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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – The beginning of my harem

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

10 – The beginning of my Harem

I’m not sure I moved all night. I woke up to the sunshine and Nicole in my arms cupping her tit, but with my now hard cock in the crack of her ass. I leaned forward to nibble on her neck.

“I’m going to miss this when you make the final trip out here.” as she wiggled back against me.

“Yeah, me too. But we’ll do our best back and forth. So what are your plans today?” lightly stroking the underside of her tit.

“Well Beth and I were going to the European pools and work on our tans.”

“Like you need to work on your tan my little chocolate pixie! By the way, which pool?”

“The clothing optional one of course. If I can’t work on my tan as you pointed out, I might as well enjoy teasing all the guys I can. I’m sure James will just hate having to look at all those oiled tits and pussies won’t he?”

“Oh I imagine he will suffer through it somehow!” as my cock twitched against her ass with the thought of all the naked oiled women….

“Looks like you would like the same fate,” as she wrapped her hand around my hardening cock. “Is this what you’re thinking about?” just before she turned around and took me down her throat.

“I’ve said it before, but that never gets old!”

“DAMN GIRL! You really can inhale that thing. You’re going to have to teach me that!”, I heard from across the room.

I looked up to see a white version of Nicole. Little more tit and a little less nipple, but…. DAMN! Nicole didn’t even slow down, almost making a show of taking me down her throat a few times and keeping me there while she massaged me by swallowing. Beth was just staring and watching.

“Did you come here for lessons or was there something you wanted?”, Nicole gasped and dived back down on my cock.

“Huh? Oh yea, you had a message but they brought it to our door.” Beth walked like a robot to the bedside and put one knee on the bed to hand me the note spreading her legs and pussy in doing so without taking her eyes off Nicole sucking my cock down. “I tried to have him wait for a tip but he said it was all right.”

“Is this how you were dressed?” as I lightly ran a finger over her shaved pussy spreading beside me.

“Yea, why?”

“I think you gave him the best tip he had all year! Nicole I’m going to cum!” I said through clenched teeth. She didn’t even slow down. Beth knelt down half on the bed to watch, her wet pussy just inches from my face. That was all I could take. “Here it comes!” as I started shooting down her throat, looking at Beth’s moist pussy beside me.. But then she did something different. Instead of pulling back enough to shoot in her mouth after the first few shots down her throat, she pulled out completely and let me shoot all over her tits. Was she showing off for Beth?

“Oh god that’s sexy, wait here!” and jumped off the bed and ran back to their room coming back seconds later with a Polaroid camera. Leave it to the newlyweds. She snapped a picture with Nicole just above my cock with it still in her hand. “Now sit up.” As she snapped a few more. A couple from there, and one close up of a cum covered tit. I was enjoying the show even if I had just blown my load and it would be a few hours until I was ready to go again. “Now clean your tits off.” THAT GOT MY ATTENTION. “That’s it, wipe it off your nipples and lick your fingers clean.” Beth got several more pictures. “Now the other one.” DAMN THAT WAS SEXY! “You missed a spot.”


“Right here.” And she leaned forward to lick from the bottom of Nicoles tit up to her nipple! Nicole’s eyes about bugged out of her skull and then she quivered almost like she had a mini orgasm “Much better! Don’t you have somewhere to go Danny?”


“The note. Someone named Bob said you could come over anytime.”

“Oh… Yea.” I was thinking more along the lines of finding a pussy to sink my hardening cock in.

“Besides we have to get ready to tease all the guys out at the pool!” as she practically skipped back into their room.

“You know, if it wasn’t for the black and white thing you two could be sisters.”

“Yea, she is a little ornery isn’t she?” licking the last of my cum from her fingers.

“Oh that reminds me. I had something made for you before we left.” I got a little hard case about the size of a sunglass case. “I think you might enjoy this today.” I had gotten a special set of nipple rings made up for her before we left. Bright gold with a very light chain between them. On the chain was a small synthetic heart shaped canlı bahis ruby.

