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Chapter 2 Continuing the Lessons

The next day at school, Gerald stop me and asked me how my birthday was. I told him it was fine and he looked at me strangely and lightly punched me on the shoulder.

“Don’t be coy with me, Sammy, DJ’s little sister Mandy is spreading it all over that her sister DJ screwed hell out of you.”

I just looked at him with bewilderment for about a minute and said, “Where did you hear that?”

“She spread it all over school, man, I heard it in trig class. DJ, man, she’s like five years older than you and a college athlete. You’re the man. How was she?”

“Gerry, I don’t kiss and tell. It’s ungentlemanly.”

“Well apparently she doesn’t hold the same ethical standards as you. She said you were real cock master.”

I went about their day normally until we got to band practice. In the band room several of the female band members were looking at me strangely. It was a little unnerving but not near as bad as when I got to our little band practice at Gerald’s. Charlie was looking at me strangely as well. I don’t know what it was for, but it was a strange glance every once in a while we were practicing our sets.


When I got home, it was a little more of the same. Since it was Friday night, Saffron had her friends over again and repeated some of the festivities of the previous night by coming downstairs to play truth or dare again. This time, however, I knew that DJ and I would not be repeating the previous incident. She pretty much looked at me with indifference. The one that really had a sparkle in her eye was Kelly Jo. However, I was about to get the surprise of my life. I didn’t think things could get more surprising than they did the night before, but it was about to get stranger.

When it got to DJ’s turn she picked Kelly. “Truth or Dare? “


“Okay Kelly, I dare you to take Sammy into his bedroom and teach him how to eat pussy.”

Leave it to DJ to put things into their crudest form. This got a surprised look from Saffron and a disgusted look from Cassie.

Kelly just grabbed my hand and said, “Come on lover, let’s go give your tongue a workout.”

I just let her leave me into the bedroom, like I was going to turn that chance down. Yeah, right. As we entered the bedroom she turned and pushed me against the door, entering a lip locker that curled my toes.

“Kelly, we don’t need to do this, it’s a stupid game.”

“Actually the game was my cover. DJ told me she was the only one that got into oral with you and you hadn’t done her.. I wanted to do this with you, especially after that kiss last night. Besides, I love to have my pussy eaten in most boys I had been with won’t do it. “

She began unbuttoning my shirt and told me to drop my pants. I unbuckled my jeans and slid them down with my boxers as she faced me while removing my shirt. I began sliding her T-shirt over her head, her raising her arms up to assist me. Her breasts were not near as large as DJ’s, but they were sure ample enough. I reached around her back to unclasp her bra and free those puppies. As soon as I removed her bra I realized they weren’t puppies, they were full-blown dogs. I began kissing her neck down to her shoulder and then began moving down to her left breast, capturing her nipple in my mouth. Using the same technique I used on DJ, I began causing her to moan. She quickly undid her pants and slid them down to step out of them and pulled me onto the bed positioned on top of her.

“Now slide down, Sammy, till your face is between my legs.”

I didn’t know what I was doing but I’ve seen some porn stars doing it and began kissing my way down her stomach to her nether region. When I reached just above her navel, I began smelling her musk and was really getting hard. Her smell was intoxicating and I just knew her taste would be the same. I reached her juncture and was kissing her bald pubis with her smell causing my mouth to water. I saw her clit under its hood beginning to go erect. At that particular moment I never wanted to eat a pussy more than the one that was in front of me. I laid a gentle kiss on pendik escort it and moved further down to kiss around her vagina. She already had copious secretions running out of her juicy quim and pulling beneath her ass. I began to slide my tongue from the bottom to the top of her gash to collect as much of the juices as I could. As I swallowed I realized what a lucky guy I was. How many 18-year-olds would get to experience two beautiful older women in two successive nights? It felt like the King of the world. As I lavished her pussy I entered her with two fingers and began curling my fingers. I must’ve found her G spot because she stiffened, cried out, and squirted all over my face with what I couldn’t catch in my mouth. Her girl cum tasted heavenly.

She then surprised me, grabbing me by the hair and pulling me up till we were face-to-face. She kissed me passionately and began licking herself off my face. She reached down, grabbed my ass, and positioned me between her legs. She just looked at me pleadingly in my eyes and said, “Fuck me, Sammy.”

I tried my best to line up to slide into her, but when I had trouble she reached down and grabbed my cock, lining me up. As I slid into her velvety glove, I was in pure ecstasy. She was so tight, much tighter than DJ. I began sawing in and out of her, rotating my hips as I plunged inside her. I went as deeply as I could, bumping against her cervix. She was begging me to fuck her harder and I was glad to oblige. I began a faster fucking and was really getting into it, when she stiffened in orgasm and flooded my cock with her juices. This was enough to throw me over the edge and I shot my load inside her. She began kissing me passionately again and I fell right into it. I looked into her beautiful eyes and said, “So how did my lesson go, did I please you?”

