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Reuniting with Sandy (and her hot daughter)

From our fantastic night onwards Sandy, who had acquired my email address, began to email me the pictures that I took of her that night. Each day, one by one, the pictures arrived in my inbox, waiting for me when I woke up. The pictures began with the cum on her face, then the cum on her tits and finally the cum dripping out her pussy. The photos were inspiration while I masturbated, not that they were exactly necessary as the just the thought alone of Sandy was enough to get me going. As the pictures of our night ran dry more of Sandy kept coming through, beginning with her in a variety of sexy lingerie. In a variety of poses she showed her assets: her tits, cleavage and her great ass.

As the pictures continued to enter my inbox the pictures got raunchier. Firstly her bra came off, her large tits bare and nipples uncovered as she posed on her bed. Next her panties were off, pictures of her hairy pussy, bare ass and uncovered tits, much like a playboy pin up, the next batch of photos to turn me on. Naturally they progressed to sexual level, photos of Sandy fingering her pussy, fucking herself with a dildo and also several of her fucking herself with a banana, the latter bringing back memories of the first time I saw her naked.

Once the picture income halted and contact had become non-existent I wrote Sandy a very naughty email, telling her how much I missed her and how much I wanted to fuck her and be with her. A week later there was still no reply from Sandy and I became downhearted, thinking she had become bored with our little game.

A month had passed when I was due to return home briefly for Jessica’s 18th birthday. I was thoroughly looking forward to this to see my friends and family again, in particular Sandy. The day I was due to leave though my phone rang, it was work, they needed me to work for the weekend. Needing the money I couldn’t refuse so my planned weekend was ruined.

After the party I was talking to my mom who told me how wonderful the party was and how beautiful Jessica looked. I didn’t entirely believe her as moms always say that about the host of the party. It wasn’t until she sent me a CD of photos from the party that I believed her. Dressed in a short, red glittery dress her long legs running forever, tits pushed up in the dress. Over the four months that had passed since I had seen her she had filled out really well. Her tits had become as big as her mom’s, she had grown taller, causing her to look thinner and had died her hair blonde. She looked sexy as hell and standing next to her mother the pair were some of the sexiest girls going around. Standing next to her daughter Sandy’s tight top clung tightly to her tits and curves of her body while the jeans she was wearing hugged her legs and ass, totally desirable. I can’t believe I missed it.

A few weeks after the party I received an email from Sandy. Excitement shot through my body as I opened the attachment, a picture of Sandy playing with herself. I was in heaven. Here was my sexy MILF back in my inbox.

One weekend I decided I would fly back and visit everyone from home: my mom, my family, my friends and in particular Sandy. I was home for a day before I decided to go around and visit Sandy on the Saturday morning. I knocked at the door but no one answered. I entered the house anyway, knowing that my good friends were unlikely to mind. I explored the house to see if they were home and as I walked past Sandy’s bedroom door I heard what I thought to be female moans pendik escort coming from the room. Putting my ear to the door I listened in, hearing the sexy moans I remember so vividly. I figured Sandy was masturbating, so slowly I opened the door, squeezing in as quietly as I could.

I peeked at the bed and I couldn’t believe my luck, the blonde hair of Jessica recognizable between Sandy’s legs, Jessica’s ass positioned well to enter her from behind. “Oh yes that’s the way, lick my pussy, lick your horny mom’s hairy pussy.” Sandy’s skirt was hiked up and panties next to her on the bed, her shirt pulled up above her breasts where she was playing with her nipples. I stripped off, Sandy smiling at me, my hard dick now free from its constraints.

Jessica’s tight white panties stretched across her ass, a wet spot visible from where I was standing. It was an inviting prospect and I crept over to her, pushing her skirt up further and pulling aside her panties to see her perfect pink pussy, shaved and smooth. She motioned to look back but Sandy pushed her head back down to her pussy where she held it there. “Don’t worry about him, just my lick my pussy bitch.”

