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Screen names in this story were invented specifically and only for this story and are not modelled after any person, living or virtual, who might have the same or similar screen names in some environment. Similarity between these screen names and any in use on the internet is purely coincidental. All characters are at least 18 years old.


Chat Room

LongDongTwelve: Hey, Big38Jugs, I like your name. What’s behind it?

Big38Jugs: I have big tits, idiot! What did you think?

LongDongTwelve: That’s what I hoped. Why does that make me an idiot?

Big38Jugs: That’s the first question I get from every juvenile idiot on the web, just like you.

LongDongTwelve: Doesn’t your name invite that? Why not choose another?

Big38Jugs: Because I have big tits and I like ’em.

LongDongTwelve: I like big tits, too. If you think guys who like big tits are idiots, why did you respond to my text?

Big38Jugs: (after pause) Maybe it’s your name. Or maybe I hoped that at least one idiot would be special, different.

LongDongTwelve: So you like my LongDongTwelve name?

Big38Jugs: I wonder. Do you really have 12 inches?

LongDongTwelve: More like 10. Bigger than average, anyway.

Big38Jugs: Too bad. I like wrapping my big tits around a big cock for a titty fuck.

LongDongTwelve: Where do I get in line for that?

Big38Jugs: No line. Nobody interested. Damn!

LongDongTwelve: I’m interested! What’s wrong? Big tits. love to titty fuck, you sound perfect.

LongDongTwelve: I’d never turn that down!

Big38Jugs: I hide ’em.

LongDongTwelve: WTF! So why the Big38Jugs name?

Big38Jugs: Only here. Shy everywhere else.

LongDongTwelve: What a waste! I want to see your big tits! I want to fuck ’em.

Big38Jugs: Talk to me another time. Have to go.

That exchange blew my mind. I chose my LongDongTwelve name to attract chicks. So far, all I got was a bunch of gay guys who acted all insulted when I told them I wanted chicks. And Big38Jugs. She probably wasn’t a pre-teen playing games, at least that’s what I hoped. I didn’t know what might happen, but my fantasy life needed a boost. Maybe she’d be that boost.

I thought about what we said in our texts. What did she mean? What kind of special was she looking for? What kind of different? Was she lying about having big jugs in the first place? With big jugs, she should be hit on by every guy who knew her. Was she ugly?

LongDongTwelve: Hey, Jugs! How’re they hangin?

Big38Jugs: Is that all you think I am, just jugs?

LongDongTwelve: What’s in a name? That’s all I know about you.

Big38Jugs: True. I don’t know if I like being known for my big tits or not.

LongDongTwelve: You said you liked them.

Big38Jugs: I do. I just get so tired of looking at the top of guys’ heads.

LongDongTwelve: Is that why you hide ’em?

Big38Jugs: Probably.

LongDongTwelve: I want to see.

Big38Jugs: Not in this lifetime. I don’t know you.

LongDongTwelve: So guys notice your big tits and you don’t like it?

Big38Jugs: That’s all they notice.

LongDongTwelve: Are you pretty?

Big38Jugs: People tell me that, when they’re not looking at my tits.

LongDongTwelve: What would a special guy do with your tits?

Big38Jugs: Touch ’em. Lick ’em. Squeeze ’em. Pinch my nipples.

Big38Jugs: Fuck ’em if they do the rest right.

LongDongTwelve: You’ll have to touch, squeeze and pinch for me. Are they naked right now?

Big38Jugs: Bra and sweatshirt.

LongDongTwelve: Take ’em off.

Big38Jugs: Can’t, not here, not now.

LongDongTwelve: Pinch a nipple for me, through the bra.

Big38Jugs: OK.

LongDongTwelve: What’s going on? You haven’t texted for several minutes.

Big38Jugs: Kind of busy right now.

LongDongTwelve: Rub your crotch with one of your hands.

Big38Jugs: Can’t, jeans are too thick, too tight.

