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Hi, I’m Jed, and I’ve got one hell of a hot tale to tell. This all happened many years ago, when I was a young man of twenty summers, living in Regina, Canada, and studying psychology at the university. It was through a class mate of mine, Troy, that I met Dixi, his younger sister. 18 years old was she at the time, and, well, that girl had a pair of come-hither eyes like none I’ve seen before or since.

Sweet, but far from innocent, this blond bundle of youthful sex appeal was, for a while, the sun around which not just my life but those of a great many people revolved.

Oh, that Dixi…! A more willing girl in all of Canada would no doubt be impossible to find. Already, there wasn’t much in the realm of sexuality that eager Dixi hadn’t tried. Believe it or not, she was seriously considering getting into pornographic movies, just for the thrill of it.

Of course, her family knew nothing of her hyper-active sex life, although several “friends of the family” certainly did! Troy, Dixi’s older brother (whom Dixi herself was finding more and more sexy every day, I latterly gathered), would probably be rather depressed if he knew that half of his many friends really just pretended to be his friends so they could come round his house and get at his sultry baby sister. She told me at some point that she was having sex sessions of varying regularity with about 25 different guys, seeing as many as five each day if she could get away with it.

It was a common ritual for most guys visiting Troy to suddenly “go to the bathroom” and have a quickie with Dixi. Dixi could out-horny even the horniest guy and would be ready and willing at a moment’s notice.

And, I gotta tell you, the pleasure of shoving your instant erection up between young Dixi’s smooth, taut legs; up into her beckoning blond pussy, whether from the front, or, as she often preferred, from behind, was pure bodily euphoria. Sexual paradise like money can’t buy!

The scent that girl secreted would activate your senses and bring them to the peak of acuity, letting you take in the very fullest all-round sensual experience your body was capable of. And you would climax like… like… like there was no tomorrow. Like this intercourse was the only thing you were born to accomplish.

Am I making it sound special? Well, you can bet your family jewels that no description can do it justice. Sex with Dixi was waaay beyond what words can express. It was ultimate animal arousal.

The only thing it was not was love. It was pure, unadulterated sex. Dixi’s real friends were of the female variety; if there was a penis attached to it, Dixi just wanted to be fucked by it. And Dixi was one girl who got what she wanted. And I know, ’cause I was one of the guys who gave it to her.

For a while there, I was her favorite lover, and she actually came to my house a few times to spend the night. On such nights, we made wild, unstoppable love, and even talked afterwards (!). It was during one of these talks that Dixi told me about the triplets.

They were in Dixi’s senior high school class: Alina, Alita and Alisa. 18-year-old virgin beauties with fiery orange hair and soft teenage curves. Without telling them of her own sexual escapades, Dixi had nonetheless discussed sex with the triplets, and they’d told her that they were having these wild dreams about horses.

Not sexual dreams as such, but still… Alina, Alita and Alisa had, like so many other girls their age, been obsessed with horses since they were twelve, and now the horses were also the center of their dreams. Dixi, who was a smart and precocious kid, with a psychology student for a brother (and several for lovers… just thought I’d mention it!), had heard that horses could often symbolize sexuality.

In bed, Dixi asked me about it, and I confirmed it. Horses do indeed comprise a rather universal symbol of sex in our culture, but almost exclusively for women. The tendency is evident throughout female thinking and behavior, from the romantic fairy-tale notion of “the prince on the white horse” and to teenage girls’ almost irrational obsession with horses. The appeal of having a huge, warm, living, pulsating (and very often masculine) piece of flesh between their legs is obvious.

Even Dixi could see it, but the difference between her and other girls her age was that Dixi didn’t accept any substitute for the real thing.

A few days later Dixi told me that she had been talking to the triplets about the horse thing, and she dropped a bomb on me: she had agreed with them to transform their symbolic desires into actual sex – with MY help! Dixi was straddling me when she told me, grinding her soft, blond pussy onto my rock-hard shaft, and she timed it just so that I couldn’t help coming wildly and roaringly just as the meaning of her passion-exuding words dawned on me. Jesus, that Dixi – she played me like an orchestra!

Of course, the triplets being three in number, I was required to recruit two other guys from the Dept. of Psychology to “work on” the girls. Quite easily, I picked out my good buddy, Andy, escort ataşehir and, on Dixi’s suggestion, her brother, Troy.

