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Appreciation goes to Gunter 99 for the editing.

All characters are 18 or older and all sex consensual.

Riding the Pipeline

I think I’m going to scream, if he says over the next hill one more time!

I’m Katherine Holman. My son Brad wanted to take a long ATV ride and camp out overnight, so we are riding the pipeline in southeast Missouri to a remote campground near Van Buren MO. We ride the gas & power lines which are great trails. We have to connect to some county roads once in a while.

We’ve been on these 4 wheelers for 6 hours and my 49 year old body is worn out. I’ve been watching my son’s shirtless back all day and I’m dusty and ready for a shower.

“How much further!” I yell for the hundredth time pulling up next to Brad.

Chuckling, Brad responds; “we’re there. We take this county road about a ½ mile.”

“We need to hurry, I have to pee and I need a shower. It also looks like rain’s coming.” I say looking to the west.

“Yeah, OK.” Brad says taking off.

Pulling into the campground I’m quite disappointed. It consists only of a large open grass area with a small restroom facility. This is definitely a roughing it campground.

“There’s the bathroom and the showers are on the side of the building” Brad says, pointing to the outside of the building where there are a couple of shower heads.

“The showers are outside Brad, did you know that?” I yelled at him, none too pleased.

“Yeah, they are mainly for washing off, kinda like at the beach. Just wear your shorts.”

“I didn’t bring any shorts, it’s the middle of April you goof ball.”

Brad’s smirks a little. “Well I won’t look; I’m going to go up to the far side on that hill and start camp. Take your time!” he yells over the motor, and drives off.

Watching Brad ride off leaving me frustrated, I feel like so many of his girlfriends over the years that left our house crying or mad. I would ask Brad what was wrong with her and I would never get a straight answer from him. It was always “Oh she can’t take a joke, or she doesn’t have a sense of humor.” He was never upset about it, there was always another girl in the wings.

I am so proud of Brad. He is the Alpha male in any group, and always a respectful son. Outside the house he was a rounder. Partying and generally raising hell.

Brad is a surveyor and just moved out of the house last year. I don’t get to spend much time with him anymore. He asked me on this trip and I jumped on it without thinking about how hard it was going to be.

As I stand in the campground looking around, there’s not a soul here. I know we are a few miles from the nearest country store as well. Getting up my nerve, I pee and start stripping in the restroom and wrap my towel around me. Looking down I just remembered my bald coochie. I still wax regularly. I don’t know why though, I haven’t had sex in a year.

Heading to the shower I prolong the inevitable by getting the water just… right. Looking at Brad, he is at least 200 yards away and working on putting the tent up. I finally throw the towel to the side and stand under the water with my back to Brad soaking my left side, trying to conceal as much as possible.

God! My ass feels like a giant flashing neon sign..

I quickly realize it’s going to take a lot of turning and rubbing. The combination of dirt and weak water pressure is creating quite a task. It takes forever to soak my long black hair. Well, black and gray now and not as long as I liked. Age has forced me to cut it shoulder length, but I’m still proud of it.

Tilting my head over is not getting the job done and I finally face the wall and bend into the water. I’ve always been well aware of my large breasts however with them exposed in broad daylight, they have gained immense proportions in my mind.

This is quite unnerving. Stark naked in a public park is not remotely in my personality.

All I can think about is if someone turned into the campground there is no way I could hide before they would see me.

I can feel my hair is thoroughly soaked as I smooth it down pushing the water out. I turn my back to the wall and tilt my head back under the water, my right side facing Brad.

God what a sight I probably am, outlined like this. Maybe he won’t look, he’s pretty busy. Yeah right, he’s a guy and he’s Brad. He’s looking.

I try not to rub my body, but shit! That’s what you do in a shower. I had parked the 4 wheeler directly in front of the line of sight to camp but I don’t know if it blocked any of the view or not.

To hell with it, maybe he can’t see from my waist down anyway.

With my humiliation complete and this drizzling shower, I start rubbing with the bar of soap trying to look workman like and not Bo Derek. I wash my arms and run my hands over my breasts quickly, down my legs and back up. Fully soaped, I turn rapidly letting the water hit all sides as I rub briskly.

I have no idea what Brad is probably thinking if he’s looking at me. I remember my dad used to say I was built like tuzla escort a brick shithouse when I was growing up. I was always confused whether this was a compliment.

