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Big Ass

It was good returning to college Sunday night. Though Jake missed his mother tremendously, he also knew the distance would serve him well. There were questions spinning around in his mind – things he needed to figure out on his own. Being around Chelsea had a way of skewing his objectivity, and he needed that bias out of the picture in order to make sense of things.

Knowing Chelsea for years had given him the chance to earn her friendship over time. Playful, fierce, and determined at everything she set her mind to, she also had one of the biggest and kindest hearts around. Her love was unconditional, and she was willing to give everything she had to be an outstanding mom. He didn’t want to leave her, but was that his heart or his cock doing the thinking?

Sometime over the course of the weekend, the notion had popped into his head that perhaps his mother was really what he wanted after all. But it was complicated to say the least. The love he felt for the parent wasn’t the same as what he felt for the woman. Where did one end and the other begin? He hoped that a few days apart would provide some clarity.

Then there was Vanessa. She was a catch by any man’s standards and had a good nature of her own. Sex had been their only struggle, otherwise they were the perfect couple. Though she and Jake had gone through a rough patch, it was slowly improving. And with Chelsea’s help, Vanessa would never again have a reason to complain.

Jake remembered all of the good memories they had made over the last few years. Even as friends, they had gravitated towards one another. Now as a couple, they were building something with the intent of sharing a future. Was that worth jeopardizing because of new pussy and a weekend fling?

Something inside was telling him that what was happening with Chelsea wasn’t just an extension of paternal love. The feeling was always with him, and he gave it serious attention. His time with Vanessa had been a joy, but he wasn’t sure it should continue any longer. With Chelsea, he felt warm and whole. But with his girlfriend, there were questions and uncertainties on the horizon. Jake knew what he wanted but decided to spend the week being certain of his decision.

Monday and Tuesday flew by while he kept with his college routine attending classes and socializing with friends. Part of him had hoped there would be some news about his short film, but it was still far too early. All he could do was wait.

“This story makes no sense,” he had told his friend, Miles, over lunch. “I’m all for you doing the writing and me turning it into movie; but honestly, how am I supposed to do anything with a script like this?”

Miles female agent porno shrugged his shoulders. “Movie magic?” He suggested.

Jake raised his eyebrows and smirked wondering if his friend had gone crazy. “Tie up the loose ends. And for God’s sake, stop trying to get the theatre majors to do nude scenes. I know you’re dying to see Amber Cowen’s tits, but I doubt that’s going to happen.”

“Doubt what’s going to happen?” Dana asked taking a seat on the arm of Miles’ chair and giving her boyfriend a kiss.

“It’s nothing,” Miles told her. “Just movie stuff.”

“Miles wants Amber Cowen to show her tits on film,” Jake commented and shrugged as his friend looked at him with surprise and betrayal.

“They are pretty amazing,” Dana said thinking out loud. “You wouldn’t even need to do any touch ups. They’re already perfect.”

“You’ve seen them?” Miles asked surprised. The injustice of the world had reached its peak.

“Of course, sweetie. We’re both on the swim team and group showers are pretty common. I can tell you firsthand that her tits are something you’re not likely to forget. It really is too bad you’ll never see them for yourself,” Dana said savoring the torture she was inflicting.

“That settles it then,” Jake said tossing Miles back his screenplay. Get rid of all six nude scenes, change the story, and run it by Dana for approval.”

“When did she become a part of this?” He asked stuffing the pages into his bag.

“You’re sleeping with me, babe,” she responded with obvious pleasure. “If I’m not happy with it, no sex.”

“Working under these conditions is brutal.”

Vanessa walked into the cafeteria and said a quick hello setting down her bag before heading off to grab some food. Miles scowled as she walked away. Instantly feeling agitated, he was brooding in silence.

“What’s gotten into you?” Jake asked noticing the change.

“It’s nothing,” he said. “Just forget about it.” He picked up his bag and fumbled with the zipper.

“Seriously,” his friend persisted. “You look like you need a serious drink, and it’s only noon. What’s up?”

Miles glanced up at his girlfriend who gave him a look of caution. She shook her head slightly, and Jake watched the pair wondering what the hell was going on. “I’m sorry, babe,” Miles told her. “But Jake has the right to know.”

“Know what?” He asked.

“Miles,” Dana said. “Don’t get involved.”

“Don’t get involved in what?”

“You might be comfortable with lying to your friends,” Miles told her. “But I’m not. And if that means no sex for a week, I’m still going to do it.”

