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Splayed out on her sturdy kitchen table, Franny Léger groped at her big tits as she rode the wave of her second orgasm — all thanks to the young guy whose head was planted between her legs, expertly working over her gaping pussy.

Franny knew she was viewed by most as the brainy and introverted librarian in the university’s special collections library. So she chuckled to herself as she considered how her current appearance belied her otherwise bookish persona — what with her skirt hiked up and her blouse and bra yanked open. And groping her fleshy 36F tits that draped across her chest, she squeezed their light brown areolas and nipples and gave a long satisfied moan.

It was a Friday night in July that had begun innocently enough. It started with after-work dinner and drinks with two of her young female colleagues. And when one of them suggested they check out the band that was playing at a nearby bar, they had gone over and paid the cover. Then while her two friends moved onto the crowded dance floor, Franny immediately gravitated towards the stage.

Franny was a bass player. She had played the upright bass since high school and was currently in a community orchestra. But she had recently bought an electric bass and amplifier and was trying to learn to play rock and jazz. She was a good musician and could play most any piece of music put in front of her. But without sheet music she was lost. So she had become increasingly intrigued by bassists who could play by ear — like the tall good looking young guy who was laying down a solid bottom for the band that was whipping through a set of rocking dance tunes.

Franny stood to the side of the stage and sipped her beer as she followed the bass player’s fingers, listening carefully and trying to anticipate his next notes. And when the band took a break, he stepped down off the stage and approached her, having noticed her watching him play.

“Hi, I’m Lute. So, you’re a bass player too?” he said as he extended his hand.

Surprised that he had so easily intuited the reason for her interest, she gave him a quick backstory on her bass-playing history as they continued their conversation throughout the break.

Realizing that he was as cute as he was a good musician, Franny, now on her second beer, which along with her after-dinner cocktails was more than she usually consumed, continued to loosen up. She told him of her struggles to move beyond her classical training and into improvisation, and asked how he had learned to play by ear. Lute gave her a few tips to listen for as the band took the stage for their last set, and then offered that if she was interested they could talk more when he was done.

With a fresh beer supplied by Lute, Franny settled in at a front table and kept her eyes and ears attuned to his playing. When the band finished and she and Lute reconnected, she surprised herself by inviting him back to her place, under the pretense of listening to the new Weather Report album, featuring bassist Jaco Pastorius, whom they both admired.

Lute’s band was playing at the bar again the following night, meaning no major equipment tear-down was required. So after grabbing his bass, he escorted Franny out the stage door where they climbed into his van and drove over to her house on the outskirts of campus, talking music the whole way.

But after entering her house and closing the door behind them, the musical discussion ceased as the two bass players began kissing and groping at each other in a passionate frenzy. The beers and her strong attraction to this hunky young guy had helped Franny drop her usual inhibitions. And Lute, anxious to see more of her enticing body, soon had her blouse open and his face shoved into her fleshy cleavage.

And this, dear reader, explains how Franny came to be stretched out on her kitchen table, gripping her big tits while Lute, still fully clothed, got her pussy ready for its introduction to the thick ten-inch cock that was bulging in his jeans.

When they had been grinding against each other earlier, Franny had definitely noticed the swelling in Lute’s crotch and suspected he was well-endowed. But when he pulled his face out of her pussy and slipped off his pants, she looked down and witnessed the unveiling of the biggest cock she had ever seen. It stood up thick and veiny like the muscled forearm of a weight-lifter. And when he grabbed his shaft and began rubbing its big mushroom head against the lips of her pussy, she swooned in anticipation of being fucked by such a beast.

“My god, you’re really big, aren’t you Lute?” Franny whispered as she felt his cock’s head inching into her ready cunt.

“Yeah, it’s a big fella’, no doubt,” he replied, “And I’ll be careful to go slow. But let me know if it hurts, okay?”

Franny smiled and nodded, though from the way it felt so far she wasn’t the least bit concerned. “Please give me more,” she whispered, ready to do anything this guy wanted just to get his huge cock inside her aching pussy, “God, it feels so good!”

Lute continued bursa escort sliding his thick python into her stretched twat, watching her face and gauging its expression as he entered her. But everything about her said, “Yes, more!” — from her blissful grimace to her clenched eyes and jaw. And as he moved his cock in deeper, Franny anxiously shoved her hips forward and ground her cunt down onto his tool until she was almost fully impaled.