LongDongTwelve: OK, both hands on your tits, then. Pinch your nipples. Rub all over your tits.

LongDongTwelve: You’re taking a while. Does it feel good?

Big38Jugs: Y

LongDongTwelve: Squeeze ’em like I would. I want to know how they bounce, how heavy they are.

She didn’t text for a while. Was she really playing with herself? Were her hands too busy to type?

Big38Jugs: That was nice.

LongDongTwelve: Did you cum from playing with your tits?

Big38Jugs: Yeah.

LongDongTwelve: Even through the armor plate?

Big38Jugs: Yeah, felt good. Haven’t felt like that for a long time.

LongDongTwelve: Because you were touching for me?

Big38Jugs: Uh huh.

LongDongTwelve: You need to dress differently the next time we chat.

Big38Jugs: Yes.

LongDongTwelve: Better access, less armor plate. Maybe naked.

Big38Jugs: Can’t be naked, not here.

LongDongTwelve: What? You’re at a cyber café?

Big38Jugs: Funny. No. Someone might peek in.

LongDongTwelve: No door lock?

Big38Jugs: Might be able to arrange that.

LongDongTwelve: Then you could suck bursa escort your nipples for me.

Big38Jugs: Trying to get me going again?

LongDongTwelve: Every chance I get. Tell me what you did, how you came.

Big38Jugs: Not now. Maybe next time.

LongDongTwelve: Tease!

Big38Jugs: Guys call me that just because I have big tits. I don’t intentionally tease.

LongDongTwelve: Why not? You have the equipment, just need the attitude.

Big38Jugs: Have to think about that.

LongDongTwelve: Will you tell me what you did? How you made yourself cum?

Big38Jugs: Yes. Just not now. Have to go.

LongDongTwelve: Bye. Dress sexy next time.

Big38Jugs: OK. Bye.

There it was. She just wanted to be appreciated. She loved being touched and loved touching herself. I guessed she was afraid of something at the same time. She got off when I told her how to touch herself. Not only that, I didn’t represent what she was afraid of.

I thought about what her body must be like, at least what she reported about it. She had big tits. Big tits tend to hang lower than little tits, so maybe she sagged a little. She hinted that she might kiss her nipples for me, that she might get excited doing it. That would be hot.

In our first chat, she claimed that she loved a titty fuck. What would that feel like?

I imagined my cock between her mounds, surrounded by the soft skin, cradled by her resilient flesh. As I stroked, my cock got really hard. Stories of titty fucks usually included some licking and sucking. How would her mouth feel on my cock?

I got more excited, thinking about my cock, her tits, her mouth. Stories also ended with her sucking cum out of a cock, getting a facial or getting a pearl necklace. How great would that be?

I felt my orgasm approaching, excited by fucking her tits, more excited by her licking and sucking my cock, most excited by cumming in her mouth with her eagerly swallowing all of my cum.

Faster than I thought possible, I shot my jism into the air. It hit my chin and I got another big blast thinking about my cum hitting her face. The next three blasts decorated the front of my shirt. The rest dribbled over my hand and down my cock. God, that was hot!

When I relaxed from my orgasm, I realized that I had a problem. I hurried to clean as much of my cum as possible off of my shirt. Would Mom smell it when she did my laundry? How could I disguise it?

I tucked my cock away, then picked up my half-done Coke. I poured it over the front of my shirt, making sure I hit all the places my cum had hit.

“Shit!” I cried loudly. I jumped up out of my chair and rushed out of my room.

“What’s wrong?” Mom asked, rushing out of her home office.

“I just spilled my Coke all over myself,” I explained, pulling at my shirt to keep the wet cloth away from my skin.

“Take it off, we’ll clean it right away,” she said.

I pulled my shirt over my head and handed it to her. I hoped she’d just deal with the Coke and wash it right away, not sniff for other substances.