A few days later, we all met in Troy’s apartment: Me, Andy, Troy, Dixi, Alina, Alita and Alisa. Yeow, Dixi hadn’t lied when she told us they were good-looking! They were AMAZING-looking! And so innocent and young that I was almost having second thoughts about this… But, no. This wasn’t just about having sex with young girls; this was about helping them to a better understanding of themselves; helping them to transform themselves into more harmonic individuals. And we had decided to be very professional about this – at least at first.

So, by the book it was. We had to work with them individually, subjecting each of them to a rudimentary psycho-analysis, so we took them in turn. Alina first, with Alita and Alisa having to wait in another room. After having run them all through the session, we’d compare notes and present the conclusions – and the cures.

Troy began the analysis of Alina, with the rest of us, including Dixi, watching intently.

“Close your eyes and relax. I’m going to ask you to imagine certain scenes, and you’re going to describe them to me, the way they happen in your mind. Okay?”

“Okay,” Alina said.

“All right. Alina, you’re standing at a road. Describe the road to me.”

“Uh, any kind of road?”

“The road you see in your mind. There is a road in there, but only you know what it’s like.”

“Oh. Right. Um, okay, it’s… well, it’s a grabble road, really… or more like a path… through a garden… there’re trees and flowers by the sides…”

“Is it straight or winding?”

“Umm… mostly straight… it has some bends some way in the distance… It seems long.”

“So it should. Now… you see fire. Somewhere in the vicinity. How does it appear to you… where is it?”

“Uh… yes! There are two huge bonfires burning right by the side of the road! And… some smaller ones just beside those… and lots of small, warm ones in the distance ahead. They’re pretty…”

“Good – very good.” Troy made plenty of notes. “Water. Now there is water. Describe it the way you see it.”

“Water… hmmm, there are… two thin brooks running alongside the road… one on each side… Just barely visible behind the trees…”

“And that’s all?”

“Yes… I think so.”

“Fine. That’s fine. Now – you see horses. One or more, it’s up to you. Tell me what you see.”

“Oooh… I see two beautiful brown thoroughbreds, a stallion and a mare, galloping together alongside the road… playing with each other… Oh! There’s a foal, too! And the parents are keeping it from falling into the brook! It’s so sweet…!”

“It certainly is, Alina. But now, a house appears by the road. Tell me about the house.”

“The house… Yes! It’s a large, lovely yellow-brick house, filled with light and laughter… It has a white picket fence. And… there’s a large gate in front of it, leading into it.”

“A gate?!” Troy was surprised. “Is this house at the end of the road… of the path?”

“Why, yes, it is.”

“Hm. What kind of gate is it?”

“Well, it’s big, but rather thin… made of wood, with some flowers growing on top of it…”

“Is it open?”

“Oh yes. Wide open. It was never closed; it was just sort of… there.”

“I see. Interesting… Just one more question – does the original path extend beyond the house or does it end completely at the house?”

“It… just ends there.”

“Okay, great, thank you, Alina! That was good. Now, tell Alita to come in.”

Alina went into the other room, and Alita emerged presently. Now it was Andy’s turn to do the analysis.

“Hi, Alita. I want you to close your eyes, and concentrate on the images I tell you to see inside your head. I’ll mention some things to you, and you’ll tell me how these things appear in your imagination. Okay?”


“Good. Now, just relax and let the images flow freely… You, Alita, are standing by a road. Describe this road to me, the way you see it.”

“Road… Um, it’s a long one… sort of a highway with punctured stribes down the middle…”

“Is it straight or does it bend…?”

“Umm – It’s straight.”

“And what sort of landscape does it run through?”

“Hmmmm… desert.”


“Yeah. Sort of arid and grey…”

“Oh… right. Now, somewhere, you see fire. Tell me about the fire.”

“Um… yeah, there are two large fires right by the side of the road…”

“Uh huh – and is that all?”

“Mmm, no, there’s also a large, like, forest fire or something, way off into the distance – I can see the glow on the horizon. It’s very big, but very far away.”

“In the direction the road is going…?”

“Yeah… not exactly, but almost.”

“Okay – Alita, now you see… some water. Describe it to me.”

“Water… well, there’s a small puddle by the side of the road…”

“That’s all?”


