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For those of you that read stories on here strictly for sex/penetration, you might want to avoid all of mine. I favor extensive teasing, foreplay, and climaxes that occur from non-penetrative acts. Penetration/sex is almost always the ultimate ‘endgame’ for my male characters, but they find great pleasure in the journey there, too. I’m not judging a reader if they prefer straightforward sex in a story, but I don’t want you to waste your time and feel disappointed at the end of a chapter. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy and strongly encourage feedback.


After our immorally familial embrace, I withdrew from Mati and pecked a jubilantly casual kiss on Fiona’s forehead before guiding them out of the room. I heard them follow without reluctance, and when I turned to see them trot out into the hallway with me, my rigid cock bouncing in suit, I was pleased to see how they reacted—or didn’t. Their eyes were on me, my face that is, and didn’t appear to be a challenging maneuver of avoiding the look-down.

“Will you girls be comfortable with Daddy like this?” I asked, deciding to bluntly address it rather than tiptoe around the matter.

“Of course, Daddy,” Mati insisted, taking my right hand in both of hers. Her eyes stayed with mine the whole time. She half-smiled, half-pouted. “Love is love. You be true to yourself, like you always have been. The best Daddy ever. And we will be, too.”

I rubbed Mati’s lower back, my hand exposing the soft skin. That dip felt amazing on my fingers and palm.

“You’re the sweetest, cupcake,” I said.

Now she smiled bigger, and more genuine.

“Yeah,” Fiona said, standing beside Mati, looking up at me. “What she said, Daddy. We’re grateful for your attention and love. All of it.”

“Thanks, princess. I hope you girls don’t mind me being extra honest with you from now on. Speaking my mind. And showing my love.”

My left hand lowered to grab Fiona’s right butt cheek when I said the word ‘showing.’ I squeezed, trying to force all of the clothed ass meat into my palm, and I noticed Fiona flinch a little when I did. Her smile didn’t falter, though, and not in a forced manner. Whatever this Spell was, was the real deal—as outlandish as it seemed.

“Silly,” Fiona said adorably, innocently, “I did say ‘all of it,’ Daddy.”

“You sure did, Fi.”

“We’re loyal, Daddy,” Mati added. She then sneered. “We’re not like mom.”

“You sure aren’t, Mati,” I said, smiling. “You girls are so much better than your mother. Half of one of you has more love and loyalty than her entire existence. Daddy’s grateful. And I’m not gonna squander a single ounce of my love and gratitude now that you live with me.”

“You’re so sweet,” Fiona giggled.

“Says Daddy’s sweet-cheeks,” I said, slapping Fiona’s right cheek and punctually squeezing, my fingertips sinking into the spandex.

She yelped and giggled.

“I’m gonna give you girls new nicknames, okay?” I said. “Are you fine with whatever I pick?”

“We trust your judgment, Daddy,” Mati smiled.

“I still love calling you cupcake, Mati. So sweet, you are. Sugar-Tits.”

She giggled.

“Sugar-Tits and Sweet-Cheeks,” I smirked, respectively looking at Mati and then Fiona. “How’s that sound, darlings?”

“Whatever you want, Daddy,” Mati smiled.

“Oh yeah? Are you sure about that?” My cock pulsed.

“You love us so much,” Mati said, “why not? And you’ve given us such a nice home. Saved us from mom’s oppression. We owe you so much.”

“Oh, don’t be silly, Sugar-Tits,” I said casually, lowering my hand to squeeze Mati’s denim-clad ass. “I don’t want you girls to feel like you’re indebted to me. I want you to stay, and love me, and trust me, on your own volition.”

Obviously a white lie, or else I’d not toyed with this Spell thing.

“But I do, Daddy. Truly.”

“Do you, Sweet-Cheeks?” I asked Fiona, tightening my left arm around her waist, now.

“Of course, Daddy. From the bottom of my heart.”

“You trust and love Daddy, no matter what? I want you girls to swear it.”

“We trust and love you, Daddy, no matter what,” they said, more or less in unison. And then they giggled together.

“I mean it, girls,” I said with gravity in my voice.

“We do, too, Daddy,” Fiona insisted.

Mati gulped and nodded, puppy-dog eyes again. “We really do.”

“My love is non-negotiable,” I added, still solemn, but genuine.

“We’ll never question your love, Daddy. It feels so true.”

“My word is my love, Fi. Both of you.”

“We’ll never question it, Daddy,” Fiona insisted. “Not because you make us, like mom did, but because you love us…and we love you.”

“Yeah, what she said,” Mati added, and immediately the girls giggled again.

I smiled, too, and petted their faces. “I’m the luckiest father in the world.”

“We’re honored to be your daughters, Daddy.”

“I really want to give you this tour, girls, but not like this.”

“What do you mean, Daddy?”

