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“Fuck! You don’t have to do this Emmett!”

“A loss is a loss, sis.”

Erica never thought she’d be celebrating her 19th birthday like this.

Behind her, Emmett, her two years older brother, put his thick, lubed cock through her pussy in just one slicked thrust.


Erica almost forgot that their parents were still close by and sleeping. As she screamed, at the last second, she buried her face on the bed.

Lying face down, both of them without anything below the waist, with her brother behind her and penetrating her own sisterly pussy, she regretted playing against Emmett so arrogantly only to crash and burn in such a wreck.

“Ohhhh, fuck, sis. You’re so fucking wet.”

“Shut the fuck up!I had to lube and play with myself so you wouldn’t hurt me!”

“Aww, you prepared just for me.”

She raised a hand and flipped him off, despite the aching pain in her pussy. Her brother was thick and veiny. No matter how hard she tried to block and take her focus away from his girth, the bumps and veins he had were impossible to ignore.

“I’m gonna start moving now.”

“Not yet, dipshit! Let me get used to you!”

“Okay, then. Just wanted this to be quick so I can cum already.”

“You’re such a fucking boy! Only caring about your own orgasm!”

“Should have thought about that before you put your own cunt on the line.”

Emmett laughed as he put his hands on her bare butt. He knew he was a sure winner with his pick. The ice cream cake of it was the satisfaction of beating his beautiful, but annoying sister. The cherries on top was the euphoric feeling of making her squeal from his own thick dick.

“Get your hands of my butt! I didn’t say you could touch!”

With a mocking, pleasant chipper tone, he said, “Sure, sis. I’m in your pussy anyway.”

“Shut up!”

He put his arms on the bed, right next to his sister’s shoulders.

Erica huddled her arms to her face, whimpering through her brother’s discomforting penis.

He asked, with actual concern this time, “Are you ready now? I’m really trying to make this easier for you.”

She tilted her head up slightly so she could speak. “Fuck, Emmett! Can’t we do something else?”

“You chose this, okay? Last time, I had to eat out your smelly muff and you even peed on my face.”

“I’m sorry, okay! How many times do I have to apologize for that! I didn’t know I could squirt! Please! Can’t we do something else? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you’re too fucking big!”

He went for mercy this time, “…Ugghhh, fiiine.”

To her relief, Emmett finally drew out.

“Ahh! Oh, fucckkk… Thank god! I thought I was gonna pass out!”

“Come on, it’s not that big.”

She had enough relief to turn to her back, “Yes, it is! Don’t you dare give me that fake humility bullshit!”

“I’m not bullshitting you! It’s not like I asked for a thick dick… But I’m glad I do.”

“Congrats to you, sisterfucker! Can you at least massage below my stomach. It still hurts!”

“Say the magic word.”

She groaned, “Please, you sick fuck!”

“I’m not gonna do it if you’re going to be mean.”

“MEAN? bursa escort You just FUCKED me!” She growled through her gritted teeth.

“Just say it nicely for once.”

“…Fine. Please massage my stomach.”

“That’s better.”

He used the lube to cool her lower stomach. The moment the lube landed on her skin, a bigger wave of relief flushed her nerves. An even bigger wave started when her brother used his fingers to spread the lube around.

“Ahh… Yesss… Keep going…”

He circled it around her belly button and pushed side to side, covering as much as he can.

“You sure you can’t take me in?”

“Fucking sure. Can’t I just blow you?”

“You’ve never blown anyone yet.”

“As if it’s gonna take long to get you off. Please! I’ll let you cum in my mouth!”

“Wha-Okay, then! You should’ve said so!” Emmett plopped himself down on her bed, with a smile and his erection coming back to life.

“…You fucking horny dickhead. Such a fucking boy.”

“Do you want me to fuck you again?”

He swiftly got on top of her and aimed his cock at her sore opening as a threat.


She tried to push him off with her legs. Instead, he grabbed at her thighs and squeezed just enough to make her screech a little.


“I told you, play nice or else.”

“Okay! I give up! I’ll eat your dick!”

“That’s more like it.”

He got back on the matress, with Erica moving after him. She took some tissues from her drawer and got on his legs to wipe lube off her twisted brother’s member.

Even her just cleaning him up kept Emmett stiff as a hardwood board. Once she was done, she had to do what she dreaded to do, but less so than having him stab her vagina in half.

She drooled some spit on his cock and started to rub with her bare hand.

“Ahhh, fuuuck… I’m glad you’ve learned from the porn you watched.”

She could only glare at him and curse him in her mind. The sour look on her face served to turn Emmett on even more. Having power over his sister was a newfound fetish for him and now is his best time to explore it and take advantage of it. And also the best time to explore and take advantage of his sister.

She kept stroking him. The angry monster of a cock stayed red.

“Holy shit, is your dick going to burn up? It’s so fucking red!”

“It’s not gonna burn up, but it might explode,” he said, smirking. Predictably, his sister glared at him again. Still it was all she could do to disapprove. She kept stroking slowly, sturning her wrist in as she moved up and down, giving more saliva to work with. Emmett wanted to see the whole thing. He smoothed her hair to her right and held it up with one hand.

She groaned, “Ugh… Really? Copying everything from porn?”

“Two siblings doing sex stuff. You think we haven’t been copying porn from the start? Ahh!”

She poked his love handles, jolting him up slightly from the bed. “Hah! You’re being mean again!”

“YOU’RE mean! Making your sister blow you!”

“You made me eat you out first. What does that make you?”

“Only because you made me jack you off before that!”

“Just blow bursa escort bayan me already, okay? I wanna sleep and catch up on my shows tomorr- AHH!”

