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Author’s Note: Anyone still reading should know the drill. This series is mainly about incest and jokes that only work some of the time, and a bunch of other fetishes strewn all over the floor to be accidentally stepped on when you’re not looking. Enjoy.


Emily’s eyes opened wide and bright as soon as she woke up. She immediately flung back the covers to check on spiffy new penis. Her ensuing cry of despair startled Jaime out of bed, and he crashed to the floor.

“What?” Jaime asked, his head poking back up over the edge of the bed like a ground hog. “What’s the matter? Are we under attack?”

“Worse,” Emily sobbed disconsolately.

“You’re pregnant?”

“Even worse!”

“You’ve been mind controlled to hate sex again?”

“Wor- no wait, not that bad.” Emily shivered at the memory.

Jaime pondered a moment. “You woke up and aren’t horny?”

“As if that would ever happen. No, Jai, my cock’s gone.”

“Ah, yes, so it is.”

Emily stared sadly at her crotch where her beautiful, shiny new penis had turned back into her plain, boring old strapon. It used to be her favourite thing, but couldn’t very well compare to the actual flesh and blood version.

“That’s such a tease,” Emily muttered. “I had such plans for my cock.”

“By any chance, did all these alleged plans involve ruthlessly pounding my mouth and ass and filling me up with a ridiculous amount of girl-cum?”

“Um… probably. Let me check.” Emily pulled out her schedule for the next week. She traced her finger across line after line involving gratuitous, brotherly incest. “Hm, yep. Pretty much. That wasn’t very good scheduling, though. I really should have left room for fucking a few other people in there somewhere.” Emily tossed her planner away. “But I guess it doesn’t matter now.”

Jaime’s butt relaxed in relief at not being the target of an inhumane amount of luxurious fucking.

“You got your pussy back,” Jaime said, attempting to point out a bright side. “That’s pretty nice.”

Emily was unconvinced. “Is it though?”

“Of course it is. Your sweet cunt’s one of the top three things I love most about you.”

Emily bit her lip. She was swayed by her brother’s romantic flattery, but not yet convinced. “But I liked having a cock better.”

“I know, Em. It’s rough. Let me make it better for you.”

Jaime pulled off her strapon and lay down between her legs. He buried his face in her cute little pussy and licked enthusiastically. He, for one, was much happier eating out her tasty snatch that trying to accommodate her big girl-cock being jammed down his throat over and over. He was just weird that way.

Emily chilled out as she was licked to orgasm by her beloved brother. She relaxed even more when he shoved his cock inside her and began battering her uterus. It was so considerate of him to give her a nice, hard fucking when she was feeling so disheartened. He was always thinking of her.

The siblings had lovely incestuous sex for a while, and Emily gradually felt more and more like her usual self. She still longed for her cock, but getting to feel her brother’s dick all up inside her ovaries was nice too.

Jaime was doing his best to pound the shit out of his sister’s tight little cunt. Proper pussy destruction was the only thing that had a chance of consoling Emily. She needed to be reminded how much she loved her slutty girl body, and that she could still have just as much fun without her sexy, sexy penis.

It wasn’t until Jaime came that Emily was totally convinced. Feeling her uterus and ovaries become flooded with brother-cum reminded her of the joys of being totally girl-shaped.

After giving Emily’s baby factory a thorough cum-basting, Jaime pulled out and showered the remainder of his orgasm over her lithe, naked form. She giggled happily and rubbed his semen all over her body and massaged it into her hair.

“Feeling better now?” Jaime asked.

“Much better. Thanks, bro. You really know how to cheer a girl up.”

“I do what I can.”

Emily sat up with a gooey squelch. She patted her tummy. “You really filled up my ovaries this time. Good thing you have that magical cereal box ring that prevents pregnancy, or we’d be risking incest octuplets.”

“Oh yeah, I do, don’t I,” said Jaime. “We should probably mention that occasionally so the readers- I mean so we don’t forget.”

“Mmm. It’s so nice being able to have my little pussy and uterus filled up with brother-cum,” Emily said. “I personally would never forget that we can totally get away with that ever since chapter eight.”

The siblings shared a cummy kiss before Emily hauled herself out of the nice, warm, sticky bed.

“You should probably get cleaned up before school,” Jaime said.

“I know,” Emily said regretfully. “I was just on my way to the bathroom. I’d really like to stay and luxuriate in a nice creamy bed all morning, but unfortunately we’re responsible students who value our education and getting to school on time.”

