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Ch. 05 — Finally!!!


Days of stripteases, lapdances, titfucking, and cocksucking lead up to Lester’s biggest fantasy. With his father out of town and his sister spending time at a friend’s house, Candi pulls out all the stops by finally giving him one of the things she promised him on their roadtrip.


[First Time, Incest/Taboo] (Big Tits, Big Ass, Bisexual Female, Cocksucking, Creampie, Cum Eating, Dancing, Dirty Talk, Dominant Male, Eating Pussy, Facial, Lingerie, MF, Masturbation, Mother, Multiple Orgasms, Phone Sex, Pictures, Son, Submissive Female, Twerking, Vaginal, White Woman)


Friday, January 25th, 2019


Les woke up to his phone pinging a new text message. He read the one word message, confused as to its purpose until he finally noticed the ID attached to it. He came fully awake and sat up abruptly as he stared at the message from Violet.

It had been a week since the incident in the hotel room where she had discovered his incestuous relationship with his mother, Candi. Though she had told them that she wouldn’t call the cops on them, she had left thoroughly freaked out and had been silent ever since. The result left the mother and son walking on pins and needles. Their anxiety had been sky-high, and this in turn led them to seek relief through sexual release.

They took every opportunity to slip away and use their hands and mouths on one another. Their rampant lust had led them to taking some pretty daring risks such as Candi giving Les road head on the way to school every morning. The excitement and danger only fed their lust and anxiety in a never-ending loop of risk and sex. It was Friday morning, and Les still had to go to school that morning before he had the weekend to play with his slut uninterrupted.

Lucy had announced the previous evening that she would be spending the weekend over at her friend, Patty’s, house. This fortuitously coincided with an unexpected business trip that Marcus, his father had been called away on. He had left in the middle of the night to catch a red-eye flight and wouldn’t be back until two weeks at the earliest.

Les had been looking forward to putting Candi through her paces in obedience training in their home uninterrupted. He had also planned on having her wear nothing but stockings and heels with maybe the occasional lingerie to spice things up.

Now, though, he was brought back to the same place of worry and anxiety with one, simple word from a woman that he had throat fucked less than a week ago.

[Hey there. How are you?]

The response was immediate and surprising.

[How am i!?!?! I’m a fuckin rek!!!]

[Are you ok? What can I do to help?]

[god yur still being such a good guy. im a fuckin mess and yur worried bout me.]

[Yeah, I’m still worried what you might do about me and Candi, but that has nothing to do with me worrying about you. What’s going on with you?]

[I cant stop thinkin bout how hot it was to be used by you and candi. You an her shouldnt be fuckin. Its wrong and sick. But I cant stop thinkin bout how hot it was. Yur dick an her cunt keep goin thru my head all day every day. I can still taste you both. The sickest part is I want more!]

[Vi, I don’t know what to say. The short time we spent together, I liked you. But I want you to think clearly about everything. Maybe we could meet up sometime soon and talk.]

[when!?! Ill come over when you want]

[Slow down. I have school today and stuff I can’t get out of this weekend, but we could meet next week after I get out of class.]

[school? what college do you go to?]

[I don’t start until next fall. I’m finishing my last year in high school.]

[Christ!!! I fucked I teenager? Please tell me youre at least 18. Please]

[Yes, I am. I was held back a year when my uncle died, but I’m going to college next fall. So, can we meet up next Monday?]


[I’m genuinely sorry for any hurt I’ve caused you.]

[yur such a good guy. I’m going to hell for this]

Before Les could reply to that cryptic message, he received a pic from the twentysomething. He almost dropped his phone when a closeup of Violet’s very wet, shaved cunt came into focus. Her fingers spread the flushed lips wide so he could see her juices leaking from her hole.

[been fingering my cunny everyday since I left you. Did it to the hole time we been textin. My phone is so slimy rite now. Lol]

Les laughed and felt a lot of the tension of the previous days ebbing away.

[I want to lick that hot little cunt of yours so bad right now.]

[god yes!!!!!]

Les nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a soft hand placed on his shoulder. He looked up at his grinning mother, Candi, who was dressed only in a shear nightie with a silk robe over it that she had neglected to belt closed. The result left bursa escort her lush curves barely hidden by the sets of skimpy material. Her eyes were glued to the screen of his phone as she explained. “I’ve been calling you to breakfast and even knocked on your door, but you never answered. Now, I see why.”

