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Hey guys, just a quick heads up on the first part of this story. I noticed I made a few mistakes back there. Some with the formatting of the text, others with camping terminology… (confused an electric cooker with a hot plate and a camper with a hatchback)… but I hope I can make it up to you with a second entry that hopefully doesn’t have as many mistakes in it as the last one. Enjoy and leave a review if you can.


It was the morning after my wild night with Sophie. Groggily and slightly sore, I woke up and saw tiny rays of light break through the fabric of our tent. I took a deep breath, smelling the fresh morning air before turning my head to the side.

Right on my arm, snored my lovely daughter, cuddled up to me and using me for warmth even more than she did her blanket. As a father, I scoffed a little because I didn’t want her to get sick. As a lover though… it stirred my male pride a little. Not going to lie.

I bit my lip as I pulled my arm out from underneath her with the utmost caution. I didn’t want her to wake up; I wanted her to take as much rest as she could get before starting the day.

She slightly grimaced as she no longer had anyone to cuddle up to and I almost gave in again but I pushed on and instead tucked her in tightly. With a sigh of relief, I got on my underwear but immediately noticed that, with how much of a mess my crotch was and how sticky my body was on the whole, this was not gonna do. I needed to clean myself up first.

With nothing but my boxers on, I went to the river and splashed my body from top to bottom with water. I pooled some of it together in my hand and let it run over my shoulder long, reddish brown, thick hair.

It trickled down from the stubble of my beard as I rinse my face when I looked over and saw that a bit up the river we were camping at, there was an about 10 foot high waterfall. I wasn’t going to pass on taking something like a shower and waded through the clean water up stream. I wasn’t too worried about coming across anyone out here anyways.

“Ahhh, fuck that hits the spot.” I blurted out loud as I let the rushing water hit my back. It almost felt like a massage of sorts as the water splattered onto me. I cocked my head back and let it stream down from my head to my feet and over my face.

As I opened my eyes again, my vision was blurry at first from the water running over them until I saw clear again and a petite little figure formed in front of me. And surprise surprise, it was Sophie. Apparently she was even bolder than me, because she didn’t even bother putting on her underwear, letting me see her entire, slender body with her nipples already perking up from the cold air.

I couldn’t help but smirk a little as I let out a chuckle. “Should’ve known it wouldn’t take long for you to come after me, you sneaky little devil.”

“That’s on you for thinking that you could just leave your sweet, innocent little daughter on her own, alone in the woods.” She responded with a snarky tone.

I raised an eyebrow. “Little, yeah. And I’ll even give you the sweet part but innocent… eeehhh…” I held my hand in front of me and wiggled it in a wagering motion.

She scoffed and laughed. “Shut up and scoot over so I can wash myself off.”

“Tsk, what’s that tone, young lady? Is that a way to talk to your father?” I said sarcastically, refusing to move.

Sophie rolled her eyes and tried not to smile as hard as she could. “Could you please move a little bit to the side… sir?”

I smirked. “Not too sure if I liked that delivery there.”

“Aww just let me get in there already!” She groaned as she playfully nudged me aside and started washing her hair. We both let out a chuckle and silently enjoyed the cool water and the sounds of the waking wildlife in the background.

Occasionally, Sophie glanced over at me as she rinsed her wavy, dark red locks. I returned her looks with a smile before I closed my eyes and let my head fall back. When I opened them again, I saw clear blue skies barely dotted with any clouds at all. It seemed like the storm last night had completely drained them and didn’t leave many of them behind.

Just looking at those skies, I felt at ease but… deep down I had some thoughts that I had yet to face. I loved my daughter and I did things with her that completely broke the boundary that would normally be between us. I didn’t regret it, I knew that much. But where would we go from there? Eventually we would have to head home again and I would have to see Cheyenne again. What would fake agents porno I even say?

“Hey, dad?”

I jerked up a little as I heard Sophie speak to me. “Sorry, wasn’t paying attention. Yeah, pumpkin?”

“You look a little out of it. Are you… alright?” She asked worriedly, a slight sense of fear on her face.

I laughed it off. “Nah, nothing, sweetie. It’s… well… actually it IS something. I just don’t know what to say about it.”

“Do you… want to talk about it? You know I’ll listen.”

“I know you will, pumpkin. I know you will.”

“It’s about last night, isn’t it? Do you… regret what happened?”

I could confidently shake my head at that. “That’s definitely not what I’m worried about, Sophie. I meant every single word I said and every single thing I did last night. I’m just thinking about what lies ahead of us. We need to go back home in a few days and we’ll… I’ll have to face your mother. Backing down from owning up to our decisions isn’t something we Bowens do really. So I’ll have to tell her.”

“D…Dad… umm…” Sophie walked over to me and carefully approached me from the side, facing downwards with a sad sigh. “I… I knew that when I confessed to you yesterday that things… things were probably not gonna go smoothly. I knew that you still had mom and…” She swallowed hard. “I also knew that I wouldn’t get to keep you for myself. I wish that it could last longer but at least for the weekend I wanted to be able to pretend. So after we get back home, I’ll stop.” Tears were welling up in the corner of her eyes and she choked a little as she tried desperately not to break. “I will go back to being your daughter and you can be my dad again. Everything will go back to normal and we can live life as usual, right? Exactly how… it should be.” She tried to force out the words as she choked on them.