Todays’ girls are called thick, at least that’s what Brad and his buddies called girls they went to school with, that were similar in appearance to me.

My breasts are very well rounded, with little age showing. My light brown and large meaty nipples point down a little but they always have. I am proud of my body today, aging has been kind to me.

My entire life I have been self- conscious of my appearance. A 5’2″ frame with 44 DD breasts and nice thick athletic legs that lead to a very generous and proportionately sized rear end, have always caused overt stares that to this day, cause me to blush.

Although wrinkles are appearing on my face, it doesn’t matter. Guys have never invested much time in it. I consider myself pretty, apply make- up and keep my hair attractive to no avail. Men being men, are still drawn to my tits and ass.

With all the soap off and feeling clean, I don’t waste time trying to dry off. Slipping my t-shirt and flip flops on, I realize I’m going to be riding to camp bare assed. This ought to be interesting.

Dismounting gracefully as possible, I take care and not let my shirt expose me.

Whew!! That felt good.” I comment trying to make light of the awkward shower scene.

“I bet!” Brad says without turning around, trying to finalize the tent.

“I’m going to go down and shower before it starts raining. Why don’t you make us something to eat.”

“OK’ just sandwiches I guess.”

“Yeah that cool.”

Busying myself making sandwiches I realize how freeing it feels moving around outside almost naked. Quite risqué for me, I’m starting to enjoy the naughtiness of it.

Squatting at the cooler, my shirt rides up over my ass and I know my pussy could be seen if anyone were here. I stay squatted in front of the cooler using it for a table when I could have stood up. It feels wickedly kinky with my pussy flexed open catching a breeze.

Looking down the hill I see Brad under the shower and as he turns I can see his cock sticking straight out.

He’s either got a half hard on or he inherited my breasts gene.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen him naked as an adult. We aren’t one of those “free” families in the house. We close the doors.

I know for a fact Brad ogled me now, because I keep glancing uncontrollably at him.

Shit, he saw everything. Probably even saw my bald coochie.

His dick is really sticking out. I wonder if it’s like those car mirrors, objects in mirror are closer than they appear. I think giggling.

I discretely run my finger to my middle aged pussy, knowing it’s going to be wet. My compression pants created a camel toe that teased me all day.

Fingering my pussy while I watch my son shower. I’m so drenched. My god what a perv I am.

Seeing that Brad is finishing up I quickly suck my finger clean and start moving the cooler inside the tent, trying to look busy when he arrives.

Brad’s s built like a brick shit house, just like me. He’s 5’11” about 220 and all muscle. Broad shoulders and chest. He never lifted weights and didn’t need to. His muscles are natural and he has always known how to use them.

“We better move inside” Brad says, getting off as the rain drops start falling.

“Yeah that ‘s what I was thinking.”

“Let me show you a trick” Brad says and proceeds to take off our 4 wheeler seats and take them in the tent.

“They make decent seats and pillows.”

“Good idea” I comment, looking at the seat on the ground trying to figure out how I was going to navigate it with my sleep shirt. I finally sit on it sideways and stick my legs straight out and cross them at the ankles, pulling my shirt down.

Chuckling, Brad comments quietly, “I’ve already seen most everything mom.”

“You looked! you little perv.” I said covering my red face. “That’s so embarrassing!”

“You looked too” brad says.

“I did not!” But not very convincing and Brad lets it go.

“I only brought those compression pants and I don’t wear panties with them.” I offer as an excuse to the situation.

Brad pops us some beers, saying at the same time “I tell you what, let’s just get a little drunk and forget it,” he says handing me a beer and pulling a bottle of jack out of the cooler.

“Sounds good to me,” Isay looking for any distraction.

Brad takes a swig of jack and hands it to me.

“Here, this will wipe your hard drive.”

“What?” I say ,not understanding as I take the bottle.

Brad smiles a little, “it will take your mind off it,” he explains.

“Oh, now I get it,” taking a little swig.

“I can’t remember the last time I drank this stuff.”

“Take another one. The first one just greases the skids.”

“What’s that?”

“Never mind just take another drink” Brad says.

I take a bigger drink; it didn’t burn as much.

We ate and drank for an hour tuzla escort bayan or so and brad was right, I was feeling a lot more relaxed.

I was still trying to keep my paper- thin sleep shirt over my pussy but it was not possible at all times. Occasionally I would look down and my shirt would be outlining my breasts. My large nipples on display. Then I would tug it back down over my knees.

