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Chapter 2: Jim Gets a Surprise

(Fantasies are wonderful things. Everything works out the way you want it to.)

Note: If you have not read Remembered Desires, you might want to now for background. If you have read it, but it has been a while, you might want to re-read it to refresh your memory. For those of you who liked Remembered Desires and asked for more, I’m sorry it has taken so long to write Part 2. My life has been complicated. Furthermore, I will try to get Part 3, where Carrie and both of her daughters, Caitlin and Chloe, have fun together, done in a much shorter time. Enjoy!


Jim had gotten home late Monday night. It was too late and he was too tired to call Carrie. The next day she called him and asked if he could come over about seven p.m. Her daughters would be going out to visit friends and to a movie later.

“I’ve got a big surprise for you, sweetie,” Carrie told Jim.

“Hint?” Jim asked.

“No way, lover. I’ll tell you when you get here.

He got there at 7:15, freshly shaved, showered, and with his pubic hair trimmed short, just like Carrie preferred.

“Whoa, baby! That’s hot,” he said.

Carrie was wearing her black, see-through nightie, black thigh-high stocking, shiny black pumps and nothing else but a smile and her perfume.

“Is this the big surprise?” Jim asked as his eyes roamed hungrily over Carrie’s body. “And, I don’t want to seem prudish, but should you be answering the door dressed—or rather, undressed—like that?”

“I like to live dangerously, darling. Besides, the UPS man is kind of a hunk. I think he might like it if I answered the door undressed like this.” Carrie put her arms around Jim’s neck and gave him a long and loving kiss before he could answer.

“And you know that I looked through the peep-hole before I opened the door,” Carrie said as she pulled her lips from Jim’s.

Jim grinned. “I know, babe,” he said. “And I like your surprise, it’s making my tongue hard.”

“Don’t be silly, big boy, what I’m wearing is my little surprise, but I’m glad you like it.”

“I love it, but I don’t think you’re going to be wearing it too long.”

“I’d hoped not, lover.”

“So what’s the big surprise then, darling?” Jim asked as his hands began to roam up under her nightie, caressing her hips, her ass, and her back, while his mouth began kissing her neck lightly.

Carrie sighed, loving the feeling of Jim’s big hands caressing her body and his little kisses on her neck was giving her goose bumps and making her nipples hard.

She pushed Jim back gently and gave him a peck on the lips. “It’ll keep ’til later, honey. Take me to bed now, big man. I’m hungry for your in the worst way.”

Jim grinned. He loved how Carrie was so sexually direct and open. He scooped her up in his arms and made her squeal, then carried her down the hall and into her bedroom. He dumped her unceremoniously on her bed. He quickly pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and knelt, then spread her legs and immediately began kissing and sucking over and around her clitoris without actually touching it directly. At the same time, he worked two fingers deep into her pussy and pressed down firmly.

“Oh God, yes!” Carrie cried as she wiggle her hips and pushed her pussy up against his greedy mouth and strong fingers.

That had been half an hour ago. Jim had licked Carrie’s pussy until she came on his face. Now, his hard cock was pounding into her in a way that thrilled her to the marrow of her bones. Her pussy was as wet and slick as it could be and she was loving how his thick cock felt, rapidly squeezing in and out of her tight vagina.

Jim’s cock was long, but it wasn’t overly long, which Carrie liked. Her pussy wasn’t overly deep and, in fact, if Jim fucked her from behind he could go deeper than she liked, sometimes causing her pain. Jim knew not to go to deep in the “doggie” position, but he was on top of Carrie now and he was fucking her hard and fast and she loved it.

What Carrie liked the most about Jim cock was its thickness. It wasn’t freakishly thick, but it was thicker than any cock she had ever fucked and it stretched her vaginal opening and filled her pussy so damned wonderfully. And now, with Jim fucking her so hard with his fat cock, Carrie was on a delightfully wonderful sexual plateau getting ready to jump off into a big, fat, body-shuddering orgasm.

“Oh Jim! Jim! Now! Now! NOW!” She screamed. Her eye lids fluttered, her toes curled, her body arched up against his sweaty, muscular body as she held on to him tightly and she came in grunting, panting spasms of delight.

“Oh yes! Oh yes, Carrie!” Jim cried out just seconds later as his cock ejaculated thick, sticky wads of his hot cum deep inside Carrie’s pussy.

