopped fucking me with his fingers.

“I cant let you cum just yet. I need to fuck you with this dick first. Spread your legs wide for me,” he whispered.

I quickly spread my legs as far as they would go, and waited for him to slide his thick, 9 inch cock inside my sloppy wet pussy. I patiently waited, as he slowly rubbed the mushroom shaped tip of his cock against my clit.

He watched me as I squirmed in agony for the rest of him. He slid the tip inside, letting me feel just enough of him to cause my body to jerk. He placed my legs over his shoulders, placed his hands under my back and began to pound his thick, swollen dick into my pussy. bahis siteleri The sweat ran down his back to his balls, I could feel them slapping against my ass.

The sound of our heavy breathing and of our bodies moving together was stimulating and erotic. The scent of sex and sweat that filled the room was intoxicating. He thrust himself deep into my pussy, filling it with his rock solid cock. I thought it would be quick, but I was mistaken. He took his time fucking me, completely enjoying every passing stroke of his hard dick.

“Turn over! I want to fuck you doggie style, now.”

I did as he said, getting up on all fours. He spread my legs wide, and pushed my back down so my tits were pressed against the bed. “Hold that ass up in the air for me, while I fuck you good.”

He inserted his cock back into my wet pussy, and began to pound away once again. Now I could feel his balls slapping against my pussy lips. I reached down between my legs and grabbed his balls, and slowly started to massage them.

“Yeah, that feels good, I like that, baby.You know what else I like? I like to fuck that tight asshole of yours.”

He grabbed the KY jelly and began to lube up my asshole, making sure his big dick would slide in easily. He slid one finger inside my ass, as he continued to fuck away at my pussy. After a little while he placed two fingers in my ass, fucking it slowly, making sure I was relaxed enough for him. The pleasure from him fucking my pussy and finger fucking my asshole at the same time was incredible. I felt him pull away from pussy and make his way to my tight hole that he had been finger fucking.

Slowly he placed only the head of his cock into my ass, he fucked me like that for a few minutes. Not being able to wait any longer, he reached down, placed his hands on my shoulders, and began to slide his whole shaft deep into my ass.

I could not believe that he did not even hesitate, he didn’t give me a chance to prepare myself. I tried to pull away but couldn’t.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Please stop! You’re hurting me!”

“The pain will pass, and soon you will feel all my pleasure.”

I knew it would, this was not the first time he has fucked me in the ass, but none the less it was still painful. After a little while the pain started to subside and I began to push back against him, allowing him to enter me completely.

“See, I told you the pain would pass. Now I can truly fuck you like the dirty little bitch that you are!”

I thought I would be upset at him for talking to me bahis şirketleri that way, but hearing him turned me on even more.

“You like fucking this dirty little bitch, don’t you? Well, show me what you got.”

“Oh, you want to see what I got?” He grabbed me by the hair and started to slam his dick, hard into my tight ass hole. I tried to reach behind me to grab him but his thrusts were so hard and fast that I couldn’t reach him. “Turn over! I want to look at your face while I fuck this tight ass of yours.”

He turned me over and placed my legs up over his shoulders, and slowly slid himself back into my now stretched asshole.

“Look at me while I fuck you!” I watched him, as the look on his face started to change. I knew he was reaching the end of his long journey, and I was holding on to a feeling that I could no longer contain. “Are you ready for me now? Are you ready to cum on me?”

“Yes, I’m ready to cum for you,” I responded.

I felt his dick swell, as it always does just before he cums.

“Look into my eyes when you cum. Don’t look away.”

“Ok,” I replied. The swelling of his dick was just enough to send me over the edge. I could no longer hold it in, my inner beast needed to be released. I clenched his shoulders as my body began to release the massive orgasm that had been building up for hours.

I felt him, I felt his desire, I felt his love. In that instant, I was able to feel the passion he felt for me. He held his body firmly against mine as we both climaxed together. Nothing was spoken, nothing was said. The only sounds that were heard were the sounds of our heavy breathing.

We laid still, in each others arms, holding each other as if we would never see each other again. Drifting off into the sweet slumber of our dreams.

A few days have gone by now and I still cant stop thinking about the night I made love to my best friend. I was shocked to find out that my husband was home the whole time. He saw us together, he saw me sucking her pussy, he saw me fucking her.

He told me that he enjoyed watching me pleasure another woman. He asked me how I felt to find out that he was watching us. To be honest it really turned me on. I have always loved him watching me when I was with one of my fuck-me-friends, but this time was different. I was being watched by him, like prey being watched before being devoured.

He told me that I was different with her, that I was much more sensual, and sexual. That I took my time touching her, tasting her, enjoying the scent of her. He told me that he had never been so aroused by watching something so sensual. I knew this to be true by the way he had fucked me that night.

I told him that I wanted to be with her again, but this time I wanted him to join in.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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