“Oh, fuck, yeah, yeah! Give it to me!” Franny moaned in a deep voice that surprised her with its lusty, demanding growl, “Fuck me, Lute! I want it!”

Seeing that his initial prep work on her pussy had done the trick, and that she was well-lubricated for the onslaught of his leviathan, Lute began to slowly move his thick member in and out of her cunt, causing her to gasp and moan with each thrust.

“Oh, yeah, that’s right! Yeah! Yeah!”

Now, as they fucked, and for the first time since they had met, Lute had a chance to fully assess Franny Léger.

Being a die-hard tit man, when he had first seen her at the bar he was immediately taken by her full bosom, made all the more alluring by her tall curvaceous frame and wavy shoulder-length reddish-blonde hair that was pulled back into a pony tail. And while she had sipped her beer and studiously watched him play, he also saw that she had a lovely face and deep blue eyes. But beyond these alluring physical characteristics, there was something about her that he found especially intriguing — a deeply inquisitive intellect.

As she had watched him play, he knew her eyes weren’t glued on him because he was a good-looking guy with (as she would soon discover) a huge cock. No. She initially admired him because he was a fine bass player. And that was a feeling he had never really experienced from a woman.

But he was also now discovering that she was sexy-as-hell. And as she looked up at him with a lust-filled gaze, he was further taken in by this voluptuous woman, who had now released her mane of hair and wriggled out of her blouse and bra, revealing the full extent of her fine body.

Grabbing her hips, he drove his cock in to the hilt, causing their flesh to slap together as his big nut sac caromed off her ass. And with his thick tool now fulling plumbing the depths of her pussy, Franny’s eyes grew big and she gasped as she felt her pussy being filled like never before.

“Oh, god, yes!” she exclaimed as he continued driving himself into her, pushing her legs farther apart to give his cock optimal entry into her stretched cunt, “Oh, god, Lute, yes!”

Knowing it wouldn’t take much for her to have yet another orgasm, Franny greedily began rubbing on her clit while Lute continued driving his slick tool in and out of her grateful pussy.

Now freed from her grip, her big tits flopped and gyrated about on her chest until Lute reached down and corralled them, kneading them like loaves of warm bread dough and pinching their protruding nipples.

Lute’s rough attention to her sensitive breasts was all it took to send Franny into another climactic state, the intensity of which eclipsed her previous orgasms and caused her to scream and squirt a stream of lady juices that splashed against her young lover’s body.

“Ohhh…god…yes…yes!” Franny wailed in amazement at her rare liquid display. But seeing the gleeful smile on Lute’s face, she kept manically rubbing her clit as the electric waves of her orgasm surged through her and her waterworks continued squirting like an overzealous drinking fountain, “Oh, fuck, yeah, baby, yeah!”

Now glistening with sweat and Franny’s juices, Lute gripped her ass and drove his meat harder and faster into her soaked twat, further inciting the monster load of jism roiling in his loins and anxious for release. Feeling him tense up inside her, Franny knew something big was afoot, but she was unprepared for the massive eruption that soon ensued.

“Oh, get ready, I’m gonna’ cum!” Lute moaned through his clenched jaws. And then with a loud groan he exploded inside her, jettisoning a huge blast of spew that caught Franny by complete surprise as it surged inside her pussy.

Pulling his cock out of her like a fireman wielding a blasting hose, Lute sent his next load of cum onto her stomach and up onto her tits, and continued spraying his warm seed over her body where it mixed with her lady juices into a milky melange of carnal lotion.

Franny had moved up onto her elbows when Lute’s orgasmic display had begun, so she had witnessed his cock unload its quantity of jizz that was far beyond anything she had ever experienced. And when he raked his beast across her stomach, she watched as it continued oozing rivulets of a cum icing that he painted across her torso like a cake decorator, then leaning down to give her a long kiss.

“That was absolutely amazing!” Franny whispered after she had hungrily worked her tongue down his throat and was now looking deep into his eyes. “I’ve never cum like that before in my life! And I’ve also never seen a guy bursa escort bayan shoot off like you. My god, it’s like you’re from some other planet!”

