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“Good evening everyone. This is your captain speaking. We are approaching SFO airport and will be landing at approximately 5:41 PM. Please return to your seats as we will be landing soon. Thank you.”

Sam rubbed his face, taking a break from reviewing his o-chem notes. That final was brutal and while he felt fine, he knew the next semester wasn’t something worth laughing about. Oh well, it would all be something to worry about when the time came. Now that they were landing soon, he quickly pulled out his phone and shot a quick text over to Ty.

“Hey, landing soon. See you in 45. I’ll wait for you near the end of the arrival terminal. Black puffy jacket, orange suitcase.”

So, that was Sam. A 5′ 9″ Asian American in a black puffy North Face jacket, gray Adidas sweats, black ear piercings, and matching Ultraboost shoes. Typical ABB from Westminster vibes.

Sitting in an aisle seat, he started packing up his things and looked out the closest window to his left as the Bay Area came into view. It was awesome that his university was giving students a full four weeks off for winter break (it was only 3 the year before). He was even more lucky to convince his tiger parents that he’d be staying with a friend in San Francisco. It was mostly the truth, his stay with a friend would be for most of the week. His friend Jack had offered their friend group to do Secret Santa at his parent’s spare apartment so they could have their own uninhibited break. Perks of befriending the slightly wealthier but equally mentally drained.

Ping. Sam checked his phone where a text from Ty came in. “Cool, see you soon. I’ll make sure you’re well taken care of tonight ;)” He finished reading the text just as the attendant came across the aisle to check all devices were off. He switched it to airplane mode and went back to staring out the window.

3 Weeks Prior

It was an ordinary Friday. Sam’s housemate was out with his girlfriend seeing a movie and would be spending the night at her place. Normally, Sam would have been browsing Hammr for someone to come over but between a midterm and a long day, he lost track of time. It was 6 PM so it wasn’t too late but the brain drain got to him and he didn’t have the energy to browse and make small talk that worked only 30% of the time.

Lying on his bed, scrolling through his FaceSpace feed, it was then that he remembered the kink site he signed up for a few weeks before when he ended up in the same funk. He pulled up the site and started sifting through profiles until he got a message from Ty, or as he was then known as SleepyNights4Me. Sam was drawn into his interest of sleep sex. The idea of consensual sex while asleep was intriguing. While he never roleplayed like that, he got Ty’s perspective after a lengthy conversation about Ty’s experience and his trust knowing that Ty wasn’t using anything dangerous beyond alcohol. They messaged back and forth learning more about each other over time and he was convinced to give it a try. After a few more flirty exchanges on ideas, they scheduled a time to meet up during his break to try it out.

Brrrrrrrch. Tires screeched as the plane landed. The next few minutes were spent adjusting Sam Jr. after his daydream of that conversation as the plane taxied to the gate. Thankfully, shifting his pants went unnoticed as he sat in an empty row and other passengers were stretching around likewise in their seats eager to get off the plane.

“Attention everyone, this is your captain speaking. We have landed at SFO and it is now 5:46 PM. We will be opening the doors momentarily. Please check that all of your belongings are with you before exiting the plane. Your designated flight attendants will begin guiding you to the exits in a calm and orderly fashion. Thank you again for flying Brynn Air and have a good evening.”

Buckles began clicking around Sam when a ginger-haired attendant walked into economy to signal their turn to leave. Sam grabbed his backpack and carry-on suitcase and followed the tunnel out. There was a short queue ten minutes later at the passport checkpoint meaning he had to wait a little longer before pulling out his phone.

As he waited, he watched as the flight crew were escorted to the side through an express swing gate, huddled together chattering amongst themselves. Hmm, he wondered to himself. He watched as the ginger-haired attendant made small talk to one of the pilots. Whatever was said, it got a polite chuckle out of the pilot. The attendant smiled in satisfaction. Anyone watching could have seen how head-over-heels the attendant was about the pilot. The attendant slowed their pace back in line with the other attendants. It wasn’t like Sam wasn’t into the pilot either. Tall, broad shouldered, uniform shirt stretched against thick biceps. Planes usually ran on autopilot in the air; Sam’s mind wandered off to how he could be riding his next flight in two different ways.

The line started moving again and Sam shifted his attention back to canlı bahis getting out as quickly as possible. When he got to the luggage area, he pulled his phone out, turning off airplane mode for any of Ty’s messages.