“Oh Danny! It’s beautiful. She held them up to her nipples, the chain length was almost perfect. The she did something I realized I had never seen her do, not close enough to really see it anyway. She put her nipple rings on in front of me! Squeezing them enough to get them started and then once she had enough through she pulled nipples through until the rings were up against the base of her tit rolling them back and forth between her fingers and tugging on them to make sure the rings were in place.

She looked down at them and the little heart between her nipples. She got up to look at them in the mirror with the biggest grin I had ever seen on her, touching the rings and the heart. “It pulls a little when I walk. It’s going to be just as bad as when I first got a set walking with this on.” She jumped up and into my lap, giving me a lip lock like last night, and then jumped up and ran next door. “Go play with your toys with Bob, I’ll see you this afternoon!”

I did manage to get dressed despite a raging hard on, picked up the courtesy car, and headed over to Bob’s. I no more pulled in his driveway and his garage door opened. “You want to ride with me or follow me over?”

“I’ve got some other errands to run later, so I’ll just follow.

I followed him over to an office building, nothing special, nothing fancy. “So this is the big law office?”

“Don’t let it fool you. Chuck is old school like us. He’s one of the best at what he does but doesn’t go in for the flash office thing. You’ll like him.”

We walked into a nice office. Not brand new, but not ratty either. Sitting behind the desk at a computer was a BUXOM blond in a low cut dress entering paperwork. She definitely got my attention and immediately resurrected my hard on. Picture a bright red dress with a deep cut neck line showing the edge of a lace bra and just barely above a very hard nipple.

“Danny, I’d like you to meet Christine, Christine, this is Danny, you spoke briefly on the phone yesterday.”

She looked up with the big white smile and total bimbo airhead look on her face as she ran around the desk, bouncing her tits and clicking her heels on the tile. “Oh Danny,” she gave me a crushing hug with those tits and nipples mashed between us. “It’s nice to meet you.” She started grinding her crotch into my hard on. “Will I be seeing more of you around here?” As she put her finger at the edge of her mouth.

“Christine, Danny is one of the family now, and he has a VERY feisty lady friend with him.”

“Oh Bob! You’re no fun!” and Christine went from bimbo to lawyer in a heartbeat, sticking her tongue out at Bob.

“Don’t let the act fool you, Christine graduated third in her class and is one of the top lawyers in town. She loves to pull the bimbo routine whenever she gets the chance.”

“And it’s worked more than you know Bobby dear!” That got a look from Bob. “Go on in, he’s expecting you.” We went into what can only be a lawyer’s office. A desk the size of a sheet of plywood and every inch covered in paper.

“So this is the boy wonder!” he said as he looked up and closed a folder.

“Hey Chuck, this is Danny.”

“So you’re the wiz kid that solved what the in-house boys couldn’t?”

“Guess so.”

“Bob tells me he’s going to let you have this one to your self, but I’ll sweeten the pot even more. Those boys over at The Casino have been bad mouthing us since we got started with this. You let me walk it over and personally put it in their face and I’ll waive my fee on this one too.”

“OK boys, one of you two needs to fess up.”

Chuck just smiled, “Has Bob told you about John?”

“I mentioned about the gentleman we took over from, but not by name.”

“OK, Well John was quite good at this, and he was one of the few that did it solo. When John decided to retire they, the other former in house techs, were looking forward to not having any real competition again. There are a lot of guys out there doing this, but as I said most are former in house techs, so they have the same mind set as those trying to solve the problem already. When Bob pulled his little trick at the casino a few months back he started another storm. First because he didn’t cave in to the in house guys in letting his solution go for free. Second because he started calling around out here before he made any deals with them.” He waived a hand to Bob.

“When I started calling around out here, the guys doing this wouldn’t give me the time of day. All except John, that is. Since he was retiring he didn’t care one way or the other and he was not one of the good old boys so it kinda piqued his interest to bring in another guy to rub their noses in it. He hooked me up with Chuck, and that’s where we are today. From there it didn’t take me long to realize I was in the position I told you about on the plane. I’m software with a little hardware and I needed a hardware with a little software kind of bahis siteleri guy.”