I pulled her into a tight hug as Sophie started crying. I sighed several times, in pain from seeing her so devastated. It hurt in more ways than I could possibly describe. As a woman and as my own child, I couldn’t bear making her cry like this. I wrecked my mind about what to say. Maybe it was time to make a decision. One that would certainly get us in even hotter water… but one that was at least true to myself.

I lifted up Sophie’s chin and cupped her cheek as she looked at me. I met her with a smile which starkly contrasted with her hopeless expressions. She met my eyes, almost ready to brush off attempts of comforting her. But she didn’t expect what I was gonna say next. “That’s an awfully sad face over something that’s not going to happen.”

Her eyes widened as she looked up at me. She wiped the tears off her face as she asked in confusion. “Wha… what do you mean it’s not gonna happen? What else is supposed to happen?”

I lowered myself a little to properly take her into my arms and squeezed her tightly. “When I said I was going to tell your mother, I didn’t mean that I would just confess to her what we’ve been doing and moving on with her. It’s going to be hard, but I don’t feel like me and her are right for each other anymore. We will have to talk about a lot of things of course and it won’t be easy to talk about those things. But no matter what happens, like I said, we Bowens stick by our choices, so I will also tell her… that I found someone else. Someone who is even closer to my heart than anyone ever has been before.” I said calmly as I cupped the back of her head in my hands and faced her. She was painfully smiling through her tears. Even I had a few tears in my eyes at this point.

“Christ, look at us. Crying on our weekend trip. Shouldn’t we be more hap…” I didn’t even get to finish my sentence as Sophie wrapped her arms around me and deeply kissed me. She always was more straight forward.

I stroked her back which was so slender that it made my hands seem huge in comparison, yet I was as gentle as I could be with them. We had already gone this far, so I decided to show her how straight forward I could be myself. I moved my hand down her back and groped her round, bubbly little ass. I pushed her against the dripping, boulders at the back of the waterfall and deepened the kiss as lust slowly took over our minds.

She sucked on my lips, desperate to keep in contact with them. With dewy eyes, she looked up at me and held on to the back of my head. “I won’t back down on my decision either, daddy. I love you. Maybe even more than before. Have to admit, you look really fucking handsome right now.” She said, biting her fake angets porno lower lip as her eyes scanned me from top to bottom. As she reached my lower half, her eyes flicked up again, looking straight into mine with a wicked smile forming across her lips. “There is still one thing that kinda bugs me though.”

I followed her line of sight as she glanced downwards. She was glancing at the last layer of clothing on me, my underwear. “Well, if there’s something that bugs us, we should get rid of it, shouldn’t we?”

Sophie licked her lips as her gaze was focused on my crotch. I was already pitching a massive tent in anticipation, so there was nothing left to hide anyways. “On it already.” She muttered with a lewd sense of determination and sunk down onto her knees.

She wrapped one hand around my waist while stroking the bulge in front of her face with the other. Like she was coaxing it, she rubbed her cheek against my crotch and placed a small kiss on my still covered tip. A drop of precum was seeping through the fabric and she was fast to get rid of it with another kiss and a swift flick of her tongue.

She hooked both of her index fingers into the waist band and pulled down my underwear before tossing it into the rushing river. With my now exposed, wet cock out in the open, she once again snuggled up to it with her face and smiled up at me.

The sight was so incredibly erotic that I almost wanted to cum right over her face right then and there, but obviously I was nowhere near busting yet. I instead chuckled and petted her head. “Those were good boxers you just threw away.”

She laughed back, hotly breathing onto my ball sack. “Our camp is right down stream. It’ll wash ashore eventually. Do you really want to fetch them right now?” She moaned, licking the underside of my throbbing cock, mixing her saliva with the spring water that was already on it.

“Not even a flood is gonna get me to move down stream right now. Don’t want to miss out on the view up here.” I said with heavy breath as I caressed my daughters cute, yet perverted face.

“You didn’t even see the best one yet.” Sophie said seductively as she jerked my cock while following the movements of her hand with the tip of her tongue until she reached the top. Once she did, she once again kissed the tip, but this time, she wasn’t content with just a peck.

She combed back her wet hair before she started sucking on my head, rolling her tongue over the fleshy, pulsating bell end. She coated it in saliva and made short bobs with her head to adjust her mouth to the size of my cock.

Once she knew how to approach it, Sophie closed her eyes and pushed her head down onto my crotch, swallowing most of my length. Her lips closed tightly around my shaft as she easily slid up and down with the water already having lubricated my length. The coolness from before was replaced by a new, hot, thick liquid. Sophie’s saliva was spilling out of the edges of her mouth, making it run down all the way to my balls.

“Fuck, that’s good. Keep going, pumpkin! Suck it nice and clean.” I moaned as I reached for the back of her head and grabbed a bunch of her hair.

