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There wasn’t much playing in the theater that interested any of us, so we chose to go see the new movie Creed. Alan and I had both seen all of the Rocky movies so we sort of wanted to give it a go. The girls didn’t object either so soon enough we had popcorn and drinks and four tickets in hand to go see it. We took a row of four seats. Alan and I were on either end with our respective girlfriends beside us. The armrests went up before the previews were even finished and Anabel was laying against me. I draped an arm around her and happily fed her a piece of popcorn. She giggled as she sucked it from my fingers, and then lightly sucked a finger into her mouth. I let her have her fun for a moment, and then decided to have a little of my own. I twisted my finger, hooked it on the inside of her cheek, and lightly pulled, fishooking her. She yelped and giggled.

“-ey!-ey. Wha-o-you-theenk-ou’re-oing?” She sputtered before I released her. She slapped my chest in mock resentment as I laughed at her. “You jerk off! I was trying to be sexy!” She pouted. I laughed again and poked her nose gently.

“You were very sexy. But I just couldn’t resist.” I cooed teasingly. She just pouted and turned her back to me. Fearing I had genuinely hurt her feelings, I turned her head back to face me. “Hey Ana, look I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-” She cut me off with a huge laugh.

“Too easy! Got you big guy!” She teased as she leaned up to kiss me. I chuckled as I kissed her back. We broke apart as the screen darkened as the movie started to play. The opening was rather slow and kind of boring in my opinion. About fifteen minutes in, I could tell that Ana was a little bored as well. I leaned down and kissed the top of her head while letting my hand ‘slip’ off of her shoulder and onto her breast. She purred softly and looked up at me. “Bored are we bro?” She asked demurely. I grinned down at her and then looked back at the movie.

“Just thought I’d put my hand back where it belongs.” I said nonchalantly. She lifted an eyebrow and the grinned back.

“Is that so. Well I hope you plan on putting this back where it belongs too.” She cooed as she let her hand drop onto my crotch. I chuckled softly and nodded.

“Oh I do. Maybe not here, but I definitely intend to put him back home again later.” I assured her. She grinned and spread her legs slightly. She patted her sex lightly with her other hand and whispered down at it.

“You hear that. Apparently your Jake’s dick’s home now.” She praised. I chuckled and decided to play along. I whispered down to it as well.

“And between you and me, I don’t think and home would ‘fit’ him as well as you.” I winked up at Anabel. She rolled her eyes.

“Good grief, could you be more cheesy?” She giggled. I chuckled as well and squeezed her a little and went back to watching the movie. Eventually, Ana shifted her position to get more comfortable and my hand slipped off her breast. She snuggled against me and I didn’t try to put it back. A minute or so later, she looked up at me and gave me a playful look. “Wow, couldn’t let it go for five minutes?” She asked teasingly. I tilted my head and looked at her.

“What do you mean?” I asked. She looked at me strangely and we both looked at her breast. There was a hand there, but it wasn’t mine. It was Sierra’s. I looked up and eyed her suspiciously. I playfully slapped her hand away.

“Hey, hands off you poacher” I scolded. “These are mine.” I said teasingly as I let my hand settle back onto Ana’s breast. Sierra giggled and lifted a hand in surrender.

“Okay, okay. But can you blame me? I had to give it a try.” She winked. I grinned and gave Ana’s breast a small squeeze.

“No, I can’t really blame you. They are pretty enticing.” I allowed. Ana rolled her eyes and kissed my cheek.

“Flatterer.” She whispered. I grinned and squeezed her slightly as we turned our attention back to the movie.

Throughout the first half of the movie, I found myself rather bored, but Anabel seemed to be enjoying it, so I just sat still and held her against me. I noticed a little motion out of the corner of my eye. I glanced over and saw Sierra shifting a little bit in her seat. It was a constant little shuffle that she was trying to suppress. I tilted my head in confusion until I looked down and saw the culprit. Alan had his hand in her panties and was working it on her pussy. I shook my head and grinned as I watched them. I let my eyes drift down to Ana, still laying against me, and saw that she was watching the movie. I let one of my hands run lightly over her thigh to gauge her reaction. She let out a pleased little sound and I saw her cheeks tighten as she smiled. She rolled her head on my chest to look up at me. She gently shook her head and stroked my cheek.