“You’re too dressed-up. This is home, sweethearts! Embrace it. Be more comfortable, more bursa escort unrestricted. Let Daddy be proud of you, all of you. And love you, all of you.”

“No dress code, you mean?” Fiona asked.

“Yes and no, Sweet-Cheeks. Less is more. Go change into something more liberal.” I turned toward Mati. “You, too, cupcake. Free those big, juicy tits.”

A little bit to my surprise, Mati didn’t take offense. In fact, she appeared completely unfazed by my inappropriate vernacular.

“Right now, Daddy?”

“Yes, Sugar-Tits. Right now.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back!”

“You’ve got three minutes, both of you,” I called out as they separated to find their rooms. They got turned around briefly, chuckling simultaneously, but ultimately finding their way again. “I’ll count down out loud, for the last twenty seconds if you’re not done by then, darlings!”

I heard “okay, Daddy” from them each.

Looking down, I saw that I was half-mast now, but I immediately gripped it and began stroking. I had since leaked pre-cum and used it as lubrication, but didn’t stroke for long. What was the point, when I could likely use them? I didn’t want to leap right into the deep end and try having sex with them, even oral. Call me strange but I wanted to prolong the tease, and build the titillation. Also, I wanted to slowly ‘baptize’ them in the Spell’s trance, gradually introducing them to methods of my lustful ‘expression.’

They exited their rooms to reassemble where I paced in the hallway about ten seconds before my mind reached that countdown.

“Great timing, girls,” I said, almost choking on my words as they arrived, my vision perversely blessed with their new outfits.

Mati’s silk boulders bounced remarkably upon approach. It was hard—literally—not to stare. She arrived with a light giggle and holding her hands together in front of her crotch, her biceps bunching her breasts together. She wore a low-cut U-neck sheer pink crop-top that exposed her midsection and a pair of fitted white cotton short-shorts. Unfortunately, the top being sheer had no quality due to the bra she wore underneath.

Fiona halted to my left, opposite Mati, looking exceptionally sexy. She wore an off-the-shoulder red dress with small yellow dots, which flared out around her knees. It was a little snug around her waist but otherwise loose-fit, although her breasts occupied the cups perfectly.

“Look at you, Fi,” I said with a big smile. “Like a petite strawberry.”

She giggled. “Thanks, Daddy.”

“What about me, Daddy?” Mati asked.

“Adorable as always, Mati, but you didn’t quite listen to me, did you?”

“W-What do you mean, Daddy? I…”

“I said free those tits, Mati. Not…dress them up differently. You’re wearing a bra, silly.” As I said this, I circled Fiona and hugged her from behind. My erection rode up the arc of her clothed butt, while my hands ascended under her arms to cup her breasts. She looked down briefly with a soft gasp, and then back up at me, over her bare shoulder. I all but salivated at the sight of her exposed, caramel shoulders. I wanted to slather them with my mouth. Instead I just gently kissed them, and the sides of her neck. Her hair was up in a ponytail still. “Look at your sister, Mati. See how free her tits are? I mean…not as liberated as they could be…but still freer than being imprisoned by a bra.”

“B-But,” Mati stuttered. “But Fi’s are much smaller than mine. Mine need support, Daddy.”

I shook my head. “No, Sugar-Tits, your big fat jugs only need my support. Not fabric. But mine. You want Daddy’s love, right?”

“Yes, yes please.”

“Then you’ll have it. You’ll have all of my genuine love and support, once you free your giant udders.”

I started to slip these vulgar terms rather casually, and each demeaning one made my cock grow harder against Fiona’s butt. She didn’t seem to notice, or at least didn’t appear fazed by it.

“Okay, Daddy. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t apologize, Mati. Just go change. But before you do…”

“Yes, Daddy?”

I stopped groping Fiona’s breasts and kissing her neck and shoulders. I stood beside her but looked at Mati a few feet away. My pulsing cock was still exposed and overtly dripping pre-cum. Neither of them so much as glanced at it.

“I love your shorts, cupcake. They look really soft, and tight. They fit your big fat butt beautifully.”

“Really, Daddy?”

“Really-really, Sugar-Tits. The pink and white is adorable on you.”

“Aw, thank you. That means a lot.”

I could tell that it did.

“Speaking of butts,” I looked at Fiona. “You really downgraded, Fi. I said dress more liberally, and what did you do? You took away tight-sight.”

She looked confused.

I suddenly squatted beside her and grabbed her dress, pinching the flare around her legs. She almost tripped, teetering, and giggled nervously.

“Um, what are you doing, Daddy?”

“Hush, Sweet-Cheeks. I’m just liberating your cute little ass.” I strain and focus my strength. I’m glad the dress fabric is thin and frail. I rip the flare from its seam, bursa escort bayan and Fiona yelps. The tear spirals up, and I keep ripping it until the dress has been turned into a one-piece miniskirt. Now, instead of flaring out around her knees, it billows loosely inches below her butt. “Ah. All better.”

