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When I got home next day, all the family, my parents, Kiran Bhabi and her children were sitting on the dinner table. My mother, a strict lady, asked me in commanding voice, why I was late that day?

I answered that I had to attend a meeting with my boss.

“Your Bhabi wants you to teach her some Mathematics questions for Mani (my nephew),which are quite difficult for her to solve.” My mother said.

I said, “OK, I’ll try to teach her.”

Then I looked at Kiran Bhabi, who gave me a wicked smile and said to me, “Yes, Papa has also suggested that I better take guidance from you.”

So, after finishing our dinner, Kiran Bhabi asked the kids to rush to their beds and not to disturb her because she needed complete devotion and concentration.

After sitting with my parent for half an hour, I went to my room took a shower and waited for my Bhabi’s call. Ultimately She knocked at my door after 45 minutes and asked me to follow her. I saw she was wearing her black silk gown.

When we entered her bed room, locked the door and I asked her that what made her so late? She told me that it was the kids and now they were fast asleep.

She told me that She made this plan on the way from school to home and She couldn’t even wait to get home. She day-dreamed about it all day long. Then asked me about my feelings.

I said to her, “I was a bit confused and thinking over and over, whether you are going to make love with me again or not?”

She came closer to me, gave a juicy kiss on my lips and said, “You know I regretted myself for all day long that I’ve wasted my one sexfull year doing nothing and why I didn’t make any move to make you my sex partner before?”

“I can not wait any more, now come on and solve my problems.” She said.

She licked my lips a few seconds and then kissed passionately and placing her arm around my neck. Her soft lips feel sensational against mine.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm…………, She lets out a low moan.

My right hand slowly moved from Kiran Bhabi’s waist to her enormous left breast and I lightly pressed my palm into it, closing my fingers around it through her gown and bra.

Mmmmmmmm ………., She moaned again as she pressed it harder into my palm.

I slid my hand across her chest to her other breast and did the same with it. I unfasten the waist band of her silk gown. Luckily she had on a bra that hooked in front. Unclasping it, I slid my hand across her smooth soft mound and discovered her already hard nipple.

I slid her gown and bra off her shoulders and gazed at my Bhabi’s beautiful naked mounds protruding from her chest. She was holding her shoulders back and her stomach in to made them look titanic.

I had fantasized about playing with Kiran Bhabi’s tits the whole day. Her breasts were looking gigantic at that time and the areolae larger than before surrounding long nipples.

I pulled Kiran Bhabi to me and again kissed her on the mouth. I slipped my tongue inside and explored. My hand cupped one of her lovely, smooth, soft, naked, enormous protrusions. I tenderly fondled it and tweaked her rigid nipple.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm ………………It feels so good.” she whispered as her breathing deepens.

During my play with her nipples, Kiran Bhabi had started massaging my dick. Though it was still restrained by my pajamas, I felt it jump as she squeezed it lightly, and gasped a bit with the feeling. Kiran Bhabi then broke our kiss and moved back slightly.

She unbuttoned my shirt and quickly pulled my shirt off, then tugged my pajamas down. As she tugged my pajamas, my seven-inch cock sprang free from its long confinement and stood out proudly as I stepped out of my only clothing.

As Kiran Bhabi stood up, her breasts brushed along my cock and gained a thin line of pre-cum. She grabbed me by the cock, led me over to the bed, and left me stretched out in the middle of the bed, watching her.

Kiran Bhabi walked over to the dresser and leaned against its edge. She spread her legs to show the large wet spot at the crotch of her bikini bottoms. Then, she closed her eyes and began massaging her breasts, tugging on the nipples and pressing the smooth globes together with the sides of her arms. Almost involuntarily, her right hand crept in little circles down to her navel, down to the top of her bikini bottoms, down the silk fabric to run along her slit. She brought the fingers to her face and inhaled the scent. The next time her hand crept down, it slipped underneath her bikini. canlı bahis She put one hand on the dresser behind her and raised her hips enough to slide the bottoms free. I was exerting all my willpower to keep in place and not explode right there from the erotic influence Kiran Bhabi was having on me.