20 minutes later, he was out of it all and exiting the arrival walkway. Outside, a cacophony of cars and buses drove along the loop picking up passengers. As agreed, he walked to the end of the arrival terminal and waited. He shot one more text to Ty saying he was there.

During their conversation 3 weeks before, they got to know each other better too. Ty was a professional dancer and a wellness counselor at a health clinic. He was just a few years older than him and was introduced to kinks in college by one of his ex-boyfriends. Eventually, Ty got to the experience that he had now. Ty also encouraged them to go into length about what Sam was willing to do since safe words wouldn’t be possible in Sam’s state on that night. Much of it was written down between their texts and it both turned him on and made him nervous thinking just how much he would remember the next day. There was also one more thing Ty asked that left Sam intrigued. Ty asked if there could be one more element to their equation. He explained that he had a friend who also would be interested in joining their night. Someone who was going to be in town around the same time and was a trustworthy friend of his. Figuring they built some solid trust with one another and each now knew the other’s real identity, Sam consented.

A car pulled up with hazard lights on. Ty honked the horn to get Sam’s attention and Sam briskly jogged to the car. He put his luggage in the trunk and walked up to the front passenger seat. Ty sat laid back in his seat angled toward Sam’s seat, one hand on the steering wheel and the other arm on the armrest. He had on a black tee under an emerald bomber jacket, and black sweats. His smooth black skin smelled of fresh soap as he raised out a hand to shake Sam’s.

“Hey Ty, nice to meet you in person.” Sam said.

“Likewise, Sam. How was the flight?”

The drive to BJ’s was calm. Along the way, they caught up on what each had been doing in their day to day lives. Ty recounted some new choreography inspired by CL that he was teaching to dancers in his group. His patients at the clinic had also been returning more frequently to work on their own progress plans so things were going well there too. Sam shared how his semester had been between moving to a new apartment and his coworkers at the Fish Grill on campus. And of course, he bitched about the hard class and the many nights spent in dead week reviewing and quizzing himself for the equally brutal final.

It was the dinner rush as they pulled into a spot at the plaza. Ty had made reservations beforehand so the wait was much shorter. They ordered a few appetizers and Ty also ordered a pitcher of beer.

“Wait but you drove,” Sam said, concerned.

“Not for me. For you. To get you started so you don’t chug later and throw up, haha. Figured it’d go better while eating and you pace yourself. Might be on the bitter side though if that’s alright with you.”

“Ohh… we’re starting already. That’s fine, I like it on the bitter end actually.”

“Good, good. Well, drink up,” Ty replied as the waitress returned with a pitcher and he poured Sam a glass.

Conversation during the rest of the dinner was polite and they finished their meal about an hour and a half later. Ty handed the bill back to the waitress just as Sam walked back from the restroom. By now, he was buzzed but still coherent.

“Thanks for paayying,” Sam said, slightly slurred.

“No worries. Sounds like your words are a little more slurred.”

“Just a little bit but I’ll be fiiine. Sooo, your place next?” Sam put a gentle hand on Ty’s jeans under the table. “Could use something stronger,” he said with a smirk.

“Oh I’ve definitely got harder stuff for you at my place,” Ty replied as he took Sam’s hand in his and walked them to his car.

Their drive back was short and they parked in the underground garage. Ty grabbed Sam closer in a side arm hug as they entered the elevator. Sam let go of his suitcase handle and nestled himself closer to turn his head up and share a kiss as the elevator went up. Ty’s lips were soft and supple while Sam’s thinner, firm lips pouted slightly to reciprocate their intimacy. They broke away as Ty led the way to his door and unlocked it. Yellow light bathed a modest apartment furnished with a mixture of new and old. Sam kicked off his Ultraboosts and followed him in. The living room had an OLED TV above a stand with an Xbox and Switch tucked away. A newer looking gray ottoman off to the side stood in contrast to the faded carpet and weary brown, leather couch. And in front of that was a glass coffee table with… hard liquor.

Whiskey, tequila, Grey Goose, Fireball, Malibu, and a much much tamer peach soju.

“Ohhh, the hard stuff,” Sam said aloud. He dropped bahis siteleri his suitcase and backpack by the couch and walked over to inspect the army of bottles.

Ty walked up to Sam pressing his chest into Sam’s back and leaning in. As he lowered his head to Sam’s ear, he said, “Yup, the hard stuff.”

Sam leaned into Ty, feeling Ty’s firm chest through his puffy jacket and now feeling the other hard thing in Ty’s nether region.

