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Haley and I hadn’t been able to make plans the next few days. She always had an excuse, the one more flimsy than the other. I started to think she was regretting what we’d done. Haley was my best friend and the thought of not sharing stuff with her made me sad.

It also didn’t help that Mom and Josh were busy and didn’t pay me much attention. I’d gone from being fucked regularly to nothing. My own fingers didn’t make me feel nearly as good as Mom’s, or Josh’s cock. I didn’t really want to beg for sex, but after a couple of nights alone, I snuck to Mom’s room. I quietly opened the door only to hear she was on the phone.

I snuck inside. She was lying on the bed, her hand between her legs. She didn’t notice me by the door.

She sounded a bit annoyed. “You left, remember? What was I supposed to do? Rose was interested in sex and I couldn’t let a stranger teach my baby all about it. You haven’t shown any interest in her in the past two years and I had Josh here, so we didn’t need you.”

I held my breath. She was talking to Dad! I didn’t know she was still in touch with him. He never called or wrote Josh or me, so I thought he’d just disappeared. I couldn’t believe she was talking to him about me.

Her voice got nicer. “She’s a hot one, that’s for sure.” She gave a little laugh. “Exactly, just like her mom. Always ready for sex, always wet. You’d like her. Very tight twat as well. Can barely even take Josh.”

I should’ve been grossed out that she talked to Dad about me like that, but my cunny was getting really hot. I pressed my hand between my legs to make the ache go away. I could imagine Dad coming home. He’d left a few years ago. I hadn’t been that upset at the time, as he was never really around, anyway. He was a good-looking man and Mom always complained he was just out getting other women. I remember him towering over me. I’d grown since he’d gone, but I was still not that tall.

And now I had an image of him picking me up and carrying me to the bed. He’s spreading my legs and pulls out his cock… My eyes flew open. That would be so amazing. If Mom could fuck me, why not Dad as well? From Mom’s call it sounded like he was up for it.

Mom’s voice got sharper. “You shouldn’t have left then. You knew I was always going to help Rose become sexually active. You could’ve done it with me. She would have let you.”

There was a pause while she listened to whatever Dad said.

“No. I think she’s happy enough with Josh now. You don’t get to crawl back and take her.”

I pushed my hand against my mouth, because I wanted to plead with Mom to let Dad come back. Did I not have a say in this?

My legs were wobbly, and my thighs were wet from my juices. I could practically feel Dad’s arms pinning me to the wall while he pushed his huge cock inside me. I just made up that he was huge, but with a body that amazing, how could he not be?

Mom was quiet for a long time, and I looked over. She’d put the phone down. She’d spread her legs and her hand was working her cunt hard. I smiled. She was still hot for Dad. Maybe I could use that to convince her to let Dad come fuck me.

I tiptoed to the bed. Mom was too caught up in whatever fantasy she was fucking herself to to notice me. It wasn’t until I sat down on the bed and caressed her tits that her eyes snapped open.

“Rose!” She was close to coming, I could tell.

I bent my head and sucked her nipples while she finished herself off. The squelching sound of her fingers pumping her wet cunt were so delicious, my whole lower body was on fire. She moaned loudly and then her legs began to shake. After a while, she pushed me away from her.

I grinned at her. “Feeling better?”

“Much, but you’re bad for sneaking in here like that.”

“I have a hot cunny and I couldn’t sleep.” I pouted for extra effect and she laughed.

“Okay, come in the bed. Do you want me to use my fingers? Or…” She leaned over and rummaged in her nightstand. “Do you want to try this one?”

I gaped at the big vibrator she held up. I didn’t know Mom had sex toys! Sitting up, I pulled my T-shirt over my head and lay back. “I want to try that one.”

“Good girl.”

Mom switched the toy on, and it began to rumble. She pushed it against my cunny, rubbing it over my clit and slit for a bit. I groaned at the delicious feeling when it hit my clit. It was so much more powerful than my—or Mom’s—fingers. I ground against the thing, getting a better angle on my clit. My body became really heavy and the ache in my belly went away. Instead, heat spread from my cunny to the rest of my body.

I was surprised to feel the inside of my twat twitch. I grabbed Mom’s arm. “I think I’m coming!” The twitching became strong convulsion, which made my whole body feel heavy and light at the same time. Stars burst behind my eyelids and my back arched from the strength of my orgasm.

It was over far too soon. Between Mom pulling out the vibrator and my orgasm had been maybe five minutes, if that.

She chuckled. “Yeah, this is a powerful toy. Do you want to feel it bursa escort inside you?”

