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Damn, the cable guy was hot. He had to be middle-eastern, maybe Puerto Rican, slightly Asian, with deep set eyes and slick, slightly curly hair. Tall, muscular — not brawny, but definitely lean and hard — with light caramel skin. I salivated as his lifted and ripped open heavy boxes, expertly using power tools as he worked. Through the thin material of his white button-down shirt, I could see he had five or six intricate tattoos on his broad, long back.

As he worked, all I could think about was sucking his cock. I closed my eyes and imagined my lips bumping over every vein on his erect thickness, making his cock glisten and shine. I pictured myself on my knees in front of him, my mouth locked on his dick as he held my head in place.

He chose a screwdriver from his toolbox. I imagined him anally probing me with the blunt ends of his tools, testing which one made me scream most, before fucking me on my couch. With an involuntary hiss of lustful breath, I imagined the delicious sting of being stretched too wide, too fast by his too-hard cock. I closed my eyes and dwelled on this secret thought, aching to touch myself. Eyes closed, I could still smell him — sweat, glue and cigarette smoke.

I don’t know how much my extreme horniness showed, but it must have been impossible to ignore, because at that point, he got up, dusted his hands, came over and kissed me hard on the lips.

I submitted instantly, pulling at his shirt. When it was off, I quickly gave each of his nipples a teasing lick, kissed his beautiful abs and fell eagerly to my knees. He grinned and powerfully yanked down his zipper, his cock thwacking hard on my chin as I pulled his cargos off, as hard, thick and long as I’d imagined. The skin was pulled taut and veins popped, the tip a shiny, dull pink. His balls were a thickening, fuzzy pouch.

I sucked his cock, moaning, taking him deep and then dragging my lips to the tip, over and over, sometimes ending in a kiss, and then I’d lick him languidly, swirling my tongue underneath the tip, slowly sliding the shaft in again, balls deep. I alternated deepthroating him wildly, my head slamming down, his cock at the back of my throat, and kissing, shallow sucking and mouthing the tip of his cock with my lips. He stood with his legs apart, hands on my head, eyes closed and telling tuzla escort me softly what to do with his cock. I could see myself in the blank screen of my new t.v., thrilled at the naughty image.

“Yeah, you can’t get enough of my cock, can you?” he said. I moaned in agreement. It was going to be my personal dirty secret: I loved sucking the cable guy’s beautiful cock. I loved to be kneeling in the middle of my living room, sucking hard on this complete stranger’s delicious dark cock.

He came in my mouth, about ten jets of cum which I swallowed. Grinning as I gasped with satisfaction, he stuffed his dick back inside his briefs, and went back to work.


Throughout my holiday with my girlfriends at the Bahamas, all I could think about was my boyfriend. Sexy Dave with his blond hair, great body and dick. I wondered if he’d missed me too. It made me wet to think about him, and my girlfriends all wondered why I was longer than usual in the bathroom all the time.

When I got back, he was already waiting for me in my apartment. He was grinning wide, and his eyes were filled with naked lust. We kissed deeply. “I missed you” he said, caressing my hair with one hand, “…and I missed this,” he said, reaching under my skirt for my pussy.

Moaning, I kneeled in front of his bulging jeans as he stripped of his T-shirt. I began to undo his belt, but he grabbed my wrists.

“No babe” he said gruffly, pulling me up. “I need to fuck you to get the edge off first. Then you can suck my cock.” He pulled my dress over my head and ripped off my panties with a grunt. His eagerness made me so hot. He unzipped his fly and kicked off his jeans — his nine inch cock was already hard.

“Let me show you how much I missed this pussy,” he said, lifting me up and hoisting my legs. I circled my arms around his shoulders as he entered me, fucking me standing up. His enormous cock felt so good in my sex starved pussy. I rode him, screaming with joy as he grabbed my ass and slammed me toward him, hard, for maximum penetration.

His hard body tensed as he fucked me harder and harder. I was creaming like crazy, making his cock slick and slippery. He slapped my ass and furiously licked between my breasts, his mouth searching for my hard nipples.

Mid-fuck, he pulled his cock out and lifted me powerfully to his mouth, tuzla escort bayan throwing my legs behind his shoulders. Supporting me by my ass, he gave my shiny cunt a deep, probing lick and gave my clit a strong, incredibly rough, kissing suck, pinching it with his lips. Then he dropped me back onto his cock.

