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It had been a long, life changing day for Kimmie. Exhausted from her morning activities, she was now relaxing with a hot shower in the master bathroom.

When she and Paige had finished having sex that morning, they had gone downstairs, laughing and holding hands affectionately. Kimmie was so fired up, she would have gladly started making love with her cousin all over again, right there in the kitchen, but they were interrupted by Breanna.

Bree seemed concerned about something, and pulled her sister away, telling her she needed to speak with her about something in private. Kimmie was disappointed to be left alone, but decided to spend the rest of the morning doing the chores her aunt had assigned her the day before.

As she worked, fantasies of her aunt and cousins dominated her newly perverted, pussy craving mind. She couldn’t believe how quickly things had escalate since she’d arrived the day before.

With her chores now complete, Kimmie was taking some time to herself, and contemplating her newfound attraction to members of her own sex. She sighed, tilting her head back under the hot water, and once again began to imagine her sexy cousins in the throws of lesbian passion.

Kimmie smiled as she pictured the sisters writhing against each other. She was getting turned on, and slipped a hand between her warm thighs to stroke her rapidly moistening pussy.

“Mind if I join you?”

Kimmie’s eyes shot open, and she looked through the steamy glass of the shower stall. Bree was standing on the other side, grinning back at her, and completely naked. Without waiting for a response, the older girl opened the shower door and stepped in with her cousin.

“H-hey!” Kimmie greeted with a nervous smile. She took in the sight of Bree’s gorgeous body as the water began to cascade over it.

“Hey! How’s it going Cuz? Are you enjoying your stay with us so far?” Bree asked.

Kimmie blushed a little and nodded.

“Aw, I’m so glad! I hear you and Paige have been getting along well…” Bree gave a knowing smile to her cousin.

Kimmie blushed harder, and giggled as a reply.

Casually, Bree reached over Kimmie’s shoulder, leaning forward until their faces were inches apart. She grabbed a bottle of body wash from the shelf behind her. “Want me to soap you up?” she asked.

Kimmie’s eyes grew wide. “Um.. o-ok!” she stammered.

Bree laughed. She poured some soap in her hands and worked it into a thick lather, then started to rub it into her cousin’s shoulders.

“Mmm… That feels nice…” Kimmie purred quietly.

Bree moved her hands lower, sliding them over the younger girl’s breasts. She groped the slippery flesh, covering them in foamy suds.

“Mmmmm… Oh, shit… Bree…” Kimmie was burning with arousal as her cousin worked her over. Her nipples throbbed as Bree’s fingers stroked them to hardness.

Bree moved lower, soaping up the rest of Kimmie’s torso. She slipped a hand between Kimmie’s thighs, massaging the suds into her juicy snatch. “This feels particularly dirty…” she said softly, causing Kimmie to shiver with excitement.

“Turn around and let me do your back.”

Kimmie obeyed, facing the wall of the shower. Bree got more soap, and began to lather her cousin from behind. Her hands glided down, cupping the younger girl’s supple ass. She squeezed it, enjoying the softness of her pliant flesh. As she massaged Kimmie’s bottom, her fingers drifted between her firm cheeks.

Bree leaned forward, pressing her lips to her cousin’s ear. “Have you ever had your ass played with before?” she asked.

Kimmie trembled as she felt Bree’s breath on her skin. “I… I’ve let a c-couple of guys fuck me there before…” she stammered. “They weren’t very gentle, though…”

“Well, I’ll be gentle, don’t worry.”

Bree slid a finger against Kimmie’s anus, covering it with soap. The sensation sent a thrill through Kimmie’s body, and she groaned. She put both hands on the shower wall to support herself, and her head dropped between her arms.

Bree started to rub her cousin’s asshole, working her finger against the tight orifice. The soap made everything slippery, and it wasn’t hard for her to push forward, penetrating the younger girl’s bursa escort opening.

