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Redheads Waiting

Redheads Waiting, particularly this chapter, was inspired by the video of the same name. Enjoy!

Chapter 4 – Joanna


I should start by pointing out that I’m not a bad person.

Knowing what I’ve done, I can see how one would come to that conclusion. But if you think about it, for what I was doing to truly be wrong, I’d have to be manipulating my daughters somehow, changing them. But my tapes never once made the girls do anything they didn’t already want to do – no matter how many references to washing the car or keeping the WC clean I included, it didn’t make a difference. I mention stockings once, and suddenly they never stop wearing them.

Not that I was complaining, mind you.

So while, at first glance, it may seem like I was brainwashing my daughters, I don’t think that’s a fair description. I was just unlocking urges that they’d always had inside them. I never made them do anything that went against their own desires; if anything, I was speeding up the process, accelerating their sexual education.

It made sense; I was the same way at their age. When I graduated high school, I don’t think there was a single fellow in my senior year who I hadn’t gone down on, if not much much more. As a family, we’re sexually charged creatures – that’s just the way it is. I didn’t cause it, I was just the catalyst in an inevitable chain of events.

This was further evidenced in the fact that they reacted completely differently to the exact same commands. I had one set of tapes that they both listened to, suggesting that they wanted to be obedient, submissive little sluts for mummy. Brianna took to it like a fish to water; there were times when I’d ask the girls to come help me cook, and Brianna would be in the kitchen almost before I was. I’d ask her to do something, and she’d snap to it. I’d yell at her, tell her she was useless, and she’d just lap it up…Rebecca, however, wasn’t having any of it.

I never made my darling girls do anything they didn’t want to. They’re teenagers; nature programmed them to be horny bi-curious sluts before my tapes ever came on the scene. Odds are they would have been “sleeping in each other’s beds” pretty soon even if I’d never done anything. I just provided them with an excuse to start. (I can tell you first hand, “teach me to kiss” always works; I must have used it with every bunkmate I ever had at boarding school, and even the ones who had seen me sneak the local college guys in for sex and kick them out a few hours later went for it. No one really wants to “learn how to kiss”; it’s like strip poker. It’s social lubricant, an excuse to start doing what you want to do anyway.)

So no, I don’t think that what I did makes me a bad person. I was just unlocking their natural desires, speeding up the inevitable course of events. I didn’t lose any sleep over my actions.

I’m not a bad person.

And what I did next didn’t change anything. It wasn’t bad.

It was, perhaps, a little bit naughty. But it wasn’t…wrong, per se.


I’ve always been a borderline nymphomaniac – even when I’m getting my sexual needs taken care of by the men in my life (or, at times, the women) I can’t think of a single day in my life that I haven’t masturbated as well, but since my daughters started “taking care of each other”, I’ve just been chronic.

It’s gotten to the point where I’ve been waiting until my darling Joshua gets home, taking him upstairs, and riding him before he can even take his suit off. (he hasn’t objected once, of course.) What my girls have been up to has just been so damnably HOT, it’s just left me in a constant state of horniness. I need to get off, all the time…fortunately Josh has been taking care of my needs. Sometimes I’ll wake him up with a blow-job, just so I can have him one more time before he goes to work.

But in the hours that Josh is at work, I need to take care of myself. I’ve almost worn out my collection of toys – when it was all theoretical, I found the idea arousing: images of my little Brianna and Rebecca practicing kissing, or going down on each other. Pressing their tight, young bodies against each other…bringing each other off, over and over again. Making love; sweaty, passionate love.

Since I’ve made it happen (not, of course, that it wasn’t going to happen anyway) my libido has just grown and grown. I’ll be sitting in the living room, knowing that the twins have made love where I’m sitting, probably in the past twenty-four hours. I’ll take a shower, and wonder if they’ve taken to showering together, long, soapy, sensual showers…I’ll be making their bed, and I’ll remember what my sweet little Brianna’s face looked like as she came. Everything I do reminds me of sex, my baby girls having sex. Everything I do turns me on, and when I’m turned on I simply must take care of it…

Fortunately, I came up with a solution.

