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It was the middle of winter and a good snow had been forecast. The three of us had decided to head off into the mountains up to the old lodge to go and do some skiing, I was driving you up as we lived fairly close and Jack was joining us later once he got off work.

We arrived at the place and got the stuff out of the car, we had bought enough food for a small army. We settled in and I got the fire going, the next thing we knew we were sat with a chilled bottle of wine in front of a roaring fire and the snow had started. You looked out of the window in consternation, it was snowing quite hard now, how was jack going to get up here to join us.

I opened the door and took a look outside, the road was already cut off, fairly soon the mobile rang and it was jack, he was stuck in a hotel down at the bottom of the mountain, he was not going to be able to reach us for a couple of days but he would join us then, I told him we were fine and would wait it out then see him in a few days.

We sat in front of the fire quietly talking about what we had been up to and drank more of the wine, soon you were laughing at my appallingly bad joke and huddling closer as the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri cold crept into the room, we moved to sit on the rug in front of the fire, just to be closer to the warmth.

As we sat chatting I felt your headrest against my shoulder, I turned my head round and almost without thinking our lips seemed to meet. For a few seconds I enjoyed the kiss then our minds seemed to kick in and we both broke away, you were with jack this wasn’t right. Yet we seemed to find ourselves drawn to each other, as I looked at you your head tilted slightly presenting your lips to me again.

I lean in to kiss you, my fingers caressing up and down your spine as our bodies melt together, I kiss you, my lips on yours, I press you down onto the rug, our hands searching each others bodies feverishly, my hands reaching for your blouse, pulling it up over your head, my hands fumbling with your bra for a few seconds till the clips undo and I free your perfect breasts to my touch.

My tongue flicks the tips of your nipples, running round and round in circles round the pert pebbles that are your nipples, my touch seems to excite you all the more, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri my hands moving down to your pants, stripping them away swiftly whilst you do the same, almost tearing my clothes off. I find your wearing black lacy underwear and slowly slide it down over your thighs, claves then off revealing that perfect pussy the hair trimmed to perfection.

I lean down again, fastening my lips around your nipples and sucking quickly before I slowly slide my kisses down over your stomach down to your soft slit. My tongue slowly parting your wet folds and slipping inside, my mouth insistent and hot on your sensitive hole. Slowly I insert one finger into your ass making you gasp and buck your hips against me, my other hand inserting one finger deep into your pussy as my mouth works on your clit.

By now I am naked as well my hard cock straining as I work your body, my fingers and my mouth bringing you to highs you had never known before, you cry out again and again, your body slick with sweat as you climax again and again from the ministrations of my mouth and hands.

I remove myself from inside you and raise myself up güvenilir bahis şirketleri above you, positioning my hard shaft at your wet entrance; you are soaking now and look up at me with mute appeal in your eyes. Positioning myself carefully I quickly sink the length of my cock inside you, making you cry out in pain at first as my large shaft fills you, splitting you wide open.

I groan, you feel fantastic, I can feel your hot juices coating the inside from the work my finger did, I slowly draw my shaft out and prepare to fuck you, I lift your legs till they are wrapped round my waist and thrust deep into you quickly building up a fast rhythm. Due to the stimulation I had given you before you were quick to reach your peak, screaming your pleasure for the cold mountains to hear as your hot body shuddered beneath me.

I slam into you over and over, looking down I see my hard cock coated in your slick juices, I slam into you over and over, my cock ploughing your soft hole, pounding you again and again, making you cum over and over till finally I can’t stand it any more…. My cock begins pulsing as you cum again, your pussy clamping down around my cock again, making me cry out as I release my seed deep inside you, I cry out my own pleasure, thrusting my shaft as deep inside you as possible, my cum blasting deep inside you, stream after stream of my hot white cum filling your tender hold as I collapse down, wrapping my body around you as we lie in front of the fire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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