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Vicky Martling was once a great detective until she had been sent to prison over a crime she didn’t commit. In the course of her career, she assisted or led the arrests of over 500 criminals. She broke barriers for women on the police force. At her peak, there had been initial discussions with Hollywood over a movie deal for her life story.

It all ended when a shady federal prosecutor brought a series of felony charges against her and a few colleagues. What was supposed to be an off-duty job to provide security turned into an allegation that she engaged in extortion and racketeering against various promoters.

She learned that justice isn’t always fair. The judge was as shady as the prosecutor, and after trial, she was convicted and sent to general population, despite knowing she’d be a target.

Naturally, her biggest fear was that she’d be assaulted or raped behind bars. Neither of those things happened. ‘We’ve got your back,’ an inmate had told her. Most of the inmates respected her because they viewed her as someone who was against a crooked system, not part of it.

That was 3 years ago. Coming out of prison, Vicky had very little friends, a criminal record, she lost her home and had a destroyed reputation.

A few blessings came her way. Her family was there for her. Her son was doing well, career-wise, and she was living with him. Their bond was stronger than ever. And she was able to get a decent job at the law firm which represented her at trial.

It was late night at the small firm. The woman she worked for, Jeanette, was also a former cop before becoming a criminal defense lawyer. They had developed a tight bond over the years and they could relate to each other in a lot of ways.

Vicky only had this job for a week, performing menial office tasks such as organizing documents and making sure paperwork was correct. It was a far cry from her old life, but this was an honest living despite the low pay.

As they worked late into the night, Vicky could sense that something was off. She didn’t say anything at first. She figured if her boss wanted to say something, it would just be said. Finally, it came.

“I feel horrible about what’s happened to you,” Jeanette said at random.

“Water under the bridge,” Vicky replied. “These days I try to forget it. I thought we were passed this already?”

Although she said it, she didn’t mean it. Each day was a struggle but she knew things would eventually get better.

“I know, I know. But there’s something else. Something I swore I’d never tell you. God, this is so fucked up. I want to cry.”

Vicky lifted an eyebrow and held her friend’s hand. “Do I need to hear this? If so, tell me.”

Her attention was piqued. Her boss was a tough woman and this was the first time she had ever seen Jeanette this emotional. Even when Vicky was found guilty and sent to prison, Jeanette was able to hold it together.

“I know why they locked you up,” Jeanette let out, as if these words had been slowly simmering for years.

Vicky let go of her boss’s hand. She knew what the implication was. She had long suspected that she was a victim of retaliation but she never had any proof. This was heartbreaking and now she was on the verge of tears as well.


“You heard me.”

“I want to know everything,” Vicky demanded.

For the next half hour, she listened to the lawyer she had trusted for years, explaining how the prosecutor, the judge, and a certain segment of law enforcement were in cahoots with each other. All because Vicky had refused to play the game and had given dozens of statements to Internal Affairs over the years, instead of keeping quiet.

She had gotten the cold shoulder from several of her colleagues after. Never could she have imagined that they’d conspire to send her to prison over that.

“There was nothing I could do,” Jeanette said, fighting the tears. “I swear I did everything I could to help you.”

“My head is spinning. I think I’m going to be sick.”

“There’s more. Maybe I should wait on that.”

“What else is there?” Vicky asked, determined to get to the bottom of this, no matter how bad the truth hurt.

Jeanette took a deep breath. “A friend of mine is a cop. According to him, there are rumors they’ll try something with your son. It’s not confirmed. Your son is well-liked. But still, these people hold grudges.”


“Like I said, it’s just rumors so far. I needed to give you a head’s up on that. You can’t tell anyone that I told you this.”

“I won’t mention your name,” Vicky sighed.

She felt her stomach churning at the thought of these people trying anything with her son. Her son was a police officer who had long wanted to follow in her footsteps. When she was convicted, her son almost quit the job, being a rookie officer. But she had begged her son to remain on the force.

Vicky was proud of that decision. When she was in prison, she’d get messages from her son, telling her stories of all the good things he had done, sert porno of all the people he had helped with small acts on the street.

It was in the family blood to wear a uniform. Now the thought of that being used against him was a crippling blow.