Ty wrapped his arms around Sam as he started creating friction between their jeans. He lowered his head into the crook of Sam’s neck and slowly kissed along Sam’s exposed shoulder. Sam was lost in thought, partly from the beer at the restaurant and partly from the tenderness of Ty’s lips.

Ty broke the silence. “While I’d love to keep seeing you with your eyes rolling back like that, do you want to take that shower now to clean up for later or do you think you’ll need help moving around?”

Sincerity was present in his voice and Sam knew that it’d be better to clean up now than awkwardly ask Ty to help him later with so many drinks in. Ty showed him to the bathroom and Sam went about taking a shower and getting ready. When he was done, he came back out in fresh attire. Ty was waiting for him on the couch with Netflix playing.

“What can I get you started with?” Ty asked.

“Anything is good,” Sam replied.

Ty chuckled while pouring two shots of Fireball and solo cups of vodka. They cheered and downed the shots. The next two hours were spent going through Netflix and downing shot after cup after shot after cup as Ty kept them going. Occasionally, Sam would take some of the OJ Ty had taken out as a chaser. The peach soju became the primary basis for each cup Ty prepared as Sam seemed more likely to finish those drinks faster. Pretty soon, he was past buzzed and floating on air with a happy-go-lucky grin on his face. Ty turned to look at him and laughed softly.

“What?!” Sam asked accusingly.

“Nothing, you look out of it now and it’s only 10:30.”

“Are you calling me a lightweight?!” Sam got up from the couch and tried to keep his balance with his hands on his hips. In reality, he was swaying left to right like a pendulum. Ty had to try really hard to suppress his laughter.

“No no, not a lightweight. So you think you can take one mo-“

Before Ty could finish his question, Sam dove for a shot on the table at random, nearly tipping over the Grey Goose which Ty caught in time. Sam took the shot and chugged the cup in his hand like it was chaser. Ty held his hands in mock surrender.

“See?! Not. A. Lightweight.” Sam teetered more in place. Through slurred speech, “You knooow at this rate, I doon’t think you’re dooing a great job of knocking me out. I’m this many cups in and still not feeeeling it.” Sam paused and stopped moving about. “Whoa, I might need to use the bathroom.”

Ty, sensing this might not be headed where he intended, quickly grabbed Sam’s arm over his neck and led him to the bathroom down the hall. He turned on the light and held him by the toilet but Sam didn’t budge. Ty looked at Sam who returned his look with a look of annoyance.

“I can pee on my own thank you very much” he said snobbishly, pushing Ty out and closing the door.

In disbelief, but Ty was glad it hadn’t escalated any more. Maybe Sam wasn’t a lightweight after all. He held onto that with a grain of salt. “What a temper,” he finally said aloud to himself.

“These doooors aren’t thick Ty.”

Under his breath, Ty whispered, “No but luckily your ass still is.”

A trickle could be heard so Ty waited patiently at the door, pulling out his phone to check his messages in the meantime. A few minutes passed while he was on his phone that he didn’t notice the trickle stop. A knock at the front door took his attention away. Ty put his phone back and went to check through the peephole. Recognizing the face, he smiled and unlocked the door.

“Hey there, captain.”

“I’m not late this time, am I?” The pilot sported a trench coat with the Brynn Air logo embroidered on the front pocket. Underneath, he was still in uniform, the coat emphasizing his large stature.

“No, Joe. For once, you’re on time unlike your flight delays. Come in and grab a shower first.”

“Ouch. But it pains me more that you’d want me to shower first. I thought you liked the smell of a hard working man in uniform. You hurt me.” Joe replied in mock hurt clutching at his heart. He then opened his arms and went for a hug. Ty embraced him and sniffed him jokingly with emphasis. “Do you have an extra set of clothes for the night? I had to leave my stuff at the hotel.”

“Yeah sure, I’ll get you some. Lemme check on Sam. I think he’s still in the bathroom.”

“Ohh Sam. Nice name.” Joe followed behind Ty to the restroom, leaving his coat on the couch and unbuttoning his shirt like he had done on plenty of occasions.

Ty knocked on the bathroom door. Knock knock knock. “Sam, you done?”

No bahis şirketleri response. Fortunately, he didn’t lock the door. Ty made his way in to find Sam at the sink, hands wet, face smudged against the mirror on the medicine cabinet.

“Joe, Sam. Sam, Joe.” Ty said gesturing between the two of them.

“Well at least he’s cute, plastered or not.” Joe quipped.

“Mhm, he is. A little bit of a brat with an attitude earlier when drunk though. You’re going to have to help me get him to my room.”