Up, down, up down, Jeez this is ridiculous.

At least it was dark now, I don’t think that tent lantern shows too much, I hope.

“This is fun mom, I’m glad you came.”

“Me too, but the ride today was long, I’m getting too old for this kind of riding. I am going to be so sore tomorrow. You might have to drive back up and get me,” I say only half joking.

“Yeah that was further than I expected. I’m sorry about that.”

“I’m surprised you asked me, it would probably have been more fun with your friends or some girl.”

“Nah’ I wanted you to come along. Other girls are too high maintenance.

Man it’s really raining out there. It’s a gully washer” Brad says looking out.

“Are we ok up here?”

“Yeah on this hill and against the trees like this like this will give us some protection.”

“Want another Beer?”

“Sure why not.”

Brad’s stretched out shirtless on his side with his head propped up.

If my shirt wasn’t pulled down he could look straight into my pussy. I shake my head, Why would I think that?

Brad’s always been a command presence. Ever since he was king of the playground. He could handle any situation.

“I’m surprised you came really, I figured you had a date with some guy.”

“Hardly, I’ve about given up on men.”

“Why’s that?”

“Same old reason, men are all alike, only wanting one thing.”

Brad laughs, ” well after what I saw today, I can see why.”

Blushing I smile a little. “Yeah well that’s an old problem of mine. If men only thought about other people, things would be so much better for them. Remember that Brad.”

“I don’t have that problem mom, assuming we are talking about what I think we’re talking about.”

“Yeah well that must explain why all those girls leave the house mad or crying, or why you don’t have a girl friend now.” I say smartly at him.

We sit there quietly a while and Brad pushes the bottle of jack in the center of the tent.

“OK, you want to get serious? Truth or dare and drink” Brad says matter of factly.

“What’s the drink part?”

“I don’t know, we’ll make it up as we go along, I’ll go first,” Brad says.

“G rated of course.” I smiled.

“Sure. I’ll take dare” Brad says.

“OK.. ” I said looking around trying to think of something.

“You have to swallow a whole mouthful of mustard,” I said holding it up.

“Cool” Brad says nonchalantly holding his hand out.

“No way.”, I get to squirt it, hold your mouth open.”

Brad opens his mouth and I proceed to squirt it full, not giving him the least break. I finally quit and he’s trying to sit up and swallow as I laugh at him.

Brad shakes his head and downs some jack.


“Hey you’re the one that wanted to play this game!” I said laughing.

“Alright, now your turn,” Brad says sitting up fully.

“Truth or Dare” he asks.


“OK, what’s your bra size?” Brad says.

“That’s not G rated,” I groan. “You must have really gotten an eyeful when I took my shower.”

“Hey, that’s an easy question!” Brad exclaims.

“Yeah well I’m not answering that. As you can see they are huge. Trust me it’s a curse.”

“I can imagine” Brad says smirking a little. “Besides I already know. I read your tag years ago.”

“You’re a naughty boy.” I said shaking my finger at him.

“I know, it’s a curse.” He replies.

“Truth or Dare” I ask Brad quickly trying to ignore his innuendo.

I’ll take another Dare” he said confidently.

Looking around the tent, I finally say to Brad “I dare you to hold your hands in the cooler water for…. 3 minutes.”

“That’s a good one,” Brad says as he gets up and leans over the cooler plunging his hands in. “Are you counting? Look at my Pod for the time.”

“Is it starting to burn?” I ask teasing.

“Nope, I can barely feel it.” Brad responds trying to look at ease.

The three minute mark was nearing and leaning over I tickle him a little, trying to get him to jerk his hands out.

“Times up! Wow, that’s cold.” I comment while touching his hands.

Brad quickly says “I dare you to let me touch you with my hands for 1 minute.”

“That’s easy. OK”

“Close your eyes and you cant’ jump.” .

I feel both hands on the sides of my neck for a few seconds.

He then releases them and I suddenly feel them on the outsides of my thighs. I flinch as he rubs on the outside of my bare skin to the top of my thighs and then his hands went slowly under my shirt to both sides of my waist. Nothing in appropriate but I was still self conscious, my small roll of fat could be felt. escort tuzla His hands went smoothly over my skin allowing the temperature change to soak in.

He finally realizes I wasn’t going to balk and finishes by using the outside of his hands on my face.

“Good job, that warmed my hands up.”