“Tell me what to do,” Vicky said calmly, with a hint of premeditation in her voice. “You’re telling me this for a reason. You always have a plan. So what is it?”

Jeanette managed to crack a smile. “The fighter inside of you has returned.”

“It never left.”

“This is a new challenge for you, but these people have a weakness. They have sick, twisted fetishes.”

“I’m listening,” Vicky replied.


She took off her shoes and removed her stockings when she arrived at her son’s home at 10 pm that night. Barefoot, still in her office clothes, she went to her son’s room. Robert was watching tv, relaxing after a long shift on patrol duties.

They made the usual small talk as she sat on the bed next to her son. She started a pointless conversation and Robert indulged her. She knew he still felt pity for her after everything that’s happened. In her eyes, Robert was still a college boy. She still struggled to see him as a grown man. As an officer of the law.

“I know what they’re planning,” she said, stroking her son’s hair.

“What are you talking about?” Robert asked.

“You’ve been invited onto a yacht party with high-ranking police officials. It’s the boys club that everyone warns about. They want to know if they can trust you before giving you a promotion. To do that, they’ll watch you have sex with two escorts.”

She watched her son’s stoic expression. At any other time, he would have turned beet red, having been caught. But he was a man now. He didn’t try to deny any of this.

“That’s how things work,” he admitted. “I’m sure you already knew.”

“I’ve heard about that when I was a cop. I assumed they stopped.”

“Yeah, well, I guess not.”

“So you’re going to do it,” Vicky said.

“Yes. I want the promotion. Otherwise I’ll be a patrol cop forever. I want bigger things in life.”

“Ambitious. Just like me.”

Robert paused for a moment. “If you want me to stop… if you want me to refuse… I’ll ask if there’s another way.”

“You’re a man now. You make your own decisions.”

“Now you’re putting me on a guilt trip,” he replied.

Vicky took a moment to reflect. Her son was right. She hated that her troubles were now shifting onto her son. She hated putting her son in this difficult position. But she also knew that this situation had to be dealt with eventually. She focused on the plan.

“Those people framed me,” she said firmly. “They cooked up a story and worked with the supposed ‘victims’ for their testimony. It was all a conspiracy. Then I was stripped of my job and sent to prison.”

Robert was incredulous. “Are you serious?”

“You heard me. My lawyer told me everything. She also said that they’re on the fence about you. Maybe they’ll fuck you over because you’re my son. Maybe not. You’re at their whim.”

As expected, her son was utterly shocked. So she gave him a moment to digest the information. There had always been a tight bond between them and Robert always trusted whatever she had to say.

“What do we do?” he asked in a tone which suggested that he’d follow her lead.

“I have something in mind. It’s extreme. But if we play things right, then we should be safe from future retaliation. Are you interested?”

The offer lingered, and as expected, her son was on her side. She saw the conflict on Robert’s face. This would be the most difficult thing Robert had ever done so she gave him time to think about it. If he refused, she could understand.

“Are you sure we’ll be safe?” he asked.

“Yes, if we’re smart about this.”

“What are you thinking?”

Vicky was blunt. “First, we go along with whatever they want. Let them get comfortable. Eventually I’ll record them with bugging equipment. I want audio proof of their future crimes.”

“Mom, that sounds dangerous,” he replied with genuine concern.

“I know, but don’t forget that I used to specialize in undercover work and burglary. They’ll never know it’s me. If I do get caught, I’ll take all the blame. If it works, then I’ll have a huge dossier of surveillance recordings.”

“What are you going to do with those recordings?”

“My lawyer says there’s a federal prosecutor who’s been looking into these people for years. My anonymously-sent evidence could potentially be the foundation for any sort of prosecution against them”

“I’m in,” Robert said without any further hesitation.

It was so pleasing and gratifying that her son was behind her all the way. This is what she needed to get her life back on track. A love of a son. Frankly, she also missed this sort of rush. Being in the midst of action, however big or small, is what she lived for. It was why she had wanted to join law enforcement in the first place.

However sex mex porno she felt about fixing the wrongs in her life, she still had to focus on her son. Robert did nothing wrong and it was risky dragging him into this. He was a young man with a bright future, and if she ever jeopardized that, she knew she could never forgive herself.

