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Hi all. Navya again. Sharing the rest of my story as how I seduced and got fucked by my dad. If you have not, Please read my first story before reading this.

As I told in my other story, we moved to bedroom and I lied flat spreading my legs. My dad came between the legs and started licking my legs. He started from my toe and gradually moved his tongue towards my thigh. He was licking my thigh and with one hand he started rubbing my pussy as well. After sometime, he brought his magical tongue towards my pussy and started licking it. I was enjoying all these and producing ahhhh ohhh sound with excitement and pleasure. After licking my pussy for some time, he slowly inserted one finger in it. He was licking and fingering my pussy at the same time. I was in so much pleasure. Then he started fingering with two of his fingers. It went in easily as pussy was wet. After almost 15 minutes of simultaneous licking and fingering, juices started flowing from my pussy. He got some of the juice is his mouth. mobil porno He came near my lips and started kissing me again. All my pussy juices came to my mouth.

Then he brought a condom from his drawer. He was going to tear it, but I grabbed it and teared the condom packet by my mouth. Then I pulled the condom, kept it on his cock and rolled it. He then asked me to lie on bed. This time, he brought two pillows and put it under my ass. This brought my pussy up. I Pulled up my legs and kept on his shoulder. He started revolving his cock around my pussy. I was getting more and more exited. He kept the cock tip on my pussy and slowly pushed it inside. Half of his cock went in. He then gave a hard push and all the cock went in.

I was in pain. My boyfriend’s cock is not that much in girth, so my pussy was not much open. But my dad’s cock is 2.5 inches in diameter and thus giving me pain. He saw the pain and Stopped in that position for some time. As my pussy got accustomed to his mofos porno cock, He slowly started moving in and out. His 8 inches cock was hitting my uterus wall. I was both in pain and pleasure at same time. He slowly started increasing his speed.

After fucking me for 20 mins in this position, He pulled his cock out and rolled over. He lied down in the bed and asked me to ride the cock. I went up and started sitting on his cock. My pussy was fully wet and adjusted to his cock’s size. The cock went in easily. I was facing him and jumping up and down on his cock. He pulled me towards his chest. And then he grabbed mu boobs and started pressing it. I was jumping on his cock and he was pinching my nipples and pressing my boobs. Because of pressing and pinching, my boobs and nipples were red by now.

After some time, He asked me to get up and be in doggy pose. He then went behind me and started rubbing my pussy again. He then pushed his cock in full speed and it went in. He rammed naughty america porno my pussy in this position for almost 30 minutes. I was surprised that my dad has so much of stamina. I started thinking about mom for a moment. I was thinking how much she have in life to enjoy for. Till this point , he was licking and fucking me for almost 2 hours and still has some stamina left to make to whole night .

After ramming my pussy for almost 30 mins, his semen came out. Because of Condom, it did not go in my pussy. He was standing on bed. I then got up and removed the condom and started licking the cum. I licked all the cum on his penis. We both lied in bed for some time to gain some energy. After 20 mins, he got up, went to kitchen and got some juices with honey. He gave me a glass of juice. I got some energy. So, as him. And then he started fucking me again. This time he showed me aries and sledge position and asked me to choose one. I told, why not both of them.

Then he told me, lets start with sledge and then do Aries. I agreed. He then fucked me for another 2 hours in both these positions. Because of all this, my body was really tired and my pussy was swollen. We both rolled over to bed and slept.

I will describe rest of the story in my next part.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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