It wasn’t my first solution. No, at first I thought that all I needed to do was see my daughters’ bodies and I’d be fine. So I had them take photos of themselves and managed to get myself a copy. But all bursa escort that did was fuel my desires. I spent so much time looking at them…well, I’m amazed no one caught me with my pants down, so to speak. I feel like my computer shows naked pictures of the twins more than it shows the desktop.

But it wasn’t enough. I needed more. I needed to see them in action.

So I pushed for them to start exploring each other in new and exciting locations around the house – the living-room, the kitchen, the lounge. Any time no one’s around, the tapes suggested they go out and make love.

After that, it was child’s play to tell the girls that I was going out, double back and watch through the window, or hide in a cupboard with a good view. (it felt strange at first – a woman my age, hiding in a cupboard – but strangely, I started to find sneaking around sexy in itself.) The tapes had already suggested to the twins that when making love, they were “oblivious to the outside world”. Fortunately, this suggestion seemed to take – I suppose we all want sex to be like that, a wholly immersive experience. If they hadn’t gone for it, I don’t know how quickly I would have been caught – I’m quite noisy, even when I’m only pleasuring myself.

I thought for sure that would do it, that seeing them make love in front of me, physically no more than a few feet away…I was certain that would satiate my desires, but it did nothing but stoke the fires of my fantasies. I went from getting myself off twice a day (not including time with my husband) to four, five, sometimes six times a day. After seeing them in action, it played in my head constantly. Images of my girls making love to each other would go through my mind no matter what else I was doing; at the gym, on the phone, doing the shopping…

And so I spent weeks fighting with my conscience before I took the next step. I’d like to tell myself that I only did it because I needed to, because I’d brought myself to a point where I had no choice, if I hadn’t found a new release I would have done something terrible, like cheat on my darling Joshua or start exposing myself in public…

But the truth is, I didn’t do it because I needed to. I did it because I wanted to.


I believe it was Freud who said that all children, ultimately, desire their mother. I kept this in mind as I made my next set of tapes – all I was doing was tapping into their natural urges. If all children want to have sex with their mother, by encouraging my girls to do the same, you could hardly call me a bad person. Similarly, we all reach a stage where we find people in their forties attractive, even if it takes until we’re well past that age ourselves. Again, all my tapes were doing was speeding up the process for my girls.

Luckily, some of my earlier tapes had inadvertently laid the groundwork. I’d found, all too often, the girls wouldn’t come out and cavort where I could see them out of a fear of being caught – to remedy that, I’d simply given them the desire to be caught. Purely as a fantasy, of course, but it was a foundation I could build my plan on. While watching them, I’d imagined myself participating, making love to one of my darling little angels – to help my fantasy play out, I’d encouraged them to call each other “mother”, and even engage in occasional mother-daughter role-play. This was all easily tweaked to lead towards my eventual inclusion…

The next month was agony, as each tape brought me closer and closer to living out my wildest fantasies. The first had been basically the same as the last few, but with a few phrases that would point them in the right direction…

“*You are a dirty little slut for your sister. You are a slut for your family. You are always turned on. You are always horny. You want sex all the time, and you want to get caught having it. You put DVDs back in their case when you’re done with them.You want to get caught having sex. Your parents are sexy. Your family is sexy. Your family turns you on. Your parents turn you on. You want to fuck your mother.

You want to fuck your mother.*”

The changes were subtle, but in the course of normal events, I started to notice them. At breakfast, I would bend over to pick up a teaspoon, and turn just in time to see both my daughters pretending not to check out my behind. I’d be hiding inside a shrub as my girls made love in the back garden, and I’d hear one of them call out ‘mother’ as she came, even when they weren’t roleplaying. And more and more, after I walked into a room, they’d continue making out for a few seconds before stopping and offering flimsy excuses – as soon as I’d leave, the noises that started up showed how much being caught excited them.

Little things, but they confirmed that my plan was working. The next tape took a bigger step:

“Older women are sexy. You are always horny. You are always ready to fuck. You want to get caught having sex. Your parents are sexy. You want to fuck all the time. You want to fuck your parents. You will vacuum after you spill crisps, not just pick up the large ones. Your mother is sexy. You want to fuck your mother. Your bursa escort bayan mother needs sex. Your mother needs sex from you.”