She stepped completely out of her bikini and stood nude, glorious, and aroused before me. She then turned around and bent over, giving me a _great_ view of her gorgeous ass and puckered sphincter. Her breasts I saw only as two globes hanging partially in view between her legs. I could also see her pussy, puffy with arousal, surrounded by black pubic hair. Many of the hairs had tiny droplets of Kiran Bhabi’s juices hanging from them, a sight that turned me on even more. She licked one finger and then placed it between her legs and touching her sphincter. After lightly rubbing around the rim of her asshole, Kiran Bhabi pressed inwards briefly and then ran her long red nail polished finger forward, bisecting her swollen lips.

I couldn’t stand watching her any longer and therefore got up and pulled her to the bed. Kiran Bhabi ran her stimulating fingers lightly over the head of my cock, spreading the droplet of pre-cum that had oozed out over my whole glans. I couldn’t believe how good such a simple action felt. After tugging on Kiran Bhabi’s nipples for a minute, I moved my hands down to her dripping nether regions.

After pressing the tip of my finger against her clit, I moved it further back and applied pressure to the length of her slit. Kiran Bhabi shuddered a bit, but moved away from my finger. At first, I didn’t know why, but her motive soon became apparent.

Kiran Bhabi traced the sexy fingertips of both hands down my chest and stomach, leaning low enough that her nipples brushed a double line as well. When she reached my navel, my dick slipped in between her breasts and bumped along her sternum. I left a slippery line of pre-cum along her sternum to match the earlier, now dried line running over both of her breasts. I was reveling in the sights and sounds of Kiran Bhabi’s actions when she began intensifying them. Gently at first, but with gaining strength, She jacked my dick with both hands. After doing this for a while and thoroughly coating the head of my dick with my pre-cum, she leaned down and blows a hot, wet breath along the length of my cock, ending by tickling the hair on my balls. When she gently squeezed my balls, my cock jumped involuntarily.

Kiran Bhabi smiled to see what she was doing to me and said, “All I’ve ever done was fuck, Sunny and always thought sucking was supposed to be nasty, but after what you did to me last night, I am ready to do any thing for you.”

Kiran Bhabi had milked a clear drop of ooze out of the slit and she moved her head close and stuck her tongue out. The tip of her pink oral muscle touched the drop and retreated to her mouth, followed by the shiny wet string.

“Hmmm, not bad, Kinda sweet, I figured it would taste just awful.” She said after tasting my pre-cum.

She took just the tip of my cock into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the opening at the tip of my cock and tasting the pre-cum there. As she swirled her tongue around the rest of my cock head and trilled around the sensitive ridge, my cock jumped again and my hips involuntarily flexed slightly. Kiran Bhabi then took the half of my cock into her warm, wet mouth.

“Squeeze it tighter! Pull faster!” I felt all my energy focus on the twitching in my prostate, the familiar signal. “Bhabi, I’m coming!” I gasped. I felt my cum race up my swollen shaft and I saw the first wad explode from the tip. Kiran Bhabi was watching closely, so closely that first white gob of goo splatted high on her forehead. She squealed with delight as she pumped yet another wad up and out, and another. She was enjoying watching my prick spew cum with the same glee kids has at fireworks displays. But for all the fun she was having, I had the advantage because I was having the orgasm and I had the added pleasure of watching my real Bhabi excitedly milk my jizz out of my cock.

By the time my sperm was only trickling from my cock, the stuff was all over my stomach, Kiran Bhabi’s hands and arms, even in her hair and on her face. She was still giggling as she played with the head of my spent prick. She kept playing as my cock shrank and I managed to settle down.

“That was great, Bhabi, I can’t remember coming like that.” I said, using my finger to wipe bahis siteleri cum off her cheek.