Chuckling at her assessment, Lute moved back in for another long kiss, and as he did he reinserted his still mostly hard member into her pussy and began rubbing its huge head against her clit. Incited to cum yet again, Franny gasped and and gripped his ass and was soon off and surfing on another orgasmic wave.

When she finally dropped back down onto the table, fucked to the core, Franny could only moan and sigh as she rubbed their combined juices onto her tits and torso. Looking up at Lute, she slid her hand into her mouth, nastily licking off the milky spew that now covered them both.

Anxious for a closer inspection of his seed’s source, Franny slid down off the table and took his slick member into her mouth and siphoned off the last of Lute’s jizz. Licking and sucking his veiny member with hungry enthusiasm, she was amazed at how big and thick he was when she stretched her hands around his shaft and tried to fully wrap her mouth over its bulbous head. She’d had a brief grad school romance with a well-hung classmate who prided himself on the size of his tool, but it didn’t hold a candle to the monster cock she now had in her mouth.

Sticky and ready to further relish her young lover in a more relaxing spot, Franny went into the kitchen and pulled a bottle of wine from the frig and sent Lute over to put on the Weather Report album they had not yet gotten around to playing. And while he sat on the floor and listened to the opening tracks, Franny slipped off to prepare them a bath.

When she had gotten her current job at the library, after years of living in sub-standard rental apartments and shared living spaces, Franny had scraped together the down payment for a house. It was a modest 1940’s bungalow on a big shady lot with plenty of space for the garden she’d always wanted. And a big plus for Franny was that the previous owner had done some remodeling to create a spacious master suite and bath that opened onto a private outdoor area with a hot tub.

Franny had entertained several men in her new house, but this outdoor space remained her sacred refuge that she’d only shared with her younger sister Michelle. But that night she realized she really wanted to share it with Lute, and as she leaned over to light the candles arranged around the tub, he quietly joined her and caressed her fine round ass.

With the candles flickering a calming glow, the lovers slipped into the warm waters and drank wine as they listened to the swelling strains of Weather Report coming from the living room stereo. Facing one another, they kissed and washed off the sticky lovemaking remnants from each other’s bodies.

As they relaxed in the tub, Lute enjoyed seeing how Franny’s big tits floated in the water like buoys on a lake. He hadn’t been with a woman this well-endowed since his affair with Ellen Heath, who ran the pharmacy in his home town. Like Ellen, Franny didn’t flaunt her big tits. And though Franny knew men were attracted to her because of her rack, she mostly chose to ignore their leering looks. But having Lute lust after her luscious orbs was different, and when he reached out and massaged them, she leaned back and luxuriated in his touch and the soothing waters.

The Léger’s (pronounced: “le-zhay”) were French Canadians from Quebec, and French was Frances Léger’s first language, having moved to the states when she was ten. Lute had noticed some remnants of her accent when she spoke, which he found really sexy.

“Aimez-vous mes grands tétons?” Franny whispered as his fingers circled her protruding nipples.

“Absolument!!” he chuckled, grateful for his two years of high school French.

Referring to their big breasts as “grand tetons” was an inside joke between Franny and her equally busty sister. They had joined their parents on a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park during college and were tickled to discover the Grand Teton range of mountains, aptly named by some horny French fur trappers. Much to their parents’ chagrin, for the rest of the trip the sisters would periodically jut their chests out at each other and inquire, “Aimez-vous mes grands tetons?” (Translation: “Do you like my big breasts?”)

But no matter what language she used for them, Lute absolutely loved Franny’s succulent mammaries, and had re-positioned himself next to her in the tub so he could suckle on their ample goodness. As he did, he discovered there was nothing he could’ve done to make her happier, and she offered him her big brown nipples just as she would a hungry baby.

After a long respite in the tub, enjoying the music and Lute’s prolonged attention to her fleshy buoys, Franny reached down and began massaging his submerged member. As she did, it slowly began to swell and was soon again expanded to almost its full ten inches.

Amazed at his beast’s transformation from a sizeable yet benign penis into a muscled ready-to-fuck escort bursa cock, Franny, despite having been royally shagged less than an hour before, was again ready to engage with Lute’s equally anxious python. But deciding to give her ravaged pussy some additional recovery time, she put her tits to work.