“Yeah yeah. But hey, no opening this present before I’m done showering.”

“Well show up earlier next time,” Ty rolled his eyes and they each grabbed an arm to take Sam to the bedroom.

While Joe showered, Ty took care of cleaning up the living room, grabbing a set of clothes for Joe, and setting up the bedroom for the rest of the night. He turned on the heater as the weather had been getting colder and they definitely wouldn’t all be sleeping under warm blankets that soon that night. Feeling dehydrated, Ty grabbed a glass of water and went back to his room. His bedroom had a queen bed in the middle, his desk to one side and closet and drawers to another. A large window with blackout curtains and light blue walls summed up his room. Sam was fast asleep on the bed, his head just below the pillows and hands at his sides.

Joe slid into the doorway next to Ty. “You picked a good one this time, man,” Joe complimented.

“As if I’ve ever picked a bad one,” Ty sarcastically shot back.

“Good point. So, are we ready?”

Ty led the way and they both laid down on either side of Sam, Ty on Sam’s right and Joe on the left. Joe moved his hand along Sam’s wrist up to the arm and over the chest to feel his body and warmth. Ty reached over to Sam’s neck, gently kissed the crevice, and deeply inhaled Sam’s scent, mostly body wash by this point. Sam seemed to react to the kisses by tilting his neck giving Ty’s hungry mouth free reign to roam the surface.

Joe was becoming turned on by this and started rubbing his own stiffie. With his other hand, he rubbed Sam’s chest from under the shirt. His moderately defined chest was explored thoroughly and Joe shifted closer to Sam’s body. This time, grinding himself against Sam’s thigh. Like Ty, he also leaned in to smell Sam, pushing his nose into Sam’s pit and embracing the faint musk.

Ty slid his right arm under Sam’s neck and adjusted his head to face him this time. He caressed Sam’s flawless skin, a pink glow emanating from his cheeks. With a free hand to move Sam’s jaw down, Ty dove his tongue to expertly prod Sam’s teeth to open. He could taste the blends of alcohol that Sam had been having throughout the night. The peach soju was unsurprisingly the most prominent. He then gripped his free hand onto Sam’s shirt to half hug him in place.

Sam radiated warmth. Joe, seeing Ty preoccupied with the upper half, started shifting his hands to Sam’s lower half. He moved closer to move his hand down to rub Sam’s legs. Once his hands settled on Sam’s groin, his grip elicited some fidgeting from Sam. Joe spread Sam’s legs and moved between them so that Sam’s fly was presented before him. He leaned down to rub his face into Sam’s crotch while both hands were at his sides to stimulate Sam’s inner thighs.

Ty looked up and watched Joe. The scene before him made him glad he pulled someone they were clearly both enjoying. Not wanting to wait any longer, he started tugging at Sam’s shirt, moving it up his limp body and raising both arms up to get the sleeves off. With Sam’s head out of the shirt first, Ty paused to admire the sleeping boy before him. Sam’s nipples were perked up by the nipping cold air in the room. Ty gingerly sucked on one while tracing the outline of the other. Slowly, it aroused some movement from Sam, being stimulated by Ty at the nipples and Joe at his dick.

Joe also felt Sam’s reaction too, as his dick was now giving into the rubdown and hardening. He looked up to see Ty working on Sam’s nipples, using tongue and teeth. Barely perceptible shallow breathing was coming from Sam. With a hand still on Sam’s groin, Joe moved up the bed back to one side and joined Ty on the other nipple; Ty moved his hand away to make room for Joe.

Joe nipped at Sam’s nipple, stretching the skin as he gently tugged. The skin became more taut with each bite. With his right hand, he reached over to touch Ty’s shoulder and slowly moved his hand down the arm to lock fingers with Ty on Sam’s abs. Joe began kissing up to Sam’s left shoulder and took his time smothering Sam with tender kisses. As he moved up to the neck, Ty pulled his arm back so that Sam was now tilted to Joe. Joe’s lips were slow at first, but then he pushed harder using his lower jaw to force Sam’s teeth open. He too, got the hints of peach soju in Sam’s mouth as he explored with his tongue. Joe bit and pulled at Sam’s lips much in the same way he did to Sam’s nipples.

“I think we should unwrap this gift now. I want more,” Ty spoke bluntly.

“Agreed, he’s so fckable. I’ve been wanting to use him ever since he was being responsive to touch. That ass of his must be amazing if his nipples are already arousing him.”

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