She just sighed very contentedly and replied, “Of course you did, silly, I came like a deluge didn’t I? I don’t just do that with everybody. I’ve only squirted a couple of times. You are fantastic.”

“Glad to be of service ma’am. I appreciate the lesson.”

“Any time, stud. Now, take me to your shower.”

As we started showering together I couldn’t get over her beautiful ass and I dropped to my knees and stuck my tongue in her crinkled rosebud. She just turned and presented her already clean pussy to me. I did my finger and tongue work until she came again, screaming. I had to admit I loved her taste. She washed my hair while I was down there and I finished my shower and rinsed off. We both dried off and kissed after we dressed. As I held her closely to my body she whispered into my left ear, “Thank you so much, lover. That ass tonguing you did was definitely advanced training. You can have a repeat performance any time you’d like.”

“I wouldn’t mind taking you up on that sometime, beautiful.”

She grabbed my hand and led me out to the big room again. I got a perturbed look from Saffron and another disgusted look from Cassie.

“I don’t have to ask you how he was, Kelly, we could hear the play-by-play from here.”

“He didn’t really need training, he’s a natural, just like you said DJ.”

This comment got me a rather hungry look from Donna and Barbara both. This made me feel a little uncomfortable.

As I sat there and drank wine with the girls kidding me the whole time, I looked at DJ and Kelly again realizing how lucky I was. I finally got wore out enough that I knew I could go to sleep over there chattering in the next room, got up, and said my good nights to the group and went into my room. I changed the wet sheets from Kelly and I’s fuck fest and laid down in my bed. The smell of her still lingered in the room and I went to sleep dreaming of her.

All the sudden, the dream became very real when I felt a warm wetness around my hard cock. I was dreaming of how good it felt having my dick suck when I felt the person playing with one of my nipples at the same time I open my eyes to see a head in the dark bobbing up and down between my legs. All of a sudden, I felt someone shifting on the bed and saw all a chubby pair of legs straddle my head and smelled an aroused pussy over escort pendik my face and just heard someone say, “Lick it, Sammy, eat my pussy.”

I recognize the voice of Donna Morris, whose chubby thighs definitely proved me correct. I did the only thing I could do and began eating her pussy. Her taste was not all that great but her juices were palatable. She was sucking my dick like there was no tomorrow, working her mouth up and down and sucking hard while using her tongue to lave my pecker with saliva. This girl could suck cock.

All of a sudden she stiffened and screamed out, while flooding my mouth with her juices. I swallowed and she lifted herself off of me turning as she did. She removed her mouth from my rock hard dick and straddle my hips. She grabbed my steely member and forced her wet pussy onto my cock. She lowered herself while moaning, “Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck fuck, oh my God.” She began a slow circular grind that was driving me crazy. She alternated this with a constant up-and-down movement, while reaching down and shoving one of her large nipples into my mouth. I accommodated her by sucking and biting on her gargantuan titties. I felt her cum two more times while working her cunt on me. After my fuck fest with Kelly I lasted a pretty long time.

Finally I had to give in and I blasted a large amount of my cum into her juicy quim. I had to admit she was quite a fuck. She just got up, got dressed, and said, “Thanks, Sammy, the girls weren’t lying, you are good with your mouth and your cock.” She walked out the door to the giggles and whoops of the girls in the other room. I wouldn’t have chosen to fuck Donna, but I wasn’t sorry I had.


Monday at school Gerald came up to me again with a cheeky grin and said, “so you were at it again over the weekend, you stud, you?”

“Gerald, what in the hell are you talking about?”

“First it was DJ, now it’s Kelly Manners. Man, you’re a stallion that only runs with the best, aren’t you?”

“So who did you hear this from?”

“Brandi Janus is talking about it all over school again.”

“I’m not going to discuss this with you, Gerald, it’s private.”

“Okay, okay, buddy, I understand integrity and all that, I got it.”

“Thanks Gerry, I appreciate you respecting my privacy.”

“The only problem is, Sammy, everybody else isn’t respecting your privacy.”

The rest of the day went the same as it had on Friday, with the strange looks from girls in all my classes this time. When our group practiced I still kept getting funny looks from Charlie. It almost looked as if there was a low longing in her eyes. Tommy, our rhythm guitar player, had always had a thing for Charlie, but it was all one-sided. She had always rebuked his advances. No one else in the band had made a play for her.