“Look, I know I’m putting you in a tough spot, but…”

“Forget it,” he replied, brushing off any concern. “I’m with you 100%. Just like always.”

“Don’t you want to know what the rest of the plan is?”

“You’re a better cop than I’ll ever be. I want to learn from the best.”

Vicky gave a tender smile. “I love you, Robby. Always have, always will.”

“I love you, too.”

She scooted closer to her son, giving him a full hug with both arms, making sure to press her breasts onto him.


When she was in prison, she had befriended a fellow inmate who claimed to have a sexual relationship with an adult son. Vicky listened attentively whenever the other inmate spoke about it. At the time, it seemed like the most fascinating thing in the world.

‘Yeah, I fuck my son,’ the fellow inmate had said. ‘I’m not proud of it. But whatever. People have needs. This is mine.’

It was Vicky’s first lesbian relationship and somewhat of an open secret, much like other lesbian relationships behind bars. They never did anything when people were around. It was mostly during their shifts in the laundry room when they’d finally get to satisfy each other’s carnal needs.

Going down on a woman was easy. It was a necessity. Being isolated and vulnerable, Vicky needed that human connection, even if it meant exchanging sexual favors. She found that she liked it and that it gave her comfort.

When she had her pussy eaten, it was glorious. It was like a drug that took her mind away from being a convict. It was something that gave her an escape and a sweet release.

Eventually she needed more mental stimulation to help her get off. In the laundry room, she kissed her inmate companion as they undid each other’s clothes.

“Tell me more,” Vicky once said while on her knees, kissing the woman’s mound.

‘What can I say? I’m a total whore for my son. You like that, don’t you? Does it make your pussy wet because I suck my son’s dick? That I enjoy fucking him regularly?’

Vicky purred with her tongue in the woman’s pussy.

‘So, so bad,’ the inmate replied with a wry grin. ‘Bad cop. You know you’d have arrested me. Wouldn’t you? Admit it, you’d have arrested me.’

Vicky pulled her tongue out. “You’re right. I would have arrested you for committing incest if I was still a cop.”

‘Now you’re in here. Eating my pussy. Listening to me tell stories about how my son cums in my mouth. But you know what? I love getting facials from him. I love seeing how I look in the mirror after. It’s the ultimate rush.’

“Mmm Hmmm….”

‘How about you, Detective Martling? Ever indulge with your son? He’s old enough.”

It felt like a low-blow to be called ‘Detective Martling’ while her prison jumpsuit was down around her ankles and she was naked. But that was the whole point.

“Never,” she replied, kissing the labia. “I’m not that kind of woman.”

The inmate shrugged. ‘It’s not for everyone.’

“Is it difficult?”

‘At first it was. Oh yeah. The truth is, it gets easier over time. Maybe you’ll give it a try someday. You’re already damaged goods. Fuck… make me cum already.’

Vicky used her mouth techniques, moves which she had honed over months, and made her friend cum.

In return, the inmate got on her knees and returned the oral favor, while Vicky closed her eyes and imagined dirty thoughts.


The day was hot and it was the first time Vicky had worn a bikini in years. She wore a loose fitting dress over it along with heels on her feet.

With Robert by her side, they parked their car and headed to the yacht. She burned with shame at the prospect of seeing the prosecutor that sent her life into a downward spiral. There were rumors the judge would be there, too. So would the other officials and cops who conspired against her.

Nonetheless, she held her chin high. She viewed this as an undercover operation where strong nerves are a necessity. It would all be worth it in the end, she kept telling herself.

Inside the yacht was extravagant. It was owned by a wealthy State Senator and there were plenty of agents and government officials around. There were beautiful women in bikinis, leisurely laying across the dock or serving drinks to the guests.

When she and her son separated, Vicky was left alone. From afar, she watched her son mingle with the top brass of the police force. Those men took glances back at her, wondering if they could believe their eyes.

Vicky was dressed provocatively, with the hot sun shining down on her scantily clad body. Her hair and makeup were done, too. No one in the police department had ever seen her this way.

This stranded teens porno degradation was a lot to handle so she looked away. She focused on the ocean view as the yacht headed out towards the sea. Soon, she’d be committing the biggest sin of her life.