Erica attacked his cock with a frenzy. She slurped and gobbled his cock like an ice cream pop. Like a second hand, but warmer and more slick, her mouth bobbed up and down with one hand firmly at the base. “You like that, you pervert brother?” She pounded her hand down from the middle with lightning force and rested his hole on her tongue, wiggling it on her taste buds.

“Ahh, fuck YES! Keep doing that!”

“Say the magic word.”

“Please, Erica! You’re the fucking best!”

“You’re goddamn right, I am!”

His sister continued to assault his dick with the same thunderous energy. She licked at his hole again and used the tip of her tongue precisely to send him over the edge as soon as possible.

Sucking and choking on his fat dick, her fervor never stopped to take a break. He was almost there and she felt him on her tongue trying to tense up his cock.

He hissed under his breath, “Mmmmmhhh… Erica… Stop, I’m gonna cum.”

“Whah?” She asked why he wanted to stop, her tongue stuck licking his shaft.

“I said stop!”


He jerked at her hair, still holding on.

“Erica, I really need to fuck you. Please! I’m almost there! I’m cum outside!”

She groaned, “Haahhh! Why? You were ready to cum! Ahaaahh!”

“Please! I promise! It will take just a minute. This is the last time we’re doing this shit if you let me.”

“Uhh… Fine! Fucking fine!”

She laid face down and said, “Do it! Make it quick! And the lube!”

“Yeah, I’m moving!”

He squirted as much lube as he can on his red, flaming hot dick almost ready to blow.

“Here! I’m coming in!” He pierced her again.

“MHHHHHHH!!” She screamed into her mattress, feeling the surge of her brother bearing too much on her injured hole.

“I’m almost there! I’ll start moving! ” Emmett drew back and trusted slowly at first.

“MMMMHHH!!” Erica’s pain only got worse from here. Each stroke of his was just too much for her aching pussy. She actually thought she was going to pass out and die.

Sensing his own sister’s pain, Emmett did the next best thing he could do. He moved himself so his cock went at a downward angle and grabbed below her thighs to peak her butt up.

When he pierced her in that position, his dick went straight in to her G-spot.

“AHHH… FFFUCCCKKKKKKK!” Her muffled sounds of pain turned into pleasure.

He felt her folds open up more. She got wetter and loose.

“Haaahhhh!” She lifted her head up from the bed and sucked a lung full of air, pussy tingling in excitement. Where there was an ache before, it was now replaced with fulfilled lust.

He plunged down and her tingles spread farther and deeper in her pink nethers.

“Ahhhaaahh!” She squirmed with eyes closing, squinting and rolling back. Her mouth opened wide and drooled spit from the side. She began to both enjoy and be ashamed of enjoying her brother’s cock, looping endlessly through her mind and body. It fed her lust and need for pleasure after the pain she endured. escort bursa

Seeing how pleased she was with his brotherly cock, he was driven by his own lust to pound her harder.

“Ahh, fuck, you’re so wet, sis! Ahh!”


Erica screamed into her bed again, thankfully out of twisted bliss this time.

Emmett barely had enough foresight, seeing colors in his eyes from how good her pussy was, but he took a pillow and put it just below where he fucked Erica’s streaming hole.

“Yeah, keep moaning. I’m almost there. I’m gonna cum on your creamy ass. Fuck! I’m gonna cum on my sister’s ass!”

The siblings fucked so good they never even noticed their door slowly opening up.

“Fuck! Em, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum from your fucking diiick! AHHHH!”

She squirted for the second time ever. Juices flowed out of her cunt quicker than a broken faucet. The pillow they fucked on was soaked in no time.

Emmett still fucked her raw. Feeling his sister juices made him slicker in his movements. He pumped as fast as he can so he can come with her as soon as he can.



He pulled out and blew his long awaited load on Erica’s ass. A thick, huge spurt of his cum flew straight at her puckered asshole. He aimed the rest of his cum square on her cheeks, unable to resist putting his cock on her snowy flesh.

The lewd brother and sister panted and stayed where they were. The heat they had was still there, but their white hot burning lust fizzled into a slow, quiet burn.

“Ahhhhh… Ahh, fuckkk… Sis, you pussy was the best… You’re as good to fuck as you are annoying.”

She looked up at him and said, “I can say that about you too.”

“I’d say you’re both annoying brats.”

The two froze. They were as good as dead. The voice belonged to their mother, and when they turned their heads to their right at the opened doorway, their worst fears came true.

Their parents stood there, with a shocked look from their dad and a smug, amused look from their mom. The two of them looked at their own children after they’ve just fucked each other in front of them.

Their son resting his dick on his sister’s ass, leaking his sperm, and their daughter screaming as her brother made her squirt on a pillow.

Emmett tried to give a flimsy excuse, “M-m-mom… We… It’s… It’s not what you think!”

Erica could only look at her parents faces with a gasped mouth and a discolored face.

Their mother answered, “Really? It *doesn’t* look like you two fucked each other silly?”

Emmett tried to speak again, “Uhh… No… It’s…”

“Goddamit, kids!” Their dad broke his silence. “I owe your mother a hundred bucks now! You couldn’t wait a week more?” He stormed off in a huff, still angry and shocked but not in the way Emmett and Erica were expecting.

Their mother added, “I think I don’t have to spell out for you that you’re both grounded and shouldn’t be near each other for at least a month. For now, enjoy each other while it lasts.” She closed their door with a laugh and went back to her bedroom with her spouse.

All Erica and Emmett could do was stare at each other, wondering what the hell was that all about?

…But that lasted three minutes at most.

“Erica, wanna fuck again?”

“…Only if I’m on top.”


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