Did I ever! But first, I wanted to ask her about Dad. “Why can’t Dad come over and fuck me?”

Noticing her blanch, I hid I smile. She’d had no idea I’d listened in on her conversation.

“Why are you asking that?”

“I heard you on the phone. Sounds like Dad wants to.”

She gave a little shake of her head. “You’re not ready for his cock yet. Or any adult one, for that matter. Just stick with Josh for now.”

I got mad and my mouth did its own thing. “I fucked Haley’s dad.” I regretted saying it immediately. Mom would be so mad! Fucking your friend’s dad is quite a big thing. At least with Mom and Josh it was just family. No one needed to know.

“Rose!” Mom sounded really shocked.

I thought quickly. “Well, it wasn’t my fault. Haley and I were just talking about sex, and then Mr Andrews came in and forced himself on me. I did try to fight.”

Mom lifted my chin with her finger so I was forced to meet her gaze. “Did you try to fight the way you fight Josh when he wants to have sex? Or did you really struggle?”

I blushed. I had no idea Mom knew about my little games with Josh. I couldn’t lie to her. “Like with Josh.”

She smiled warmly now. I was confused. Wasn’t she supposed to be angry at me?

“I always knew Lucas had a deviant streak in him. Is he fucking Haley too?”

She wasn’t angry! I immediately felt so much better. “No, but Haley wants him to.”

Mom had a faraway look in her eyes. “I can imagine. Lucas is a good-looking man.” She focused on me again. “Is that why Haley hasn’t been round lately?”

“I think so. I haven’t talked to her about it.”

“Haley’s your best friend, you need to talk to her. Were you two just talking when Mr Andrews caught you, or…?”

She left the question hanging, but I knew what she wanted to know. “I told her about you and Josh fucking me and I showed her my shaved pussy. And then I played with her pussy a little.”

Mom chuckled. “No wonder Lucas couldn’t control himself. The two of you are hot together.”

I was so relieved Mom wasn’t mad at me. “So does this mean Dad can fuck me?”

Her eyes widened. She must have forgotten what we were talking about in the first place. “I’ll think about it.”

That was good enough for me for now. I’d bug her about it again in the morning.

“Right now I’ll make you come with this and then you’re off to bed. And tomorrow you’re calling Haley. Invite her over. Lucas can’t keep her locked up forever.”

“Yes, Mommy,” I said, obediently spreading my legs for her so she could push the massive vibrator into my wet and willing cunt.

The next day, Mom made me run errands practically all day, then she and Josh disappeared for dinner. Josh was having a night out with his friends and Mom had a date. I knew she’d had dates before, but she’d always been discreet about them. Maybe she didn’t feel she needed to hide it anymore since I was now sexually active as well, as she called it.

When Mom and Josh were gone, I called Haley.

She picked up in a hushed voice. “Hey, Rose.”

“Why are you talking like that? Where are you?”

“Just at home.” She sounded like she didn’t really want to talk to me.

“What’s going on, Haley? Why are you avoiding me?”

“I’m not avoiding you!”

I was getting annoyed. “Yes, you are. We had plans to hang out all summer and you’ve ditched me every day the last week. Why?” I dropped my voice. “We were also going to work on that other plan, remember?”

She sighed. “I know. I’m sorry, but Daddy doesn’t want me hanging out with you anymore. He says you’re a bad influence.”

What a hypocrite! As if he hadn’t willingly fucked me. “You’re an adult, Haley. He can’t tell you who you can and can’t hang out with.”

“Yeah, well…” She sounded sad, and I felt bad for her. It was just her and her dad after her mom had left and I could understand not wanting to make him upset. But still… she was my best friend. I missed her. And not just because it was so much fun to play with her.

“Come on, he must go to work sometimes. He can’t always monitor you.” I bit my lip as I thought of something else. “Or do you not want to see me because of… you know… what happened?”

She laughed, and I almost cried with relief. I couldn’t have stood it if she’d been mad at me.

“I’m so horny all the time,” she moaned. “I would love to see you so you can make me come again.”

My cunny was getting all hot, and I pressed my legs together. “Please come over. You can make an excuse to your dad. I just want to lick you again.” I dropped my voice seductively. “Your cunny is so delicious, I want to slip a finger inside you and make you come really hard.”

Haley breathed hard. “That would be so amazing.”

“Then what are you waiting for?” I wriggled out of my jeans shorts and slipped my hand inside my panties. “I’m really wet right now. My slit is all slippery. Shall I put a finger inside me?”

She giggled. “Rose!”