“More’s the pity,” Jaime concurred. “I’ll probably have to throw out the mattress in the pendik escort meantime. Can’t have Mom stumbling upon it in this state while she’s still mind-controlled into thinking sex is bad by those cultists from chapter nine.”

“Nice recap,” Emily said. “But you don’t think we could maybe save our nice squishy bed for tonight?”

“I don’t. It’s too risky. Plus all the cum’ll get cold by then.”

“Oh yeah. Ew.” Emily made a face. “Sleeping in room temperature cum would be gross.”

“Yeah. That’s the part that would be gross. Definitely.”

Emily snuck to the shower while Jaime dealt with disposing of their sodden mattress in the backyard mattress incinerator. She tried to wash herself off quickly, but there was so much cum that she didn’t really get anywhere.

Part of the problem was Emily kept getting distracted playing with herself in her cummy state. She meant to rinse and scrub, but her gooey, slippery skin was so tantalizing. She rubbed her tits for a while, then played with her pussy in the hope of being able to cram some more cum inside. She couldn’t, though, since she was already packed full.

She then got some play time with BJ, her butt plug. He was growing so big, and she was such a proud mommy. She pulled him in and out of her bum, thoroughly enjoying the way he stretched her asshole out at his widest point.

Jaime finally had to join her in the shower and help Emily get cleaned up since she was taking forever. With their efforts combined, they were much more successful.

“There we go,” Jaime said with a celebratory spank on his sister’s tight ass. “All squeaky clean.”

“Thanks, bro,” Emily said. “Now how about a quick fuck?”

“We already had one. We really don’t have time for-“

“Oops,” Emily said as she ‘accidentally’ pulled her butt plug out and backed up into Jaime’s cock.

Her well practiced and extremely slutty bumhole latched on to her brother’s fantastic penis and sucked it in. Jaime was helpless against her butt-fu. He was drawn into her impossibly tight rear hole, nearly cumming at the initial feeling of loving snugness that only his sister’s body could provide.

Emily squealed with pure glee as her beloved brother, the love of her life, grabbed her firmly by the hips and set about wrecking her ass. Being used as her brother’s anal fuck toy-in a totally caring and respectful way of course-was her very favourite thing in life.

If Emily could have spent every second of her existence having hard, passionate, incestuous butt sex with Jaime, she wouldn’t have even had to think about it. She would have jumped at the chance and spent the rest of her days as a blissfully fulfilled sister-shaped cock toy.

Unfortunately, Christine was not currently aware of her daughter’s hopes and dreams, nor would she have been supportive like a good mother should be. She would have found the very notion of her sweet, innocent children having hot, sexy, teenage butt sex to be abhorrent and disgusting, and not at all the beautiful display of pure and holy love that it truly was.

Jaime and Emily both knew that their mother needed help with her cult-imposed mind-affliction, and also knew that it was kind of a bad thing when she started pounding on the bathroom door demanding to know who was taking so long.

“Emily?” Christine demanded. “Is that you hogging the shower? You’ve been in there far too long.”

Emily remained frozen for a moment with Jaime buried firmly up her bum. It was a cunning response, since there was a chance their mom’s vision was based on movement, just like the dinosaur from that one movie. Christine didn’t actually barge in, however, so they weren’t yet discovered.

“Yeah, Mom,” Emily called back. “It’s me in here. Just me. No Jaime.”

“I’m not here,” Jaime confirmed.

“Glad to hear it,” Christine said. “I don’t even want to think what sort of disgusting things might happen if your brother was in the shower with you.”

“Probably some lovely-” Emily started before having Jaime’s hand slapped across her mouth.

“She doesn’t want to think about it,” Jaime hissed.

Emily realized her mistake and nodded acknowledgement. She had a bad tendency to assume that everyone understood how wonderful incest was, and also to ignore any signal they might give that they felt the opposite.

“What I mean to say,” Emily said loudly, “is that if my brother somehow accidentally entered the bathroom while I was all naked and wet and totally wicked hot and shit, I would of course try to cover my naughty bits while also shrieking for him to get out.”

Jaime flashed her a thumbs up for her totally convincing lie.

“As is tradition,” Christine agreed. “I’m glad to see you’re learning something at school. I was beginning to wonder.”

“Oh sure,” Emily said. “Loads of things. Just please don’t ask me to name any of them.”

“I didn’t plan on asking,” Christine said. “All I really want is for you to get out of the shower already. Some of us have things to do today.”

