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Authors note; Few things here; first the mistake that I overlooked in 31? Well I guess I am not as detail conscious as I thought cause you guys came up with a few! Very humbling! The winning guess however, was Mark’s Movado watch that disappears during sex and of course the fight. Reason I caught it, is said watch plays a part in a later chapter. Now onto this chapter; this one was a struggle on what to keep and discard, like some other chapters it contains some older things from a more “novelesque’ work. I also had to decide between this and the next chapter what went where. I opted to make this one longer to not break the flow of the next one which is critical to the remainder of the series. Now I mentioned chapters back about how people would handle less erotica. After many said it would be okay and some even admitted to skipping or skimming it I now have many e-mailing to tell me the sex is hot and don’t change anything.

I think this chapter is balanced well with a lot (and I mean a lot) of details of the story and a fairly long fun flashback. I emphasize fun because it’s your last look at some. If you think SWB is dark to begin with, three of the next four will not be for the faint of heart. Well if I do my job anyway. Also; once again a lot of votes and comment on the last chapter! Thank you and please continue! Now one more thing this series has been going on awhile and several people have commented several times and been very supportive as I get towards the end I am going to do some “dedications” I mentioned people now “defending” the sex. One member in particular keeps telling me my scenes are the hottest on lit. Well I personally thought this scene is hot (I don’t always’s it is different when you write them) So I dedicate this flashback “The Dirty Dog” To one “MasterEarl” This one is for you my friend. As always thank you. Lovecraft68


I sat there in Mark’s office feeling as if I were trapped in a nightmare. Staring at a picture of my brother and I having sex, I told myself that I must have fallen asleep, this couldn’t be real! The pounding in my head and twisting in my stomach however, confirmed my worst fear and that was that this was not a dream. I tore my eyes from the picture and looked over at Mark. My brother was sitting there watching me. Mark appeared to be strangely calm as if now that he had shown me this, some of the burden had been taken from him.

I looked back down at the photo of Mark fucking me doggy style and tried to say something. What came out was a sob that caught me by surprise. I let out another one and realized that I couldn’t speak, after the sobs, all that came out were some dry gasps. I swallowed hard and tried to stand, I got part way up, and as the room began to spin fell back into the chair. Mark got up and quickly walking over to the bar, reached into the small fridge under it, and brought out a bottle of water. Coming over and kneeling down next to my chair, Mark opened the bottle and handed it to me.

“Take a few sips,” He said softly. “But slow.”

I took the bottle from him, and almost dropped it; my hands were shaking so badly.


Mark wrapped his hands around mine, guiding the bottle to my lips. As he had told me too, I slowly took several swallows. I nodded and Mark put the bottle on the desk. I turned to look at him and tried to say something. Before I could Mark put his arm around my neck, drawing my head into his shoulder. I slid my arms around his waist and just let myself lean into him. Neither of us said anything, I couldn’t and Mark I’m sure didn’t want to. As I nuzzled my face deeper into the comfort of his embrace, Mark started lightly running his fingers through my hair. After a couple of minutes the pounding in my head subsided, and when I opened my eyes things were no longer spinning. Easing myself back from Mark I picked up the water and after drinking some more handed it to him.

Mark finished it then reached down to take the pictures.

“No,” I said softly putting my hand over them. “I…I need to see them.”

Mark looked like he was going to argue, but instead nodded and slowly made his way back around his desk where he sat down. Taking a deep breath, and summoning up what nerve I had left, I picked up the stack of pictures. I hesitated, then sliding the picture of me on my hands and knees from the top, looked through the rest of them. With each picture I felt another kick in my heart and a sinking feeling in my stomach. There were at least two dozen photos and although only the first two had a piece of paper covering them, the rest all had yellow post its attached to them with a nasty remark.

One photo featured me on my knees with Mark’s cock halfway in my mouth, the attached post it reading; ‘Here let big sis kiss it all better’. The picture underneath it was the reverse; I was lying on a bed with my feet on Mark’s shoulders and my hands in his hair as his face was buried between my legs. The comment to this one read; ‘Here little brother, let your sister show you how the girls like it’. As I went through the pile I noticed that they were obviously old; looking at our faces I would guess that Mark and I were in our early monsters of cock porno twenties. I stopped and shook my head at the next picture; I was on the floor with my back against the bed. Mark had my wrists pinned in his left hand and was pulling my hair with his right while he had his cock buried in my throat. This one was marked with the caption; ‘Now that is no way to treat your sister!’. The last photo was the worst. In it I was on my knees looking up with my mouth wide open and my tongue out, while Mark was standing over me jerking his cock off into my face. I could see splashes of cum on my lips and cheeks. The final message here was; ‘I thought Megan was the one who did the painting?