“Come bursa escort bayan on, I’ll make you come and you can pretend I’m your dad again. No one here would mind.”

She was quiet for a while. When she spoke again, her voice was all husky like it had been when I’d first told her about Mom and Josh. “Okay. I’ll come tomorrow. My dad will be out all day.”

I squealed. “Perfect! I can’t wait to see you!”

I was really happy that she was coming over tomorrow. I was super horny, but with Josh and Mom both busy, I had no one to play with my cunny. I didn’t want to get myself off—I still wasn’t good at it and it would be worse to try and fail and be more frustrated than to just try to go to sleep. Tomorrow Haley would be here and I’d have no trouble getting an orgasm with her fingers in my cunny.

It was so good to see Haley again. I felt as if I hadn’t seen her for weeks when it hadn’t been a full week yet. She threw herself at me and hugged me tightly.

“I missed you so much!” She pulled away and looked at me properly. “How have you been?”

“I’ve been fine. Mom and Josh have kept me busy enough.”

I loved how that made her blush furiously. She glanced at the living room where Josh was typing away on his phone. As if he cared that I told Haley about him.

“I’ve been soooooo hot,” she complained. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up the stairs. “Can you do that thing again?”

I grinned at her back, but decided to tease her a bit first. “What thing?”

She turned when we got to my bedroom. Her face was red. “You know… With your tongue and fingers?”

I pushed her through the open door and kicked it shut behind me. She fell backwards onto my bed. I knelt between her legs and grabbed the top of her panties. “You mean you want me to eat you out?” I had heard Mom use that term the other day, and I loved it.

Haley gasped. “Yes… please.”

She sounded really desperate and almost upset. I stopped what I was doing and sat next to her on the bed. “What’s going on?”

She sat up. “I’m just horny, that’s all.”

“Yes, but why? Don’t you have sex with Dylan?”

She wouldn’t look at me. “Yes, we do.”

I put my hand on her thigh, close to her twat. She spread her legs a little, but still wouldn’t look at me. I giggled. “Does he still not make you come?”

“No!” she wailed so loudly I jumped. “He has no clue what he’s doing, and it’s over too quickly!”

“Poor Haley,” I purred. “Poor Haley with her hot cunny.”

She giggled. “Just make me come. Please.”

I slipped off the bed and knelt between her legs again. “And what’s in it for me?”

“What?” She sounded confused. “I don’t know…”

“If I lick and finger you, you have to do the same to me.” It had been a lot of fun playing with her pussy last time, but I wanted to push her a bit further today. It was time for her to join me in my wicked ways.

“Rose… I can’t.” She propped herself onto her elbows to look at me. “I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“Don’t worry, I can teach you. It’s really not that different from playing with yourself.”

The look on her face was priceless. I felt giddy. I’d always thought Haley was so much more experienced than me, but she was practically a virgin compared to me. I was going to have so much fun teaching her! I remembered the big vibrator in Mom’s room and decided I’d use that on her as well soon. Maybe even today, if I could get her daring enough.

I pulled her panties off and gave her lovely pussy a long lick. She gasped. “Okay, I guess I can try to learn.”

“Good girl,” I murmured.

She was just as fun and delicious as last time. Her clit was really sensitive, so I had a lot of fun nibbling on it and sucking it into my mouth. Her pussy was so wet, she was staining my bedspread. Not that I cared, I loved that I could make her so hot. She squirmed on the bed, but I grabbed her legs and held her in place. I wanted to make her come so hard she’d do anything for me.

It was amazing to have this power over her. If I held back, she’d whimper for me to give her more. If I gave into her pleas, she’d reward me with the most delicious moans. I could see why Josh liked me fighting him. It was such a rush to have that control over someone.

Like last time, I slipped a finger inside her. She seemed lost in a world of her own, whimpering and moaning softly no matter what I did. I decided to be bold, and I slowly pushed another finger inside her. Her hips bucked, and she started riding my hand. It was so amazing. I didn’t even really have to do anything, she just used my hand to fuck herself. I curled my fingers up the way I’d felt Mom do to me. I remembered how amazing that had felt, so different from the pressure on my clit. It had the same result with Haley. She cried out when I pressed a certain part inside of her, something that felt thick and spongy, so I kept rubbing it.

Haley was actually shrieking with pleasure now. It was incredibly hot and the ache in my belly was getting more intense. I really needed her to fuck me when I was escort bursa done with her, or I’d explode. I’d been horny since last night and needed an orgasm.

