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Randy Green was proof positive that living the good life sometimes paid off. At 45, because he took good care of himself, he still had the physique he possessed at 25. While he wasn’t a college graduate, he threw himself into his chosen field. His antiques business was booming and he was the go-to guy in the Middleton area for antiques brick-a-brack and quality furniture. He had managed to branch out and now he made additional income by appraising items and he worked less now than he had in the past 10 years and earned more money. Still, it would have meant nothing without the love and support of his family at home. Luckily for Randy, his home life – well, that was perfect too. Why wouldn’t it be with a wife like Melissa and daughters that loved him just as much as his wife?

No one called his wife Melissa, aside from in a professional capacity or black-tie affair. Melissa had been “Missy” since the day they met, 23 years ago. Melissa was a friend of his dear friend of his older sister. With just one look at Randy, dark-haired, broad-shouldered and intelligent and Missy was gone. The bosomy blonde wanted Randy to be her boyfriend and she got him without too much effort. The efforts she did make were absolutely the right ones.

Missy had the kind of body that she wasn’t afraid to use. She was tall, blonde, busty and, she would have admitted, a bit of a bimbo. Her man was the boss, she liked being a follower and being told what to do. Her own mom and daddy had that kind of relationship and Missy wanted one just like it. Her mommy had been married to her daddy for 22 years, since the age of 17. Missy’s mommy doted on her daddy and she drove a nice car, had nice jewelry and clothes. That was the kind of girl Missy aspired to be. She was also a horny young thing and wanted sex – a lot of sex, but with the right person. Randy was that person and she made sure of that early on in their burgeoning relationship.

Randy took Missy out on precisely 3 dates before went for it and she fucked him. And fucked him. And fucked him. The 5’8 blonde beauty knew from the onset that she wanted to be with her now boyfriend. Why waste time? She was a slut. Just one fuck was not enough to satisfy Missy and it never would be. Randy could have fucked his girlfriend every hour of the day and she would have wanted it to be every 30 minutes. She loved anything and everything to do with sex. There wasn’t one thing she would have refused him, save for the “gross” stuff as she called it. She was thrilled to be Randy’s private bimbo and that was that. When Randy openly admired Missy’s still-sexy mommy, Missy took it one step further and seduced her mommy into a threesome. That occasion was the first time that Missy made a hitherto-unknown discovery – she liked having sex with other women. Randy still got together with his mother-in-law and wife. Even nearing 60, Priscilla – Prissy – had a body to die for and was almost as adventurous as her daughter.

With a girlfriend as hot as Missy, Randy Green was no fool. He put a ring on that finger as soon as he started making money in his new “old” business, as he jokingly called it. Wisely, he married her soon after. Missy was the perfect wife, loving, fun to be around, cheerful and constantly horny. Randy knew he would never be able to keep up with the demands of his fuck-hungry bride, so they became swingers shortly after their honeymoon ended. They continued having a an open relationship. Missy got to fuck lots of other guys when they had their parties and he found that a bit exciting. When they weren’t making the party scene, Randy allowed his bride to enjoy as many girlfriends as she liked. Over the years, Randy had lost count of how many supposedly “straight” women his big-titted blonde wife had seduced. A lot of women underestimated Missy, assuming because of her “bimbo” nature that she was stupid. That was their error. She was a free spirit who lived in a different reality from everyone else. Randy’s lovely Missy was highly intelligent when she needed to be. She could be wily and cunning. She had a good head for money. After she joined Randy in his business, she kept the books and she had a good eye. She tppk an interest in antiques and had a talent that surpassed Randy’s. She could spot a forgery or a copy of an antique a mile away.

Missy loved to fuck her husband bareback, so it came as no surprise that Randy became a daddy very fast. Only a year apart, he had two lovely girls, Cecelia, known as “Cissy” and Christina, known to all as “Chrissy”. Both of his girls were blondes like their mom and inherited her cheerful nature. While neither Randy nor Missy paraded their lifestyle in front of the girls, by the time their children were in the mid-teens, both knew that their mommy and daddy were sexually active with other people. Both of the girls accepted it on face value. In fact, both of Randy’s girls embraced the life, starting with Cissy. Cissy was a chip off of her mom’s shoulder.