“Later big brother.” she whispered. “I’m enjoying just sitting here with you.” I smiled down at her and nodded as I squeezed her tightly. She draped her arm across my chest and went back to watching the movie. I felt her head twitch slightly in bursa escort curiosity as we heard a tiny sound beside us. We both looked and saw Sierra trying to be quiet as Alan kissed her neck, massaged her breast, and fingered her pussy. We both rolled our eyes and Ana looked up at me. We nodded to each other and I lifted the armrest to my right and we both moved down a seat the opposite direction. We let them have their fun while we went back to watching the movie. I had to glance down at Anabel for a moment though as I felt a slight poke in my chest. I realized that she wasn’t trying to get my attention though. It was her nipple. She may not have wanted to do anything about it, but she was turned on as well. I was looking forward to getting her home.

The movie finally ended. It wasn’t terrible I guess. But I personally had enjoyed the original Rocky movies better. As the credits started rolling, Sierra and Alan slowly stood up and I lifted Ana with me as we stood. Sierra seemed a little shaky on her feet but tried not to show it. We left the theater behind us and headed out into the parking lot. It turned out that Alan had parked just across from where I had. We leaned against my car and talked for a bit before Ana stroked my chest.

“You want to head on home Jake?” she purred. I grinned and nodded. We agreed to meet Alan and Sierra back at our place and then we got into the car. I kept glancing at Anabel the entire way home. She finally looked at me and gave me a suspicious look.

“What?” she asked. I snorted in response.

“I know what you want to do when we get home. I can smell that all the way over here.” I told her, indicating her pussy, which I could see her trying to discreetly rub. She rolled her eyes and gave me a lusty look.

“Oh hush up and get me home so that you can take care of this for me.” She grumbled. I chuckled and took the turn onto our street and then into the driveway. I turned the car off and started to get out. But before I could even open the door, I heard Anabel snarl and she yanked my head around and crushed her lips to mine. She climbed over the center console and straddled my hips. I managed to hit the lever to push the seat back and give us both room to sit comfortably. She kept her lips fixed to mine as she fumbled with my shorts. I helped her get them undone and slide them down around my knees, freeing my cock. It was already rock hard from the ride. I was surprised to find that there was a slight wet spot in the crotch of Ana’s shorts. Her pussy had soaked through her panties and into her shorts. We got hers pulled down and off over her shoes, which was a challenge, and she returned to trying to ram her tongue down my throat. She took my raging hard on and slid it instantly into her dripping pussy. She moaned as I penetrated her and I let out a pleased breath. She lifted her hips and the dropped back down, plunging me back into her depths. I reached up to massage both of her breasts as she rode my throbbing cock. Our cries of pleasure and passion mingled loudly in the confines of the car. Her head dropped back and her mouth hung open in a wordless cry. She pulled my head to rest between her breasts as I felt her pussy start to spasm as she came. I don’t know how I managed to keep from coming right then, but by pulling her to sit still on my cock, I managed to hold back. Then she started bouncing on me again and I felt the pleasure, and the pressure, increase again.

“Come on big brother. Let me feel you come in me again. I love feeling it.” She pleaded. Her sexy words broke the dam and I felt myself swell and let loose inside her. She sighed happily as I painted the walls of her pussy with my sperm. I groaned as her muscles milked every last drop of cum from my cock. When I finally finished, she leaned forward and pressed her forehead to mine. We were both sweating a little and panting heavily.

“I’m never going to get tired of fucking you Anabel.” I told her honestly. She giggled and breathed in my ear.

“Good. Because I don’t ever want you to stop.” she kissed me lightly. I returned the kiss and then we were both startled when there was a tap on the window. Alan and Sierra stood there. Alan hollered so we could hear him.

“If you two are done providing us with a show, we’re heading inside.” He grinned. I laughed and I saw Ana blush a little as I opened the car door. She stepped out and giggled as she wobbled on her feet slightly. I pulled my shorts up and handed Ana hers, along with one of her shopping bags. She just tucked her shorts into one hand and pulled me out of the car with the rest of the bags. I lifted and eyebrow. She shrugged.

“It’s dark out here, nobody can see me, and I imagine our clothes are going bye bye once we get inside. Right guys?” She winked at Alan and Sierra. They both laughed.

“How’d you guess?” Sierra asked knowingly. Ana rolled her eyes and just grinned.

“Just a hunch.” She drawled as she let her hand drift idly over her body. I snorted and watched her for a moment before gently taking bursa escort bayan her hand and walking her up to the house. She giggled and skipped along with me. Once we were inside, Ana ripped her shirt of and threw it over my head. I laughed and pulled it off only to have her bra smack into my face next. I pulled it down as well and pointed at her.