“It’s Vi. I don’t think she’s gonna call the cops anymore.”

“I should say not, if she’s sending you pics like that. See if she’ll send you more while I take care of what she stirred up.”

Les was confused as to what she meant until she pushed him back on the bed and frantically pulled his boxer briefs down so that his stiff cock flopped out to smack his lower abdomen. Pouncing quickly, the slut wrapped her fist around the shaft before clamping her plump lips around the head. Les only tore his eyes from the lurid sight when his phone pinged at him.

[you there?]

[Yeah, sorry. Candi distracted me.]


[She saw your texts and the pic.]

[OH GAWD!!! (blushing emoji) what did she say?]

[Do you really wanna know her reaction?]


“Hey, slut,” Les growled catching Candi’s attention while she bobbed her head furiously on his swollen prick. “Smile for our fucktoy so she can see how her pic made you a bitch in heat.”

Candi responded by removing his cock to smiled widely as her tongue slathered up the turgid shaft of his dick. Les captured the slutty scene perfectly in a pic and immediately sent it to Violet.


[I might be able to arrange that next time we see each other if you want.]

[gawd!!! You really are turning me into yur personal slut. Fuck it! I want that. Ill be yur slut just like Candi.]

[Vi, take your time. If you really want that, a few days more won’t make any difference. I want you to be clear headed if you decide on this.]


Her responses were coming longer in between which helped Les from staving off his feeding Candi her morning cumshot a little longer. Finally, he tapped out a question.

[You fingerbanging your hole while staring at the pic?}


[got something better for you. Hold on.]


Les growled and clamored up while flipping Candi onto her back on his mattress. It took some concentration, but he managed to hold his phone steady as he started the vid feature and filmed himself stroking his dick just above his slut’s face who cooed and purred her encouragement. It took seconds and he was plastering her beauty with his ball milk. The first shot surprised her, but she soon had her tongue hanging out like a thirsty woman in the desert seeking to catch his nectar in her face fuck hole. It took all of three minutes to empty his nuts onto the whore’s face and in her mouth. Then, he stopped the recording and split it into three segments and sent them to Violet.

Chuckling, Les left Candi purring and scooping his load into her lips to eat while he went to relieve his bladder in the bathroom. The whole time, there was no response from his sexting buddy. He began to get worried when he had showered, dressed, and ate breakfast with still no response from Violet. He was actually driving Candi’s car to school with her happily slurping on his dick when his phone rang. He used the car’s hands-free feature to answer as Violet’s breathless voice came over the vehicle’s speakers.

“Holy fuck, that was so friggin’ hawt!!! I literally passed out from friggin’ my cunny so much I nutted all over myself. Where are you?”

“Getting road head from Candi while driving to school. You had me worried when you didn’t respond to the videos.”

“You fuckin’ kiddin’, she’s gobblin’ that dick of yours?”

Candi popped off long enough to respond, “Sure am, slut. I loved seeing that hot cunt of yours, by the way. Can’t wait to taste it again.”

“Fuck, I need to take some vacay and get my fuck on with you both again. Les, would that be ok?”
As Candi swooped back down to redouble her efforts as they neared his school, he groaned, “Fine by me. We just gotta coordinate everything so my dad and sister don’t suspect anything.”

“Fuck, what is it about you two that makes me so fuckin’ horny. I gotta go bang another nut out before work. Send me more pics, k?”

“You got it,” Les moaned as he started filling Candi’s mouth with jizz for the second time that morning.

Once she’d tucked him away and sat up as they pulled up to the school, Candi wordlessly beckoned for his phone. She proceeded to snap a pic of the pool of slime in her mouth before audibly gulping it down and snapping a second one of her now empty mouth. She deftly sent both pics to Violet and smiled wickedly as she returned Les’ phone to him. He shook his head and kissed her forehead before getting out. His secret slut sauntered sexily behind the wheel before honking as she pulled away.