“Truth” Brad says ,keeping the momentum of the game going.

“Tell me about the most embarrassing moment you can remember.” I already had this question ready.

Brad thought a little and said, “Remember you asked. I guess it would be when Ms. Petersen our neighbor checked in on me that summer you and dad went to Europe.”

Brad starts laughing a little. “I was so mad you guys wouldn’t let me stay by myself. Anyway, I was in my bedroom one night and she walked in on me.”

“What’s so embarrassing about that?”

Brad looks at me and smiles; “well I was exploring myself, so to speak,” he says laughing and taking a drink.

I just look at him; “Mrs. Petersen caught you masturbating?”

Brad just shakes his head.

“What did you do? What’d she say?” I rattled off the questions not waiting for answers.

“Well I covered up and she walked out and said excuse me.”

“Did she ever say anything else?”

“Well not then…”

“What did she say, when?”

“Nope, you said it had to be G rated, plus that’s more than one question. It’s your turn, truth or dare?” Brad says ending the discussion.

“I’ll drink this time.” I said picking up the bottle.

“Nope, I get to pour”. Brad motions with the bottle for me to open up.

“You are not going to make this easy are you?”

“Come on chicken. ” Brad says goading me.

Placing my hands behind me on the ground, I tilt my head back and mouth open.

I can feel my shirt rise, completely exposing my pussy.

I know without looking that Brad has placed his hand between my thighs to support himself. My adrenaline kicks in and I almost raise up to quit, but Brad’s looking straight at me, so I ignore it and try not to let it get to me.

I feel Brad pouring the jack in my mouth and I let it accumulate before swallowing. I motion him with my hand to stop, but he ignores me and continues to pour. I quickly turn my head to stop the flow. This doesn’t prevent a good stream of whiskey from spilling down the front of my chest running under my shirt. I swallow quickly trying not to choke. Popping my shirt a couple of times clears some of the spilled whiskey, but most is running down my cleavage.

“Wow! I’m gonna feel that in a few minutes” I choke out and sit up. Brads’ sitting beside me with his hand still between my thighs, a mere few inches from my very swollen and wet pussy. I am dying to fidget or move but don’t want to be a prude, so I continue to sit still.

“Truth or dare!” I spout to Brad.

“You want me to say truth so you can ask about Ms. Petersen, but that’s not G rated. Your gonna change the game. Do you have the balls for that mom”? Brad says in a lower voice trying to look intimidating.

For some reason his hand between my legs is driving me crazy, it has grown exponentially in my mind.

“Well if Ms. Petersen took advantage of you I should know about it Brad. You need to tell me what happened” I ask as I stroke his arm affectionately ,trying to sound sincere.

Brad laughs, “well it was a couple of nights later and she knocked on my door. I had avoided her for a couple of days because I was so embarrassed. She started apologizing for walking in on me the first night and that she should have knocked. Then she very calmly asked me would I like for her to do that for me.”

“No way!! I scream, “are you serious!”

“Yep” Brad says and I can see his face, he’s not lying.

“What did you do”?

“what do you think I did”? Brad asks looking at me waiting for my reply.

“You got up and ran out of the room.”

Brad just shakes his head no.

“You let her?”

“Well I said sure if she wanted to and she just reached over and worked my pants down before I could think too much about it. She started jacking me off and before long; I was hard and started cumming. She put her mouth on me and I cum in her mouth.”

“I can’t believe this. Ms. Petersen is older than me!”

“Yeah she’s 62 right now. That’s been years ago though.”

“Did she.. you know swallow?”

“Yes she did. She does every time.”

“Everytime? There have been other times?”

“Yeah, I call her my ace in the hole.” Brad says laughing.

“OH, Brad I get the feeling I don’t want to know what that means.”

“Yeah well, she’s a sure thing is what I mean.”

“Yeah I figured that.”

“I just walk next door and she knows what I’m there for.”

“OK ,OK,” I say covering my ears I’ve heard enough.

” I can’t believe Ms. Petersen abused my baby” I say jokingly, as I grabbed Brads’ upper arm squeezing it affectionately. Leaning over him, I had forgotten about his hand and that it is on the verge of becoming one with my vagina. I’m enjoying this very subtle tease.

“I think I’ll live. Truth or Dare.” Brad says.

“I’ll take a dare but be nice.”

Brad promptly says “you have to lick a line of mayonnaise off my body.”

“Just one line?”


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