Jessica’s pussy glistened with her woman juices and I licked up and down her slit, removing all of her sweet juices from her pussy. She squirmed with each touch, her moans muffled, as her mouth was still being held tight against her mother’s pussy. Her pussy continued to leak out fluid as I licked it, the woman juices providing a slick lubricant for my finger. Running my finger around her juices collected on my finger and I pushed it into her tight, young pussy. Jessica gasped as the finger slid into her, and I began to lick her asshole as I pulled my finger out and pushed it back into her. “Yeah finger my daughter’s tight pussy while she licks my wet pussy.” I circled my tongue around the hole, tickling her sensitive area while my finger punished her pussy, a second finger easily sliding into the wet hole.

Sandy, quietly moaning up until now, began to scream, “oh fuck, fuck yeah, fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jessica’s tongue working her clit. A few more expletives were released before Sandy came. Releasing her daughter’s head as she collapsed on the bed Jessica looked around to see me eating her ass but before she could say anything she screamed and panted as she came over my fingers and came down from the orgasmic high.

As I licked the juices from my fingers Jessica turned around and kissed me, her tongue joining my fingers in my mouth. I removed my fingers and kissed her properly, our tongues in union for the first time. She broke the kiss and immediately began talking, declaring her love for me. When Jessica gets nervous she tends to talk a lot and that is what she did. She began to ramble, “oh Jonathon this a dream come true. I always fantasize about you, fingering my pussy, wishing it was your dick in me.” Sandy, lying back on the bed and rubbing herself, smiled at me, as her daughter continued to talk, “and when I first got fucked, I imagined it was you on top me.”

She looked so cute rambling but her mother snapped her out of it, slapping her ass. “Jessica, stop talking and suck his cock.” Jessica, alert, looked around and noticed my hard dick, just inches from her, pointing out from my groin. She took the head of my dick in her mouth and softly sucked on it. As Jessica took in more of my dick and ran her tongue along what was in her mouth, Sandy crawled up behind her and lifted her t-shirt up over her head to reveal her large naked breasts.

“They’re escort pendik beautiful aren’t they, big and round like her mom’s, just the way the boys like them,” said Sandy as she ran her hands over her daughter’s breasts, massaging them and rolling the little buds of her nipples in between her fingers.

“Mmm, I love them. I love yours too,” I replied as Jessica was jacking off my dick with her hand while sucking on the end of my cock.

“Oh you do, do you?” she said back, standing up next me, pushing one of her nipples in my mouth. I gratefully accepted it, sucking on the hard bud, swapping between the two as my dick continued to slide in and out of Jessica’s mouth.

With my dick well and truly hard Jessica stood up and slipped out of her skirt and panties, her naked body just an inch from me. “Jonathon please fuck me, I’ve waited so long this,” she said as she dropped back on the bed, her legs spread. I shuffled myself over to the inviting pussy and looked at Sandy who gave me a little nod to continue. I ran the head of my dick up and down her slit, collecting her womanly juices that were gathering and slipped it in the tight hole, easing myself slowly in.

I began to fuck her, withdrawing and push it backing it, her tight pussy creating a vacuum around my cock. Sandy, rubbing Jessica’s clit in a circular motion, then asked me, “how do you like fucking my hot little girl? Is it better than fucking her mom?”

“It’s fucking amazing. Your both fucking amazing.”

“Oh Jonathon. Ah, ah, ah,” whimpered Jessica as my balls slapped against her ass.

Jessica’s moans continued to increase and next to us Sandy, now naked, had her ass in the air, pointing at me. “Remember this ass?” she said as she ran one hand over the firm area, slapping it once. “Of course you do. Come fuck me like the whore I am, just like you did last time.” I pulled myself out from Jessica and slipped my dick straight into Sandy’s wet pussy. “Ohhh yes, fuck me hard. Fuck me like the hot slut I am.”

Jessica stood up and moved the side of her mother. As Sandy bucked back on me and I thrust into her Jessica guided her hand down Sandy’s back and onto her ass cheeks, rubbing one with each hand. Raising one hand to my face she put two fingers into my mouth that I gently sucked on. With her fingers enclosed in my lips she slowly withdrew them and eased both in Sandy’s asshole. “Oh you little slut!” Sandy screamed as the fingers entered her tight ass. Jessica began to fuck Sandy’s ass with her fingers as I continued to pound her from behind. “Yeah fuck my ass you little slut, you just wait until Jonathon sticks his big dick in your tight little ass though! Ohhh!!”

