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Major Charles, Chip Johnson and Jennifer Connolly-Johnson finally started living together after he moved to San Antonio. Jennifer transferred to the local JAG group, after serving nine months in an intelligence unit. This made her duty more regular and not subject to mysterious trips overseas.

“Your huffing and Puffing, darling is the new duty not allowing you to stay in shape?” asked Jennifer as the pair were jogging in their neighborhood.

“I’m fine, let’s do another lap,” said the Major.

“We do not have the time,” replied Jennifer as she turned up the drive to the couple’s townhome. Jennifer keyed in the code and the door unlocked. The Major grabbed his wife when the door closed and he pulled her sweat pants to her ankles and knelt down and kissed her pussy. She wriggled out of his embrace and made her way to the bathroom to shower and get ready for her day. “Some days I wish you would grow up, but other days I am glad that you haven’t,” said Jennifer as she moved to the bedroom to dress.

“Darling, is it a crime to love your wife?” replied the Major.

Jennifer left first and was soon followed by the Major. His phone beeped indicating a text message. “Remember I will be late tonight, ILY”

Jennifer had an appointment with an Army social worker. She got over her initial resistance to seeking psychological help. She realized that she had some issues dealing with her biological father’s becoming a woman. She became uneasy the times that she and Chip visited Yvonne Connolly’s property that Jennifer inherited. The sessions with the Social Worker pointed to abandonment issues. Talking about it made it easier to visit the property. She hired a contractor to paint the interior after clearing the hospital bed and the equipment that was left after Yvonne’s death.

Her major issue was whether to sell the property or keep it. Her argument for keeping the place was this was the token from her father; the argument for selling was that it brought up memories of the abandonment. Chip also noticed more incidents of binge drinking; ordering three and four cocktails before dinner, along with wine. The sessions seemed to bring her drinking under control.

One month later

Major Johnson returned from a three-day trip to Dallas inspecting units at the area universities. He pulled into the garage and used his key to get into the townhome. He entered the mudroom just off the kitchen. Taped to the refrigerator door was a photo of Jennifer’s breasts with a note below. “Look what you have been missing.” He laughed, as it was the same joke he played on her when she returned from a short trip.

The real Jennifer came in the room sans top and embraced and kissed him. They broke and Chip directed his wife into the bedroom. “I want to make love to you but I want to do it properly,” said the Major. Jennifer got on her knees and unbuckled the Major’s belt and opened his pants allowing them to fall to the floor. He kicked his shoes off and Jennifer pulled his underwear down to his knees freeing his engorged cock. She took his member in her mouth painted the length of his cock with her tongue. The Major unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. Chip pulled out and pulled Jennifer’s sweat pants down and exposed her pussy. He straddled her and she directed his cock into her slit. “I really missed this,” said the Major.

“One wonders why you travel when you have me at home,” said Jennifer.

The Major kissed her “I’m sorry dear, but I also have another master to serve.”

“You tell Colonel Laura that you have a wife that needs service also,” said Jennifer with a laugh.

The Major rose up and began to move his cock in and out of Jennifer’s pussy. He came down and kissed her while continuing to fuck her. The Major took one major lunge and stopped he felt his cock spurt into Jennifer. He kissed her again and held her until his cock fell out of her cunt.

“You do that really well, darling,” said Jennifer.

They kissed; “Is there anything to eat?” asked the Major.

“Kiss my pussy there is plenty to eat there,” said Jennifer as she got off the bed. She leaned over and kissed the Major.

She grabbed her sweat pants and a t-shirt and walked to the kitchen. After a few minutes “Chip where are you?”

The Major got up and pulled his pants on and found a t-shirt. He walked into the kitchen and Jennifer was placing a plate on the table. He ate the sandwich that Jennifer made. He looked at her closely. “Oh I screwed up,” said the Major.

“What are you talking about?” said Jennifer.

“I just noticed that you have a new hair style, it looks nice,” said the Major.

“You can be forgiven, I was topless when you came in. Plus we both had other things on our minds,” said Jennifer.