“Okay… And now you see horses. One kadıköy escort or more, it’s up to you. Describe what you see.”

“Hmmmmm – Horses… Well, there are three, maybe four great, strong, brown horses galloping by the side of the road…”

“That’s it?”

“Yeah, I think so…”

“All right – now you come to a house. Describe the house.”

“Uhm, it’s a small white one, by the side of the road… Nothing special about it… there’s light and some people in it… But I don’t go in there.”

“Don’t go in there… so you continue along the road?”


“Okay… You come to a gate that blocks the road. Describe the gate.”

“Uh, well, it’s a big wooden one…”

“Try opening it. Is it open or locked?”

“…It’s open.”

“Go through it.”


“What do you see on the other side?”

“Nothing, really… just the road, going on, right into the distance.”

“I see… I see.” Andy took notes enthusiastically. “Well, that was pretty good, Alita! You can send in Alisa now!”

“All right!” Off she went, and soon Alisa came into the room. Now it was my turn to play analyst.

“Hi, Alisa! Okay, listen: Please close your eyes and relax. Take a few deep breaths and just go limp in the chair. Only your mind should be active. I’ll plant some basic images in your mind, and you must tell me your versions of them; what they look like in your head. Okay?”


“Good, let’s begin. You… are standing by a road. What kind of road is it?”

“You’re asking me what kind of road…?”

“Yes, you’re supposed to imagine the image of a road that you, personally, think fits the word ‘road’ the best.”

“Oh. Well, all right… Um… okay. It’s this broad dirt road. I’m in a large, black crater, I think… and this crater becomes a road… filled with… ashes and black pebbles…”

“Hmmmm – and what about the landscape around the road?”

“Ummm… not much… dirt, a few bushes… some embers, like there was a nearby volcano that spewed ’em out…”

“Oh… Well, there IS fire somewhere, isn’t there?”

“Hm, yeah… Large fires, actually… some around the embers… some bushes are on fire… I don’t actually see the volcano, though, but it seems like it must be there… oh, and there are two really tall but thin flames burning right by the side of the road.”

“M-hm. Now, there must be water somewhere. Where is the water?”

“Water… Yeah, actually, now that you mention it, I’m on an island. There is sea all around… And the ground is sort of shaky… I think the island is floating…”

“Hm-hm. But… you also see some horses… One or more, it’s up to you. Describe what you see.”

“Oh… yeah… yeah… there is this horse, running around in this fencing…”


“Yeah, it’s this enclosure with an electrical fence…”

“Hmmm… And one horse only?”

“Yeah. It’s kind of confused… It doesn’t want to be fenced in, but it’s also afraid to get out…”

“I see. Well, the next thing…”

“It’s a unicorn, by the way.”


“It’s a unicorn. The horse. A black one.”

“A unicorn?!” I scribbled furiously on my notepad.

“Yeah – is that bad…?”

“No no, not at all! Not at all… But let’s move on. The next thing you come to, Alisa, is a house. Tell me about that.”

“House… Jeez, it’s sort of a dump, but sort of nice, anyway… There seems to be something on fire in there, but it’s not the house burning…”

“What does it look like?”

“Umm, it’s dilapidated… only just fit to live in. Somebody IS living in it, it seems…”

“Is it a place you’d like to go?”

“I don’t know… Sort of. Maybe just visiting…”

“Okay… so you keep walking along the road. A gate appears in front of you. Tell me about it.”

“Hm… right, there’s this fortress at the end of the road, with a big gate in front…”

“Can you enter through the gate?”

“Um… I don’t know… It looks sort of… repulsive… grey and boring…”

“Try it. Is it locked or unlocked?”

“Mmm… It’s real heavy… but it’s open.”

“All right, go in. What’s on the other side?”

“Hm, well… just the courtyard. It’s… empty.”

“Just the yard…?”


“No other people, no other roads leading elsewhere?”

“Doesn’t look like it… Nope.”

“Okay. That’s all, Alisa! Let’s get your sisters back in here.”

The three sisters were reunited, and sat on Troy’s sofa, anxiously awaiting the ‘verdict’. I got to deliver it. I stood up and turned to the triplets.

“Okay… I bet you’re dying to hear what those images were all about, eh? Well, one thing we can say for sure is that you girls are amazingly different from each other! Despite being triplets, your inner selves are just as different as three unrelated people.”