I was a bit worried about how loud she was. I didn’t mind Mom hearing us—she already knew we played with each other—but I didn’t need Josh to come in right now. I wanted to have Haley to myself. I wanted to be the one to make her come.

Haley’s cunny was getting really tight around my fingers, and I could feel a flutter start deep inside her. She grabbed my head and ground her pussy on my fingers and tongue, becoming more and more frantic.

Panting, she began to talk. “Oh Daddy, please fuck me harder. Please…”

I rubbed her harder while my mouth practically assaulted her clit. And still she begged for more.

“Daddy, make me come. Oh Daddy, you’re so good.”

I loved being part of her fantasy. I must have been doing something right for her to be so caught up in her own imaginary world.

Her legs began to shake, but I didn’t stop. I hoped I could make her come more than once. She babbled nonsense while thrashing on the bed. Then her whole body became rigid, and she whimpered. “Please stop.”

I pretended not to hear her and kept on licking and fingering her, although not as hard. She grabbed my head again, and I worried she’d push me away, but instead, she kept me firmly in place.

“I can’t have another,” she panted.

Oh yes, you can. I lifted my head to check if she was all right, but her eyes were closed. Her hands were on her tits, pulling her nipples. Happy that she was still up for it, I used the fingers of my other hand to rub her clit, which was really big now.

She didn’t squirm or anything, just lay there while I fucked her with my hands. Every time I stopped, she moved her hips to get me to go again. I lost count of how many times she came. After a long time, she pushed me away and rolled onto her side, pulling her knees up against her belly.

I crawled next to her. “How was that?”

She looked as if she wasn’t seeing me. “Unf.”

I giggled. “That good, huh?”

She nodded.

I nudged her. “Now it’s my turn.”

She was in no state to fuck me, but I wasn’t going to let her off the hook that easily. I was hornier than I’d ever been, and she had to do something—anything—to make me come.

“I can’t,” she whispered. “You destroyed me.”

Why did that make me feel even hotter? My pussy felt as if it would explode if I didn’t get some relief.

“Maybe I can help.”

I jumped at Josh’s voice. “Shit! Don’t you ever knock?”

He grinned and came into the room. His cock looked like it was going to burst through his pants. “And miss a lovely show like that? You two are really hot together.”

I glared at him. “Not very nice spying on your sister.”

“I fuck you regularly. Don’t pretend you’re all innocent.”

“Not me. Haley. She never said you could watch her come.”

Josh winked at Haley. “Did you mind?”

She stuck out her tongue at him. “Of course not. I would have told you to go away when you came in.”

My head snapped round to her so quickly I thought I’d given myself a whiplash. “You knew he was there?”

She nodded sleepily. “Oh yes. I loved having an audience.”

I couldn’t speak from shock. Maybe Haley wasn’t such a naive, innocent girl after all. Or maybe she was too out of it to know what was going on. Either way, I was in no mood for Josh. Unless he was here to fuck me. If Haley wouldn’t do it, then maybe Josh would. But he’d have to fight for it. There was no way I was going to ask him. He’d never let me live that down.

“Just go away, Josh.”

He stared at me. “You can’t be serious.”

I shrugged as if my pussy wasn’t on fire, desperate for his cock. “Why not? Haley and I are having a girls’ day, so we don’t need you.”

He scoffed. “She’s in no state to get you off, whereas I—” he tugged his massive erection “—can give you exactly what you want.”

“I don’t need your cock. Haley can give me an orgasm. I don’t mind waiting for her to get her breath back.”

I really hoped he would know I was just challenging him. If he walked out of the door right now, I might resort to begging and that would be the worst ever. I couldn’t give him the upper hand. Besides, he’d never really fight me for sex again and that would be such a shame. I loved it when he forced me down.

“You can’t just leave me here like this. Mom’s not home and I’m not going to jerk myself off.”

“Oh come one,” I sneered. “As if you haven’t used your hand for years. One more time won’t make a difference.”

“Yes, it will,” Josh growled. He came nearer and grabbed my arm.

I yelped as he pushed me to the bed. “Josh, Haley is right here! You can’t fuck me in front of her.”

“She won’t mind.” It was a statement, not a question. “She’s in no state to go anywhere anyhow.”

Haley looked suddenly a lot more awake. “I’d love to watch.”

I wasn’t giving in that easily. “Well, I don’t feel like giving a show. It’s weird.” I really hoped Haley wouldn’t point out that I’d allowed her dad to fuck me in front of her. Maybe she remembered that I liked making Josh force me, or she was too out of it to remember her dad fucking me, but she just lay there in a happy bliss.

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