The Major embraced his wife and they moved back to the bedroom. He kissed her and slipped her sweat pants to her ankles. He knelt down and inhaled her scent. His tongue found her slit and he concentrated on sucking on her outer labia. Jennifer’s escort kartal breathing quickened and he continued to attack her pleasure center. The Major wrapped his arms around her legs to keep close contact. The Major could feed Jennifer’s reaction to his tongue. He pressed his actions wanting to feel his wife climax. Jennifer went stiff and flooded the Major’s tongue with her cum.

He guided her to the bed but kept sucking on her pussy. “Chip, I love your tongue but I need to feel your cock in my cunt.”

The Major stood and dropped his pants, opened his wife’s legs and slid his cock into her pussy. “Darling, I am missing something else,” Jennifer was cut off when the Major put his mouth over hers. He continued to move in and out of his wife’s pussy. At times he drove it home at others he eased his cock in and out of her.

“I love you,” cried Jennifer after a quick session. The major slipped out of her cunt and placed his mouth on her pussy. He draped her legs over his shoulders, reached up with his hands and massaged her nipples.

The Major mounted her again and thrust is cock in and out of her. He suddenly thrust forward and froze as his cock erupted in her pussy. Jennifer reached and found her husband’s head and kissed him. She slid down to his cock and kissed the sensitive head. There was a slight jerk and the Major shot a small quantity of cum in her mouth.

Jennifer got up and walked out of the bedroom. She returned carrying two glasses of scotch. She handed a glass to Chip and moved next to him. Both were naked and the Major put his arm around her.

“Darling, do you want to go up to the cabin tomorrow?” asked Jennifer

“I thought you got nervous and uneasy going up there,” responded the Major.

“Ok, my old boss from Intelligence asked to meet with us, and we needed some place private. Look I know your first question is what is the meeting about? I don’t even know. She dropped by my office and made the request and I suggested the Yvonne Connolly place,” said Jennifer.

“You have no idea why she wants to see us? I thought you were over that cloak and dagger stuff” said the Major.

“The only thing she said that she had a proposal for us, but she needed to talk to both of us at the same time,” Jennifer responded.

“What time are we meeting with Colonel Spook?”

“The woman has a name darling, I said at about 14:00,” said Jennifer.

“I really wish you had consulted with me before you agreed to the meeting,” said the Major.

Jennifer climbed up and straddled Chip she leaned down and kissed him. She slid down and started to suck on his cock. In a matter of minutes Chip was hard and she inserted her cunt on his cock. “I think that this is my favorite position,” said Jennifer.

She reached over to the nightstand and finished the scotch. Then she began to slide up and down on the Major’s cock. “Come on fuck me Chip.

“Why your doing fine,” responded the Major. The Major reached up and wrapped his arms around her and moved his cock in and out of her pussy. Jennifer moved off the Major’s cock and started to suck on his member. She massaged his cock coaxing the Major to cum. Her mouth was flooded with warm fluid, and she moved to kiss him.

Jennifer moved over to her side of the bed and the Major slipped out and took a shower. When he was finished he went around the townhouse and turned off the lights. He slipped next to Jennifer and fell asleep.

Jennifer felt the sweat pants fall on her head along with the t-shirt. “Lets go sleepy head time for our run,” said the Major. After a few weak protests Jennifer rose and dressed. When Jennifer emerged from the house the Major was on the ground stretching. Jennifer joined him and loosened up her legs. “I would have thought that after all the maneuvers last night you wouldn’t need to warm up,” said Jennifer.

The Major jogged in place waiting for her to start the run. It was Saturday and they ran five miles on Saturday. Chip led them out of the development and down the street to a large park that had a two-mile jogging path. They would do two laps and jog back to the townhouse.

They finished the run and Jennifer went to one of the unit’s bathrooms to shower and Chip went to the other. They both came out dressed in bathrobes and Chip cooked some breakfast for them. Jennifer made a list of the items that they would need at the cabin and went around the house gathering the items. Chip found the ice-chest and filled it with some provisions and dropped some cold-paks in the cooler. They both dressed and got in the Major’s car and took off for the Connolly property.

Chip pulled up the gate and Jennifer got out and opened one of the locks. There were two locks on the chain one that took a key and the other a combination. That was to allow the movers and contractor to have access to the property. When the renovation started Chip installed an electronic lock on the front door again to allow the contractor access.

The last maltepe escort time Chip visited the place was a month and a half ago. The hospital furniture was moved out and the living room was painted white the bedroom that once held Yvonne was a nice blue. The other bedroom was also painted the same shade of blue. Chip approved of the changes and he settled down in the main room, while Jennifer put the provisions in the kitchen.