“I want a boob job for my birthday, daddy,” bursa escort 17-year old Cissy requested of her astonished parents. “I want a big pair, like mommy’s. I think mommy is one of the sexiest women, like, ever, and I want to be just like her!”

“Are you sure, Cecilia?” Her father said, using the full name he only used when he wanted her undivided attention. “You have a lovely figure,” Randy said of his daughter. It was true. His daughter had admirers who followed her around with their tongues almost hanging out. She was even taller than her mom at 5’10” and her blonde hair was almost platinum in the California sun.

“I’m flattered sweetie, really,” Missy said to their daughter. “But big boobs require a lot of work. I have to work out to stay in shape so I can carry these babies around without ruining my back.”

“I’m not afraid of hard work mommy, you know that from all the help I give you around the store and in our vegetable garden,” Cissy countered. “Please mommy, I want to look like you, I want you and daddy both to think I’m sexy,” she surprised them. “I want you to look at me the way you do some of your friends and some of their of-age kids!” Neither Randy or Missy had been aware that Cissy knew of their dalliances with girls and boys her own age. As long as they played within the confines of the law, Randy and Missy didn’t discriminate on the basis of age.

So – there it was, fully out in the open. Their lovely Cissy had the similar twisted edge that her mother possessed. Once found, there was no going back. Randy knew what lay in store for his daughter, but he cherished his girls for the individuals they were becoming. Cissy was assured of a marvelous future, but she was now old enough to have some say in her own life. “Okay,” he agreed. “If you really want this Cissy, we can certainly afford it. Your mommy will make an appointment for you and if you’re still sure, we will pay for the surgery!”

“YAY Daddy!” Cissy exclaimed as she hugged him and pressed her boobs almost into his face. He still thought his daughter’s figure was ample enough. He did know that it was hard for her to see her mom and Gran and not feel as if she didn’t measure up. There was another slippery slope they were headed down and that he would worry about later. They would cross that bridge when they came to it.

Randy thought perhaps Cissy would back out and he should have known better. His girls didn’t sweat the small stuff and didn’t spend a lot of time in deep thought. His three ladies weren’t thinkers, they were “doers”. All of them loved their lifestyle and all the fun they could have living it. Yet, they were all very tenacious. Once the three blondes made up their mind, they went for it. So it came as no surprise six months later when his daughter emerged with 34C boobs just like her mom’s. Cissy was thrilled and Missy took her daughter shopping for an entire new wardrobe. She got new bras, lingerie, high heels, dresses, blouses – the works. Missy insisted that the clothes were her treat for Cissy’s past birthday, as daddy had footed the bill for the surgery.

Like her mom, Cissy didn’t mind flaunting herself in front of her friends, girls and boys alike. Her dresses were both short and skin tight and under most of them, she wore the briefest of thongs. Sometimes, the dress was so tight that she had to go commando. Being tall, blonde, busty and in high heels, Cissy attracted a lot of attention. For Cissy, it was not unwanted attention. She loved being bosomy, blonde and hot. For the school, it was an entirely different matter. The school board called in her parents and told them they’d had several complaints about their daughter’s provocative manner of dress. Of course, Missy and Randy supported their daughter completely. Missy smiled to herself as she noticed several of the trustees – not all of them men – were eying her own figure, encased in tight black dress and killer high heels. She knew they were being hypocritical and said so right to their faces. While she and Randy had a few “friends” on the board, their meeting did not end well. A decision was reached with no small amount of argument that for her final months of school, Cissy would be home-schooled.

Cissy was thrilled with that decision. “I’ll miss, like, my friends, but I’m so far ahead of most of them anyway,” she sighed happily. “I could probably finish up my studies in six weeks and then I could come help you and mommy at the store!”

Her parents were fine with that as Cissy had helped in the store since the age of 14. The customers liked her and Randy was smart enough to know that having two bubbly blondes working there wouldn’t hurt his cash register. Like her mom, Cissy had a good head on her shoulders and when she negotiated a sale, the store always did well on the deal. She hugged her father when he agreed and it was a done deal.