Kimmie struggled to stay standing on shaky legs as Bree’s finger began to pump inside her anus. Her body was on fire, her pussy dripping as she spread her legs wider to give Bree better access.

Bree reached around her cousin, helping support her as she fucked her hot little ass. She cupped the girl’s breast and massaged it, causing Kimmie to moan with pleasure.

“Come here and kiss me.” Bree grunted, leaning over Kimmie’s shoulder. Kimmie didn’t need to be asked twice, twisting her head around and pressing her lips hungrily to her cousin’s. The two girls opened their mouths and let their tongues slide together as Bree continued to pleasure the younger girl.

“Shit… That’s so fucking intense!” Kimmie groaned, pulling her lips from her cousin’s. She lowered her head again, her eyes squeezing shut, and worked her hips faster against Bree’s fucking fingers. The older girl had slipped another one inside, spreading Kimmie’s ass further, and was pistoning them in and out of the clenching channel.

As she fucked Kimmie’s ass, Bree tweaked and pulled her throbbing nipples, torturing them as they hung from her cousin’s swaying breasts. Kimmie was lost in pleasure, her entire body tingling with sensitivity. Every touch of Bree’s hands sent shockwaves of bliss through her inflamed young body.

“Yes!” she cried out. “Fuck me harder! Fuck my fucking ass!” Her pelvis undulated wildly as she lost control of herself. She was desperate for release, and her cousin had her teetering on the brink.

Bree slid her free hand down Kimmie’s body, and started to rub furiously at her aching clit. The powerful sensation sent Kimmie reeling and she threw her head back, howling as her orgasm exploded. Her wet hair slapped against her shoulder blades, and she shook her head as she fought to withstand the onslaught of pleasure cascading through her.

Throughout her orgasm, Bree continued to punish her clit and pummel her anus. She added to this by clamping her lips over the younger girl’s throat and sucking the burning flesh into her mouth.

Kimmie screeched, her legs completely giving out beneath her. Bree held the smaller girl up, supporting her by her ass and pussy as she continued to stimulate them. Kimmie crumpled against the shower wall, her face pressing against it and water streaming over her convulsing body.

Just when Kimmie thought she may pass out, the intensity of her climax began to fade, and she felt her cousin’s fingers slip out of her openings. She shivered against the wall, her ass sticking out obscenely as she struggled to recover enough strength to stand upright again.

Once the fog began to clear in Kimmie’s rattled mind, she began to hear voices coming from behind her. She pressed her hands to the wall, pushing herself up slowly and turned her head to see who was speaking.

She saw Bree standing where she had been, directly behind her, but now Paige had joined them, and was giggling with and fondling her big sister. The two girls seemed oblivious to their cousin’s presence for the moment, and started kissing tenderly as their hands roamed over each other’s dripping bodies.

Paige eventually pulled back and smiled at her cousin. “Come here, Kimmie.” she said. She wrapped the younger girl in her arms. Kimmie was already trembling, eager for more love making, and her lips melded eagerly with her cousin’s.

“Excuse me, girls, but I think I should have a turn with Kimberly now, don’t you?”

The three girls turned to see Lilian standing outside the shower door, wearing nothing but a thin silk robe. She slipped it over her shoulders, revealing her naked body, and a large strap on dildo fastened to her hips.

Kimmie’s eyes bulged when she saw the large toy pointing up at her. Her aunt climbed into the shower, and her cousins stepped aside.

“Aunty Lil… It’s so… big!” Kimmie breathed, staring at the rubber phallus bobbing between her aunt’s legs.

“Can you manage it, Dear?” Lilian asked.

Kimmie nodded slowly, her eyes still fixated on the rigid device. Her aunt stepped forward, scooping the girl up in her arms and kissing her passionately.

Kimmie groaned, bursa escort bayan returning the kiss with enthusiasm. Her aunt was so sexy, and she loved how the older woman took control. She was pushed back against the shower wall again, her lips still glued to Lilian’s.

