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“Hey, I really, really appreciate this,” said Emily as I hauled eleven plastic bags of groceries up the three steep flights of stairs to her apartment.

“No prob,” I grunted even as the handles of the heavy bags tore into my hands. It was now nearly three hours after she had asked me to help her pick up a few things at the store.

“You rock!” she told me as she climbed on ahead. I was distracted from the pain in my arms and hands by the devilishly delightful sight of the cheeks of her tightly clad ass bouncing up and down in sequence right at my eye level. Things were starting to get interesting in my shorts! Oh, my God she made me so horny—and so damn frustrated!

Emily was anything but a prude but when it came to me, the subject of sex was totally off limits. Oh, she had no qualms about talking about her lovers, mind you. She had enjoyed lots of them and I was privileged or cursed to know all of their names and the intimate details of their sex lives together. She liked to neatly categorize things in her life and I was definitely in the friend category as opposed to the lover category. The very tip-top of the friend category, mind you… but I could never cross over. Apparently, she had never heard of multi-tasking! I would do just about anything for her and she was well aware of that but my reward, more often than not, was a polite thank you before being sent on my way. No hugs and certainly no kisses! Uh-uh-uh! Touching was something reserved for lovers, not friends. Still, we made each other laugh a lot, and everyone needs someone to share their secrets with so I kept on coming back for more.

Finally, we reached the top of the stairs and headed down the long hallway toward the end apartment she’d had since moving out of her parents’ home two years ago. “You all right?” she asked.

“I’m fine,” I replied tiredly.

She stopped dead in her tracks and I nearly bumped into her. “What’s wrong?” she asked in a suddenly worried voice.

“Ugh! Exactly which word in the phrase ‘I’m fine’ would lead you to believe that I had an issue other than the fact that these damn bags of yours are heavy, I—am—fine, okay?”

“Okay. Fine. Got it,” she nodded with every word. “A bit overly dramatic, perhaps but…”

“Grrrr. Where’s my pills? You’re gonna give me a heart attack,” I joked. We both started laughing. “Just open the ratzafratza door so I can set these down. Please!”

“I have got to pee so bad,” she muttered under her breath as she fumbled with her key in the door.

“I will alert the media, my dear.”

“Shut up!”

“Just…! Hey, my arms are startin’ to stretch, here, all right?”

“Okay, okay! There.” She ran into the bathroom kicking off her shoes and yelling, “I’ll be right out. Just set the bags down in the kitchen and I’ll put everything away.”

“Got it,” I answered as I schlepped my load another fifteen feet only to drop it unceremoniously onto the tiled floor. It was nearly midnight now. The plastic had made indentations in my hands and I was rubbing them as I walked around turning on the lights being followed by Emily’s cat, Kiki. In the hallway I accidentally knocked over a basket of dirty laundry Em had left setting near the front door, apparently to be taken to the laundry room. I stooped down to pick up the dirty clothes that had fallen on the floor and found myself holding the tiniest piece of soft purple fabric I could have ever imagined as being clothing. Instantly, the magic fragrance identified it as underwear but I fumbled around with it trying to figure out just how it could possibly fit anyone other than a Barbie doll! As I held it in my hands like a string game, it finally revealed its shape and I couldn’t resist sniffing deeply at its sweet and sour center, just for a second. About that time, however, Kiki jumped up against the bathroom door at the other end of the hallway and knocked it wide open.

“Oh my gosh!” yelped Emily. Instinctively I looked up to see her sitting red-faced and spread-eagled on her little pink toilet seat, her sweats down around her ankles and the sounds of her bladder emptying itself still filling the air. She, on the other hand, couldn’t help but notice that I had the crotch of what may well have been her favorite g-string up against my face. “And just what the fuck do you think you’re doing, Elliot?”

“I…wait a minute, I was just picking these up! I…” Quickly, I stuffed the panty back into the laundry basket. I’m sure my face was deep red. I wanted to glance away but couldn’t take my eyes off of her peeing.

“And you, you silly cat,” she said as she finished up and wiped herself, “are in the doghouse with me, big time!” The cat just purred and rubbed up against her ankles, happy to see her home again. “I will be right out,” she said to me sternly as she pulled up her panties and pants and pushed the door closed again to wash up.

I was absolutely mortified. At the same time, though, I had just seen this young woman partially naked—and peeing yet—even as I sniffed her essence from the panties she’d worn tuzla escort earlier. The hard-on I quite often had around her was harder than ever.

