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DISCLAIMER: This story is all in good fun. I do not condone non-consensual sex or incestuous acts.


“Ok, just one more photo! Say cheese!”

Callie’s Daddy was behind the camera, and she stood with her prom date, Joe, in front of the fireplace. She was wearing a strapless pink ball gown with a big tulle skirt. She had a little sparkly tiara on top of her pinned up blonde curls. She wore pink ballet slipper shoes, and not much makeup because her father discouraged it. Just some light eye shadow and mascara, and pouty pink lips. It was her senior prom and just a week past her eighteenth birthday. She was going with Joe, a strapping young jock who had already signed a letter of intent to play football at Penn State. Callie would not be going away to college next year. Her father was very overprotective and wanted his little girl to stay little forever. He expected her to help around the house, and that was her main responsibility since her mother had passed away. He planned to keep her home, and maybe let her take a few courses at the community college, if she was able to keep up with housework and school.

“Callie, remember, your curfew is midnight. And Joe, please be careful and very respectful with my princess.” said her father.

“Don’t worry Mr. Curtis, I’ll take good care of her.”

Mr. Curtis didn’t like the sound of that… but what could he do? She had begged him for weeks to be allowed to go to the prom after Joe asked her. She didn’t even want any birthday gifts this year, just his permission to attend the prom. He knew Joe was the most popular boy in school, and his little girl wanted to get a fancy dress and go to the prom so badly. He was worried about what could happen after the prom, but he had talked to her extensively about the importance of her remaining a virgin, and he warned her to be a good girl.

“Alright you two, have fun!” Callie’s father gave her a kiss on the forehead and squeezed her arm hard hoping it would remind her of the talk they had earlier about her behavior. But she seemed distracted, so excited, and staring at Joe.

Daddy stayed up to wait for her to get home. He didn’t plan on asking her all about it until the morning, but he wanted to know what time she got in. At around 1 am, he finally heard Joe’s car outside and he went to the window to take a look. He saw the two of them in the car, Callie looking at Joe, Joe reach over and open her door for her. No kiss or anything. Callie got out, and Joe slammed the door behind her and drove off quickly. Daddy shook his head, “That’s no way to treat my princess he thought.” But he was relieved that they hadn’t been kissing in front of the house, and so he went to sleep.

Callie crept quietly up the stairs to her room. She slowly took off her prom dress and crown, and put on a nightgown. It was a short pink one, with flowers and ruffles. She thought a moment, and then she slipped off her panties as well. She was exhausted, and a little upset about how Joe had acted. She curled up in her white iron bed, with white ruffle sheets and drifted off to sleep.

In the morning, Daddy came in her room with strawberry Poptarts and orange juice on a tray. She was still asleep, his little angel. He noticed her panties in the middle of the floor, and picked them up to toss them in the hamper, slightly annoyed that they were left on the floor. But once in his hand, he noticed that they were damp. He ran his fingers over the wet crouch, then stuffed them in his pocket and gently shook her leg. He noticed that she hadn’t replaced the dirty panties with clean ones and he caught a glimpse of her “kitty”, and shook his head again. Callie needed a talking to.

“Wake up, Princess. I brought you some breakfast.”

“Thank you Daddy.” she sighed while waking up. She sat up in bed, stretching and yawning. He placed the tray on her lap.

“Callie, you may eat, and then clean up after yourself.” She noticed him glance at where her privies are when he said that. “After that, please meet me in my bedroom.”

Callie was a little worried, was she in trouble? She had gotten home a bit later than curfew. But it was a special night! Surely he would understand.

“Ok Daddy…”

Callie ate her pop tarts and drank the OJ in her room. Afterwards she got up to get dressed. She realized she didn’t have undies on! She wondered why for a moment and then remembered that they were wet last night… escort ataşehir and so she took them off. But where were they now… uh oh. She looked on the floor and in the hamper, and then she really started to get worried. Had Daddy found them?! She better get to his room as quickly as possible if he is mad. She went into her bathroom and got a wash cloth. She soaked it in warm water, and then slowly dragged it across her privies to make sure they were all clean. She pulled on a new pair of panties, pink cotton and threw on a pair of denim shorts and a white tank. She walked the long hall way to Daddy’s room. When she got to the door she knocked.

“Come in.”

Callie pushed open the door. She saw her father sitting on the bed, with the pair of her panties on his lap, in his hand.

“Ye…yes Daddy?” she stammered.

“Callie, come sit beside me.” She obeyed.

“What are these?”

“My undies Daddy?”

“Yes, and do you know where I found them little girl? On the floor of your bedroom. Not in the hamper where dirty panties go. But worse yet, touch them here…” He roughly grabbed her hand and forced her fingers into the crouch of the panties. She felt the wetness.

“Why are they wet?”

Callie started to cry. He shook his head at her.

“Stand up little girl. Shorts and panties off, if you are even wearing any. You are getting a spanking.”

“But Daddy, please no! I’m still a virgin, I promise!”

“Well we will just see about that… no more backtalk young lady! I don’t like repeating myself. Shorts and panties off, and over my lap, NOW!”