She took my cum-covered finger and, to my surprise, sucked it into her mouth and said, “Hmm, this is good stuff, Next time I wanna try sucking, Sunny. How long till you can do it again?

My cock had not gone down yet, so I told Kiran Bhabi to go ahead and try. The first thing she did was to lick up and down the length of my meat, lapping the cum that oozed from the hole. She toyed with my balls, instinctively knowing just how to squeeze without bringing pain.

She finally opened her mouth and lets my cock slip between her lips and into her mouth. I felt as if I were getting my first blowjob as her tongue tentatively explored my pole. Slowly she learned, and soon her head was bobbing up and down on my cock,. Sloshy, sexy sounds escaped her mouth as she worked on me.

No woman had ever given me a blowjob even approaching hers; further, no woman had ever worked on me like this.

So, I turned Kiran Bhabi over on her back. Though I was pretty certain she was already highly aroused;) I couldn’t possibly skip over her lovely breasts. I kissed her lips as my hands ran circles around her globes. As I traced the tip of my tongue down her throat to a collarbone, I started to squeeze each _very_ erect nipple between my fingers. Once I reached her sternum again, I traced along her sternum with my tongue and continued down the underside Bhabi’s left breast. I could feel her shiver in anticipation and could certainly see her arousal in her tightly erect nipples.

Unable to resist those nipples, I spiraled the tip of my tongue inwards until I was licking broad, rough circles around her nipple, enticing the nipple to new heights. Kiran Bhabi pressed my head roughly against her breasts and gasped. I started licking the other breast and then alternated, doing my best to drive her crazy. When she began trying to push me downwards between gasps and moans, I figured I was getting close. So, I traced my fingers slowly downwards, just barely touching the skin. Similarly, I had my tongue arc in lazy parabolas down to her navel, down to her downy, black pubic thatch.

Kiran Bhabi’s hips began to arch to meet my tongue and fingers; as she forced her hips upwards, I moved my tongue and hands back, prolonging her enjoyment. After arching her back to its fullest, she collapsed back on the bed and awaited my touch. Her fingers were slowly massaging her nipples and gigantic breasts, a small motion that turned me on even more. I ran my fingers around the edges of her pubic hair, then caressed her inner thighs, and finally ran them along her swollen pussy lips. The light hairs between her legs were slick with sweat and an occasional depending drop of her nectar. As I moved my fingers around her pussy, Kiran Bhabi’s legs spread wider, giving me better access.

When her legs were spread almost as far as they would go, I spread her pussy lips and blew gently upon her wetness. I could see the hard nubbin her clit made and blew against that until it popped free of its sheath. When her clit popped free, I slowly ran a finger around her pussy, applying light pressure at first, but increasing the pressure gradually. When the finger was wet with her juices, I slowly inserted it into her depths. Her breath came as an abrupt whoosh, then a slow, excruciating inhale. I moved my other hand back to her ass and caressed it, finally pressing one finger against her brown hole.

As Kiran Bhabi’s moans began to intensify, I traced my tongue through her pubic hair and around Karen’s engorged pussy lips. She jerked upright and pressed my head against herself, clearly enjoying the sensations. I was too; Kiran Bhabi’s juices were sweet and copious. I sucked on each lip, drawing it out and letting it relax back, eliciting moans and shudders. By now, her hips were rocking back and forth, gradually picking up speed. When I fastened my lips to her clit and hummed, her moans turned to a crescendoing yelp, and subsided gradually. I could feel her approaching orgasm and started moving two fingers inside her in addition to my tongue on her clit.

Kiran Bhabi began pressing her hands down on my head, forcing more pressure on her sensitive nerve endings. As my fingers moved back and forth, probing up the third knuckle, her pussy made sucking noises. She began moaning even louder and bucking her hips against my face.

Every muscle tensed (including her thighs, with squeezed tightly around my head) and bahis şirketleri she began to quiver spasmodically, still bucking wildly against my face. As she orgasmed, I continued to tongue-lash her, extending her throes of pleasure. Finally, after gushing pussy juice all over my face and hands, Kiran Bhabi’s muscles relaxed and her breathing started to slow. I moved up alongside her and kissed her deeply, sharing with her the pussy juice I still held in my mouth.