The strap on rubbed enticingly against Kimmie’s stomach as the two women made out. Her pussy dripped with arousal, anticipating the toy’s invasion. She wrapped her arms around Lilian’s neck, pulling her harder into their kiss.

Spurred on by her niece’s eagerness, Lilian reached under the girl’s thighs, grabbing her ass and lifting her off the ground. Kimmie squealed excitedly, and wrapped her legs around Lilian’s waist. She felt the head of her aunt’s shaft pressing into her wet pussy, and groaned as she felt herself being lowered onto the thick phallus.

Paige and Breanna were too absorbed in each other to pay much attention to their mother and cousin. Leaning against the opposite wall of the shower, the girls were kissing hungrily, their bodies plastered against each other.

Bree once again had the bottle of body wash, and was squirting the liquid liberally over their slippery bodies. The girls giggled into each other’s lips, soaping each other thoroughly with their eager hands.

Their skin slipped and slid as they rubbed against each other, the soap coating their excited flesh. They struggled to grip each other’s soapy asses, their fingers slipping in the frictionless suds.

Paige brought her hand between her sister’s thighs, cupping her juicy pussy in her palm. The older girl groaned, pressing herself down against Paige’s exploring fingers.

“Fuck, Sis… You know just how to touch me…” she breathed, before plunging her tongue back into Paige’s steamy lips. She ground herself down as her sister fingered her oozing pussy.

Lilian now had her niece fully impaled on her rubber cock, and was working the girl up and down the rigid shaft. Kimmie whimpered into her aunt’s mouth as she felt herself being stretched over the thick dildo.

Pussy juice coated the strap on as it slid in and out of Kimmie’s cunt. She undulated her hips desperately, pushing herself down harder as her aunt thrusted deeper.

“Fuck, Aunty Lilian… That feels so good… Fuck my wet little pussy…” Kimmie groaned.

Her aunt was still holding her up against the wall, slamming her cock mercilessly into her cunt. She squeezed the girl’s tight asscheeks in her hands as she pumped her full of dick over and over again.

“You were such a good girl today, Kimberly. You did all your chores without being asked! This is your reward, Baby.” Lilian fucked her niece harder, causing the girl to squeal in surprise.

Bree was panting in her sister’s mouth. Her hips pumped against Paige’s fingers, and she could feel herself getting close to orgasm. Paige had her pinned to the shower wall and was fucking her pussy furiously. At the same time, she was sucking and licking her big sister’s wet, slippery breasts.

“Mmm… Don’t stop, Baby… Fuck, your going to make me… make me…” Bree couldn’t finish her sentence, and screamed as she came all over Paige’s fingers. Her knees buckled and she leaned against her sister as she experienced a powerful orgasm.

Paige fucked her fingers in Bree’s cunt faster, and held her up against the wall through her climax. Bree clung to her sister’s neck, trembling as her pussy contracted in ecstasy.

“Ooo, you dirty girl… You’re fingers feel so… fucking… good…” Bree groaned, before kissing Paige hard on the lips. She slipped down to her knees and grabbed her sister’s hips, spinning her around and pushing her against the wall.

“Your turn now, Sis.” she said with a sly grin, looking up at Paige’s face from between her wet thighs. Soap still dripped down the younger girl’s stomach as her sister dove forward, devouring her needy pussy.

Kimmie was gasping for breath as her aunt’s strap on pounded into her. She tilted her head back against the shower wall, her mouth hanging open and her eyes clamped shut.

Lilian leaned forward, licking her niece’s neck as she fucked her. She groped the younger girl’s breasts with one hand, the other continuing to hold her up on her pistoning escort bursa dildo.

Kimmie’s wet body undulated desperately as she rode Lilian’s cock. She clung desperately to the older woman and bucked her hips wildly between her and the wall. Lilian was running her tongue over her niece’s excited flesh, licking her from her chest up to her earlobe with uninhibited passion.