I watched as Mom walked away toward the laundry room. Her jeans were tight enough to accentuate the nice shape of her ass. As far as I was concerned, it was perfect. Maybe some women’s hips get wider when they have babies but Mom’s just looked right, with some flair but not too much. Her rounded cheeks were firm. I always enjoyed watching her walk. Her ass moved in fascinating ways. I didn’t really pay any attention to her shapeless sweatshirt, it was such a routine part of her wardrobe.

Relieved that I had probably gotten away with cumming on my shirt, I returned to my room to think some more. Maybe I could jerk off thinking about Big38Jugs again, maybe not. She was an enigma but seemed responsive. What should I tell her to do when we chatted again?


LongDongTwelve: Hey, Jugs. I’m glad to see you here again. Wish I could see you for real.

Big38Jugs: Pervert.

LongDongTwelve: Just because I like big tits and you have some, doesn’t make me a pervert.

Big38Jugs: I still think you’re a pervert.

LongDongTwelve: OK, I’m a pervert. I jacked off thinking about fucking your big tits.

Big38Jugs: You did?

LongDongTwelve: Damn straight. Felt good, too.

Big38Jugs: I hope so.

LongDongTwelve: Are you dressed sexy?

Big38Jugs: More so, still have to be careful here.

LongDongTwelve: Tell me about it.

Big38Jugs: Someone still might peek in.

LongDongTwelve: I meant about what you’re wearing.

Big38Jugs: Oh. Same sweatshirt, no bra. Wrap-around skirt, no panties.

LongDongTwelve: That’s hot! We’ll get you naked, yet.

LongDongTwelve: I like you not wearing your 38DD bra.

Big38Jugs: You don’t know anything about bra sizes, do you?

LongDongTwelve: Your name says 38. You say you have big tits.

Big38Jugs: My bra size is 34DD. The 34 is chest size, just below my tits.

Big38Jugs: The DD says how big my tits are. 38 is my measurement.

Big38Jugs: You’re not likely to get me naked here. Too many people might peek in.

LongDongTwelve: bursa escort bayan Ready to touch yourself, for me?

Big38Jugs: Yes, please.

LongDongTwelve: This is so hot! Lift a tit and suck your nipple.

Big38Jugs: Can’t, someone might peek in.

LongDongTwelve: We have to get a lock on your door or get you to someplace where nobody will peek.

Big38Jugs: I’ll see about the lock.

LongDongTwelve: OK. Slide your hands under your big tits, like I wish I was doing right now.

LongDongTwelve: Lift ’em to feel how heavy and bouncy they are. Caress the soft skin. I wish I had my hands on your soft skin.

LongDongTwelve: Rub around softly until you capture your nipples between your thumbs and fingers.

LongDongTwelve: Squeeze your nipples, squeeze and twist. I wish I had your nipples in my hands.

Big38Jugs: Me, too.

LongDongTwelve: Pinch and pull your nipples. Imagine how I would suck and bite them.

LongDongTwelve: Slide a hand between your legs. Touch your pussy. When it’s wet, push some fingers inside.

LongDongTwelve: Finger yourself until you’re sloshing.

LongDongTwelve: Rub your clit. Pinch your nipple and rub your clit until you cum.

LongDongTwelve: Pinch and rub. Make your pussy slosh once in a while but make yourself cum.

LongDongTwelve: Cum for me, Jugs. I wish I were there, fingering your pussy, pinching one nipple and biting the other one.

I didn’t text for a little while. Was she masturbating according to my directions?

Big38Jugs: Oh, my god!

LongDongTwelve: Did you cum for me?

Big38Jugs: Hell, yes! It was amazing. My hands are shaking.

LongDongTwelve: I’m going to jack off, thinking about your fingering yourself for me.

Big38Jugs: I might masturbate a few times, too. I’m glad I met you.

LongDongTwelve: I wish I could see you giving yourself pleasure.

Big38Jugs: Can’t, not in my office. Really lucky nobody peeked in just now.

Big38Jugs: I can’t do that again, too risky.

LongDongTwelve: Maybe you can talk maintenance into putting a lock on your door.