She soon emerged with a sheepish look on her face. “Elliot, look, I’m sorry. I know how you feel, I really do, but—you know that’s a big emotional issue with me. I can’t…”

“Look, I am SO sorry! I really was just picking them up but…you know? It’s just that it all gets so ridiculously frustrating sometimes.” She looked understanding and a bit sad. ” I mean, I’d do anything for you. Anything! It’s just a little unfair. Okay, a LOT unfair!”

“I know, but…”

“You know we’ve never even kissed?” I interrupted, getting a little louder. “Not once. In three years of being so damn close that you call me to tell me when you’ve had an orgasm or to check on how late you are this month, you have refused to even offer me a quick hug or a peck on the cheek!”

“Elliot, touching turns me on. You of all people know that and that’s why I cannot touch you. I’ve told you a hundred times, if a guy so much as brushes me skin to skin, I am gone! You have got to understand! You are my closest friend, my confidante. You mean more to me than any sex partner I have ever had. Really! I can’t risk losing you and you know it. You’re too important in my life but you are NOT my boyfriend.”

“So I get nothing.” I was starting to rant and pace the room. I hated it that she could rationalize not giving me one damn thing. It made me feel like the bad guy for just wanting and needing to be closer to her. “I helped you move, I put your furniture together, I got you a job you love…Hell, I even did your taxes for the past two years! I listen to you go on and on about the gory details of what you do with other guys and it just makes me want to bang my head against the wall! I mean, look, you know how I feel about you. You know! The least you could do is offer me a quick buddy handjob every once in awhile! Is that really too much to ask? You’ve told me you don’t even consider that kind of thing as sex. I mean, you didn’t have a problem in the world screwing that guy you met last month in the parking lot at the Mall! Was HE your boyfriend?”

“Honey, that’s different and you know it. That was just sex. Calm down. He was cute.”

I stared somewhat incredulously and just shook my head. I could tell she was becoming nervous. “Kiss me.” I instructed as calmly as I could.

“I—can’t. Dammit, you know that, Elliot, I…”

“I said, ‘Kiss me’. Just once. One stupid little frickin’ kiss, okay? Call it my full reward for faithful service. If there’s nothing there, then fine, business as usual. At least I’ll know…WE’LL know! But if there is, we need to make up for wasting all of this time!”

“Elliot, you’re telling me that my friendship is not enough!” she sobbed. ” That’s not right.”

“No, what I’m saying now is that I deserve to know if it could be more. I need to know and if you’re really honest with yourself, I think you need to know, too. Kiss me and see what happens. That’s all I ask.” I kept staring unblinkingly into her eyes. After what seemed like ten minutes, she blinked first and without a word leaned in tentatively. Still somewhat out of breath, I closed my eyes in anticipation. This was the moment I had literally wished for a thousand times. One touch was all it took, she always said. One kiss and…Then, unexpectedly, I felt a nervous little peck on my cheek.

“There,” she said, grimacing and sounding glad that the ‘ordeal’ was over.

“Oh, Hell, no! That won’t do,” I growled in annoyed disappointment as I grasped her tightly with both arms and pulled her forcefully to me. She let out a loud cry and tried to avert her face. The look of fear I had planted in her eyes chilled me to the bone but I had passed the point of no return. Could I affect her like other men? I had to find out but if this didn’t work, she was quite literally going to kill me!

“No! NO!” she pleaded as she wriggled in my embrace, kicking aimlessly at my shins. Finally, our lips met in a forced lock and I pressed hard. The sweetness of her kiss, even under these circumstances was a revelation to me! She had told me over and over that whenever a guy kissed her she couldn’t help but melt in his arms. Her scared eyes closed and, almost as if someone had flipped a switch, her resistance began to quickly wither. Soon, she lessened her struggling and seemed to be kissing back, her tongue playing lightly on my lips. Her hands then wrapped around my back and held me even tighter than I had been holding her. It was true! We kissed again and again and I pulled us backwards to her big red fluffy living room couch where we both plopped and kissed some more, eventually introducing tongues in earnest. By this point, I wasn’t having to hold her so my hands were caressing her long black hair and rubbing her cheeks.

She moaned and pulled back with her eyes still closed. I could actually hear her overactive heartbeat. “This– is –SO—wrong!” she panted. “Elliot, we can’t…”

“We are,” I interrupted as tuzla escort bayan I carefully removed her glasses and placed them on the coffee table. “Sweetheart, no one is listening to you. No one. Not even you.”