My cock was again jutting out from my body, a detail Kiran Bhabi soon noticed. She told me to lay on my back and began rubbing her hands between her legs and transferring the moisture to her breasts and especially her cleavage. I helped her by licking between her breasts and on each nipple. By the time she lowered her breasts around my cock, the nipples were standing erect again. Kiran Bhabi began moving slowly back and forth, fucking my cock with her hanging breasts. As she was straddling my leg, I could feel her growing heat as she ground her pussy against it. Soon, she was breathing heavily and I was thrusting into her cleavage and groaning a bit myself.

When Kiran Bhabi positioned herself over my cock and started to guide it in. As she lowered herself, the tip of my cock touched her folds. We stopped there and moved in tiny but opposite circles, stimulating each other. Then, Kiran Bhabi slowly settled onto my cock.

I couldn’t believe the sensations; her pussy was very tight, though not the tightest I’d been in. Still, though, I could feel her pussy walls contract with the sudden intake of breath accompanying my full penetration. My cock jumped a bit, but subsided as we rested for a minute, enjoying the feeling of being joined. Then, She began lifting herself up and down and I began to thrust in time with her. Each time, my cock would pull out until the head was barely inside her and then would penetrate its full length. I was groaning and holding onto Kiran Bhabi’s hips as she pulled on her nipples.

After doing this for a while, Kiran Bhabi started to get tired. Changing positions was good; I was starting to have a hard time holding back. We moved to classic missionary position. Again, I rubbed my cock head around her opening before thrusting slowly into her. She raised her hips up to meet my thrust and wrapped her legs around me until I was completely inside her. Reveling in the sensation of her warm, wet pussy grasping my dick, I started thrusting deeply and quickened the pace. Every once in a while, I’d pump Kiran Bhabi with a series of short, tight strokes that built tension in my belly. Karen started moaning loader as I pumped her, and shrieked “YES!” She slipped her sexy fingers down to press on her clit from the top as my dick stimulated it from below.

I knew I wouldn’t last much longer and slowed down to try to prolong the ecstasy. Kiran Bhabi was flushed and breathing heavily; we were both covered with a sheen of sweat. As her legs locked and unlocked around my hips, my ass was bucking with a life of its own, striving to meet Kiran Bhabi’s thrusting hips and drive my cock even further into her tightness. The sounds of our sex were liquid as my cock stretched Kiran Bhabi’s pussy lips around its circumference. The familiar tightening in my stomach told me that I couldn’t last much longer. Between groans of pleasure as Kiran Bhabi contracted her muscles, I got across to Kiran Bhabi my impending orgasm. She began bucking even harder against me, trying to bring me to orgasm with her. She was pinching her nipples roughly, pulling them away from her breasts. Kiran Bhabi’s pussy had been squeezing against my cock in firm contractions; suddenly it clamped down as her orgasm arrived, accompanied by Kiran Bhabi’s wails of pleasure. With the added pressure and a last spasmodic thrust, I began to feel my sperm boiling out of my balls and shooting deep into Kiran Bhabi’s pussy. We were moaning and groaning together as our orgasms further stimulated each other. I had never come as long or as hard in my life. When my cock was finally done pulsating, Kiran Bhabi and I collapsed together and lay there, cooling off.

After a few minutes we rolled apart and I said, “I want to sleep with you and don’t want to go to my room, not today but forever.”

She said wickedly, “Don’t worry we’ll find out some way very soon.”

I kissed her, first on her pussy, then on each nipple, and finally ending on her contented mouth. She sucked the last come off my dick and I left with a hard-on, thinking about my fantasies come true.

She’s sexually imaginative. In the meantime, Kiran Bhabi wants to write sex stories, so I’m helping her out. She certainly has the imagination and we love doing the Research!


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