We played through all our sets and sounded really well. Gerald said that he had some good news, we had gotten a gig at his sister’s sorority for a party the Friday before Thanksgiving break. The money wasn’t bad and it was going to give us a chance to show our stuff, which could lead to more gigs.

When I got home, I told my family at dinner about the good news of us playing a sorority party. My dad just said, “A target rich environment, my boy, a target rich environment.” Mom smacked him on the arm at this and told him to not encourage be I was still only 18 years old.

I went downstairs to continue working on my programming so I could relax. An hour later, there was a knock at the door and Saffron came down. She just looked at me and asked if I had a second to talk.

“I know I set you up with DJ, Sammy, but I had nothing to do with Kelly. I just don’t want to see you get hurt. Those girls go through guys pretty fast and I just think you might be the flavor of the month. Don’t get yourself hurt. They’re not all old by any means, but they sure have a lot more seasoning. I can’t believe you actually bucked Donna.”

“You can say that again, Saffron, I’m still in a whirlwind. Besides, I didn’t fuck Donna, she fuck me. Don’t worry, I’m not taking it seriously. But what 18-year-old guy is going to turn down pendik escort bayan that opportunity? “


After the weekend, things cool down a little bit at the Sanderson household. I went about my normal week at school and band practice to prepare for our Friday night gig. I thought we were really ready so we didn’t even practice the night before to rest up for our performance at the sorority. Apparently this was normally a big to do on the University campus. But Thursday, I didn’t have much of a chance to rest up because I had to attend Saffron’s volleyball game. There were a lot of people there so I just sat with Gerald and my parents.

As I was watching, I tended to notice that Donna and CC were really good volleyball players. Donna could set up the front line perfectly for kill shots, assisting in several points for the team. CC was a little dynamo making saves that were just incredible. She would dive for balls that seemed lost and make safe shots that were just incredible. She was obviously the team motivator, keeping everyone fired up. I always had a crush on her, but I was simply amazed with her play. It was obvious to see why she’d gotten her athletic scholarship. What she didn’t have in height she made up for in hustle. After the game, my parents offered to take the mad pack out for some dinner.

I went with them even though I was the target of a lot of kidding. They all said they were going to have to go to the party tomorrow night at the sorority to keep all the women away from me. After making me blush for most of the evening we all went our separate ways. I did keep noticing, however, that the normally friendly looks I got from CC were replaced by scowls. This surprised me immensely, as to the purpose. I couldn’t understand what was wrong with her, or what I had done to piss her off.

At one as I was sleeping in my bed, quite well I might add, all the sudden I felt a presence in my room and a girl crawled into bed with me. I was totally confused, not being totally able to wake up, until the girl whispered in my ear saying, “Sorry Sam, I just needed to be close to you, I hope you don’t mind. She was booting up against me, with naked tits poking me in my bare back. I could tell they were large breasts, so I was sure who it was, “Saffron?”

“Yes, Sammy, who did you think it was going to be?”

“The way my last couple weeks have gone, how would I know? Are you naked?”

“This is for you Sammy, only for you.” And she reached down and grabbed my semi-hard cock, which lurched in her hand. “Ohhhh, someone’s glad I’m here.”

“Saffron, what are you doing?”

“Only what I have been planning for a while. I want you little brother, I have for a while. Although I don’t think I can call you little brother anymore, from what I’m feeling here.”

She began stripping me rather quickly and I was now fully awake. She slid down and swung her head over my lap while pushing me onto my back. She took me into her mouth and started working her magic. When I was completely hard she moved up to straddle my loins and lined up my cock without further foreplay. “Saffron, are you sure?”

“I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life, Sammy.” And she slid down impaling my cock in her warm, wet sheath. I was in heaven, with her working her fine athletic ass up and down on me. I grabbed a hold of her wonderful tight ass and began kneading her buns. When I satisfied myself of her ass cheeks, I pulled my hand around and using my thumb, I began circular pressure on her clit. She started really hunching me then, grinding is hard as she could at the same time. She stiffened and pressed out of her chest and soaked my groin with her girl cum. I told her I was close and she told me I better pull out. She then jumped off me and bent down taking my rigidity in their mouth. I couldn’t last any longer and shot several ribbons of cum into her waiting mouth. She swallowed it all and stood up putting her clothes on.

She just smiled, etc. thank you’s and left. As she was walking upstairs, I heard my mom asked her what she was doing, and she answered that she was putting a load of her clothes in the washer. That seemed to placate mom, and she went on upstairs.

I do have to admit that breakfast that morning was a little weird. My world was topsy-turvy and I could hardly concentrate at school.

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