“Do what?” gizli cekim porno Jake asked trying to make sense of whatever was happening.

“Look,” Miles said in all seriousness. “Vanessa is messing with you. She’s all lovey-dovey with you and screwing someone else.”

Jake was taken aback. He had never known Vanessa to be the cheating type. But then again, it made a lot of sense. She had been distant to a fault. On the surface, he had been the reason they weren’t spending the nights together. But the truth was that his girlfriend was getting her fix someplace else.

“How long have you known?” He asked looking from face to face and starting to feel like the fool.

“It started a couple weeks back at the concert,” Dana told him realizing that there was no further point in keeping the details a secret. “She hooked up with some guy in the band, and they’ve been going at it ever since. But he really is bad news,” she assured him. “And most of the time he’s too wasted to remember what happened.”

“I’m sorry,” Miles sympathized. “She can be a real piece of shit sometimes.”

“It’s fine,” Jake told them and was surprised to realize that he really was fine with it. Jake had been looking for a sign that he and Vanessa weren’t meant to be. He couldn’t have asked for anything more transparent than the news he’d just received. For the first time in days, there was clarity as things began to make sense. Both were alarmed when he gave them a smile and shrugged.

“Really,” he insisted. “I’m okay. But do me a favor and don’t mention this conversation. I’d rather deal with things on my own.”

Miles and his girlfriend both agreed and watched as Vanessa sat down pretending everything was normal. Jake talked to her just as he had every other day. Finding the situation too weird for their liking, they excused themselves to talk with each other about what they had just witnessed.

Left on his own with his Vanessa, Jake made up an excuse about needing a book from his dorm room and took her there to pick it up. Once inside, he came up behind her and began kissing his way down her neck.

“Jake,” she smiled trying to play along. “We agreed not to do this for a while.” He continued as if her words meant nothing. “Don’t start something you can’t finish,” she continued feeling his hands fondle her breasts and work their way down her hips.

“It’s alright,” he said calmly in between kisses. “You really should give your boyfriend a chance.”

Vanessa found herself in a precarious situation. Things wouldn’t calm down unless she took a stand, but doing so meant confessing the reason for her reluctance which glory hole secrets porno wasn’t something she was willing to do. The only other option was to play along. And when her boyfriend had spilled his load in a matter of minutes, it would create the perfect excuse to refuse letting this happen again. She decided to play along and waited.

Vanessa did everything she could to make her boyfriend cum. She sucked him hard and fast, rode him even harder, dug her nails into his chest, and told him every carnal thought that came into her head. But through it all, Jake remained hard and kept at it.

The tricks he had learned with Chelsea were paying off. Feeling his balls getting heavy and his orgasm fast approaching, he would pull out and used his mouth long enough to let the feeling subside. Then back at it, he surprised even himself working his girlfriend over time and again.

At first frustrated that her boyfriend was taking so long to cum, Vanessa pulled out every trick she had to bring him over the edge only to find her efforts useless. She went at it harder than ever. And while putting so much of herself into the moment, she actually started to enjoy it.

When the first orgasm hit her, Vanessa’s world was shaken. She had cum harder than anything comparable to what she’d experienced with her stoned lover on the side. This made her feel confused, and she needed this experience to be over for her to make sense of things. But it continued.

A second climax ran like hot wire throughout Vanessa’s body, and her thighs and arms trembled from the intensity. The feeling was incredible. Every inch of her skin was hyper aware, and even the gentlest suck on her nipples made her breathe in sharply and maintain a state of utter bliss. When the third orgasm took her, she passed out from utter bliss.

Friday rolled around, and Vanessa was still in a state of shock. She had met up with her plaything in the band the night before and was almost insulted by his booty call. He had been stoned as always and was on the brink of making her cum when he passed out. She had been closer than Jake had ever brought her in the past, but it was a far cry away from the experience of Tuesday afternoon. She wanted more.

Vanessa was stuck in a lecture and considering how to sort things out when a message from Jake vibrated her phone. She subtly placed it under her textbook and illuminated the screen. Her eyes instantly grew wide.

I’m not going to compete with a musician, it read. He can have you.

Without saying a word, she gathered up her things and left the lecture hall as quickly as she could. Vanessa wanted to message him back, but it was obvious this was a conversation that needed to happen in person. She headed straight for his dorm room and knocked, but there was no answer. She knocked again only to be met with silence. Glancing out the window to the parking lot, she could see where his car had been parked the day before. Jake had already gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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