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For those who provided it, thanks for the feedback. It is tremendously important to me.

The story thus far…

I am a divorcee with 2 kids – Suzy and Bob. I had spent Thursday night with a young whore named Runt. She got her name because she was the smallest in a set of quadruplets. The quads were Runt and her three brothers; Mark, Steve, and Tom. Runt set me up with a date with her mom, Paula, and we ended up in bed. Only when we were done fucking did we realize we were not alone in the house. I left and went home where I saw my daughter being fucked in her bed.


I woke up early the next morning. I hadn’t had much sleep, but felt very refreshed and alive. I headed for the shower and looked out the window and saw my daughter’s boyfriend’s car was still parked outside. Guessing that they had fallen asleep and not wanting to see the guy, I made more noise than usual. My daughter’s name is Suzy and while I took my shower I hummed Wake up Little Susie and imagined her frantically getting her boyfriend up and out the door. I never really liked Suzy’s boyfriend and really didn’t want to see him, so I took my time. When I got out, I dried off and slipped on a T-shirt and sweat pants. I looked out the window again and was relieved to see his car was gone. As I opened my door I hear Suzy starting her shower. Suddenly I was famished.

I went downstairs and checked the fridge. Not much there so I jumped in the car and went to the grocery store. I picked up bacon, eggs, potatoes and bread. When I returned home, Suzy was in the kitchen and had made coffee. She was wearing a T-shirt and sweat pants. Despite her comfortable clothing, she looked uncomfortable and was avoiding my looks. I imagine she was thinking about how I was going to react to having her boyfriend spend the night. Her mother would have been hysterical and I imagine she was waiting for me to blow my top. I avoided it all together and told her I was going to make her a big breakfast.

She smiled and poured two cups of coffee while I started frying up the bacon. We made small talk, completely avoiding the subject of our dates. I could tell she was dying to ask me about mine, but was probably afraid it would lead into me asking her about hers.

Finally after we had ate, I pushed my chair back and asked her how her evening was.

“OK,” she said, “but I’m really interested in hearing how yours was.”

“Way bursa escort to dodge the question,” I thought. “It was fantastic,” I said.

I told her about the evening and her face just beamed with happiness. Finally I got to the part where Paula and I had returned to her house.

“Before I go on we need to discuss some things,” I told her. “Looking back, for most of the time I was married to your mother, I was living a lie. I think the only thing that I’ve been honest about over the past twenty years has been my love and pride of you and your brother. The sad thing is that until two days ago, even I didn’t realize what a load of BS my life was. Runt and Paula helped me tremendously by allowing me to see that clearly.”

Suzy stared at me, unsure of where this was going. Suddenly the conversation had taken an unexpected and very heavy turn. “I’m not sure I know what you mean, Dad,” she said.

“Suzy, I stood there and let your Mom turn me into a miserable church going lemming who didn’t have the courage to stop her. I even let her pile that shit on you and your brother. I’m so sorry about that. Her and her religion set the stage for all this. Last year when she left I thought I was free, but over the last few days I discovered I wasn’t. Honesty is the way. I swear to you that I’m going to live my life honestly. I’m going to be completely honest with you and your brother.

Tears were welling in Suzy’s eyes. “I still don’t understand Dad,” she said.

I laughed and hugged her. “It’s OK Suzy, it’s OK. I just needed to tell you that before I tell you any more about Runt and Paula.”

I continued the story, leaving nothing out. I explained that Runt was a whore and that I had been visiting whorehouses since I had been promoted. I told her how I first talked to Paula and how nervous I was about meeting her.

“Wow Dad no wonder you were so nervous getting ready last night,” Suzy remarked.

I told her about the conversation Paula and I had before she sucked me off. I even told Suzy about how I came on Paula’s dress. Finally I told her how I had ended up coming home after I had told her I was going to spend the night at Paula’s.

“I wanted you to know that I wasn’t spying on you or trying to trap you. It just happened to play out that way last night. Oh, and by the way, you should probably shut the door when you are being fucked, unless you like being watched,” bursa escort bayan I said smiling.

Suzy was going from pale to red as I finished. “Oh my God, Dad. I am so sorry. It will never happen again,” she said.