Les could only shake his head in amazement at the rollercoaster his life had become. Soon though, the ugly truth of school cliques once again reared its ugly head. Despite the fact that he had bursa escort bayan several girls regularly flirting with him now at odd moments, he was still very much an outsider in the school hierarchy. His bright mood of the morning soon turned into a steely determination to just get through the day and get away from his peers whom he felt less and less able to relate to anymore. It was a weird paradox since he was such asocial butterfly and had a few friends among the different cliques but no one he could truly relate to.

After his third class, he tried to just go to his locker and exchange his books in peace but groaned in annoyance as he saw that Mandy Jo was once again holding court in front of hers which happened to be right next to his. Determined, Les used his usual tactic of going straight to the locker with a gait that said either people get out of his way or he’d bowl them over. Surprisingly, it worked the same as everyday since he’d started shortly after his bizarre relationship with his mother had started. Once again, Mandy had a brief look of confusion cross her face at his confidence before resuming her nattering.

Les just did his best to ignore the ridiculous whining about unfair dress code rules and trade out the books in his bag for the ones he’d need for the rest of his classes. His hope of doing so without any incident was dashed when he heard Mandy sneer, “I mean it’s not like we all don’t give a shit how we look like Lester here. Shit, he looks like he just rolls out of bed and crawls on his belly to school everyday.”

Lester took deep, measured breaths as his grip tightened to white knuckles on his locker door.

“Some of us actually care about how we look and want to look good. So, it’s not fair that they restrict what we wear. We aren’t all budding sociopaths like The ‘Lester here.”

He didn’t slam the door. He closed it slowly and quietly before turning with deliberate gradualness to face Mandy. He didn’t know what his expression looked like but judging by the fear that crossed Mandy’s court it must have been pretty scary. The oblivious high school queen still had her back to him and kept the barbs coming either unaware or simply not caring that Lester was right behind her. He set his bag on his shoulder and crossed his arms as he remained staring at the back of Mandy’s head. Despite her continued prattling, her court slowly inched back in nervousness with some of them outright scurrying away.

Finally, the clueless girl paused to consider the looks on everyone’s faces before turning to regard him. Apparently, his expression was still just as potent since Mandy jumped back in fright and stood paralyzed under his gaze.

“Here’s a little life lesson that you seem to be too dense to understand. Style is like art, it speaks to different people in different ways. Just because someone looks different doesn’t mean they look bad. They might like how they look and don’t need validation from you of all people. So, you don’t like how I look. I could give less of a fuck what you think about me, but when you do that three fucking feet from me, it’s a little disrespectful. Either tell me to my face what you think or save it for when I’m not around, but I’m not putting up with your shit anymore, Amanda.”

In a desperate attempt to regain her image in front of her followers, she said, “And what’re you gonna do? Hit me? Do it and I scream rape. You’ll go to jail sooner than we all expect ‘Lester.”

“No, you aren’t worth the jail time. You aren’t worth anything at all, Amanda. No, I’ll just keep calling you out on all your bullshit in front of everyone. Your image is so fucking important to you? You forget that we used to be friends, years ago, and I know a lot of stuff you told me or did around me. I used to think you were worth keeping those secrets for since I still cherish the memory of our friendship before you threw it away to be popular. But you pissing on my name every chance you get nullifies that. Keep pushing me and see if I don’t tell everyone in this school about the night you came crying to my backdoor when we were seven.”

A look of abject horror crossed Mandy’s face as she remembered the incident he spoke of but quickly recovered. With her back to her followers, she was able to save some face and stood tall and turned on her heel to stalk away. “Whatever, ‘Lester. You can spread any lie you want, but no one will believe you. C’mon everyone, let’s get to class.”

Les walked slowly and deliberately to his own next class. He was mostly calmed down and under control before he remembered that Mandy shared this class with him and sat two chairs behind him. To make matters worse, the girl who usually sat as a barrier between the two former friends was out sick leaving the open space like the symbolic rift between the pair.

Mandy seemed to recognize this as well and squirmed in her seat as he took his own. Thankfully, he was in front of her and wouldn’t have to look at her even though he could feel her eyes on him. The crawling sensation bugged him until halfway through class he turned to catch Mandy staring at escort bursa him with a weird expression. Letting out a frustrated snort, he turned back and snatched a scrap of paper before scratching out a short, angry note.

‘what the hell’s your problem?’