Callie turned a bright red but complied. She was trembling as she slowly undid the button on her shorts and slipped them down over her thighs. She stepped out of them and looked at her daddy.

“Daddy, can I please leave my undies on?”

“You most certainly may not, young lady. And for questioning me, you are going to get 10 extra spanks already, so I suggest you get those panties off NOW and get ready for your punishment.”

Callie looked at the floor. “Yes sir.” She hooked her fingers in the band of her pink cotton panties and slid them down. He stared hard at her little pussy. She stood next to her father, and then laid down over his lap. She felt something hard poking her in the tummy.

“Now, put your hands on your head. If they come off, I’ll have to start over.” Her Daddy was a strong man. His left hand rested on the small of her back, holding her in place. With his right hand he slowly started rubbing her buttocks. She cringed with shame.

“Now, little girl. I want you to tell me exactly what you let Joe do to you last night. Did he kiss you?”

“Yes, Daddy.”


“On my mouth… and on my neck.”

“Where else?”

“On my nippies…”

“Anywhere else?”

“No Daddy. He wanted to kiss me down below… but I wouldn’t let him.”

“Good girl. But you will still have to be punished for kissing a boy and letting him put his mouth on your nipples.”

With that, Daddy brought the first blow down on to Callie’s tender little bottom. He alternated, striking first the left and then the right with an open palm. Callie automatically started sniffling and sobbing, it hurt, and she was so embarrassed to be getting a spanking from her Daddy after her prom night. Daddy spanked her 5 times on each cheek.

“Now, young lady, what else did you let Joseph do to you? And absolutely no lying, because Daddy always knows when you are lying and your punishment will be much more severe.”

“I don’t know Daddy…”

He brought his hand down extra hard on her ass. She cried out “Owww!! Daaaaddy!”

“I SAID, what else did he do to you?! Did he touch your little girl parts?!”

Callie said through sobs and sniffles, “Yes Daddy… I’m so sorry, he put his hand in my panties… I didn’t want him to, and I asked him to stop but he pushed one finger in there! It hurt…”

“Bad, bad, little girl. I hope your cherry is still intact young lady.”

With that Daddy proceeded to give Callie another 10 spanks on each cheek this time. She was crying hard by now.

“I’m sorry Daddy! I’m so sorry! I promise to be a good girl, please, please!”

“Callie, you have been very naughty. You are acting like a dirty little slut! Letting a boy touch your privates on prom night! I should have never let you go!”

Daddy kadıköy escort continued spanking. By now he was breathing hard and his cock was fully hard as well. As he spanked her, his daughter’s belly rubbed against it and he was starting to lose control.

He stopped spanking. “Callie, is that all you did? Or is there even more?”

“No daddy, I promise that’s it!”

“You remember my warning about lying, don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy! I’m not lying to you, I want to be a good girl now. Joe asked me if I would put his pee pee in my mouth and I started crying and said no. He was so mad at me. That’s when he said it was time for me to go home, and he drove me back here. I promise Daddy! That’s all!”

“Good girl. Shhhh, now.” Daddy slowly rubbed her tushy, and Callie’s cries started to subside.

“I’m so sorry Daddy!”

“I know you are sweetheart. But your punishment is not over. You have been so, so bad. Daddy needs to teach you a lesson. You can not behave like this, it’s not how I raised you.”

“I know Daddy…”

“Good. So next, I need to see if you still have your little cherry. I have to check.”

“Ohh no Daddy, please not again!”

“Young lady, I suggest you comply unless you want more spanks!”

“No! No more spanks, please, please, I will be good!” Callie begged.

“That’s right… you will.” With that he stopped rubbing her butt cheeks and slowly slid his hand in between her legs.

“That’s my girl… Daddy’s going to make sure his princess is still the good little girl she should be…”

With that, he pinched one of her vagina lips between his two fingers and slid up and down one, and then the other one. Then he moved his finger up to her clit and circled it a few times. Then back down her opening and slowly he slipped his finger in between the lips of her pussy. She was soaking wet… he felt his cock stir and he instinctively used the hand on her back to push her further towards his raging hard on. He shoved his cock into her tummy and was rubbing it on her. He inched his finger inside slowly, wriggling it in between her lips and into her hole.

“Daughter!! Your privates are soaking! You are even naughtier than I thought you were… Callie this is not good at all, how could you do this!”

“Wha, what? I’m sorry Daddy… I don’t know… what’s going on? It keeps getting wet, I try to stay clean, but I just don’t know..”

“Naughty, naughty girl. Were you this wet last night when Joe put his finger in you?”

“Yes, I think so Daddy, he said it was really wet, and that I must want his… his… cock in me.”

“And is that what you wanted?”

“No! No Daddy, you told me… ” she was breathing heavier now as he wiggled his finger inside of her. “You told me not to let a boy … do that. So I didn’t…mmm…want to!”

“That’s my good girl.” He wiggled his finger further into her. “Well, I have good news.” He said as he continued to finger her, in and out of his little girl’s pussy. “You are still a virgin. Your cherry is intact. The bad news is, now that you have done this, it won’t be allowed to stay that way for much longer.”