This time, the difference in their behaviour was slightly more obvious – both girls suddenly stated asking me, concerned, about my sex life. When I assured them that yes, I was getting plenty of sex from their father, both their eyes glazed over for a few seconds, and I knew that they were imagining it. The only problem, I told them, sighing, was that it had been so long since I’d had sex with a woman. They looked at each other as I said this, and I could see the seed of an idea forming in their mind.

As I saw their reactions to the next tape, I was filled with hope. My plan was working.

“You want to be more sexually inclusive. Your sex should include the whole family. You want to include your mother in sex. You want to have sex with your mother. You want to fuck your mother. You want to make sure your shirts are the right way out before you put them in the washing. Your parents are sexy. You are always turned on. You are always horny. Your parents make you horny. Your parents can teach you to fuck. You want your mother to teach you to fuck.”

Again, the changes started out small. They weren’t at the stage where they were just going to invite me to jump in the sack with them, but it was starting to get close. Brianna walked in on me masturbating once or twice, and each time she watched for a few minutes before pretending to be grossed out and leaving. When I ‘accidentally’ came across Bec’s vibrator while cleaning her room, she offered to share it with me. And both of them had suddenly started asking me a lot more questions and advice about sex than they’d ever asked before. It was funny, in a way, listening to them ask questions for “a lesbian they know”, or “a friend who is having sex with her sister.”

Being so close to the fruition of my plan was making me absolutely climb the walls. If I didn’t have three or four of my own, I would have taken Bec up on her offer to share her vibrator…

One more tape, I told myself. One more tape, and then…it would be time.


“When your mother catches you, you will invite her to join. You will fuck your mother. You want to fuck your mother. You want to get caught by your mother, and have her teach you to fuck. You are constantly horny for your mother. Your mother turns you on. You will remember to put the lid back on your lubricant when you’re done with it. Your parents are sexy, and should be included in your sex. You want to make your mother happy. You want your mother to teach you how to fuck.”

I’d set the stage carefully. I’d told the girls that their father and I were going out, and that they’d have the entire house to themselves. I’d told Joshua that I’d drop him off for poker night with the boys. I’d even picked out outfits for the girls – a black halter top and matching short skirt for Bri, and a strapless black dress for Bec. Everything was ready.

After dropping Josh off, I’d gone almost double the speed-limit the whole way home. Fortunately I wasn’t pulled over, but I’m sure I would have been able to fuck my way out of it – I can’t even count how many speeding tickets or parking fines I’ve gotten out of, in exchange for a blow-job or a quickie. When I got home, I snuck around the back, and was delighted to see that everything was going just as I’d hoped. Bec and Bri were on the couch, kissing passionately, their hands between each other’s legs.

It was so romantic; the two obviously cared for each other, as they tenderly brushed each other’s hair back, even while they spread their legs lewdly and groped at each other’s breasts. Their kisses were slow and heartfelt, with closed eyes, and the pair occasionally stopped making out to giggle over an in-joke.

I stood and watched for as long as I was able, the anticipation building inside me, before I finally couldn’t take it any more, and entered the room.

“Brianna! Rebecca!”

“Mum!” the girls exclaimed, as they jumped back. They were genuinely shocked; if they’d been expecting to be caught, they would have continued the kiss for a few minutes before “noticing” me.

“What are you girls doing?”

“Nothing,” they said, trying to keep a straight face.

“Nothing? That doesn’t look like nothing to me.”

There was a pause, as the girls stared at me, agog.

“I decided to let your father go out alone,” I explained pre-emptively, hungrily watching the girls try to brush down their dresses and appear as if they hadn’t spent the last half-hour making out. “I thought we could spend some quality time together.”

I crossed the room and stood in front of them, my hands on my hips. I wasn’t angry, but wondered if I appeared to be; towering over them, dressed in a long slinky black dress of my own.

“Well?” I continued. “Do you want to explain yourself?”

The giggles broke at last, as they both looked at each other and my dress, around the room and anywhere except my face.

“We were…practicing.” Brianna explained, which set off a fresh set of laughter from both of them. escort bursa I had been a teenaged girl once too; I knew it wasn’t humour that was causing their reaction, but sheer nervousness. This was a big night for all of us, and giggling was how they expressed their excitement.