Motivated by my excitement, she grabbed my legs and doubled her efforts. She sloppily bobbed her head and sucked me off lusciously. I was effectively fucking her face as my hips started to buck with her motions.

I had to have pushed into her throat by that point. I was almost completely hilted within her tight, slippery mouth. Her tongue tried its best to keep up with licking the underside as my dick slipped in and out of her.

Now with both hands firmly around her head, I let myself go fully and helped her movements along as I fucked her throat. My knees almost buckled as I thrust into her mouth one more time. “Sophie! Rgggghhrrnng! I’m cumming! Fuck! Shit! Hrghhhnnaaaahhh!” I let out an exasperated sigh as I unleash my load into the back of her mouth.

Sophie flinched and scrunched her eyes as the thick cum sprayed onto her tonsils but she still maintained her grip around my waist and worked on swallowing all of it. I loosened my grip on her head as she was very intent on staying where she was anyways. Globs of cum spurted out from the slits between my cock and her lips, showing that she could not quite contain all of it.

She finally broke off for the breather she desperately needed. She still needed to swallow several times between her gasps for air and coughed a few times to clear her throat. At this point she was heaving almost just as heavily fake cop porno as I was. Despite the cold water hitting our bodies, it felt like nothing could cool us down right now.

Whether by instinct or by pure affection for her, I helped her up onto her feet and let her lean on me for a few moments until she recuperated.

Being that close to each other again though, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to entangle our tongues again. I sensed the faint taste of my own cum on her lips, but I couldn’t have cared less.

Her leaning against me, turned into her hanging from my shoulders as if her knees had given way. I grabbed her tight little ass for support and fully lifted her up in my arms. I pushed her against the rocky wall of the waterfall again where a layer of water was running down her back. In this close and tight position, my cock was practically sandwiched in the folds of her cunt.

As the water ran down her body and sprayed onto me through the impact with her shoulders and head, Sophie started laughing.

I chuckled in confusion. “What?”

She leaned in and whispered in my ear. “I’m so fucking wet right now, daddy.”

As joking as it was, this was the last push I needed. I couldn’t believe how much she turned me on. I lined up my cock with her tight, almost hairless slit and whispered back into her ear. “I fucking love you, pumpkin.”

I crammed her pussy with my dick, jamming it into her from below. Her legs were limply dangling off my side as the rest of her body twitched in response.

“Fuck, that hit the spot!” She said with trembling lips as she collapsed onto me and left the rest of the work to me.

I pounded her hips into the wall as I pistoned back and forth with my own. Even past the rushing of the waterfall, we could still hear the slapping of our crotches crashing into each other.

A ripple went through her body each time I thrust up into her. Our bodies pressed against each other tightly, letting me feel her hard nipples scraping against my chest. Sophie’s fingers dug into my shoulders as she held onto me as her insides squished and molded around the shape of my cock. Each time I entered her, it felt better and better and she started to get the hang of squeezing me in just the right rhythms.

I moaned into her ear as I held up her body. It was exhausting but equally exciting and it felt indescribable.

“Daddy! DADDY!” She called out with gasping breaths.

“Sophie! I got you. I’m almost there!”

“Me too! Fuck! I’m cumming! So… close!” She wrung out as she lost her senses more and more.

I kept fucking her without mercy. My dick was bursting with energy. I grabbed her ass one more time for a firm grip and hammered away, creating squelching sounds from her overflowing pussy.

I felt her squirmy insides contract around my member as she lured the next load of cum out of me. I was out of breath. My muscles were aching. But holy fuck was it worth it!

It took me another thrust of my hips with full force to completely embed my entire shaft inside her. I came so far in the back of her love tunnel that I thought I could feel the cum pile up at the entrance of her womb.

With several more jerks, I pumped out all of the contents of my balls and emptied my tank entirely. I was wheezing and twitching as we consecutively reached our climax. Sophie was speechless. She could not even bring out a moan or cry. She couldn’t breathe and all of her muscles tensed up at once.

Her grip on my shoulders tightened even more, with her fingernails leaving marks on my skin.

As if I was falling unconscious, I slowly lost control of my body and carefully sunk to the ground. There was a nice, deep pool of water to sit in right underneath the waterfall, so I made sure to settle down exactly at that spot.

Finally, Sophie caught her breath again and held onto me as her body regained its functions. She embraced me, moaning and quivering from her overwhelming orgasm. Entangled and with heated bodies, we sat there in the riverbed, keeping close to each other and spoiling each other with mindless kisses in whatever places we could reach in our almost drunken state.

Sophie especially didn’t want to part from me, hugging me as tight as she could. “I… I can’t even explain… how happy I am, daddy. I was scared that after all of this… I would lose you again. You can’t even…”

“Shh, it’s alright, pumpkin. I know. I love you too. Don’t think I can ever say that enough times to really express that.”

She met me with a smile as she carefully combed back my hair and with tears in her eyes, she pressed her lips onto mine. “Bowens always stick to their decisions. I think this is one I’ll never regret.”

“Me neither, pumpkin. Me neither.” I answered, palming her soft, freckled cheek.

And to think that our trip was barely halfway over.

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