Carrie was on the downside of her orgasm but she loved the feeling of Jim coming in her and coming hard. She held on to him even more tightly and went with the Zen of it, feeling at one with her lover and his wonderful hard cock and his wonderful bursa escort hard male body still fucking her. Her body responded by submerging her consciousness into the bliss of another orgasm.

Jim’s movements slowed down, then stopped completely. Both Carrie and he were perspiring freely. Carrie released her grip on Jim and he stiff-armed his torso up so he could look her in the eyes.

He grinned a huge grin. “Wow, babe! I need to go away for a week more often if that’s the reception I’m going to get when I come home.”

Carrie just laughed. Loving-making with Jim was nearly always intense with a few slower-paced sessions thrown into the mix. He was an enthusiastic and inventive lover. He was also a careful and caring lover who got great enjoyment out of giving pleasure to her.

The two of them would be alone for at least another three or four hours before her daughters came home. Carrie had told Caitlin that Jim was back and coming over. Caitlin had grinned. She knew her mother was going to ask Jim if he wanted to have a three-way with mother and daughter.

* * *

It was the previous Saturday that Carrie and her daughter had become lovers. It had happened suddenly, spontaneously, without any planning by either one of them. And it had been wonderful, fantastic, unbelievably exciting and pleasurable.

They had discovered that they were both bi-sexual with very high libidos and couldn’t think of any logical reason why they shouldn’t enjoy one another sexually. So they did. The first time was around noon on Saturday, then again twice on Saturday night.

Chloe, who was only seventeen and still in high school, had been away for the weekend with friends. That had worked out beautifully for Carrie and Caitlin. They slept together Saturday night and when they woke up Sunday morning, they made love again, and then three more times throughout the day. The last time was about an hour before Chloe was due home. They didn’t want her to know anything about their new, sexual relationship, at least not until she turned eighteen, in June.

They had also talked about Jim, whether Carrie was willing to share him with her daughter and, if so, would he want to have them both, at the same time. Carrie had laughed, saying she had no doubt that Jim would just love to fuck mother and daughter at the same time.

Carrie had told Caitlin that she and Jim were very open about what turned them on and about sexual fantasies. Jim had told her that he, of course, had the basic male fantasy of two women at once and had admitted that, on a couple of occasions, had had two women at once. They had never talked about a mother-daughter situation, but Carrie knew that Jim thought Caitlin was a beautiful young woman. And, she was sure, a mother-daughter fantasy would appeal to Jim, but, being a true gentleman, he would never suggest such a thing.

Then Carrie and Caitlin had talked about whether Jim would like the fact that they were lovers also. Carrie said that she couldn’t be sure but, given the nature of most men, watching two women kissing and making love to each other, including licking each other’s pussies, was sure to add spice to the stew, and the fact that they were mother and daughter would probably make it even spicier. They had both laughed. Carrie agreed to talk to Jim about it as soon as she could. Caitlin, who was home on Spring Break, had to be back in college in a few days and hoped to take part in a threesome with her mother and Jim before she left.

Caitlin liked Jim. He was intelligent, had a good sense of humor, treated her mother with the utmost respect while remaining very manly. He was tall, six-two or six-three, had warm brown eyes, sandy brown hair, a light olive skin tone—he was half Italian. She had seen him swimming in their pool and he had a firm, toned, athletic body. What was not to like? Sure, he was old enough to be her father, but that didn’t bother Caitlin. In fact, it somehow added to his attraction.

She especially liked the fact that the times they had been alone together, he had never said or did anything even remotely sexually suggestive. He was always respectful, but not formal, and he could joke and kid around with her. But she never caught him checking her out surreptitiously. He never touched her casually or gave her direct eye contact that even hinted of a come on.

* * *

Carrie’s shoes and nightie had disappeared quickly, as Jim had predicted, but she was still wearing the stockings.

“Jim,” Carrie said as they both got comfortable against the pillows, “I have something very important to ask you.”

Jim looked over at Carrie and raised one eyebrow. “Uh oh. Did I forget something? Am I in trouble?”

Jim loved Carrie, although neither one was ready to take their relationship beyond being lovers for now. He loved her because she was intelligent, competent, and funny; because she really liked sex—a lot—and was up for new experiences; and, of course, because she was a physically beautiful woman. He loved her black, black hair and how she had it bursa escort bayan cut short and done up in a modern spiky style. And he loved her bright blue eyes that were looking at him with some amusement right now.