I exhaled and dropped the scraps of dress on the floor before rising to my feet. As I did, my rigid cock hooked the edge of her ‘skirt,’ and lifted it to her waist, briefly exposing her lower half. She was wearing a red V-string. She gasped and tried to cover herself.

“Relax, Sweet-Cheeks. If Daddy said so, you two would be trotting around butt-naked. But I want you girls to be comfy, and feel cute. Besides, what do you have to be shy about? You look amazing. Doesn’t she, Mati?”

“Yes, Daddy. She’s super cute.”

“Thanks, sis.”

I thrust up Mati’s bare right abdomen and squeeze her left breast. I kiss her cheek and a gentle smile creeps onto her face; it looks, and feels, genuine.

Then I withdraw and let her skirt fall back down. “Is that okay, Fi? Daddy’s revision on your dress?”

“Of course, Daddy. You know best.”

“I’m happy you think that, darling. But how do you feel in it?”

“Um, honestly? Less restricted. The flare kinda felt weird.”

“Wonderful. Next time, Fi, don’t wear something that ‘feels weird.’ Okay?”

“Okay, Daddy.”

I turned toward Mati. “Now, Sugar-Tits—go fix your outfit.”

“Yes, Daddy!” She turned on her heels and urgently returned to her room.

“Between us, Fi, what did you think of Mati’s outfit?”

“Oh, um…”

“Be honest, Sweet-Cheeks.”

She shrugged. “I thought she was really cute. She always has adorable color schemes. But…the black bra under a see-through top was kinda tacky.”

“Yeah, I thought so, too.” I spoke quietly, lackadaisically. “Do you think I’m in the right, asking her to free her fat fucking tits?”

Fiona stumbled on her words and shrugged. “Yeah, I think so, Daddy. I mean…your reasoning was really genuine. To love us for who we are. No façade. And you being so honest, so…” She glanced down briefly, then back to my eyes. “So out there…it’s a show of your true love. And we should respect that, and reciprocate it.”

I cupped her beautiful face. “You’re such a darling, princess. Daddy loves you so much. I’m sorry for startling you by ripping your dress.”

She giggled. “It’s okay, Daddy. I like that you took charge. I don’t think you should be shy or reluctant about your decisions. Especially with us. We haven’t lived with you for so long, I imagine you’re very eager to make us feel like your girls again.”

“Yes, Fi, exactly that. God, you’re so perfect, princess.” I lowered my left hand to squeeze her ass, under the skirt. Her facial expression didn’t flinch. My right hand rose to grope her left breast, outside the fabric cup. “You’re still Daddy’s little girl, alright. No matter how big your tits get or how fat your lil’ bubble-butt gets.”

“Aw, thanks, Daddy. You’re the best.”

“Give me a big, wet kiss, princess.”

She leaned in. I leaned down a little and kissed her, sloppy. When I withdrew, I dragged my tongue across her ajar mouth. Her beautiful dark features and light bronzed skin glistened from my saliva. Her expression was undisturbed; if anything, it was placidly content.

I gave her butt a light slap, and then lifted my left hand to caress the back of her neck.

“Oh, here she comes, Daddy,” Fiona said.

I turned to watch Mati approach. She had kept her outfit but removed her bra. The shirt was snug enough to adequately contain her breasts, but made them bounce significantly more with every little motion. Additionally, the thinness of the fabric made her large areolae visible, and of course her beady nipples.

She stopped in front of us, same stance as before, but blushing.

“Wonderful, Mati. You look perfect. Comfier than before?”

“Yes, Daddy. I’ve never liked wearing bras that much. I don’t think anyone does, really.”

“Naturally, cupcake. Especially a cute thing like yourself, with such massive jugs. I’m glad you listened to Daddy and feel better for it.”

“I do. I’m sorry I didn’t at first. I wish I had.”

“No worries, cupcake. Now you know…not to second-guess Daddy. My words are as true as my love for you two.”

Fiona giggled. “That rhymed.”

“You’re adorable, Fi,” I turned toward her and pecked a kiss on her cheek. I looked back at Mati. “Y’all ready for this tour?”

Mati beamed and bounced on her heels. Her 36E breasts reacted accordingly in their sheer container. Fiona smiled, too, and threaded her right arm through my left one, as I stood there akimbo.

“C’mon, Mati. Bring those udders to Daddy.”

She giggled, unoffended, and trotted over to me. She threaded her left arm under my right, clinging to me like a curvy koala. I redirected the three of us to face down the hall, toward the far end, where we hadn’t headed yet.

“Walk with me, girls,” I instructed, and began the tour.