It was a very savvy move on the part of Randy and Missy to allow this. As expected, traffic increased in their store. A lot of young bursa escort bayan people started to wander in, some even made small purchases. Cissy suggested her father put in a machine to sell soft drinks at a reasonable price and that was a great idea on her part. His daughter had to stock it every single day and she had to bend over while doing it. He started making a tidy sum selling the drinks and not all of the purchasers were young ones like Cissy. His wife and daughter were making so much extra cash for his store that they had almost earned back the cost of Cissy’s procedure.

Cissy’s 18th birthday was soon on the horizon. Randy should have seen the handwriting on the wall. He didn’t and that was odd for the handsome father, who usually picked up on the most subtle of clues. Of course, when Cissy made her birthday request, she was far from subtle.

“I want you to fuck me for my birthday, daddy,” Cissy said as simply as if she was ordering a pizza. “I want you to be my first fuck and after that, I want to become one of your group.” Cissy knew all about her parent’s lifestyle by now and Randy knew his daughter would likely become sexually active at a young age. She was so much like her naughty mother. He had just not expected his little girl to make such a wild request.

“I’ll consider it, but I also want you to think this over,” Randy counseled his daughter. Part of him was jumping for joy because it was hard to ignore a hot blonde teen like Cissy and, daddy or not, he was only human. “This isn’t something we could ever undo and it’s not a decision that can be made lightly.”

“Honestly daddy, do you think I just came up with the idea `hmm, I’d like to fuck my daddy’, like, yesterday? I’ve thought it over and talked it over with mommy. She’s cool with it and it’s something I want,” the busty teen said with a sigh.

Randy turned to his wife who had been listening to the entire conversation. “You two have already discussed this?”

Missy responded with a huge smile on her face. “Sure! Baby, you should have known this was coming after last year’s birthday request. I don’t know why you’re blind to it, but your girls have a thing for their daddy!”

Randy had been oblivious to this. “Really? Chrissy too?”

“Oh yeah daddy, haven’t you noticed that she’s been dressing in sexier clothes lately? Both Chrissy and I think we have the hottest daddy in the world,” Cissy admitted. “You know you wanna daddy, you want to be my first. Just give up and say yes, you won’t regret it. Oh, and after we have sex, we’re going to follow up with a three-way … mommy’s going to be my first girl!”

“You like women, too?”

“Like, duh daddy, I have gone out on lots of dates with some of my girlfriends.”

“You have? Where was I while all of this was going on?”

Randy did want to and there was no rational reason to argue the point. He just nodded and prepared himself for what he knew was to come next – his sexpot daughter flinging herself into his arms. He tried to hide the fact that she had given him a hard-on, but Missy noticed and snickered. Randy was glad that Cissy’s birthday was only a few weeks away. He couldn’t have held out much longer. When they all sat down to dinner that night, Chrissy commented “She got you, huh daddy?” He felt his face redden and then turn scarlet when Chrissy added “Be prepared daddy, because I’m next.” His normally subdued wife broke out into a fit of the giggles as Randy struggled in vain to cope with the three crazy women who lived under his roof.

The next few weeks were a living hell, albeit in a fun sort of way. Cissy wore her most outrageous outfits around the house, her shortest shorts, low-cut tops, high heels that weren’t really necessary for just lounging around the house. At work, she was equally audacious. At night, she started wearing her frilliest, skimpiest lingerie and with the money she had earned working, she had purchased some sexy bedroom slippers. Randy was tempted to say to hell with propriety and legalities and fuck her right then, but he remembered the day of her 18th was something to be commemorated. They would all celebrate it as a family. Chrissy was equally alluring, but she had almost another year to go before she would be in play. Randy’s life was chaotic enough without taking any further needless risks.

When the big day arrived, Randy made a point of closing the store early so that he could take his three girls out for a nice dinner. To a one, the three beauties amped up the sex appeal. Their clothes were bold, audacious, short, low-cut and attention getting. When they all walked into the restaurant, you could almost hear the sound of heads spinning around to look at the spectacle. Randy knew that the girls dazzled and had worn something appropriate – but only just on the verge of acceptable. They all enjoyed being on display and getting the attention. He’d made peace a long time ago with the fact that the women in his family were all blatant exhibitionists.

“Since escort bursa I know what’s going on in our house tonight, I’ve been wondering – should I wear earplugs to bed?” Chrissy teased everyone. Randy coughed a bit although Chrissy’s comment didn’t seem to upset her mother or sister.