“If your shorts hit me in the face, they’re going up your cunt!” I threatened, and was rewarded with her panties hitting me. I gave her a fake, unimpressed look. “Okay that’s it, get over here!” I scolded as I grabbed the panties and lunged at her. She giggled playfully and dodged me.

“You have to catch me first!” she yelled as she took off across the living room. I chuckled and ran after her, trying to catch her. She was a quick little minx and she avoided me for a little while. I heard Alan and Sierra laugh as they watched us and started stripping down themselves. I continued to chase Ana around the living room until I managed to corner her. She turned around and gave me a sly look. “Well alright, looks like you caught me. What now big guy?” she asked demurely. I walked up and pinned her against the wall.

“I have an idea.” I grinned as I slipped an arm around her and pulled her onto the couch and bent her over my lap. “I do believe I said the next thing that hit me in the face was going up your pussy.” I enthused as I wrapped the edge of her panties around my finger and moved it between her legs. She gasped and squirmed.

“No! No! Jake!” She squeaked and then giggled as I pushed my finger into her. I tucked her panties about halfway up inside her and then pulled my finger out. She scrambled off my lap and stood up. I had to snort a little as she stood there with her panties hanging out of her pussy. I heard muffled giggles from behind me but I just watched Ana as she looked down. She pursed her lips and gave me an unimpressed look and lifted an eyebrow. “Are you pleased with yourself now Jacob?” she scolded as she reached down and pulled her panties out of her. I shrugged and snorted.

“Yeah, you know I think I am.” I retorted. She gave me a sly smile and strutted over to me.

“Is that so big brother?” she smirked. She glanced at her panties and then out at Alan and Sierra. She gave me an evil grin as she flicked her panties toward them. As Alan caught them, Anabel brought her eyes within a few inches of mine and stared at me.

“Just for that, they get to taste your little sister.” she purred as she winked at Sierra. I found myself watching curiously as Sierra and Alan took turns putting the wet side of Ana’s panties in their mouths and sucking the moisture from them. I wasn’t sure what to feel about it. I was a little jealous because Ana was MY little sister, and MY girl. At the same time I found it rather hot and arousing. Apparently I wasn’t the only one either, because I saw Alan’s cock start to stir as he sucked Ana’s juices. Ana turned my face to look back at her and put her finger over my lips. “Somebody likes what he sees.” She mused as she reached down and stroked my hardening cock through my shorts. I grinned and put my hands on her hips.

“Well I do have to admit it’s kind of hot.” I said as I stood up and undressed myself. I saw Sierra’s gaze drift between my cock and Ana’s pussy as Ana sat back down on my lap. I grinned at Sierra and nodded at Alan.

“Not right now sweetheart,” I scolded. “You’ve got your own perfectly good cock right there.” she giggled and wrapped her fingers around Alan’s dick.

“Yeah. And I’m about to use it. You two are so hot.” She complimented as she started to stroke Alan. He moaned slightly and pushed her up against the wall as he kissed her heatedly. I heard Ana hum slightly as we watched and felt new heat emanate from her vagina. She looked back at me again and her voice had grown a shade huskier as she asked.

“What do you think huh? Want to go again?” She ground her slit over my cock. I kissed her neck and whispered.

“As if you need to even ask sis.” I reached up to massage her breasts. She moaned pleasantly and as I started to pick her up, she pushed me back down.

“Uh uh. Right here on the couch. Alan and Sierra are occupied. I want you to take me right here.” She purred as she crawled onto all fours beside me. I didn’t even hesitate before I got on my knees myself and ran my cock along her pussy. She moaned and pushed back against me. While I teased her with my cock, an idea occurred to me to surprise her a bit. She was expecting me to put my cock straight into her pussy, but I licked my finger and gently started to push it into her ass. She yelped slightly and looked back at me. “Whoa. Hey there big brother, I’m down for your finger being in there, but you’d better stick that cock in my pussy now or I may maul you.” She growled lustfully. I grinned and obliged her. She moaned happily as I sheathed my hard cock inside her dripping pussy again. I was slightly amazed that I was so hard so soon after our last time. Not even ten minutes had escort bursa passed since our fuck in the car and I felt as hard as ever. I saw Sierra watching us as she leaned against the wall, bobbing slightly as Alan thrust into her. Then I turned my attention back to Anabel. I thrust into her with my cock and watched her hair sway with each motion. I started working my finger in her ass in an alternating rhythm to my thrusts.