“Is that really you?” a man’s voice said from behind.

She turned to look at him. “Salvatore.”

It was the man who had maliciously prosecuted her. In her years behind bars, she had wondered what she’d do if she ever saw him again. She had a variety of thoughts, as anyone would. But this was a discipline of a veteran detective. She kept her emotions in check.

“God, you look so different,” he said. “I can hardly recognize you.”

“Yeah, well, it’s the new version of me,” she replied.

Salvatore’s eyes went up and down. “I can see that. Listen, there’s no hard feelings, right? I did what the facts and evidence suggested. Just like you did when you were a detective, and you were a damn good detective.”

“Lady Justice is blind,” Vicky replied in legal speak.

The man smiled, “I’m glad you see it that way. I’ve heard you’ve gotten a job at a law firm.”

“That’s correct. It’s a good start.”

“Excellent. An honest living is the way to go.”

She desperately wished she could reply, “I did have an honest living,” but refrained. It pained her that this man was taking a good look at her body. Women can always tell when a man wants to fuck. In the courtroom, when she was being prosecuted, she never got that vibe from Salvatore. Now she was certain that this man wanted a turn with her in the bedroom.

“Do you know why I’m here?” she asked.

Salvatore thought for a moment. “I can take a guess. Your son is a guest of honor.”


He thought a moment longer, wondering how much to reveal. “You’ve been informed of what Robert will be doing later tonight.”

“You’re a smart man.”

“This doesn’t explain why you’re here.”

“Nobody is putting their hands on my son,” she said. “Except me.”

The mood changed in a flash as Salvatore’s eyes narrowed. The man instantly knew what she meant by that. And he liked it.

“I’m amazed.”

“Why?” she asked.

“You’re an unstoppable force. Cops who get prosecuted never show their faces again. But you… you’re a tough one to crack. Especially looking like this.”

The man’s eyes once again roamed her body. She stood there and accepted it.

“I want my son to have a bright future,” she said.

“If you do what you say, then Robert will have a bright future ahead of him.”

The comment all but confirmed what Vicky had known all along. That her son was a potential target of these people. Her actions tonight would cure that. And hopefully a lot more.


It was a warm night and the yacht was already far into the ocean. Women had removed most of their clothes and walked around in their bikinis, flirting and giving lap dances to much older men. Some of the women were already topless. Others went in the lower decks, performing sexual favors.

When she saw Robert getting pats on the back and words of encouragement, Vicky knew it was time. Her world was about to change forever and she had already accepted that. The plan was in motion.

Thrusting herself into the spotlight, she removed her outer layer clothing and paraded herself in a reasonably sized bikini. Unlike the other women, she was middle-aged and it showed. She was able to keep in great shape, running daily miles in the yard, doing push-ups in her cell, and pull-ups outside.

A few men eyed her body, wondering why she was doing this. Most of these men knew who she was. As a detective, she had a stellar reputation. But these days, everyone felt bad for her. Her release from prison was the talk of the police community.

Robert approached her. “It’s time.”

She could sense nerves in her son’s voice. Obviously he had sex before, but this was different.

“Alright, let’s go,” she replied.

Together they went into the lower level of the ship and into a private room. There were powerful men all around. Salvatore was there. The judge that allowed dubious evidence, and excluded evidence that helped her, was also there. Other cops and senior detectives were there. From the looks on their faces, she knew these men felt no remorse.

“Welcome,” Judge Halper said, as if presiding over a trial. “This is a most unusual circumstance. Detective Martling, it’s good to see you again.”

“I’m no longer a detective,” she reminded.

“You’ll always be a detective in my eyes.”

“Thank you, Your Honor.”

Judge Halper laughed. “Was that a joke? Gentlemen, sit down. Let’s get this started.”

The men in the room sat where they could. The judge sat at the end of the room on a large chair. Vicky and her son remained standing in the center. She could feel the eyes peering at her body.

Judge Halper continued, “Well, Ms. Martling, what brings you here.”

“Should I be blunt?”

“Please do. Anything that happens here will stay amongst us.”

“Like a code of honor,” she said.


Vicky cleared her throat. “I’m here because I know about your tradition to have hookers fuck new members. I won’t allow that to happen with my son. Not with Robert.”

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