“And that’s where we are, I have most of the paperwork drawn up, I just need to fill in some specifics……”

I held up my hand to stop him, “I’d like to ask a favor. If I understand this, we will each be working from setups in our own house instead of an office to cut down on overhead?”

“Correct,” said Bob.

“Then I need you to form a corporation to be the partner and me to be the sole employee of that corporation. That way I can expense out anything business related without all the paperwork hassle.”

“Where did you come up with this?” Chuck asked.

“I know several independent contractors back in The City. They isolate themselves that way to protect their property from business liability. It also lets them expense out just about anything connected with the business even if it was only used occasionally.”

Chuck sat back thinking a bit……”When you said he thinks outside the box you weren’t kidding. You need to do the same Bob, and we’ll restructure the company to take advantage of it. The way I figure it, I bet he just got you about a 10% raise.”

“While you two think about it, you mind if I make a call back to The City, I need to check on a couple of projects back there?”

“Sure, use the office next door.”

I called back to The Boutique offices, “Hey Shelly, how are things going back there?”

“Not bad, the software is still up and running with no major problems. A few little data base glitches here and there, but nothing un-expected. The contractors should be finishing up the last remodel in the next few days. I also got a curious message from “Jake” Jacobs.”


“Yeah, he said to tell you the management change went better than expected. And he also asked if you could look at that piece of property of his he mentioned while you are out there. He needs to get out from under it even if he takes a loss on it. Something about some residential property that’s not selling….. So how are things going out there?”

“Looks like I have a job as soon as things are wrapped up back in The City.”

“We’ll be sad to see you go, but realistically you can start out there any time you need to.”

“OK, how about we meet Friday. I can stop in in the afternoon to drop off the van and the computer stuff and pick up my final check and get my bonus check? Maybe even make sure everything in your office is in working order one last time? I can only offer lip service, but I’ll be thorough!” thinking about her leaning forward and breathing on my hard cock through my slacks as she stroked it.

“That would be nice!” I’ll see you then.” She sounded like she was practically purring at the thought.

I walked back into Chuck’s office with a smile. Things were coming together nicely out here. “So have you two got everything figured out yet?”

“Yes, doesn’t take long when you’ve been doing this for a while. Bob is now XYZ-1 Corp and you’re XYZ-2 Corp. With each of you the sole employee. Danny, I set yours up with the empty address on the other end of this building for right now. When you get a place you can do a change of address. Sign all the highlighted spots and by noon tomorrow you’re all set. Can I make a suggestion?”


“Both of you go down and get mobile phones. It will make it a whole lot easier to get a hold of you guys. Especially you Danny while you’re back and forth and finding a place to live.”

“Those things aren’t cheap!”

“No but they are a business expense, and it’s also a way to rub it even further in the noses of the in house techs! Bob, you go down and get one for each of you on the way out of here on your company credit card. It will be at least a week before Danny’s cards come in.”

“Wait a minute? How can I be getting a company card when I don’t even have a bank account yet? I need to transfer my stuff from The Bank in The City.”

“Sure you do, my brother in law is a local bank vice president. Everything is in the works pending your signature since you stated the paperwork already in The City. And to tell you the truth would probably go through even without it.”

“I told you Chuck would take care of things for you. Now let’s go get us one of those new mobile phones! I’ve been trying to figure out a way to expense out the cost on one for months.”

“I have one last favor to ask. I know I’m scheduled to go back to The City Wednesday afternoon. Would it be possible to hang on to the west suite until Friday afternoon?”

“What for?”

I explained about Beth and James and the big mix up on their honeymoon and what Nicole and I did.

“Let me make a call.”

Chuck got on the phone while Bob and I discussed the mobile phone situation. We decided to go all out. Full mobile and base setups with all the extras for maximum range. Chuck finally got off the phone smiling.

“Good news, the room was available until the weekend anyway, and the four day rate is the bahis şirketleri same as the weekly rate so no problem.”