As awful as the picture was I couldn’t stop looking at it. There was something disturbing about it besides the obvious subject matter. I forced myself to focus my spinning head and really look at it. The background wasn’t familiar at all, I knew it wasn’t Mark’s apartment at Mitch’s, nor did it look like a motel room. The bed and the chair that I could see in the picture appeared to be pretty worn and the shade in the window in the background was torn. I had the impression that wherever it was, was pretty sleazy. I started wondering where it could be when I was struck with what was odd about the pictures; it was how close they were taken. Not only could I clearly see the cum on my face, but looking back at the one of Mark face fucking me, I could plainly see the tears on my cheeks from my eyes watering as Mark’s huge cock was forced down my throat.

I tried to remember if Mark and I had ever set a camera up or taped ourselves. I didn’t think so, but god only knew there were times when we were that age that we had been pretty wasted when we fucked. No, if we had ever taken pictures of ourselves one of us would have had to develop them and would have them. Obviously someone else had taken these, but whom? They had to have been right in front of us. I rubbed at my temple as I tried to maintain focus. Forcing myself to put the picture down, I finally let it flow over me what these pictures really meant; that my mother and father had seen them. That they knew that we had been having sex and that… No, that couldn’t be, they had never said anything to me. I felt a glimmer of hope surge through me. Mark had somehow pulled the case out, meaning the pictures had never been delivered. I found myself staring back down at the pictures again. As bad as they were they had an almost hypnotic quality to them.

“They’re like looking at a train wreck.” Mark said quietly as if reading my mind.

I nodded in agreement. Reaching out I picked up the pictures and put them back in the folder so I would stop looking at them. I also decided that there was no need to spin my mind about the where, when and about my parents as my brother obviously had all the answers.

“So now you know.” Mark commented as I pushed the folder and envelope back towards him.

Mark shook his head and sighed heavily;

“I told you Megan, something’s are better off…”

“Mark, where the hell did these come from?” Before he could answer I added; “And who? I mean…”

“They came from Alex.” Mark said leaning back in his chair and rubbing at his own red rimmed eyes.

“Alex?!?” I exclaimed in shock.

“Yeah Alex, Megan,” Mark sighed; “Everything you said I was keeping from you is right here; a lot of questions but only one answer.”

“So…” I paused to pull my thoughts together before continuing. “So this is why you were going to quit the trial?”

“Yup.” Mark said simply.

I waited to see if he was going to volunteer more but as I stared at him he simply looked back at me. As I sat there it struck me how terrible this really was.

“That motherfucker,” I snapped. “That asshole used to call you his brother, said we were family and he did this?”

“Winthrop was going to lose Megan.” Mark began.

“But Mark! I mean this…”

I stopped as Mark put his hand up.

“Let me just explain it okay Meg? Winthrop and Alex went way back, their grandfathers were friends. They were both third generation Harvard boys club, spoiled little rich kids.”

Mark leaned back further in his chair and folding his arms across his chest continued;

“When Steven the third raped Alicia Carson, Winthrop’s first move was to try to buy her off and it failed. Next he did buy off someone in the AG’s office and then hired McCallister. The prosecution corrupted and one of the best lawyers in the country on his dime, his kid was going to walk.”

Mark removed one of his hands from his waist and pointed at himself.

“Until I got involved that is. The AG let me take it to take the heat from him, and make it look like a fair trial again. Winthrop couldn’t win a fair fight with the evidence I had so he started with all the dirty tactics and it wasn’t enough. I could not be bought nor could I be intimidated.”

“Winthrop remembered that Alex and I were tight so asked him to step in. I showed Alex the pictures, proved to him Winthrop was guilty,” Mark shrugged. “To me Alex was a decent guy and naught america porno I figured he would step back; I was wrong.”