Kimmie shuddered each time Lilian’s mouth brushed over her nipples. Her skin burned everywhere the older woman touched her.

“I’m… I’m gonna cum… A-aunt Lil… I’m gonna… gonna… FUUUUUUUUCK!!” Kimmie wailed as her pussy exploded, juice gushing over Lilian’s pumping phallus. She tightened her legs around the older woman’s waist and convulsed against her chest.

Lilian dug her teeth into Kimmie’s throat, sucking the burning skin as she drove the girl through her orgasm. She struggled to hold the thrashing girl in her powerful arms.

“That’s it, Baby.” she said, finally pulling her mouth from Kimmie’s flesh. “Cum for your Aunty. That’s a good girl.”

Kimmie whimpered, spasming against the shower wall, then slumped down into Lilian’s arms. Her aunt eased her to the floor, and pulled the strap on slowly from her throbbing pussy.

Kimmie looked up into the older woman’s face. Her vision blurred as her eyes watered from the intensity of her climax. She bit her lip, and slid a hand over Lilian’s soft breast. Without breaking eye contact, she lowered her lips to the woman’s nipple and sucked it into her mouth.

Lilian tilted her head back and sighed. She pushed her fingers through Kimmie’s hair, encouraging her to continue. Driven by her aunt’s reaction, Kimmie slipped her other hand under the strap on and rubbed Lilian’s dripping cunt.

Paige whipped her head to the side, her wet hair plastering against her face. She panted for breath, her tits rising and falling as her chest heaved.

“That’s so good, Baby…” she groaned. Her hand guided Bree’s head between her legs, encouraging her sister as she licked her seeping pussy.

Bree ate Paige’s cunt enthusiastically, swiping her tongue through her gooey folds. She gripped her sister’s ass in both hands, holding her to her mouth as she devoured her. Water streamed down their bodies and poured over her face. She kept her eyes closed, and pushed her tongue deeper into Paige’s boiling cunt.

“Don’t stop, Sis! Lick my clit! Lick my clit!” Paige begged. She dug her fingers into Bree’s skull and humped her cunt harder against her tongue. Pleasure quickly surged in her writhing body, and she erupted in a frantic howl, cumming all over Bree’s already drenched face.

Lilian’s hips worked up and down against Kimmie’s fingers with increasing need. Her body was on fire, the strap on having already rubbed her clit raw. Her pussy pulled her niece’s fingers inside her, clenching around them with every thrust.

“Fuck, yes! Keep going, Dear! Faster!” she groaned.

Kimmie continued to eat her aunt’s bulging tits, covering them in her saliva. She pumped her hand as fast as she could, slamming it into the older woman’s cunt.

Lilian arced her back, pressing her body hard into her niece’s. She let out a long moan and trembled as an orgasm erupted from her pussy. As she convulsed powerfully, she pinned Kimmie against the shower wall, suffocating her under her breasts. The younger girl did her best to draw out her aunt’s orgasm, working her fingers inside the older woman tirelessly.

When they were through fucking, the four women rinsed off and got out of the shower. Paige and Breanna wrapped Kimmie up in a towel and patted her dry. The three girls giggled and kissed each other softly as they did.

“This is so wild!” Kimmie enthused. She rubbed noses with Paige, then turned to Bree, pressing her lips eagerly to her sexy older cousin’s.

“Come on girls. Let’s get some dinner. We can go to bed early tonight.” Lilian said. She wrapped her arms around Bree, and mother and daughter kissed each other tenderly. Kimmie watched them with fascination.

“Sounds like a great idea, Mom.” Bree replied. “I’m starving!”

“Welcome to the family, Cuz.” Paige whispered to her cousin, a warm smile spreading across her lips. Her hand caressed Kimmie’s firm bum and gave it a playful squeeze. Kimmie giggled, pressing her ass back into her cousin’s hand.

The four women left the bathroom naked, arm in arm, and headed downstairs to cook something for dinner.

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