“Thanks Chuck, I appreciate it. So let’s go get phones Bob!”

We went down the street and made a saleswomen’s day. It took several trips to get our stuff in the cars, both of us following her wiggling in her short dress. All of my extras went with Bob until I had my van back out here, and the trips in and out of the air conditioned store had her nipples standing out NICELY! The saleswoman even swapped out the batteries in the phones for fully charged ones from the demo phones so we could use them right away. Of course we totally objected to letting her switch the batteries out, pushing and flexing, making those nice tits jump and wiggle as she did, the neckline low enough I thought once or twice she was going to jump right out of her dress. So I was now the proud owner of a ‘brick’ mobile phone. (You remember them right?)

I made a stop at an electronics shop to have my cassette of Mickey’s and Cindy’s phone calls transferred to eight track. I also had several copies made just for fun. They told me to stop back in a few hours then I headed out to Jake’s property.

I drove out to the address Jake had given me, and had to go past and drive back again. This was a lot more than Jake had led me to believe. Yes it was out on the edge of town, but DAMN. It was seventy five acres in what was supposed to be a development. Notice I said ‘supposed’ to be. There was only a single road in to a cul-de-sac. A small house on one side that looked like it was used for an office and one straight ahead that looked more like something out of a ‘Gone with the Wind’ movie set, columns and all. Well, time to put my new phone to use. I called the number on the realtor sign out front and found out where a key was hidden. She said she would be out in a few hours to meet me. I didn’t bother to tell her I would probably be in and out in less than an hour.

The smaller house was definitely done up as the sales office. Everything was finished but only a couple of rooms on the main floor were actually used, the four bedrooms upstairs were virtually un-touched, but you could see where some furniture had once been from the impressions in the carpet. The basement was totally unfinished and had its own entrance through the left side walk out double French doors behind the garage. The house next door was a shell. The walls had drywall on them but that was it. No mud, paint, flooring, or appliances. The gas and water meters were locked off and still showed zero. Both places had pools half beside and half behind them but all they had were leaves in them. The one more behind the sales office might have had water at one time, but that was a LONG time ago. If Jake was as serious about the number he was throwing out this could be interesting. I called Jake and told him I could give him twelve thousand at the end of the week, and another ten in sixty days.

“You might want to talk to the realtor you are using. If you are paying for upkeep you are being short changed. Neither of the pools had been taken care of. All the underground plumbing is cracked and both pools are going to have to be ripped out to fix them.”

“You just got there; how do you know the pools are bad?”

“Jake, they had two inches of rain last week before I got here. If the plumbing was good there would be water in the bottom of the pools instead of dry leaves.”

“Those pools were supposed to be covered! Hang on a second.” I heard muffled voices, and Jake didn’t sound happy. “Sorry about that. Seems like you are saving me money one way or the other every time I talk with you.”

“Okayyyyy,…….. care to elaborate on that?”

“Well first you saved me a lot of time and hassle and probably some actual money getting rid of that manager. I didn’t even have to pay his severance package with what you had on tape. Second, I got a letter from the realtor. They had moved offices and hadn’t received the last maintenance check, it came back to us in the mail, and the next one was due. I just managed to get them both back from the mail room before the mail was picked up for the day.”

I just laughed. “Chill out Jake, you got it so be happy. Anyway, the twelve and ten is the best I can do. I will probably have the ten before the sixty days, but I don’t know how quickly the casinos will pay.”

“What do you mean… the casinos…?”

So I had to go into the whole explanation of what I was going to be doing and how the income would be pretty good, but not a regular paycheck.

“Danny, I have an idea, but I need to think some things through. I’ll get back to you, if you don’t hear from me call me back in an hour or so. If you can’t reach me here call me at home.”

“OK, will do,” and gave him my mobile number as well as the hotel information. I wonder what that was all about?

I stopped back by the electronics store to pick up the tapes. The guy at the counter said the manager had a question for me and directed me back to the office.

“You had a question?”

“Yea, the guy dubbing the tape listened to little bits here and there to make sure everything transferred OK.”


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