“Suzy haven’t you been listening to me? I don’t care if it happens again. I want it to happen again, if that is what you want. The only thing I don’t want is for you to be sneaking around.”

Suzy sat back staring at me. “So you don’t mind if I have Brian over to sleep with me?”

“I don’t mind if he sleeps with you. I don’t mind if he fucks you. I just want you to be happy and be honest,” I said than added, “so don’t say sleep if you mean fuck. I know you know those words. I heard you yelling them last night.”


I laughed. “Will you be home tonight? I’m thinking I’d try to bring Paula over. I want you to meet her.”

“I’d love to meet her, Daddy,” Suzy said. “Maybe I’ll ask Brian over.”

“That would be great honey,” I said, but she must have seen the disappointment in my face

“I don’t think you are being honest, Daddy.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry. I just don’t like him. He’s always been nice to me, but there is just something about him. But if you want him, bring him.”

“Is it because we were together last night?” Suzy asked.

“Together? Say what you mean,” I said.

“OK, Daddy,” Suzy said. “Is it because you saw him fucking me last night?”

“Not really, but I would like to see you with a guy who is hung better than him,” I laughed.

“Is he really all that small?” she asked.

“Well I’m no expert, but he sure looked small to me last night.”

“His is the only one I’ve ever seen,” she said.

I noticed her nipples had become hard under her T-shirt. I picked up our coffee mugs. “Want a refill?” I asked and stood up. She nodded but was looking at the bugle my cock was making in my sweats. I returned with the coffee and sat down.

“Those sweats look uncomfortable Daddy. Did I do that?” She asked.

“It’s this whole conversation. I really need to get out of these sweats. Would you mind? I mean it’s just another cock,” I said. Maybe I was afraid of what she might say, so I didn’t wait for an answer. Instead I stood up and pulled my sweats down. I hadn’t put on underwear so my cock was out. She stared at it.

“Wow your’s is a lot bigger than Brian’s. Runt swallowed that escort bursa whole thing? That’s incredible. I doubt if it would fit inside my vagina, Suzy said.

I laughed and wagged my finger at her as I playfully scolded her. “Honey, you’re not in school and I’m not a doctor. Don’t say vagina, penis, or testicles. Girls have pussies or cunts and tits, jugs, boobs or breasts. Guys have cocks, pricks, or dicks and balls.”

Suzy laughed, “OK! OK! Thanks Dad, but I still don’t think it would fit inside of my pussy.”

“I guarantee it would,” I said.

“I don’t know,” she replied.

“I suppose we could try,” I said.

“Really?” she said. “Do you really think we should?”

“Honestly? Yes!” I replied.

I stood, lifted her up and carried her to my bedroom. I pulled her T-shirt up over her head, exposing her tits. They were gorgeous. She looked to be a B cup with small pink aureoles and small hard nipples. I stripped off her sweatpants and panties.

“Honey, you are absolutely beautiful,” I said.

I lay back on the bed with my cock standing straight up. I held her hand as she carefully positioned herself over my prick.

She looked down at me. “Mom would say we will we go to hell for this. Think she could be right?”

“Who gives a shit? If we do, at least we will be there together,” I said.

She laughed and started lowering herself into me. She was very tight, but wet. She lowered herself up and down on it three or four times before the entire thing had disappeared inside of her. She stopped and looked at me, smiled, and bent down and kissed me. This kiss was like no other we had ever shared. This was a lovers kiss, deep and hard. I thought about rolling her over and giving her a good hard fucking but decided to let her stay in control.

She rose up and started to lift herself up and down on my cock. Her hand reached down and caressed my balls. I reached up and played with her tits.

She started moaning and I knew she was getting close to an orgasm. I helped balance her by holding a hand in each of mine and I had a memory flash of holding hands with her when I taught her to roller skate. The orgasm hit her and she dropped forcefully on my cock. She put her head back and let out a long moan. Watching her ecstasy brought me on and I started flooding her tight little cunt with my hot cum.

After she quieted down she smiled and lifted herself off me. She snuggled against me and I pulled a sheet over our naked bodies. I could feel the wetness of her pussy against my leg as she gave me a light kiss. We were soon asleep, each of us totally relaxed.

(to be continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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