“Your friend did a good job I would not recognize the place,” said the Major when Jennifer sat across from him.

“At least I can stand to be in here,” said Jennifer.

“Are you OK?” asked the Major.

“I’m fine, still having issues over the way Yvonne abandoned my mother and I but I am beginning to accept it. I have since found out that she sent support. Mom was never rich when she was working at Norfolk but if I needed or wanted something, a new dress expensive shoes; money was always found. She kept saying that it was Dave. I have not confronted Mom yet, I don’t know if I will. I’m sure it was very painful.”

The Major got up and got the bottle of wine out of the fridge and poured two glasses. “It’s afternoon somewhere,” said Chip as he handed a glass to Jennifer.

Jennifer’s phone beeped and she picked it up “Yes ma’am, 4621, we will see you in a few minutes.” She put the phone on the table. “Well we will soon know what this is all about,” said Jennifer.

A BMW 5 series pulled up and parked next to the Major’s car. Colonel Jane Darr got out of the car but she was not in uniform. She was dressed in a translucent t-shirt and shorts that covered a very revealing two-piece swimsuit. The woman was a few years older than Jennifer but still had a great figure. She came up and hugged Jennifer; “Act like we are old friends, Jennifer, you never know who is watching,” the Colonel whispered in her ear. Jennifer kissed the colonel on both cheeks like old friends. Chip wandered out and the colonel embraced Chip and air kissed him. The group moved into the house.

Chip moved to the kitchen and poured a glass of wine. He handed the glass to the Colonel, and set next to Jennifer.

“You must have thought you died and gone to Heaven with these two hot women, Major,” said Darr.

“Colonel I’m wondering why you wanted to see us and why so informally?” said the Major.

“Chip we are old friends spending the day in the country, but I will get to the point. We have a chance to eliminate some very high members of a Mexican drug cartel. Different agencies are working with elite members of the Mexican military on a sting and we need a couple to serve as bait,” said Jane.

“Bait usually gets eaten,” said the Major.

There is a certain amount of risk,” said Jane.

“What do you need us for, Colonel?” asked Jennifer.

“We want you to play a military couple that is living large as they say. We are going to let folks know that you are looking to make some extra money by selling some weapons. We are going to send you to the Mexican Riviera. You are going to spend money like there is no tomorrow, big suite, expensive meals, servants, the whole ball of wax. We will want you to drop hints that you can get your hands on M-16’s M-4’s and will sell them to the highest bidder. The whole plan is contingent on the cartel members trying to take delivery on US soil.”

“And Jennifer and I will be looking over our shoulder for the rest of our lives wondering if we will be killed,” said the Major.

” No risk no reward Major Johnson,” said Darr

“Colonel would you let Jennifer and I discuss this privately?” said the Major.

“I’ll step out on the deck and let you two talk it over,” said Jane.

When Darr was outside the Major turned to Jennifer; “Our relationship is built on trust and I need to know that you don’t still work for Intelligence,” asked the Major.

“Chip, when I transferred to JAG I left Intelligence, I can’t even get in to the office,” replied Jennifer.

“Do you want to play this dangerous charade, or tell your former boss to pound sand,” said the Major.

“The adventure looks interesting, I would love to act and experience being rich,” said Jennifer.

“The last time I checked you are sitting on a piece of property that is worth close to a million and a trust that has a principal of over one half million. So you are a rich lady.”

“You been reading my mail?” asked Jennifer.

“If you remember you allowed me to look at those statements. I do not pry in to your affairs,” responded the Major.

“Ok darling let’s not fight, the last time we did, almost lead to a disaster,” said Jennifer

“Yes or no do you want participate in this hair brained scheme?” asked the Major.

“Would you be upset if I said yes I do,” said Jennifer.

Chip realized that his adrenalin junky wife’s mind was made up. He could come up with some very good arguments against the plan, but that would not matter to her.

“Ok let’s do it,” said the Major with some pendik escort bayan resignation in his voice.

They called Colonel Darr back in and told her that they agreed participate. Darr was pleased. She walked out of the house and pulled a cooler out of her car and came back in. “We’re friends and we need to act like it. Let’s go out on the deck and drink some Champagne,” said Darr.