“Yesss…I’m close babe. Squeeze that cock with your cunt,” he said. His body shone with sweat. I tried to squeeze him, but I came instead, hard. He came too, a moment later, filling my pussy with cum. I clung to him, gasping, my pussy a wet mess of his cum and my excited juices. “FUCK YEAH!” he roared. He pulled his cock out and pushed me to my knees.

“Now how about that blowjob?” he said, grinning.

“He’s a keeper,” I thought to myself, as I began to suck on his glistening cock.


My hot secretary Rachel is a teasing slut. I knew she wanted me. She knows she drives me crazy swaying in and out of my office in her miniskirt and heels. She had this Latina look and all I could think about was getting some of that honey tits ass and pussy. Yesterday was the last straw. She’d been unbuttoning herself all morning whenever I passed her desk, no bra, and I could see her luscious nipples. That was it. I had to fuck her.

I loaded her with work and said it was urgent, definitely needed before tomorrow. This would make her stay after hours. I waited, my blood boiling with excitement. Around 7, when all the staff had left, Rachel sashayed into my room and dropped the work on my desk. I could smell her wetness. I was going to have to lead.

“Would that be all, Mr Banks?” she asked, full of suggestion.

“Close the door, Rachel.” I said quietly. “Lock it.”

“Can I ask why, sir?” she asked, obeying.

“Because,” I said, getting up and taking off my tie, “I can’t risk someone walking in while I’m fucking you hard on that couch”.

“Ooh…!” she nearly swooned. She unbuttoned the rest of clothes and her full breasts spilled out. “Fuck me…!” she whispered, desperately.

Once my shirt was off I grabbed one of her tits and cupped her pussy through her damp panties. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you cock-teasing little slut. Sit on that couch and spread.” I said. She obeyed, trembling. Holding her thighs apart, I hungrily began to lap at her shiny wet cunt, plunging my tongue escort tuzla deep and sucking her clit hard while she begged me not to stop. I parted her labia and probed her with my rough fingers, groaning at how wet and tight she was.

“You’ve got such a pretty cunt, Rachel. It’s a shame I’m gonna do so much damage with my cock,” I said, foul-mouthed and excited. I unzipped my dress pants and threw them aside. My dick was so hard it ached. Rachel got to her knees and started sucking my off as I leaned on my desk, my hands on the back of her head, pushing down, deeper to get my cock in her throat. She gave great head. Her soft pink lips were a nice, comfortable ring around my shaft, her suction strong and expert. Now and then she would stop with a delighted gasp to breathe and smile at me, before slipping my cock in again slowly from the sensitive tip.

I fucked her on my couch. Holding her by the ankles, I drove, drove, DROVE my dick deep inside her pussy. Her pussy kept creaming as I fucked. She was so wet she made my cock slick-hard. She played with her clit while I thrust my cock in and out of her deliciously tight twat. She looked even prettier getting boned. I loved her shallow, excited little gasps of pleasure.

I sat on the couch so she could ride me. I squeezed her tits while as she straddled my thighs and bounced up and down on my cock. I leaned back and sighed as she did the work. Her incredibly silky cunt was a real cock-treat.

“Oh baby…I’ve wanted this for so long,” she whispered, riding me so hard her tits flounced.

“Yeah…I bet you’ve been thinking about my cock since your first day here. Enjoy it you little tease.” She squealed.

My cock still in her, I carried her and laid her on her back to fuck missionary. I plunged my cock into her sweet, gripping cunt. “Yeah you like that? You like fucking your boss?” I said. I tweaked her nipples and she must have felt it in her pussy because it creamed even more. “Yeah…you’re such a sexy little cock-thrill,” I said. She squirmed at my dirty talk.

“Yesss…,” She whispered.

“You love being a cocktease, don’t you…yeah you just love to get my cock hard.” I thumbed her clit as I fucked her, so hard the couch banged loudly against the wall. “Give it to me yeah, give me that tight PUSSY!” I roared as I came deep inside her cunt.

That night, I came again on her tits, on her ass, once more in her pussy and twice in her mouth. The next morning, she received a promotion, and among her job requirements was “willing to stay after office hours”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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