Her eyes opened. “Not—really, I guess.” She seemed confused but not to the point where she didn’t kiss me again, this time on her own, running her hands through what was left of my hair.

Without even realizing it, I found myself squeezing her bra-less apple sized titties through the thin fabric of her pink spaghetti-strapped top. Her nipples seemed visibly pleased at the attention and I decided to see for myself. I wasn’t really much of a breast man but I had always found hers to be more than a little enticing, if only because they belonged to her. I pulled her shirt up over them and was amazed to discover the deep reddish color of her nips. While this was going on, Emily showed no sign of protest. In fact, she had started to rub my leg with her left hand. Her tits looked so appetizing, I couldn’t help but lean in and suck hard on one while squishing the other in my hand. I flicked the long, stiff nipple left and right inside my mouth. Her breast tasted of flesh and sweat and powder and smelled like heaven on a warm spring afternoon.

“Oh my STARS!” she exclaimed so loudly that the downstairs neighbors undoubtedly heard it. Her body trembled and shook in what may well have been a mini-orgasm just from my actions.

“Mmmmmmm!” I murmured with my mouth full. Then I lifted off and her shirt fell back down to cover her and the red marks I’d left on her boob. We smiled at each other for the first time in the few minutes since this had started. Bright colors seemed to spiral out from her eyes like I had released some sort of magical aura. We were both breathing hard but I was starting to think clearly again. “Em, I…”

“Sshhhh!” she admonished with a finger to her lips. “Don’t you dare apologize when you were right, dumbass! We have lots of lost time to make up for, remember?” With that, her hand began rubbing my stiffness through the pants. At first I assumed she was going to give me that handjob. She quickly undid my belt, unzipped me and removed my solid cock, squeezing and pulling at the unfamiliar flesh. Her eyes were glued to her work for a long moment but then she unexpectedly looked up and asked, “Do you like blowjobs?”

“I…Well, I never really…”

“Never? Oh, honey, I am SO sorry. I guess I’ll have to explain the concept.” While she was teasing me, she was jerking my organ in exactly the right way with her experienced hand. “You see, the boy’s …ummm, ‘thing’ goes into the pretty girl’s mouth like this…” With that, she engulfed my rigid prick with her lips but continued to try to talk. Mumbling incoherently with me puffing out her cheeks from the inside, we both started laughing and she had to pull off of me for fear of choking. “Well…” she coughed, scrunching her nose at me, “I guess you get the idea.” Her face was lit up as if my dick were a new toy she had dreamed about but never dared to hope she’d actually get.

We were sitting next to each other on the couch and her head began bobbing up and down in my lap, twisting occasionally so she could look me in the eye to check my reaction. She didn’t take me real deep but instead concentrated on pulling at the mushroom top with her tongue, wiggling it all around and right inside the little pee hole over and over. I tried to keep quiet, distancing myself from the whole situation so I wouldn’t come too soon and end it all. My increasingly heavy breathing betrayed me, however and the smacking sounds of my cock going in and out of Emily’s lips were too much. I pulled at her hair but couldn’t pull her off of me. “Wait….huh….wait…huh…please…I don’t want to…huh!” I wheezed.

With one loud smack, she lifted her head off but held onto me with her hand. “Ooooo! Are we too close, honey? Awww! But, you taste so good!” There was a thin string of pre-cum sticking her lower lip to the head of my literally throbbing dick. Seeing me take note of it, she smiled a naughty smile and rose to kiss me, pushing her slightly cummy tongue deep into my mouth and rolling it around inside. She let go of my manhood and said, “It’s your turn–finally. Do what you want with me, Elliott!”

“Lie down. I want to taste you, too.” With that, she started to pull off her top. “Stop that!” I said playfully. “I get to undress you.”

“Well, alrighty then!”

I pulled her top off easily leaving her in jeans and white socks. Naked, her breasts bounced freely and charmingly as she repositioned herself on the couch. She raised her arms behind her head and I could see little stubble under them. For some reason that made me hot. Her long, dark hair spread out behind her as if to frame her pretty face. Still, that wasn’t quite what I wanted. I reached out and unsnapped her jeans, trying to disguise the trembling in my hand. I slid them down to her knees, revealing a damp patch of black fabric tightly covering her crotch. The wondrous smell of her excitement escort tuzla wafted its way to my brain and I dug right in, furiously licking at her pussy right through her little thong. This caused her to make little “arfing” sounds as her pelvis ground into my face and vice-versa.