Carrie laughed. “No silly, you’re not in trouble.” She reached over to the bedside stand next her and picked up the folded hand towel she had placed there earlier. She slid it between her thighs and up against her pussy. Jim first ejaculation, especially if they hadn’t made love for a day or two, was always substantial. She could feel it begin to leak from her vagina.

“Okay,” she said as she turned back towards Jim. “I’m just going to say it straight out.” Her heart started pounding now that she was going to tell Jim about her and Caitlin being lovers and about them wanting to have a threesome with him.

“Do you think Caitlin is attractive?”

“Uh . . . yeah, of course. But honey, she’s your daughter and . . . .”

“I know. You’re a good man Jim,” Carrie interrupted him. She heaved a big sigh. Carrie was sure, or pretty sure that Jim would agree to what she was about to ask him but, still, there was the off chance that he wouldn’t, that he might be shocked and think less of her and her daughter.

“Would you like to make love to her?

“What?” Jim sat up and turned directly towards Carrie.

“Would you like to, well,” here she smiled, “fuck my daughter, because she’d like to fuck you.”

“Wow!” Was Jim only response for a couple of seconds.

“And, you don’t have a problem with that, Carrie?” He looked incredulously at her.

“Not as long as we make it a threesome.” She arched her eyebrows and gave him a demure look.

“This isn’t some kind of trick, is it, babe?”

“No, sweetie. This is the real deal. A real offer for you to have sex with me and Caitlin, together. So, what’d say, big boy?” Carrie grinned at Jim.

“Well hell yes! But, seriously, Carrie, are you sure, really, really sure that you want to do that. Are you sure you can do that?”

“Yeah babe, because you see,” Carrie’s heart was beating even harder now, “Caitlin and I are lovers.”

Jim’s eyebrows shot up.

“Well,” Carrie continued, “I mean we just became lovers a few days ago . . . .”

“How did that happen?” Jim asked.

We, uh . . . . Well that’s not important right now. I’ll tell you all about it later. In any case, Caitlin and I got to talking and Caitlin likes you and thinks you are an attractive, um, you know, older man.

Jim smiled. He wasn’t offended. A hot young babe like Caitlin wanted to have sex with him. And he was old enough to be her dad. How could he be offended?

“So we thought you might like to join us, you know?” Carrie finished.

Jim didn’t say anything for a second. His cock was getting hard again, rapidly. First of all, the thought of making love to Caitlin . . . so young, so tender, so mmm. Then the thought, the image that Carrie had just created in his mind, of her and her daughter making love to each other and that he could be, would be a part of that. That just blew him away.

Carrie reached out and grabbed his nearly erect penis. Jim jumped a little. His mind was distracted and he hadn’t realized that he was getting hard.

“I guess this means that you like the idea, hmm?” Carrie gave her lover’s cock a firm squeeze.

“Hell,” Jim grinned down at her, “what’s not to like—making love to two beautiful lesbian lovers who just happen to be mother and daughter.”

Carrie laughed. “I kind of thought you might think that way. Still, the fact that Caitlin and I are, well, committing incest, that doesn’t bother you.”

“Not a bit, my darling. You know I have an open mind when it comes to thinks sexual. I mean, as long as everyone concerned is a consenting adult. You’re both such damned attractive women and if Caitlin is half as good a lover as you are, dear, then we’re going to have a fucking fantastic time.”

Carrie laughed some more then reached up to pull Jim down for a passionate kiss. When their lips parted she looked Jim in the eyes. “And we’re not lesbians, by the way. We’re bi-sexual. We both like men just fine, too, otherwise you wouldn’t be here and you wouldn’t get this chance to fulfill a basic male fantasy.”

Now it was Jim turn to laugh. “I stand corrected. And, actually, it’s two basic male fantasies. Making love to two women at once and making love to a mother and daughter together. No. Make that three male fantasies. Getting to make love to two women who are mother and daughter and lovers. My God! Am I really going to get to watch you and Caitlin kiss and lick each other’s pussies?”

“Yes you are, you lucky boy.” Carrie said, “keep that in mind as you shove this lovely hard cock back inside me and fuck me until I have a screaming orgasm.”

Jim pushed Carrie onto her back and positioned himself between her legs. She reached down and grabbed the towel that was still between her legs and threw it to the floor then she guided his thick cock to her vaginal opening and Jim, after getting escort bursa the head wet and slick, slid it fully into her pussy in one smooth motion.

Carrie gasped with pleasure. Her legs went up and around his hips and her arms around his neck.