Mark paused to rub at his face and as he did I could see his hands trembling. Leaning forward now and resting his hands on the desk he went on;

“Alex was upset with Steven, but told me to let his father handle it,” Mark rolled his eyes. “I told him no, I was not letting this go so he could do it again.”

“That’s when Alex brought up Max and how guilty I had been and he bought off the judge. Long story short it was time to repay a favor.”

Mark laughed softly;

“It took fifteen years to come around but it just proved that Alex Warner never does something for nothing. He knew I would be a hell of a lawyer and figured he was “banking” one for down the line if he helped me.”

“So Warner took this as a challenge, one of our little games but to the nth degree because at the end of the day what was at stake was an innocent girl’s future. Richard Adams from the Journal and Jake Roberts the councilman were both in Warner’s pocket. I let them play with me; I didn’t care because everything just seemed to make me come out even more popular.”

Mark gave me a wry smile;

“Everyone loves a besieged underdog.” Mark frowned. “That’s when Warner made a big mistake and took it too far.”

“Samantha.” I said quietly.

“Exactly, Warner had no idea what Samantha had meant to me, thought she was just a pet. So the gloves were off and I destroyed them in one press conference. At this point it was down to me and Reggie and I was handing that charlatan his fucking ass.”

“To the point I received a phone call from Winthrop asking me what the best deal I could make for his son was.” Mark shrugged. “Perfect world no deal, but as ballsy as I was I knew that it was a major deal for a punk like Winthrop to do anytime let alone a couple of years so I told him I was willing to bend and we agreed to talk about it the next day at his office in Boston.”

Mark stopped speaking for a moment and I sat there silently waiting. After a minute Mark tapped the folder with the pictures.

“That’s when I get the pictures.”

“He sent those to you?” I asked.

“Yeah, well copies of them, with a note for me to meet with him which I did that day.” Mark let out a deep breath. “Alex threatened to put them up on the net, pictures of Mark Phillips having sex with his sister. Even if I managed to get them yanked they would go viral and be everywhere from Yahoo to fucking incest porn sites. There was no way out of them even for me. The state would have to get rid of me and I might even be disbarred, after all incest is a crime.”

“So you were going to fold?”

“No, honestly my first reaction was fuck it, you know me, and I’m not going to be bullied.”

Mark then looked away, and as I watched reached into his draw, pulling out a pack of Marlboros. I waited as he lit one and took a long drag before going on with the story.

“But you know at the end of the day Warner’s good; pointed out that I was selfish as usual.”

“What did that mean?” I asked.

“It meant that I wasn’t looking beyond me. Alex brought up what it would do to your parents and of course to you. Alex knew how close we were.” Mark laughed. “Literally apparently.”

“Anyway, Alex asked what I thought this would do to you. He knew how hard you had worked to get your family back, to repair the past, knew how much it meant to you. Those pictures would ruin that and as he put it; could even push you back over the edge and into the drugs again.”

“Mark, nothing could make me.,.”

“Not a gamble I was taking Meg,” Mark said shaking his head. “No way would I roll the dice on your life sis, no way in hell.”

“Yeah but…” I started but Mark kept speaking.

“Besides Meg, by then the case had been going on for months. I was exhausted, strung out, upset about Samantha, and you can imagine what it was like when I got these.”

“I think I know.” I said dryly.

“Alex may be a prick Megan, but he’s a smart player. He knew he could never win by attacking me personally so he went with my one weakness, the only thing I really care about.”

“Me.” I said softly, feeling that old feeling of guilt coming back to me. From day one I had been afraid I would bring my brother down and I almost had.

“So I told Alex that he won, in exchange for his word that the pictures wouldn’t get out, I was going to step back from the case. McCallister was going to go back to it was rough consensual sex and without me, Jim wasn’t going to be able to handle him. Remember all they needed was reasonable doubt.”

“But something else had to happen Mark I mean…”

“Obviously.” Mark said tapping out the cigarette and then placing his elbow on the table put his face into his hand.

As much as I needed to know the rest I could tell Mark was exhausted and pushing himself to even tell me this much. Deciding to go in a different direction for a few minutes I spoke up.

“But Mark, who the hell gave Alex those pictures?”

“What do you mean?” Mark asked. “No nubiles porn one gave them to him.”

“Well then who did he buy them from?” I pressed. “I mean Mark those things have to be over fifteen years old. Where did he find them to use them against you?”