Missy reached across the dinner table and handed her daughter an envelope. “I’ve bought tickets for you and one of your friends to an all-night movie marathon – all of the Twilight films and a few others,” she said to Chrissy. “There’s money in there for food and cab fare home. Don’t feel the need to rush home – and when you do come home, don’t you dare come looking for us,” she told her daughter, who giggled.

“Huh, I think I prefer the gift Cissy is getting, but okay,” Chrissy commented and turned her baby blue eyes on her father. “Just remember daddy, my time is coming soon enough.”

Randy tried to make himself comfortable, but when he found a hand running up his leg, it became a bit more difficult. When another hand joined it, it was next-to impossible. One hand went for his crotch and he adjusted himself accordingly. “Love you,” both Missy and Chrissy said at the same time. This evening wasn’t going to go off without a few complications, Randy sensed. He thought to himself that it was a good thing he didn’t have to stand up at that moment.

Randy did manage to make it through the seven-course meal, although just barely. His wife and eldest daughter teased him unmercifully and made little shows while eating their meal. Even Chrissy picked up on it and added to his delicious torture. He was glad that they eased up after a short while or they likely wouldn’t have made it out of the restaurant. He would have had to find some excuse to slip away and fuck either Missy or Cissy in some hidden little alcove. For a few hours of their evening, the women had his cock making a tent in his pants.

They weren’t even home 5 minutes when Cissy went running up the stairs with a happy little squeal. He shook his head as Missy smiled at him. “Give your two girls about 15 minutes to prepare and then come up and join us,” Missy said to him. “Have a drink – you’ll likely need it. Just one, mind you darling, your girls want you ready for a marathon of fucking!”

Randy nodded and went to his den to pour himself a good-sized glass of Scotch. His girls didn’t need to worry about him coming to bed inebriated. The thought of what was waiting for him in his bedroom was enough to stimulate his libido to a raging storm. He could likely have consumed the entire bottle and still given a half-decent performance.

He finished his drink and shook his head to clear whatever few cobwebs were left up there. He wasn’t going upstairs to give a half-decent performance or even a solid performance, no sir! Tonight’s game had to be a stellar performance. If Cissy was so bent on joining their merry little band of sex-crazed hedonists, her daddy had to show her that it was okay to release her inner slut. He doubted that Cissy would need much encouragement, because like her bimbo mommy – something Missy would have taken as a compliment – Cissy oozed sex from every pore. As he made his way up stairs to his lavish bedroom, he remembered all of the fun times he and Missy had shared in that room. Tonight would be the zenith of those times. He opened the door on two scantily-clad, bosomy blondes ready to blow his ever-loving mind!

“Tsk, you’re late daddy, that took almost 18 minutes,” Cissy chided him as he walked into the room. “It isn’t nice to keep two horny, big-titted women waiting too long.”

“Don’t nitpick, baby. I’m sure that you and your mother could have amused yourselves some way if I had taken any longer,” Randy played along, wanting to keep everything light and breezy. “As a matter of fact, I’m almost surprised that you didn’t.”

Both lingerie-clad blondes smiled at him. “Uh-uh daddy, I told you that you get to go first. Don’t worry, once you’ve got me well and truly fucked, I’m going to go to town on mommy. I can’t wait to show her how eager I am to experience sex with another woman!”

Randy had met several of his daughter’s friends and knowing how hot many of Cissy’s girlfriends were, Randy was amused that she hadn’t yet succumbed to girl-girl temptations. Furthermore, when Cissy turned to her sexy mom, she laid a kiss on Missy that quite obviously took Missy’s breath away. Missy leaned in to her daughter’s kiss and returned it with equal fervor. Randy could see the ample chests of both women rising and falling and wondered for a moment if Cissy might change her mind while making out with her mom and cave in to her lesbian side first.

Randy saw that it didn’t seem too likely when his wife left the bed and took the catbird seat to observe. Cissy crooked her finger at Randy and indicated it was now time for the two of them to get down to business. He took off his suit jacket and made his way to the bed. “My silly daddy,” Cissy laughed. “You have wayyy too many clothes on, daddy.”

“Lesson One, young lady,” Randy smiled at his busty young daughter. “Part of the fun of sex is the foreplay. Undressing your partner and having fun with that is part of the play.”

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