LongDongTwelve: You do have stuff in your office that’s valuable, don’t you, stuff to protect?

Big38Jugs: Maybe.

LongDongTwelve: If you need to make presentations for clients or bigwigs, you might need a camera on your computer.

LongDongTwelve: Maybe your IT people can hook one up for you.

Big38Jugs: Fun thoughts.

LongDongTwelve: Once in a while, you could make an interesting video for me.

LongDongTwelve: Show me your tits. Show me your pussy. Play with yourself for me.

Big38Jugs: You’re nasty

LongDongTwelve: I’d rather do you myself.

Big38Jugs: I like that thought.

LongDongTwelve: Ready to go again? Your pussy needs my loving attention.

Big38Jugs: No more today. Next time.

LongDongTwelve: Dress sexy. Think about cameras and locks.

Big38Jugs: No promises, but OK.

LongDongTwelve: I have my hard cock in my hand, thinking about you.

Big38Jugs: Tell me about it next time.

LongDongTwelve: It’s a date.

Big38Jugs: I like that. Have to go. Bye.

LongDongTwelve: Bye, Jugs. I’ll be fantasizing about you.

Big38Jugs: Me, too. Bye.

LongDongTwelve: Bye.

She was so hot! Had she really cum because of what I told her to do? She seemed receptive, even eager to chat more, maybe play more.

I decided I was too thirsty to jack off, at least for the moment. I got up and walked out of my room toward the kitchen. As I passed Mom’s office, I wondered if she might be thirsty, too. I knocked on her door.

“Yes?” Mom called.

I opened the door and stuck my head in. Just as I did, she dropped a paper on the floor. As she bent to pick it up, I noticed that she was wearing a skirt rather than her normal jeans. I also noticed that her shapeless sweatshirt bounced and bobbed as though she were bra-less underneath.

As I took a breath, to speak, I noticed an aroma. “Mom, I’m getting a soda. Do you want one?” I asked.

“If you would, please,” she responded. “Whatever you’re having will be fine.”

“OK, I’ll be right back,” I said.

As I continued to the kitchen, I wondered. Why did Mom’s room smell like she had masturbated? Suspicions crowded my mind but I pushed them aside. I couldn’t think about Mom that way.

Returning from the kitchen, I didn’t knock, instead opening the door to Mom’s office and walking in. Did she jerk her hand from between her thighs?

“Here’s your soda, Mom,” I said, placing the cold can on a deckle on her desk.

“Thanks, Sweetie,” she acknowledged.

I took a deep breath before turning to leave her office. The aroma of feminine arousal was definite. Mom was excited.

I returned to my room and looked over the record of my chat with Big38Jugs. She seemed hesitant yet eager. Could someone like Mom act like that?

Thoughts and hopes swamped me for the rest of the day until Mom called me for supper.

We ate in silence for a few minutes.

“Rusty, can you do me a couple of favors?” Mom asked.

“Sure, escort bursa Mom, just ask,” I agreed.

“I don’t have enough time to keep the house as clean as I want,” she announced. “If I hire a maid, I want to be able to lock my office. Can you install a lock for me?”

“Sure, that’s simple,” I agreed. I had installed a couple of doorknobs before and the instructions that came with them were easy to follow. Locking doorknobs couldn’t be much worse.

“One other thing,” she continued uneasily. “I have to make some presentations for my clients. Could you hook up a camera on my computer so I can record my charts and make my presentation at the same time?”

“That’s easy, too,” I agreed. “Sure, I can do that. What else can I do for you, Mom? I don’t feel like I do enough for you as it is. If you need any other favors, just ask.”

“I will,” she agreed with a relieved smile.

After supper, more thoughts raged through my head like a flood in a narrow canyon. Was it possible? It couldn’t be, could it? Surely Mom’s clothing and her requests for a lock and camera were coincidences. Weren’t they?