Frankly, I didn’t escort bursa know if I could complete the whole tour before doing something exceptionally naughty. I of course wasn’t without curiosity and intrigue, regarding this enigmatic ‘Spell’ that had entranced my daughters—and myself, for that matter—so easily, and so suddenly on this fine day. Was I hung up on the puzzle? Not in the least. I was too busy catching myself on my girls, upon this revelation of their sex appeal, not to mention their subservience.

At this point I felt like I could get away with virtually anything.

As much as I loved and respected them, I had already started to belittle Mati here and there, and had transient itches to be more aggressive with them both.

While walking down the hall toward the other staircase that they didn’t know existed, surprising them as if it was some secret tunnel or some shit, I began overtly staring at their chests. Especially Mati’s.

“Whatcha looking at, Daddy?” she asked me, after catching my diverted stare twice in ten seconds.

“Just admiring my darling girl, Mati. Is that alright with you?”

“Of course. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

I stopped in my tracks. Our arms were still entwined. “Be honest, cupcake. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable or anything.”

“No, not at all, Daddy. I cherish your opinion and admiration.”

“Me, too, Daddy.”

“So you girls don’t mind if I stare? Whether it’s getting lost in your beautiful dark eyes, your lips when you talk, your supple tits, or your juicy bubble-butts?”

They giggled casually.

“Not at all, Daddy,” Fiona said. “I’m so thankful for your love. Everything you say and do is out of love, like you said. No matter how rude or rough it might seem.” She shrugged, as if reading my mind. “So I see nothing wrong with it, Daddy. I’m grateful regardless. And I love you more for being so honest. So…true.”

“Aw, I love hearing that, Sweet-Cheeks.” I kissed her on the cheek, and then looked over, down at Mati. “Do you feel the same, Sugar-Tits? Please be honest with Daddy. I won’t be upset if you feel differently.”

She went from having just an arm looped around mine to hugging me from the side, her breasts bisected by my upper ribs.

“I feel the same, Daddy. I don’t want you to filter your love. I want all of it.”

My heart raced and my cock pulsed. Part of me wanted to make her kneel and pump her beautiful face with ‘all of my love’ but another part of me was more methodical, and wanted to extend the tease. I felt like at this point, whenever I do cum, it’s gonna be oceanic. I didn’t want to waste it. Of course, if this Spell wasn’t temporary, then it’s not like I’d be working with just ‘one in the chamber.’ No, I had a whole bandolier to spend.

Still, I resisted ‘jumping the gun’ at the moment.

“You’re gonna get all of it, then, my little fuck-cow,” I smiled down at Mati.

Her previously adorable expression faltered.

“I’m sorry, was that too much for my precious Sugar-Tits?” I rubbed the small of her back, exposed and soft.

“N-No, Daddy, of course not. You can call me whatever you want. I love you.”

“I love you, too, piggy.” I leaned down and gave her an Eskimo Kiss. She giggled and then I grabbed the waistband of her cotton short-shorts, above her tailbone, and pulled up on it. The wedgie made her yelp and gasp, but I immediately stifled her breath with my tongue, kissing her hard. She whimpered into my mouth and I felt her arms tighten around me, her breasts still bisected by my torso. When I pulled back, I let go of her shorts and glanced over her shoulder. They had settled but her cheeks were almost fifty-percept exposed now. My hand lowered to slap one and squeeze hard, filling my palm with her silken ass-meat. “I love you so much, Mati.”

“Unh…” she grunted softly, grimacing before catching her breath. She looked up at me with puppy-dog eyes. “I love you, too, Daddy.”

I felt more arms tighten around me, and even overlap Mati’s. Feet like anchors, I turned my head and twisted my torso a little to face Fiona. Now she was hugging me the same way Mati did. She looked up at me with those gorgeous honey irises.

“I want all of your love, too, Daddy.”

“Unfiltered?” My left arm now hooked around her tiny waist, pulling her closer to me.

“Of course, Daddy. Truth and honesty should never be filtered. Especially love.”

“I’m so blessed to have such loving, genuine daughters.” As I said this, my right hand squeezed Mati’s butt again, and my left draped down to caress Fiona’s under the makeshift miniskirt. I lowered my face closer to Fiona’s, and said: “Give Daddy a kiss, my little fuck-doll.”

Unfazed by my words, except for maybe a slight furrowing of her brow, she tiptoed to be closer to my level. As I kissed her hard, robbing her breath, my left hand traversed between her butt cheeks, to excavate the tiny red strip of fabric belonging to her V-string. Not only did I pluck it free from her buttocks, but I yanked it high, where it intersected with the ‘waistband.’ The wedgie likely targeted her labia, which I couldn’t see, but the shudder of her body against mine and the gasping whimper into my mouth was evidence enough. All of a sudden the V-string snapped, and Fiona noticeably cringed.

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