Her eyes opened wide. What did he mean?? He slid his finger out of her.

“Get on your knees in front of me little girl.”

She did as she was told right away this time. She didn’t want any more spanks! Her tushy was red and stinging already. He stayed sitting on the bed and he started to undo his belt buckle. She started at what he was doing, and looked terrified.

“Now Callie. You did something very bad to Daddy. You made Daddy’s pee pee get hard because your little girl parts were so wet. Do you know what that means? Is that what you did to Joe last night?”

“I don’t know Daddy, I think so?”

“Yes I think so too. When your privies are so wet, this is what happens. You cause a man’s pee pee to get hard. And then there’s only one thing to do.”

With that he pulled out his erect penis and started slowly stroking it with his hand.

“You need to put this in your mouth princess. Since you made it hard, you have to suck on it like a lollipop. Put Daddy’s cock in your mouth.”

She was nervous. His pee pee was way bigger than Joe’s. She had seen it last night, he took it out and asked her to do this, put it in her mouth, but she said no! Now she was confused though. Daddy said not to fool around with boys, but now he said maltepe escort bayan if you make them hard you have to suck on them? She didn’t understand but she didn’t want to get spanked again so she opened her mouth and came forward towards his thing. She slowly lowered her mouth down over it. It tasted funny. There was something coming out of the hole at the top, just a little. She started to lick it just like a lollipop or an ice pop like he had said.

“Mmmm, that’s right. Very good girl. Daddy is so proud of you. You are doing a good job! That’s my baby girl.”

He put his hand in her hair and started to push her head down further. She felt his dick rubbing her throat and she didn’t like it, she felt like she might choke! But she tried very hard to keep sucking to make her daddy happy. It was very big though, and her little pink lips were stretched to the max. A tear dropped down from her eye.

“Good, good girl Callie. Daddy likes that very much. Mmm, ohhh yeaaa baby girl.”

Suddenly daddy popped his cock out of her mouth.

“Get on the bed.”

Callie stood up and before she could even crawl on to the bed herself, he had already pushed her down. She was laying on her back and in an instant he was on top of her. He had pushed his pants and boxers down and was holding her still by her shoulders with both hands.

“Now little girl, Daddy is going to make you his. This is why you can’t go away to college next year. You have to stay home and be a good girl for daddy. No more other boys touching you. From now on, only Daddy will touch you. Daddy is going to use your body however he wants, every day, because you belong to him. And this is what good little girls do. They please their Daddies! Do you want to be a good little girl Callie??”

She was so scared but she nodded yes. She did want to be good, she always had. She wanted to do whatever Daddy said and be a good girl!

“Good girl! That’s my angel.”

With that he pushed in between her legs and took his cock in his hand. He positioned it at her private opening and pushed the head inside. She was so wet that it wasn’t too difficult, but she was also extremely tight. She cried out a little “Uhh, Daddy, it hurts me…”

“Only for a minute my princess.”

With that he shoved it in all the way, feeling her cherry give way. She cried a bit, knowing that her virginity was gone, and that her Daddy had taken it. She felt so ashamed and dirty.

“Ohhh yessss. Oh that’s it baby girl, it’s gone now. Don’t worry… Daddy is so proud of you Callie!”

He started to push in and out, in and out, of her. She was breathing heavy and so was he. He wasn’t fucking her too hard, he wanted to go easy on her the first time. But it felt amazing, she was so tight and wet. He groped at her tiny titties with his big hand.

“What a good girl you are! You are making Daddy so happy. Daddy’s pee pee feels so good in your prives, doesn’t it little girl??”

She didn’t know what to say…. “Yes Daddy, I think so…”

“Good girl.”

With that he stopped talking and concentrated on pis-toning in and out of his daughter’s pussy. He shoved his cock in and out over and over until he finally felt it coming.

“Now little girl, daddy has a special treat for you!”

She was feeling woozy, she was getting very warm and she didn’t know what was happening to her. “You… you do, Daddy?”

“Yes princess just for you. When you are a really good girl, you can make Daddy’s white stuff come out. Do you want Daddy’s white stuff to come out?”

She was getting so hot now, she felt like something was about to happen, but she didn’t know what. “Yes… yes… Daddy… I want to be… a good good girl….ahhhh!”

“That’s it my angel, that’s it!”

He felt her pussy tighten on his cock, she was cumming! He couldn’t believe his little slut daughter was cumming on his dick. It sent him over the edge. He pulled his cock out of her and sputtered his semen all over her belly.

“Uhhhhhh” he grunted, “Ohhh, good girl Callie! What a good little girl you were for Daddy!”

He finished cumming all over her tummy. Then he stroked her hair and kissed her gently on the forehead.

“I love you so much my baby girl. Daddy will always take good care of you. I am so proud of you. You were such a good girl. No more punishments, for today.”

She looked up at him with big eyes, she did love him and trust him so much. “I love you too Daddy.”

“Good, good girl.” He said stroking her hair. “Now, go take a bath. And then you need to get started on your chores. And I’d like you to make me lunch as well.”

“Yes, Daddy. Whatever you want.”

“Good girl.”

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