The next day, I bought the lockset and camera for Mom, plus a camera for my computer. By suppertime, I had them all installed and tested. I showed Mom how to work her camera, how to turn it on and off. I had her make a silly presentation, reciting Mary Had a Little Lamb on video. I showed her how to take still pictures, how to aim the camera and how to zoom in and out. Then I presented her with the only key to the lock on her office door.

Later that evening, I signed on to the chat room again.

LongDongTwelve: Hey, Jugs. I wish I could see you.

Big38Jugs: I’ll bet you do. You’d like what I’m wearing.

LongDongTwelve: Do I have to guess or will you tell me?

Big38Jugs: I’ll tell. Just panties. I have a towel on my chair in case I get too wet.

LongDongTwelve: Wow! You’re there late. Nobody to peek in at this hour?

Big38Jugs: No, you were right about maintenance and IT. They installed my stuff today.

LongDongTwelve: You must have some pull with the company.

Big38Jugs: You’d be surprised.

LongDongTwelve: When do I get to see you?

Big38Jugs: Not my face. What else would you like to see?

LongDongTwelve: I’m a guy. Tits, ass, pussy, you masturbating. That’s a start.

Big38Jugs: You make me laugh. I like that. I’ll see what I can do.

Big38Jugs: You have to show me your hard-on, though. And masturbate for me.

LongDongTwelve: I suppose that’s fair. I lied to you, though.

Big38Jugs: When, about what?

LongDongTwelve: I don’t have a 10 inch cock, just 8½.

Big38Jugs: I had a boyfriend, once, with a cock like that, before I got married.

Big38Jugs: When we fucked together, just right, he rubbed my cervix.

Big38Jugs: We worked together a lot to get it just right. Heavenly!

LongDongTwelve: I’d like to do that.

Big38Jugs: Me, too.

LongDongTwelve: When?

Big38Jugs: When, what?

LongDongTwelve: When can we work together to get it just right?

Big38Jugs: I don’t know. Have to think about it.

Big38Jugs: I have to get some work done. Let’s chat tomorrow.

LongDongTwelve: Can’t wait. Will you be naked?

Big38Jugs: Maybe. We’ll see.

LongDongTwelve: I hope so!

Big38Jugs: You do make me laugh. Get out of here. Bye.

LongDongTwelve: Bye, Jugs. Can’t wait to get my hands on you.

Big38Jugs: Bye.

LongDongTwelve: Bye.

I couldn’t help myself. I was so excited by the thought of finally seeing Big38Jugs’ jugs that I had to jack off. Again. I had practically worn my dick out thinking about her. On the other hand, I knew from extensive practice, just how much cum I was likely to spew. So I never repeated that surprise shot when I messed up my shirt.

I even made sure that the tissues I used didn’t hang around and stink up my room. Mom told me, several times, how pleased she was that I kept my room so neat and that I took out the trash so often. She was even more pleased when I offered to empty the waste baskets in her office and bedroom. She accepted happily.

I was happy to help Mom out but surprised at how often I smelled particular aromas in both rooms. Her perfume was a constant, always present in both rooms. I loved that smell. The other noticeable aroma, often present in both rooms, was aroused woman. I couldn’t figure out if it was more often in her office or her bedroom. Her bedroom I could understand even though she wasn’t dating anyone I knew about. But her office seemed a little kinky. What was she doing in her office?

Big38Jugs: Looking for me?

LongDongTwelve: Every time I turn around. I really want to see your tits, . . . and everything.

Big38Jugs: Check your in-box. What do you think of this?

LongDongTwelve: Hang on.

I checked my in-box and, sure enough, there was something from Big38Jugs. I opened it and studied the picture. The breast was lovely, almost perfect. But the picture was grainy.

LongDongTwelve: Nice picture, but it’s not you.

Big38Jugs: What do you mean?

LongDongTwelve: She’s the playmate of the month from February. She’s my recent favorite.

LongDongTwelve: I have the issue right here.

LongDongTwelve: I was hoping for a picture or video of you.

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