“You do?” Emily asked with genuine surprise. “I mean, I know you had a business job back in the escort pendik earlier chapters, but lately it seems like you don’t do much of anything when me and Jai aren’t around.”

“Don’t talk to your mother that way, young lady,” Christine chided. “What I do is none of your concern. Now, I’m giving you two minutes before I come in there and pull you out of the shower myself.”

“Ah ha!” said Emily. “You can’t do that since I’m naked in here and if you came in you’d see my luscious girly parts.”

“I’m your mother and we’re both girls,” Christine said. “It’s totally not weird or sexual for me to see your tits or vagina. Or even your ass for that matter.”

“Aw shit,” Emily muttered. “She’s right. Girls are totally allowed to see each other’s bits in a totally platonic and not sexual way. Especially mothers with their daughters.”

“Yeah, it’s weird, but scientifically factual,” Jaime said. “I personally don’t understand how anyone could see you naked and not want to fuck you.”

“Aw, thanks. That’s so sweet.”

Outside the bathroom, Christine had started counting down their two minutes. They didn’t have much time.

With the quick thinking and excellent technical skills they were known for, Jaime and Emily grabbed some tools from under the sink and silently knocked a big hole in the wall. They then put on their hard hats and goggles, as well as a little safety vest for Jaime’s dick, and set about doing some swift and subtle carpentry.

They finished up installing a brand new picture window just in the nick of time. Jaime still ran into a problem when he tried to make his escape.

“Um, I don’t think this window opens,” he said. “Did we just install a non-opening window as my escape plan?”

“Yeah, I thought that might be what we were doing,” Emily said with careful consideration. “But I wasn’t sure until we were finished. I don’t really know that much about carpentry.”

“Me either,” Jaime said. “Still, a fully installed picture window in under two minutes wasn’t a bad effort.”

“We did good,” Emily concurred. “And luckily I had the idea to install a totally hidden and undetectable secret exit while we were working.”

“Wow,” said Jaime, genuinely impressed. “Where does it lead?”

“Outside. It’s literally just a doggy door.”

Emily held open the super secret exit door for her brother while he dove out just at the very last second. Despite having nearly a full two minutes to work with, the siblings had still almost dawdled long enough to get caught.

Christine burst in just as Jaime had disappeared. Emily smiled innocently amongst the debris of their recent construction job.

“Emily, what did you do?” Christine asked.

“I put in a window as a surprise for you,” Emily said. She spread her arms. “Surprise!”

“Why on earth would you do that?”

“I mean, look at all the natural sunlight in here now. It’s much cheerier.”

“Emily, darling, this is a bathroom. This is where we shower, or bathe, or… actually I’m not sure what the toilet’s for, no one’s ever used it.”

Emily remained undaunted. “Those things are true.”

Christine waited to see if her daughter would figure out her grievous error, then she remembered this was Emily she was talking to. “We get naked in here,” she explained patiently.


“And now there’s a great big window taking up most of the wall.”

“Uh huh.”

“People can see us, Emily. They can see in through the window and see our naked bodies. In fact, you’re naked right now, and anybody looking in would see you.”

Emily had grasped these things, she wasn’t stupid, but she had once again failed to remember that being seen naked wasn’t something she was supposed to enjoy. “Oh,” she said. “Right. Because those things you just said are bad things. Gotcha.”

“Exactly. Now, do you think you could possibly put the wall back the way it was?”

“Doubt it. I’m not much of a carpenter.”

Christine waved a hand at the professionally rebuilt wall. “You just did all that.”

“Yeah, but main characters can do basically anything when the plot calls for it and they’ve got a lazy writer. That doesn’t mean I can just do carpentry whenever I feel like it.”

“Fine, fine. I don’t know what any of that means, but maybe the window won’t be so bad. At least clean up all the tools and sawdust and bits of wire and pipe that look like they might have actually been quite important before they were ripped out.”

“Sure thing.”

Emily hummed to herself while ineffectively trying to shove all the mess under the bath mat by the tub. Christine silently despaired.

Emily made sure to bend over quite a bit more than necessary, and also show off her beautiful naked body from every conceivable angle, just in case it might turn her mother on. No such luck, but at least it was fun.

Christine stripped nude as well, thinking nothing of taking a perfectly innocent shower with her daughter still in the room. They were both girls, after all. And mother daughter relationships were absolutely capable of containing some shared naked time without pendik escort bayan it being weird or sexual. She couldn’t really think of any good examples or reasons why that was true, but she was sure it was.