“Now – what we did was to ask your subconscious minds to make a symbolic status of your lives. There were elements of both past, present and future, but maltepe escort bayan mostly future. The initial image, that of the road, is a symbol of your life’s path, like, where you’re going from here. A winding road would be an undirected life full of detours; a straight road means that you’re resolved about your life’s direction.”

I continued. “There are several levels to it, though; the road represents both your general idea of what life itself is like, and also the specific direction in which you expect your life to go. The landscape surrounding the road is very important as well: it represents, on many levels, the kind of world in which you imagine yourself to live; it’s a picture of how you see the society you live in.”

“So, Alina’s life was like a narrow path in a lush garden, leading up to an attractive house behind an open gate. This suggests that Alina is a very romantic person. You see, what’s after the gate is your life’s goal. The house symbolizes the family; usually it’s your own family, but in Alina’s case it was her future family; the family that her life is devoted to one day creating. The gate to her life’s goal was wide open; that means she doesn’t expect it to be difficult to attain. A locked gate would mean that you don’t know what your life’s goal is, or that you feel unable to reach it.”

“The image of the garden suggests a harmonic mind with a great love of nature and natural things. The trees COULD symbolize people; that people in society are nice and trustworthy – standing firmly on the ground – and that it is Alina and not the people who choose how much they are to interfere with her life. That the path had a few bends probably just means that she expects a couple of minor detours before reaching her life’s goal.”

“Alita’s road symbol was quite different. She was standing by a long, straight, highway-like road – Alita is a traveller on the road of life. And behind the gate to her life’s goal, there was just more road; it just continued into the distance. This is not a bad thing; rather the opposite. That she doesn’t envision any distinct goal in life probably means that she likes living in the now and here, and doesn’t spend her life wishing and waiting for some specific thing to happen, neither physically nor mentally. A straight road usually indicates an optimistic and rational, almost scientific way of looking at life; Alita never stops developing her mind.”

“Her road went through a desert, however… This means that she sees the world around her as a quite barren place – barren of affection and intelligence and people who can stimulate her. She feels quite alone. But never entirely alone; you see, the fire symbolizes the warmth, strength and intensity of friendship.”

“The one thing all three of you had in common was that you each saw two bonfires or flames along your life’s road. That can only be the two sisters of each of you. You subconsciously recognize yourselves as your best and most inseparable friends, which is not surprising. You also had a few other scattered pieces of fire… Although Alita’s fire, apart from her sisters, was represented by the glow of a “forest fire way off into the distance”… Obviously, she expects to find friendship beyond the desert, and her road leads towards it, yet perhaps not directly; perhaps she will never really reach it. Now, keep in mind that all this is NOT a prediction of what your lives will truly be like; it’s just an interpretation of what you yourselves subconsciously EXPECT your lives to be like. Okay?”

The girls nodded.

“Okay. Alita’s house, the family symbol, was a minor element that she chose to pass by as she travelled along her road. This doesn’t mean that she’ll choose never to have a family; in this case, the house represented her own family; parents, grand-parents, other siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts and so on, and Alita chose to make these family members a very minor part of her life, which is the way it is for most people. Alisa’s house had some of the same features, though it was significantly more battered than Alita’s…”

“ALISA’S road symbol was, again, something entirely different. She felt herself standing in a “crater”…! I have to say that this is a quite pessimistic outlook on life and the world. It seems Alisa sees society as a worn-out battle-field of sorts, and her life’s road was not much different; filled with ashes and black pebbles. This suggests that Alisa looks at the world with some variety of a post-modernist view; that neither the past nor the present values of society hold any appeal to her; that there is nothing new under the sun, and that people in general are so twisted that there is no longer any hope of curing the madness of the world. She does see a few friendships in her life; presumably being people who share her outlook on life. She also has a conception of a life’s goal, but it’s a very bleak one; just an empty courtyard. She feels like she’s going somewhere, only there’s nothing there. Or maybe she just hasn’t found her life’s goal yet.”

“Fire-wise, we had the volcano thing, which is interesting: Alisa thinks there must be a volcano somewhere around, but she can’t see it. In other words, she does expect some extremely powerful and intense, even explosive capacity for friendship or love, buried somewhere deep inside society; deep inside people.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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