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I had such a long day. I really needed to relax. Actually, I could think of a few other things I could use tonight, but those options weren’t available. Alas, I could think of nothing better than a nice, long, hot bubble bath.

I turned on the water, adjusted the temp so it was plenty hot, and poured in some of my favorite lilac I forced a third finger deep into my pussy and started to quickly fuck myself. As I rocked beneath the water, the waves continued to expose varied portions of my breasts – the hot water creating this incredible massage across them. My excitement was released through moans that echoed off of the bathroom walls.

I continued to fuck myself harder and harder, the hot water cascading over my body pushing me towards the edge until finally I shivered all over with pleasure. I came with such passion that I’m sure my neighbors heard my screams and moans as they rang loudly within my bathroom walls.

I couldn’t be sure, but as I opened my eyes and began to focus through the steam that remained in the room, I was sure I saw your dark silhouette receding from the doorway. Is it possible that you arrived home early tonight?

Intrigued, I reluctantly began to stand up in the tub. I reached for the towel, planning to dry off a bit before tracking water across the bathroom floor. I pressed the towel lightly against my face as I started to dry off. Suddenly, I felt a hand cover my own.

“Here, let me do that for you,” your deep, raspy voice commanded.

Just hearing your voice sent shivers down my spine. I immediately released the towel into your strong hands.

“Keep your eyes closed. Just enjoy what you feel,” you said.

As you requested, I kept my eyes closed as you stood behind me and began to pat the water off the back of my neck. I could feel the heat of your body sincan escort standing near mine as you continued to dry the water from my shoulders and down my back. I started to shift my hips slightly as you rubbed my ass with the soft towel.

“Be still or I’ll stop,” you warned.

Patiently, I stood quite still as you ran the towel down my legs when all I really wanted to do was turn around and pull you close. You pulled the towel away and stood up behind me. You leaned in and kissed the back of my neck. You circled around me and began to press the towel against my chest. Softly, you began massaging my tits through the towel. My nipples became so tight – aching for more individualized attention. Realizing that you were beginning to drive me mad, you continued on your journey. Patting the water droplets from my stomach. My excitement level was rising rapidly as you needed where I needed you most.

Very deliberately you skipped my pelvic area and began wrapping my right leg in the towel, following the length of my slender limb as you dried from the upper part of my thigh to my foot. You then repeated this gesture with my left leg. I was in awe of your patience, considering I could smell the scent of my desire expelling from my pussy. I could not understand how you could be so close, yet only go so far.

All of that changed as soon as you slid the towel up and in between my legs.

“Well, it looks as if you have an extraordinary amount of dampness here, baby. Whatever will we do about that?”

My body was on fire as you made your inquiry. I could think of only one response.

“Eat me,” I whispered softly.

“I’m sorry. Did you make a request?” you asked as your eyes sparkled.

Getting bolder, enjoying the game, I said, “I don’t believe that towel is going to do that job. You’ll need ankara escort something much more absorbent. I believe your mouth is exactly what I’m looking for.”

With that you lifted my left leg over your shoulder. My hot desire just inches from your face.

“I do believe you are right, darling.” He winked.

Without any further hesitation, he buried his face into my pussy. My right knee buckled slightly as you separated my pussy lips with your fingers causing great tension across my clit. Your hard tongue began licked at my nub. As wet as I already was, more of my juices began to slide onto your face. You wasted no time in lapping them up. I leaned forward, pushing your face harder against me. My body nearly melted as you plunged a finger into my hole and you locked your lips onto my clit, sucking so hard I was ready to cum all over your face in seconds. Sensing this, you pulled your mouth and finger off of my. Slowly, you lift my leg from your shoulders and replacing my foot on the floor.

“Oh no, baby. I think you deserve to finally get the good, hard fucking you were thinking about when you were in the tub earlier.” He winked at me and right then I realized that you had indeed shared in my very private and intense moment.

As you stood up, you rapidly unfastened your belt and jeans, dropping them to floor. Your erection stood straight out, rock hard and ready for action. You looked into my eyes with an intense hunger that confirmed the fact that you had been watching me.

Your chest leaned against mine. Your hands rested on my hips. You slowly walked me, backward, towards the sink. Turning me around, you reached forward and wiped most of the remaining steam from the mirror. I looked at us in the mirror, startled to see how flushed and hungry we were.

“I think you need to see some etimegut escort of what you missed out on earlier.”

With that, you spread my hips apart, leaned forward and began to wet the tip of your cock with the juices that you found. I looked into the mirror, only to see that I was absentmindedly biting my lower life. I wanted you so badly. All I could think about was the great fucking I was about to receive. As if you were reading my mind, you stopped teasing me with your cock and met my eyes in the mirror. One look told you all you needed to know. You took a deep breath and forcefully thrust your engorged cock into my pussy.

The look for carnal satisfaction on your face in the mirror was enough to have me ready to cum right then. As I watched you, I saw the intense looks of joy, lust, and thrill wash over you. I looked at myself, at the way my body was reacting with every deep, hard plunge you took into me. Our bodies rocking together and I watched with great anticipation as your hands left my hips and slid up across my stomach. You firmly grabbed my tits, roughly rubbing and pinching them as your hips began to buck like a jackhammer pounding you into my pussy.

The sounds of our pleasure were echoing of the walls. My deep-throated moans gave you every indication that I was about to cum. Suddenly, our eyes locked on each other’s in the mirror. With one final thrust you rammed your cock up into me to the hilt. You pulled me back so our bodies molded together as our mutual orgasm washed over us. We shivered and moaned as load after load of your hot cum exploded into me and I could feel it blasting against my inner walls. Panting, you were grinding your hips against my ass, making sure that I felt every last drop of your pleasure deep within me.

I lifted my arms, wrapping my hands around your neck. Turning my head to face you, my mouth met yours for the first time, our lips locking together in a passionate embrace that sent chills down my spine.

“Welcome back, baby. Did you miss me?” I playfully asked, winking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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