As I asked I began to get even more upset thinking someone besides Warner had them.

“Megan,” Mark said looking at me as if I were missing something. “Alex had them all along.”

“He…what?” I asked. “You’re saying Alex has had these for years?”

“Exactly, he knew we were fooling around and…”

“No Mark, you tricked him remember? The Polygraph?”

Mark shook his head.

“I thought I did too, but thing is Meg, Alex never stops thinking. I mean let’s face it; he had us dead to rights and was fucking with us. I knew that if I let the voice loose I could beat that test so I let it look like I couldn’t, then let it take over and make Alex think he was wrong.”

“And he did Mark,” I told him confused. “I mean he was all but in tears apologizing to me.”

“Right he was but,” Mark emphasized the word. “What I didn’t see coming was Alex eventually realizing that I beat the polygraph in the lawyer’s office the next day. So when the smoke cleared from Max, and Murdock was telling him how I aced the test, Alex got his brain going again.”

Mark paused to light another cigarette and this time held the pack out to me. I took one and leaned forward so he could light it for me. We both took a drag and let out identical sighs as we exhaled that would have been comical under normal circumstances.

“So Alex wants to know, not so much to come back at us with it, but he needed to know if he had been right or not. He had us followed and got those pictures.”

“Let me get this straight,” I began. “Alex Warner has known that we’re lovers for fifteen years and has never said a word?”

“You got it.” Mark said nodding. “He didn’t want to lose me as a friend and decided that just knowing was enough. It was a game to him, every time he saw us together back then he was laughing under his breath.”

“But why keep the pictures? I mean if him knowing was enough then…”

Mark cut me off with a harsh laugh.

“It was all about the game Meg. Trust me when I tell you that Alex has a fucking filing cabinet full of folders on anyone he has done or ever will do business with, and in each of those folders is a pretty little skeleton just waiting to see the light of day.”

Mark took the cigarette from his mouth and as I watched put it out in his palm. As always I winced just watching him do it, but his face registered no discomfort at all.

“So, if this never happened…”

“Right,” Mark agreed before I finished. “If I had never gone against him those pictures would have rotted away in his safe.”

“My god,” I said. “Every time he saw us he knew. ” I grunted. “I went out to dinner with him a couple of years ago, Christ what he must have been thinking; probably figuring I was coming up here for a conjugal visit.”

“Why you weren’t?” Mark laughed. “But honestly, the way he talked he seemed to think we had stopped as time went on. He just kept saying how sick we were ‘back then’ I think you moving to Chicago had him thinking that.”

“So someone took those pictures and brought them to Alex?” I then voiced my fear. “So someone else knows about us Mark, and we don’t know…”

“Alex just told the guy to get pictures of us fucking, he told him you were his girl and he wanted proof you were fucking around on him.” Mark smirked. “Told him the more explicit they were the higher he would pay.”

I looked down at the folder and whispered;

“They must have been pretty expensive.” I looked back up at Mark. “But still Mark, these pictures…”

“What about them Meg?”

“They… I mean goddamn are they close Mark, it’s like we were fucking right in front of him!”

“We were.” Mark said simply.

“We…” I shook my head. “Mark who the hell…”

Mark rolled his eyes.

“Damn Meg, you have blocked some shit out. You mean to tell me you don’t remember our little show up in New Hampshire?”


I narrowed my eyes and thought. Back when we were younger Mark and I frequently would take weekend trips and have fun going to bars and hanging all over each other. No one knew us in those places and we would get drunk and then get turned on by acting like a couple in front of people who had no idea we were siblings.

“Oh come on Meg!” Mark said. “The Dirty Dog?” he smirked.

“Oh my god.” I said softly.

As soon as Mark had said the name of the bar I remembered it. We had…

“See sis you can remember things when you need too.”

I put my head down and tried to fight off the series of images that night brought back to me. I knew that if I let my mind go the entire night would come back to me as if it were yesterday. That’s how things worked for me, it was the reason I worked hard on being able to shut off certain thoughts. I hadn’t just been drunk that night I had been flying on coke as well. I paused in my effort to focus on something else when another thought occurred to me. I had just gotten through fighting with my brother about me being able to handle things, by always shying away from these thoughts I was proving Mark right. Closing my eyes I surrendered and let my mind take me back to one of the crazier and now apparently most costly nights, in our colorful past.

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