“Roll over and get on your knees,” I said in one quick outward breath.

“Why don’t you just…” she started.

“Just do it, okay?”

“Yes, sir,” she responded somewhat humbly.

I stood and pulled my long sleeved shirt up over my head. My cock was still sticking out through the hole in my boxers. I watched as she kicked her jeans the rest of the way off and positioned herself just the way I wanted her. As she rested her head on the couch pillow, her butt was up in the air. I massaged her cheeks to gentle moans. Finally I grasped the thin black belt of her underwear and peeled it slowly down the crack of her ass, just a tiny bit at first, then finally down to the bend of her knees. “I remember the first time you had anal sex,” I said as her cute little asshole came into view, making my mouth water. “You felt compelled to call me and tell me how it hurt, but how much you ultimately enjoyed it and how you hated your mother for being so narrow-minded as to have you grow up thinking anal sex was a bad thing. You know, ever since…”

“Oh my fucking gods and goddesses! Are you gonna make a speech or eat me out?” I slapped her left ass cheek hard. “OWW!” After that we both shut up and I moved my head to the prize that was her ass. Her hole was actually quite cute–crinkly and dark and seemingly winking at me. I slid my tongue straight down her crack several times, lingering longer each time at her clutching asshole. Eventually, I stayed there, licking and probing the musky smelling delicacy with my oh-too-short tongue. She used her arms to prop herself up as she involuntarily surrendered to the sensitive probings between her legs. “Oh, my STARS!” she panted as I added one finger to the mix rubbing her pussy. I still hadn’t gotten a good look at her snatch but I knew enough about anatomy to find her clit sight unseen. She felt raw, wet and primal down there, both forbidding and inviting. With my nose sniffing her ass, my tongue moved down to her cunt. I spread her puffy lips apart and pushed deep into the stubbly area between her thighs. Swabbing around the insides of her lust lips, I savored the various flavors that were Emily. I swore to myself that I would always remember each subtle variation of her taste. She was like a heady wine as I tried desperately to restrain myself from just guzzling it all down. Instead, I moved slowly and methodically, sliding first one, then two fingers into her moistness. Once they were wet, I took those same two fingers and slipped them easily into her ass, pausing my meal briefly to watch myself do so.

I slapped her on the cheek again, this time a little lighter. “Okay, now get on your back.” She rolled around without my having to take my fingers out of her butt for a second. The look on her face was deliciously dirty.

“I–I’m sorry I didn’t shave today. I had no idea that…”

“Sweetheart, I do not fuckin’ care! Your pussy is absolutely beautiful!” She raised her legs impressively over my back as I positioned myself at her lovely flower and began to drink my fill of its nectar while continuing to saw my sticky fingers in and out of her behind. With her left hand resting on my back, she began tickling her own clit as I licked her squishy pussy for all it was worth. Finally I had to wiggle my drying fingers away from her butt to slap her hand away so I could deal with her clit myself. Her lips were puffy, dark and shining with the dew we had brought on together. Her clit was nestled in its little valley, a tiny, hidden mound of pleasure. I touched it tentatively with my tongue and her back arched off the couch. Noting this, I placed my lips around it and sucked it in hard, causing Emily to grunt almost painfully. Inside my mouth, I used my tongue to bat it back and forth. The aroma between her legs was now delightfully, almost overwhelmingly pungent.

Her hands grasped the back of my head so I couldn’t pull away, not even to gasp for breath. Without warning, she began convulsing. I could feel gooseflesh form on her thighs where my hands gripped her and little birdlike cries came out of the back of her throat. Then, her legs trembling as they squeezed snuggly behind my back, she seemed to stop breathing. All the while I was perceiving these things, I kept concentrating on her button, pressing it left and right and over and over until finally, with a high-pitched wail, she gushed a little bit of liquid onto my beard and chin in several short bursts!

“Oh! OH! I can’t believe it! That only ever happened one other time!”

“I know, you told me,” I reminded her with a grin. Her face was flushed, her eyes looked crossed and with a great girlish giggle, she rose up and stuck her tongue back in my mouth to share in her deliciousness. I pushed her away and announced, “We’re not through, yet, you know,” as I pointed to the thick tube still tensing and throbbing out of my underwear. As she sat back on the couch and drew a deep breath, I took off the rest of my clothes as she watched me intently.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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