“We have a rule the deck is clothing optional, Colonel,” said Jennifer.

“That is fine with me,” Darr Replied. She pulled her shirt off and untied the top of her two-piece swimsuit. Her ample breasts were on display. Jennifer followed the lead of Darr and pulled her shirt off and Chip unhooked her bra. Chip whispered, “when did you make that rule?”

“Ok mister your turn, there is one lady that want’s to inspect your equipment,” said Darr.

The Major dropped his shorts and the women were treated to a sight of his cock and balls. “Does he believe in underwear?” asked Darr.

“Usually but at times he likes to go commando,” said Jennifer.

Everyone found a lounge and sat out side. The Major got up and took a plunge in the pond. It was just as cold as he remembered it. He quickly swam to the ladder and climbed out. Darr got up and pulled a bottle of the sparkling wine out of the cooler and pulled the foil and wire cage off the cork. There was a pop and she poured three glasses. Chip came up next to her. “You can look mister but don’t get any ideas,” said Jennifer who was seated on one of the lounges.

“Major Connolly he is next to two hot females his mind should wander, a little bit,” said Darr.

Colonel Darr, the last time my eyes wandered the Major wanted my balls on a platter,” said Chip.

“Major Johnson, you forgot to add your cock also,” said Jennifer with a laugh.

“I’ve touched a raw nerve, it seems,” said Darr.

The Major got behind Jennifer and began to massage her shoulders. He leaned next to her ear and kissed the lobe. He picked up the bottle and refilled everyone’s glass. Colonel Darr finished her wine and went back in the house. She came out dressed and handed the keys to her car to Jennifer.

“I’m being picked up and you two have use of the Bemer. Start showing it around the base and start going out and show it around town. I want to meet you here next weekend to continue discussing the details.”

The Colonel walked through the house and got in a car that came down the road. The Major and Jennifer peeked around the house and watched the car pull away.

The Major embraced his wife and directed her into the house and on to the couch. He opened her legs and kissed her pussy. Jennifer started to speak and Chip put his finger to her lips. “I am going to fuck you but it will be the way I want to do it.”

He continued to kiss her pussy. His tongue invaded her slit and he found Jennifer’s pleasure center. Jennifer began to moan every time Chip hit her clit. She suddenly went stiff and Chip moved up and kissed his wife. His cock entered her pussy and he felt the warm went tunnel. Jennifer again tried to speak when Chip covered her mouth with his. “Darling I want to pleasure you, I want to make love to you,” said the Major.

They lay together not moving. Later he kissed Jennifer and started to move his cock in and out of her pussy. Every time moved forward he kissed her. She arched her back to facilitate his entrance, her fingers rubbing her clit as he thrust forward. She climaxed loudly and very physically. He held on to her until her climax subsided.

“Kiss me Major,” said Jennifer. Their lips met and her tongue started to explore the interior of his mouth. He sealed his lips around her tongue and tried to suck it out of her mouth. She pulled away, and kissed him again.

Jennifer got off of the couch and walked outside. The wine bottle was still in the cooler and she poured another drink, she downed it in one swallow and then jumped into the pond. The cold water hit her and she became one giant goose bump. Jennifer was able to swim to the ladder and get out of the water.

She lay next to Chip and he bolted awake at the feeling of her cold body.

“Did I scare you, darling?” said Jennifer.

“No I have naked cold women snuggle up to me all the time,” Replied the Major.

“One who are you calling cold and I would not admit to having women “snuggle” up to you,” said Jennifer, giving the air quote sign.

The Major looked at the wall and saw the clock. It was displaying 17:00. He wondered why he was hungry. He decided to hit the pond and walked out to the deck and jumped in. He regretted the maneuver the moment he hit the water. He swam to the ladder and hoisted himself out. “Why do we jump in there?” said the Major as he walked back into the house. He reached out and kissed Jennifer.

“Some sort of self punishment for the sensuous life style we seem to live,” said Jennifer.

The Major walked into the kitchen and looked in the fridge. He realized that he was hungry and hoped that there was something to eat. Jennifer walked up behind him and embraced him crushing her breasts against his back. She reached down and started to manipulate his cock. “lets make love outside then we can go into town and get dinner,” said Jennifer.

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