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Over Erin’s 19 years, he had always had one craving that was completely unsatisfied… His sister. Carmen was a year younger than him and since he hit puberty he’d seen her in a new light, a sexier light. Once or twice things had been very close between them, but both of them both knew how much it would ruin their brother-sister relationship if either said anything, so it was always kept secret. Both acting as if nothing was ever there. These were Erin’s thoughts anyway, but he had always hoped she more than just liked him.

On his 19th birthday Erin decided it was time to make a move, but despite all his hormones screaming at him he couldn’t do it. He needed a plan, and knew just what he could do. Carmen was a beautiful girl, her young pert breasts being the cause of many erections on Erin’s part. She was short for her age, but perfectly proportioned with an ass that could only be dreamed about. And often was for Erin. Recently she had taken to wearing rather short skirts and watching TV constantly, Erin always joined her just for the chance of a quick glance at her snatch, unfortunately she appeared to have sussed out his idea and sat facing away from him, legs crossed.

Erin one day realised his chance teen porno as they were swimming down the local pool, the changing rooms… Pretending he was bored as soon as they got in they decided to leave early, and Erin seized his chance, tactfully choosing the adjacent changing room to hers. Getting down on all fours he quickly peeked a glance under the partition which had a gap underneath, he saw his sisters smooth legs wandering around the spacious changing room, and pushing his head forward increased his view, only to be disappointed to find she hadn’t taken her bikini off yet. Waiting with baited breath and a hand to his unstoppable hard-on, he peered forward so he could see her breasts, which to his disappointment were currently being dried with a towel, but as she lowered he hands to dry her stomach, he almost came as he saw her beautiful nipples and unbeatable tits, his hand naturally started going faster, and he forced himself to stop before he climaxed.

Finally Carmen undid her bikini pants, Erin had to forcibly stop himself from gasping in sheer pleasure and giving himself away as her perfect pussy was outlined by her tight panties, and then she dropped them to reveal the most amazing sight travesti pornp ever to be beheld, her vagina. Closely shaved, but a few pubes could be made out, against her crotch But all Erin saw was her amazing pussy, wishing he could pause time and live this moment forever, before she covered her lower half with her towel. Erin ducked his head back under his own side, and finished his masturbating in only a few seconds. The guilty feeling that followed was worth it for that view. Now he wanted to finger her more than anything.

That night Erin crept into Carmen’s room to see her tightly wrapped under the duvet, but his erection didn’t let him think twice as he approached her sleeping form. He lifted the covers back and slowly put his hand under, gently poking her leg until he found her groin. With baited breath he slowly tried to slip a finger into her panties, however this task proved harder than thought at first, and he had to resort to stop masturbating to put his other hand in to pull back her tight knickers, and smoothly sliding his warm hand down her pelvic area… The initial feelings of a few curly pubes were too much for him, and he started nervously shuddering in pure ecstasy. Finally he tricky masseur found the target of his wanking for the past 7 years, his sisters lips. As he slipped a finger over her, mapping out her vagina, he smiled, knowing what he was about to do. He withdrew his hand to lick his finger, quickly sliding it back under her frilly underwear and slowly worked his way down to her hole. As he curved his finger to slide it in, his sister stirred, fortunately not waking up but disturbing his dreaming of what was ahead, so he quickly slid a finger inside her, finding her already slightly moist, perhaps from a dream, he started working his finger back and forth, faster and faster until he exploded in his pants, still he continued though but this time putting his middle finger in too. He felt her body writhe in sleeping pleasure as he spread her lips and penetrated her with his fingers. Cautiously at first, but then he couldn’t hold it in any longer so madly went to town on her wet pussy. Then a desire that he thought he would ever satisfy, giving his sister an orgasm, he felt her arch as a thick delicious cream oozed out of her. He quickly pulled his fingers out in case he woke her, but not before wiping up her juices for a bit of wanking lube. He left the room guiltily whilst sporting a raging hard-on

Many a time Erin managed to finger his sleeping sister, and although he never got caught, his newest desire was fucking her, but that would have to wait…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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