He tossed it over his shoulder not caring if she read it or not. A minute later, something hit the back of his head. He looked to see the crumpled note on the floor next to his desk. Discreetly, he scooped it up and read the response.


Rolling his eyes, Les jotted his number down and told her to text them so the teacher wouldn’t catch them passing notes like kindergarteners. He was actually a little surprised when his phone buzzed softly with a text from her. Slipping his phone into his calculator case to avoid suspicion and appear to be doing problems, he checked the message.

[your such a dick]

[wtf is you’re problem? Why do you hate me so damned much]

[I don’t hate you. Your just a dick]

[You’re the only one who thinks so]

[doesn’t change that you r 1]

[Jeez Amanda, why the hell do you get on my case all the time, and don’t call me a dick again.]

[Stop calling me that!!! I hate that name]

[?….. it’s your name]

[u r the only fuckin person who calls me that. Every1 else calls me Mandy]

[Soooooo… you’re mad because I call you by the name I did when we were friends?]

[Yes no I mean… fuck]

[will you get off my case if I start calling you Mandy?]

[Shit ur such a dick]

[I told you not to fucking call me that. Look, it might make you feel high and mighty to cut others down, but I’m not everyone else. We used to be friends way back when, but you dropped me cause I wasn’t cool enough. Well, fuck that. Play with all your ‘cool’ friends and leave me the fuck alone.]

Now pissed off, Les closed his phone and ignored the next three buzzes of Mandy’s texts. He started to get truly pissed off when he felt a wad of paper hit the back of his head. He was saved from blowing his top by the bell ending the class. Trembling in barely contained rage, he snatched his stuff up and stalked out of the room. Even the teacher was so shocked by his behavior that she didn’t even call for him to stop.

In the hallway, Les ignored Mandy’s call to slow down and slammed the men’s bathroom door in her face. Splashing water on his face didn’t help cool him down at all. The almost murderous look he shot at anyone who came in through the door ensured that he had the room to himself as he tried mightily to calm down. He even skipped his next class to stay in the bathroom to get himself under control.

Finally, he emerged for the next and final class of the day. Not in the mood in the slightest, he ignored the stares and whispers as he passed everyone in the hall. Things got even worse when Amir, the star forward on the basketball team, blocked his way to class.

“What the fuck did you do to Mandy, freak? She’s in the principle’s office crying her eyes out. Tell me, or else.”

“Or else what, Amir? You gonna kick my ass? Think that’ll prove something? Or do you think it’ll make her like you? You’re fuckin’ pathetic, you know that?”

Amir towered menacingly over the smaller Lester. “I just might, you fuckin’ freak. You need your ass whooped, and I’m just the one to do it.”

The whispers stopped dead in shock when Les calmly spoke each word softly and slowly. “Take your shot, Amir. I promise that if you don’t do a good enough job, you’ll never be safe again.”

“What the fuck do you mean by that, freak?” despite his bravado, there was a slight crack in the athlete’s voice.

“Just what I said. I’m not taking yours or anyone else’s shit ever again. I graduate, and then I’m gone from this fucking school. You might do something ,or you might not, but you’ll never have the kind of life I have. You’re a sad, pathetic fool who’s riding on some shitty high school popularity to make you feel like a man. Some of us are men without that petty shit.

“Now. Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. My. Way.”

Amir’s eyes were wide with shock and fear as he took a trembling step back no longer blocking his way. The circle of spectators, including a few teachers, shrank back at Les’ dark look allowing him a wide path to his class.

Not in any mood to deal with classwork, he took a seat at the very back of the room and pulled out his notebook to do some sketching. He hadn’t drawn in a long time, but it never failed to soothe him.

During the hellish period after his uncle died which tore the whole family apart emotionally, he had sketched for countless hours. Though not an expert by any stretch, he did possess a fair amount of talent. The endless portraits and pieces that he produced eased him through the time of mourning. So, he used it now to calm and console him. Thus, it surprised him when what felt like a few minutes later the bell ending the school day trilled.

Before he could finish packing his stuff so that he could hurry out of the room and the building, his name was called over the P.A. to report to the principle’s office. Growling slightly, he stalked out and down the hall to see what new hell the day could bring. So, it took him by surprise when he found Candi sitting in the principle’s office waiting for him.

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