“Get up here for me,” Franny whispered as she patted the wooden ledge that surrounded the tub. Lute obliged and moved into place while Franny slid up onto her knees in front of him and began slowly stroking his wet cock that stood up long and hard like a rocket preparing for launch.

After running her tongue along its thick shaft and then slowly bobbing her mouth on its mushroom head, Franny leaned forward and wrapped her big fleshy tits around his meat. Holding her tits tightly together, she began to slide them up and down on his shaft.

Franny enjoyed tit-fucking her lovers. But Lute’s cock was the first that didn’t disappear inside her deep cleavage. Instead, a good portion of his thick rod stuck out the top of her tits like a foot long hot dog inside a six inch bun, giving her plenty to wrap her lips around when it emerged from each of its upward slides.

“Mmm… yeah,” she moaned as she glommed onto his big knob when it again poked out from its bosomy enclave.

Franny continued providing Lute’s cock with an erotic tit massage as they eased languidly towards their next carnal foray. Then, after giving a long last suck on the head of his slick shaft, she stepped out of the tub and grabbed towels from a nearby bench.

After slowly drying each other off while they fondled and kissed, Franny led Lute into her bedroom where she positioned him back on the bed and then slid on top of him, mounting his stallion and ready to ride.

Easy her pussy down onto his ready shaft, Franny started out their fucking at a slow walking pace, then a trot, then a canter, and after she extended her arms and braced herself against him, she moved into a full gallop, her big tits flopping around on her chest with each carnal stride.

“Yes, oh god, yes, yes, yes!” Franny moaned as their bodies thumped together and Lute raised his hips to drive his huge member deeper into her ravenous pussy.

Amazed that he could bring her off so easily, Franny was soon sliding into another orgasm, followed closely by another, until she was screaming and wailing like never before.

“Oh, fuck, yes, yes!” she cried, making no effort to muffle her voice as she rode headlong and hell-bent through her ecstatic orgasms, “Oh, yeah, uh, uh, uh, fuck, yeah!”

Now ready for his own dramatic contribution, Lute gripped Franny’s thighs and raised his hips even higher as he exploded inside her with another mammoth launch of spew.

Reacting to Lute’s eruption like a jockey spurring her mount, Franny raced on his ejaculating member even harder, driving herself up and down on his rod at a frenzied pace until she came one last time before collapsing down onto her lover’s body, panting and moaning as they slowly crossed the finish line, victorious and sublimely fucked.

With Lute’s cum oozing from her cunt, Franny continued to kiss his neck and face as she gradually came down from the climactic high that had moved her to give herself over to this young guy with the huge cock.

Franny had never felt this way before. Even in the throes of lovemaking with other men, she had always maintained control of her body and her emotions. But now with Lute, she was ready to fully surrender herself to him so they could pleasure each other in the wonderful new ways she was just now learning were possible. But could she trust him enough to really do that?

Then looking over at Lute, their eyes met. And as he gazed soulfully into her deep blue eyes, she knew without a doubt that this guy would do her no wrong.

Lute awakened the next morning to the smell of coffee coming from the kitchen. Seeing that he was alone, he rubbed his eyes and climbed out of the bed, grabbing the robe that Franny had laid out for him.

Following his nose, he found her in the kitchen. She was wearing only a long tank top that reached just below her bare ass as she stood at the stove making crepes. After giving him a warm welcoming kiss, she told him to pour himself a cup of coffee and grab a plate.

The crepes were delicious — some sweet, filled with fruit and sprinkled with powdered sugar, while others were savory and had ham and cheese inside. Lute was famished from their previous night’s activities, so he had to pace himself to not completely wolf down his generous plate of food.

While they ate, the lovers got better acquainted. Up until then, their discussions had mostly been about music, and they knew little about each other beyond their common musical interests. So they exchanged abbreviated versions of their life stories as they assessed each other in the light of day, as morning-after first-time lovers do.

After eating, they continued talking while Franny stood at the sink cleaning their dishes and Lute sipped his coffee, observing her from the side. As he did, he saw a fascinating and very sexy woman in her late twenties with succulent tits that bulged from her shirt with a seductive sway, their nipples protruding like big buttons.

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