Accepting her fate Jessica put a third finger in, ramming them all in and stretching the tight hole. Sandy screamed and in a matter of moments with a prolonged moan she was cumming over my dick. As I pulled myself out from her I was still ready for more and so was Jessica, pushing me down onto the bed. She leant down and kissed me before throwing herself down on my cock, bouncing up and down. Sandy lay spent next to us on the bed and watched as Jessica massaged her tits and moaned with every down stroke on my cock. As she increased her speed her moans became louder and more frequent as I also was close to cumming. “Oh shit Jonathon I’m about to cum, cum with me.” I couldn’t hold any longer and I came in her pussy, Jessica slowing and with her eyes closed sighed and fell on me as I continued to fill her pussy with my juice. With her face next to mine she pendik escort bayan kissed me and said to me, “wow that was the best root I’ve ever had.” As my dick became soft it fell from her pussy, she rolled off to the side, and I was now lying between daughter and mom.

“What do you mean Jessica, it’s not over yet. Jonathon hasn’t fucked your ass yet!” her mom replied smiling at me.

As I laid there recovering Sandy climbed over the top of me and began to lick around Jessica’s pussy, cleaning up my cum that was now dripping out of her. After all that I didn’t think I would able to continue but that sight got me going again. I kneeled next to Jessica’s head and she took the end of me in her mouth as I rubbed one of her nipples.

My dick grew in her mouth and Sandy looked up at her daughter pleasuring me. Immediately she stopped cleaning her daughter and moved to my hardening dick. I removed my dick from Jessica’s mouth and allowed Sandy to suck on it, Jessica licking my balls that were dangling in front of her face. With my cock now fully hard I moved back in between Jessica’s spread legs and licked her asshole, spitting my saliva over the area. Sandy was now sitting on her daughter’s face, muffling the screams that came from her as I eased the head of my dick into the tight hole, taking her anal virginity. “Yeah fuck that tight ass Jonathon, punish my slutty daughter,” ordered Sandy as I pulled back and pushed a little more into her. “Mmm, how does that feel baby, do you think mommy should take care of that monster for you?” asked Sandy, Jessica attacking her clit, trying to nod in response.

Sandy got up from her daughter’s face and pushed me down onto the bed, easing my dick into her ass. In one slow movement her ass had engulfed my dick and Sandy cried, “AH FUCK! It’s so big.” I looked over at Jessica who had several tears running down hers cheeks. I leant over and kissed them off, kissing her lips as well. Sandy was holding on to me as she continued to force herself down on me, my cock stretching her asshole.

It wasn’t long before I was ready to cum and I declared to Sandy, “oh shit, I’m about to cum.”

“Yeah baby, fill my ass with your seed, fill me up, fill my slutty hole.”

With Sandy sitting on my dick I shot several spurts of my cum into her ass. Sandy clambered off and moved over to her daughter, holding her ass cheeks apart, cum dripping out of the hole. “Eat the cum out of my ass,” she ordered. Jessica had no choice but to abide, licking the dripping cum and then swirling her tongue as deep into hole as she could get it. Softly Sandy moaned as Jessica’s tongue ticked the inside of her ass. Satisfied she rolled over next to me where I still laid, spend, now with Jessica and Sandy lying next me to on the bed.

“Wow I’m so glad I came back this weekend,” I said to both my lovers.

“What do you mean?” replied Sandy, “this weekend is far from over.”

I ended visiting them a few more times that weekend, having my own separate occasions with each of them.

A month later I got a call from Jessica telling me she was pregnant I was the father. I was ecstatic and Sandy and Jessica flew out to discuss what we should do. I told them that I still had college her so Jessica would be welcome to stay here. We all thought it was a good idea and that Jessica would move over in about a month, which would give her time to pack and say goodbye to her friends and family there. Just a week before she was due over Sandy called again and told me that she was having troubles with her husband and they were thinking about splitting. I told her she was welcome to join us and she jumped at the opportunity. The next week they both moved in with me and we became a family, a very close and loving family.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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