“Oh god! That’s so good Jake!” She cried. I panted in pleasure as I let my cock pound into her warm, wet depths. Her puckered ass held on to my finger tightly and firmly as I worked inside it. It was a strangely erotic feeling. Feeling both her holes open to parts of me. Before I knew it, I felt Anabel’s pussy clench and she let out a passionate cry as she came. I wasn’t close yet myself, so I didn’t let up.

“J..j..j..jake!” She tried speaking in between thrusts. “O..o..oh! That’s good! Oh!” She moaned as I fucked her. I ran my finger around the walls of her ass and leaned over her to kiss the small of her back. She moaned again and I soon felt my end growing near. I managed to hold out long enough to feel her orgasm again before I let loose. She pressed her hips tight against mine, forcing my pulsating cock deep into her depths as I released inside her. We held our pose for a long minute as we recovered. I then slid my cock out of her and pulled my finger from her suckling ass. She started to fall over on the couch, but I grabbed her and pulled her with me as I rolled backward off the couch. She gave me a curious look as she laid on top of me. I grinned and ran my hands over her sides.

“The carpet will clean easier than the couch.” I explained lazily. She giggled and rubbed at the cum dripping from her pussy,

“You sure know how to make a mess of me bro.” She tittered as she licked her fingers. I just shrugged.

“We can always clean you up later.” I kissed the tip of her nose. Then we started a little when Sierra dropped herself onto the floor beside us.

“O..or, you could let me clean her up.” She panted idly. Anabel and I both looked at her. I just shook my head.

“You aren’t going to let up on my sis are you?” I said. She grinned as Alan plopped down beside her.

“I wouldn’t count on it brother.” He answered. “This one hasn’t stopped looking at Anabel since they met. And I can tell she wants to get her in bed.” He said plainly. Sierra didn’t bother to try to deny it. I was about to tell her she was crazy when I felt Ana shift beside me. I looked at her and saw her blushing. My eyes widened as I looked at her.

“Wait, Anabel, are you thinking about it?” I asked warily. She blushed deeper and didn’t meet my eyes.

“Well, I don’t know. Maybe. I..I’m not against the idea.” she murmured. I just stared at her. I couldn’t believe she was admitting that. And I couldn’t believe that I was getting sort of turned on by the idea. She continued.

“I used to watch some girl on girl action online and it always made me hot. And trying it has always been one of my fantasies. Right below finally getting you big brother.” She said, hugging my arm. I swallowed and watched her sincere eyes. I looked over at Sierra and saw that she was watching me with hopeful eyes. My imagination treated me to an image of Sierra and Anabel making out naked, and it was incredibly hot. I ran a hand over my head, mulling the idea over in my head. On one hand, I really didn’t want to share Anabel with anyone. At the same time, I could really get behind watching those two hot girls getting it on. At my indecision, Sierra giggled.

“Hey, no pressure big guy. I get it, you don’t want to share your sister slash girlfriend with anyone. Think about it, I’m in no rush.” She leaned against Alan and let us appreciate her body. I let out a breath and looked at Anabel, she looked like she wanted to try it with Sierra, but would be willing to respect my opinion if I said I didn’t want her to. I smiled at her and pulled her against me.

“Hey, tell you what, I’m not against the idea myself. But not tonight. You and I are still new and I want to continue to appreciate you for myself for a little while longer.” I assured her. She smiled and rolled on top of me. She kissed me sweetly and laid her cheek on my forehead.

“I love you Jake.” she whispered. I wrapped my arms around her and sighed into her neck.

“I love you too Anabel.” I whispered back. I saw Sierra smile and look up at Alan.

“You know, I watch these two together and it makes me really appreciate that I have you Alan.” she said. Alan leaned down and kissed her.

“I was just thinking the same thing baby.” He replied. It was then that I decided to get up. I walked into the bathroom and grabbed two soft Kleenex tissues. I walked back out to the living room and tossed one of the tissues at Alan.

“Your sexy girlfriend is making a mess of our carpet. Care to clean her up?” I grinned as I knelt down and started to wipe my cum from Ana’s pussy. She giggled slightly as she rolled onto her back, letting me clean her up. I saw Alan doing the same thing to Sierra. When we finished, Alan tried to hand me his tissue as I started to head to the trash can. I just gave him a level look and shook my head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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