I stared at them for a few seconds, glad that they weren’t looking directly at me – if they had been, they would have noticed the smile on the verge of breaking out. At last, I broke the silence.

“Here,” I said kindly. I’ll show you how to kiss,”

The laughter was suddenly gone as I sat down between them. I turned to Brianna, and simply leant in and kissed her. Rebecca watched in awe as Bri and I duelled tongues for almost a minute. When I finally pulled away, she was speechless.

“Wow mum,” Bec said. “You kiss good.”

Each girl had one hand on my leg, as I turned to face Bec, brushing her hair out of her face.

“Well, I’ve had a lot of…practice” I said, and demonstrated. I had one hand on each of my girl’s heads, as Bec stroked my leg and Brianna brought one hand up to my boob.

I was in heaven, as I kissed one girl and then the other, my hands exploring their legs, their bodies. I loved stroking their hair, and feeling them stroking mine. I held Rebecca’s head in my hands, and felt Brianna tentatively kissing my shoulder. I saw Rebecca put one hand between her legs, and replaced it with my own.

“I’ve practiced this too…” I said, inspiring a new round of giggles.

It was everything I’d ever dreamed of – Brianna took off my dress (I’d had the forethought not to wear a bra) and for the first time in almost eighteen years, my two daughters suckled on my breasts as if they were newborns. I remembered how erotic I’d found it at the time – I couldn’t think of a day in their lives when I hadn’t been turned on by my daughters, and now, at last, I was able to have them as I pleased.

The next few hours were a wild mix of different sexual positions – all three of us were naked within minutes, and there wasn’t a moment when I didn’t have at least one of my daughter’s mouths on me, somewhere. I had both my twin daughters between my legs, alternating between making out with each other and licking me. Brianna fingered her sister, and then brought her fingers up for me to taste. I suckled on Bec’s nipples while Brianna went down on me, and then later we reversed positions.

It was well past midnight when we stopped – Josh had called about an hour before to tell me that he was going to stay the night at his friend’s house. Fortunately he had no way of knowing that when he called, one of his daughters was licking my nipples while his other daughter was between my legs.

If it hadn’t been a school night, I’m sure we would have kept going until daylight, but I wanted to make sure the girls got to bed at a reasonable hour.

I’m not a bad mother, after all.


On the way to school the next morning, I fingered Brianna to orgasm while Bec played with herself in the back seat. That afternoon, I greeted them at the door naked, and within minutes they joined me in my state of undress. We stayed that way until Josh got home a few hours later.

Clearly I’d passed on my nymphomaniac genes – for the first time in my life, I’d found sexual partners who could keep up with me. They were as constantly wet and ready-to-go as me, and perhaps it was their youth, but they actually seemed to surpass my energy. I couldn’t believe how flexible they were, and how talented they were with their fingers and tongues…a few months ago, Brianna had never even been kissed, and now the two of them were practically sexual goddesses. The man who married my girls would be a lucky fellow indeed.

Whenever Joshua was out of the room, the three of us were exploring each other’s bodies. When the girls were home, it was rare for me to go more than half an hour without having a tongue in me somewhere. When it got too much, I would sometimes go into school and take one of the girls out for a “dental appointment”, just to make love to them in the school parking lot.

The girls’ desire to get caught was contagious – on weekends, even with Josh home, we would spend hours together. One of us would be lookout, but there were more close calls than I’d like to describe. At first, Joshua had tried to hide his poker obsession from me, but at my encouragement he started attending a few games a week. It gave me and the girls more time to be alone, but meant that he came back at irregular times. We’d never been caught, but if my darling husband was a more suspicious man, I’m sure he would have wondered why we were so often short of breath and flustered in the kitchen at 10pm as he came through the door.

As their mother, I had the power in the relationship. I won’t pretend I didn’t enjoy this – it didn’t seem to bother Rebecca, but oh my did Brianna get off on it. Spankings, time-outs…even just catching her doing something naughty would get her pulse racing, and anything that highlighted our mother-daughter relationship would practically cause her to cum on the spot. She surprised me once by squeezing into her old primary school outfit and wearing her hair in pigtails – there was something so delightfully wrong about eating out my little girl in that outfit, I was wet just thinking about it for weeks afterwards.

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