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Public Sex

It was a Saturday night and I was bored. I figured I’d hang out at the bowling lanes and maybe get a few games of practice in. I normally only bowl on league nights, but I had nothing else to do. I pulled up into the bowling alley parking lot and went inside. It was the typical leagues going on, and a few families bowling. Well, I got a pair of lanes and went over to my locker to get my shoes and balls. It was a warm night so I was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.

While I was bending down to put my shoes on, I looked up and saw a pair of incredible sexy legs. As I fumbled to get my shoes on, my eyes started scanning them slowly. Starting at the feet,my eyes slowly working upwards, to perfect calves, cute knees, and beautiful soft full thighs, a nice tummy. My gaze moving higher, a beautiful chest with just a hint of nipple showing, a beautiful smile. Damn, the most kissable smile I have ever seen, incredible eyes, and sorta straight shoulder length reddish hair. She was aware of me looking her over, I slightly blushed and managed to stutter “hi.”

She said hello back and smiled, and walked away to her lane. I was turned on by her aloofness. I thought well, she was worth looking at anyway. I walked to my lanes and started to bowl, I needed he practice as I’ve been struggling in the league and maybe this was just what I needed. I had a hard time concentrating however, I just couldn’t get her out of my mind. She was only a couple of lanes away from me. I watched as she struggled and threw gutter balls one after the other. I got up the courage and went over to her “hi I’m Bill. I noticed you’re having a hard time there, would you like a few pointers?” I asked.

She slowly turned around and smiled, “Hi, I’d love some.”

Her friends just giggled as I started to show her how to hold the ball and how to release it, also how to aim away from the gutter. I was in heaven; pendik escort she was close and rubbing her body against mine as I was showing her how to bowl. She made her first direct hit to some pins, no gutter ball. I smiled, “see it’s all in the delivery, I knew you could do it.” She thanked me and I excused myself and went back to my lane. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was checking me out. I just smiled to myself thinking that there was no shot at her.

She left to go towards the bathroom just as I was finishing my last game. I watched her go with such disappointment. About 10 minutes later I also went to use the bathroom. As I was walking into the men’s room, I felt a soft breathe on my neck, and heard a sexy voice say “I thought you would never get here. I felt you showed me how to handle the bowling balls, now it’s my turn to show you how I can handle your balls.”

My knees got weak, as she pulled me into the bathroom stall. She turned and locked the door as we went through. She pushed me against the wall and said as she was looking me over from head to toe, “… so you like what you see baby?”

She started to kiss my neck, it was like she sensed my weak spot, and I was like rubber, unable to stand, but she kept pressure against me pinning me against the wall. I was so turned on; she started to kiss me, gently at first, then more passionately. We were kissing and exploring each others mouths with our tongues. My hands where roaming over her arms and barely touching the side of her breasts. She inhaled when I touched her them, I groaned and slipped her tank top off and let it drop to the floor. I stepped back and looked at her in her standing there in a very sexy red satin bra. Her chest looked amazing. But I knew I couldn’t take time to admire it as I could see the passion in her eyes. She demanded that I take my pants off.

I wasn’t about escort pendik to argue with this beauty so I slowly unzipped them and slid them down my hips, as she watched. I was shivering as they dropped to the floor and I kicked them away. She still

stood there and looked. She said “Now turn around slowly.”

I started to turn and her hands where gently caressing me as I turned. She was playing with my ass and gently pushed me against the wall again, while still rubbing my ass. She grabbed it and squeezed hard. Then suddenly I felt a stinging as her hand came down hard on my ass cheek. I was so excited…the feeling was incredible. She then started to kiss and lick my back and worked his way up to my neck. All I could do was groan. I could feel her smiling against my neck; she knew what she was doing to me.

She put her arms around me, caressing as she did. Her hands were at the waist band of my underwear. Slipping her fingers inside, she slowly worked her way towards my engorged cock. I was already hard and throbbing as she lightly stroked me. She continued to play with my cock, rubbing my balls as I groaned and withered against the wall. She started working her fingers faster around my cock; I was so close to cumming.

She suddenly stopped, grabbed my shoulders and turned me around. Exerting pressure, she forced me down to my knees. I knew exactly what she wanted; so I pulled down her shorts and panties in one quick move exposing her shaved mound.

Grabbing my head, pulling in into her, I eagerly began to lick and suck her pussy. My tongue lapping between the lips, she was so wet I could feel it dripping down my chin. I lapped up as much of her sweet nectar as I could. I took my other hand and slid 2 fingers inside, moving them in and out. I could feel that she was about to come so I stopped sucking and just licked her pussy lightly. I let her relax or just a pendik escort bayan little. As soon as I felt her relaxing I started to suck her pussy harder while flicking my tongue on her clit as I sucked. My other hand worked its way to her ass and I inserted a finger in. It was so wet from being in her pussy, so it slid in her ass effortlessly. I was sucking her pussy and fucking her ass with my finger. She was begging me to make her cum. She started to shake with the first wave of a orgasm. I grabbed each cheek of her ass with both hands and held her to me as I sucked. She was cumming so hard; shaking from the force of her orgasm. I held her to my mouth as I continued to let my tongue work as she begged me to stop.

Stopping, I looked up at her and smiled, my hard throbbing cock pressing against her thigh. I pushed her back against the wall. She placed her foot on the toilet seat as I slowly pushed my cock deep into her. I grabbed her ass cheeks as she wrapped her other leg around me. With her back against the wall, I held onto her ass as I continued to pound my hard cock deep into her pussy. Sliding in and out, hard…fast, my mouth pressed against hers kissing her deep and passionately.

I was slamming her against the wall, fucking her hard. Moaning loudly, we were both so close to cumming. Her eyes were glazed over; I gave her a few more thrusts and she started shaking. I let out a deep groan as her pussy began to grip my hard cock causing me to let go and fill her pussy with my hot cum.

Still pressed against the wall, kissing her softly, my deflated cock slid from her wet pussy as the passion that filled us began to subside. Smiling, I backed away as we began to get dressed. Our eyes glued on each other, not a word being said. When she finished, she gave me the sweetest, most gentle kiss, unlocked the door and started to walk away. I said “Wait, I don’t even know your name.”

She turned, smiled, blew me a kiss and just kept walking out of the bathroom. I never did get her name and I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again but I will be spending more Saturday nights at the lanes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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