“And you can call me Caitlin . . . if you want to,” she whispered in his ear.

“That would be tacky, my darling.”

“Yeah, but you will be thinking about her, won’t you?”

“It’d be impossible for me not to after what you just told me.”

“I don’t care, Jim. I love my daughter and I love you, and both of you are my lovers now. And you know how much I love sex, so just fuck me and think about tomorrow night, when you can have us both.”

Jim began fucking Carrie with long pussy-stretching, pussy-filling strokes with his thick manhood. “That soon?” He was thrilled. The thought of fucking both mother and daughter, as well as watching them making love to each other, made his cock harder than it had ever been, or so it felt.

“That soon. Chloe is spending the night with a friend.”

“And,” Jim said, “I’ll get to watch you and Caitlin making love also, right?”

“Yes, my darling, you’ll get to watch Caitlin and me kissing and going down on each other.” Carrie was grinning, watching how her words affected Jim.

“Good God, woman, you surprise and amaze me!” Jim said. Then he kissed her and began to fucking her in earnest.

Carries was really turned on. Having told Jim about her and Caitlin, about them being lovers, and about wanting him to fuck both of them, was possible the most sexually exciting thing she had ever done . . . short of actually consummating the idea.

Thinking about watching Jim fuck her daughter, maybe while her daughter was licking her pussy, and vice versa got her so hot that those thoughts, combined with feeling his athletic body working over her, running her hands up and down the taut muscles of his back, and especially how wonderful his thick cock felt plunging in and out of her, brought her to a screaming orgasm in a very short time.

Jim kept fucking her as her body convulsed with intense pleasure, then he was coming too, grunting and panting as his cock shot more of his thick semen into his lover’s tight little fuck-hole.

* * *

“Jim is going to be here in half an hour, how do you think we should do this?” Carrie asked her daughter.

Caitlin furrowed her brow. “Do what, exactly? Fuck him?”

“No, silly,” Carrie chuckled. “Greet him. Should I go to the door, or you, or both of us?”

“Oh! Oh! Yeah. Well, let’s see.” Catlin started thinking quickly. “How about this,” she said a few seconds later. “We both slip on our silk robes and nothing else then meet him at the door. After the door is closed, we drop the robes, then you kiss him, then I kiss him, then,” Caitlin giggled nervously, “then we kiss each other.”

“Ooo! Yeah. I like it. That will get his motor running right away.”

“I’m pretty sure his motor will be running even before he gets here, Mom, knowing what’s going to happen. I’m pretty sure he’ll have an erection before he comes through the door.”

Carrie laughed and hugged her daughter, then kissed her on the lips. “I think you might be right, sweetie. Oh God, I’m excited. Aren’t you?”

“Yeah. Major butterflies in my stomach. I hope everything goes well tonight.”

“Oh it will, darling, it will. I’m sure,” Carrie said. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, then she did it again and giggled.

Both women had taken long, thorough showers and subtly perfumed themselves. They were laying naked on Carrie’s big bed, facing each other, gently running their fingers over each other’s bodies and kissing every now and then.

“You want me to go down on you right now, Caitlin?” Carrie asked. “It might calm you down.”

“Mmm! Sounds delish, Mom, but I want to wait until we get Jim naked on this bed before we start the fireworks.” She giggled too, then took a couple of deep breaths like her mother had.

“Sooo, Mom,” Caitlin continued, “what’s Jim’s cock like. I mean . . . .” Her voice trailed off.

“What’s it like? Well, it’s probably longer than average but not too long. What I really like is its thickness. I mean its not hugely thick, but it is thicker than any other man I was ever with. Anyway, it fits me just right and feels really good.”

“Thick, huh?”

“Yeah, Caity, but like I said its not freakishly big. And don’t worry, sweetie, Jim’s a careful and considerate lover. He won’t try to just jam it in you.”

“Well, that’s a relief. Look, I’m going to the kitchen to get a drink of water then put the champagne in the ice bucket and bring it back here.”

“I almost forgot about the champagne,” Carrie said. “I’ll get the glasses.”

Back in the bedroom both women put on their robes, but left them open for the moment.

“Mom, are you really sure that you want to share Jim with me?”

Carrie slid her arms inside Caitlin’s robe and around her waist. She pull her close until their bellies and breasts were pressed warmly together. “Yes, baby. I’ve thought about it and I’m sure. I love you. You awakened desires in me that I had forgotten about, or had repressed. And we’re lovers now and I’m so very glad that we are.

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