After finishing her castle of debris with a bath mat thrown over top, Emily’s attention was firmly set on her naked milf of a mother. She fought her urges to jump in the shower and try to get some mother on daughter action going, but there was only so long that kind of internal struggle was going to last. Emily just didn’t have it in her to watch her sexy mommy soap up her big, juicy tits and plump, round ass and not try to get in on that.

“Need some help showering?” Emily asked, already stepping in behind her mother as she spoke.

“No, Emily,” said Christine. “I’m a grown woman. I can shower by myself.”

“Ok,” said Emily, who then proceeded to squirt some body wash into her hand and lather up her mom’s thick butt.

“I said no.” Christine swatted at Emily, but she may as well have been trying to kill a fly with an oversized comedy mallet.

“This will be excellent mother-daughter bonding time,” Emily said.

“That’s not what showers are for.”

“Why not? It seems like a perfect time to me. No distractions, no one to interrupt us, just you and me. A naked mommy and her baby girl, getting all wet and slippery together.”

“I just don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Emily was still rubbing Christine’s ass. She was getting so bold as to slip the occasional finger into her mom’s butthole. All under the pretense of cleaning, of course.

“Well I, for one, feel much closer to you right now,” Emily said.

Christine hesitated. It was very tempting to seize upon a chance to bond with her daughter, since she felt like she had very little idea what was going on with her children these days. However, she couldn’t help feeling like Emily was up to something more than just some innocent family time. The way Emily kept trying to shove a hand up her ass had something to do with that suspicion.

“Emily, dear, please stop trying to fist Mommy’s bum,” Christine said. “I know you’re trying to be helpful, but that sort of thing could be considered somewhat sexual.”

Emily was the picture of wide-eyed innocence. “Could it?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so.”


That didn’t stop Emily, so Christine was forced to physically drag her daughter away from her butt.

“Emily, seriously, please don’t stick your fingers or hand inside my bum or vagina.”

“Ok, Mommy. Sorry. Can I wash your sweet tits then?”

Christine frowned. “I suppose that’s fine. I wish you wouldn’t say it like that, is all.”

“Oh, right. I meant to ask if I could wash your breasts.”

Christine relaxed a little. “That’s better. As long as there’s no sexualization going on, there’s no reason a mother and daughter shouldn’t be physically close and intimate, such as in the case of you washing my sweet tits. I mean breasts. Shit, you got me doing it now.”

“Sorry, Mommy.”

Emily scrubbed, washed, and occasionally motorboated her mother’s breasts for as long as she could get away with it. When her mom wasn’t watching close enough, she pressed her slick little body close and rubbed their boobies together.

Christine was confused at how aroused she felt. She couldn’t understand why, since all the was happening was her super hot daughter was helping her shower and spending an awful lot of time and effort on her big, juicy mommy-tits. Nothing out of the ordinary, really.

“Maybe that’s enough breast washing,” Christine suggested. “You’ve been at them a while. I think they’re as clean as they’ve ever been.”

“Fine,” Emily said reluctantly. She immediately knelt down.

“And maybe not my vagina either.”

Emily pouted. “Alright.”

Christine stopped her before she could scoot around to the other side. “We’ve already discussed my butthole, Emily.”

“Oh yeah. Well then what else can I even help with?”

“Literally any other parts of my body except for my breasts, vagina, or bum.”

Emily pondered. “I don’t think that leaves anything fun.”

“Emily! If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you had a sexual interest in my body! Me! Your super hot and naked mother!”

“Preposterous!” said Emily. “I’m not a lesbian. You know that. It would have been on my birth certificate. Also that would be incestuous desire, which is illegal and bad and blah blah whatever.”

“Those are very good points,” Christine said. “And I’m now convinced that I was worried over nothing.”


“Now why don’t you wash my hair for me.”

“I’ve got a better idea. How about a kitten bath?”

“Kitten bath?”

“Yeah, you know, like when a mommy cat licks her baby clean.”

Christine, despite being thoroughly convinced by Emily’s logically sound argument, had misgivings about this new idea. “Umm…”

“Here, I’ll start. Though you should actually be playing the mommy cat. Since you’re my mommy and all.”

Emily started licking Christine’s soft, wet skin. She started high, around the shoulders and neck, and gradually worked downward. She was careful this time not too spend too much time on her mother’s tits and arouse suspicion. She only licked and sucked on them for a little while, then carried on down her tummy.

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