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Sabrina looked at him long and hard before saying the one thing Connor wasn’t prepared for.

“I want you to fuck your sister.”


Connor didn’t think he heard the words right.

“You…can’t be serious.” The disbelief colored his voice, and he sank to his knees.

Mistress Sabrina looked at him with a hint of contempt. “Really…is that all? No more defiance? Just that pathetic look of ‘Is this really happening to me?’ on your handsome face.” She threw her head back with a harsh laugh. “You, little boy, definitely deserve to belong to someone like me. You will fuck your sister. In fact, the three of us are going to have sooo much fun later. You will see.”

Sabrina left with Connor looking at the floor, wishing he could sink into it.

Time passed. It was hard to tell how much or how little. Eventually a tray of food was passed to him by a masked woman, apparently one of Sabrina’s trained sex servants. He tried to engage the woman in conversation – did she know a way out, would she free him? – but the servant would say nothing, and his hopes slumped once again.

He sat with his ankle attached to the long chain and his wrists shackled in front of him. That was when something strange began to happen. His vision swam. His head felt foggy, and his muscles, they didn’t quite respond as quickly as they had just moments before.

‘That bitch,’ he thought viciously. ‘She drugged my food!’


Sometime later Connor awoke. He was kneeling with both arms suspended to chains above his head. Someone had pierced each of his nipples with tiny silver hoops and put a leather collar around his neck.

“Oooh. Look, Slave Gracie. Your brother has awoken. Start your duties now if you want me to spare his life.” Connor recognized Sabrina’s sultry yet wicked voice. His eyes widened in horror as his slender blonde sister approached, naked as the day of her birth.

“Hello brother,” she said seductively, kneeling right away and taking his cock in her hands. She began to fondle his testicles even as her tongue ran along the head of his cock, making swipes at the tip.

“Uuuhh…Please stop!” he begged. Yet whatever aphrodisiac they’d used on her, it still had the gorgeous-looking girl firmly under its spell. The sexy blonde’s ample breasts jiggled as she began to smother Connor’s cock in her mouth, her head bobbing in such fast, jerking motions. He tried to hold back the gathering lust…but it was no use. He felt her warm mouth encompass him, lovingly cradle his cock as her tongue caressed every inch of his manhood. Soon his cock’s tip was leaking pre-cum, and the slickness of Gracie’s saliva made his shaft vanish more and more swiftly between her lips.

“MMmm…You have a glorious cock, brother.” She drew her mouth off of him, just temporarily, her one hand still grasping and pumping his now rigid penis even as two strings of pre-cum dangled from her bottom lip. She stared at Connor’s cock, seeming to admire it. As if she wanted to worship it.

“Do you want that big, hard cock in your pussy Gracie?” Sabrina approached from behind the slender blonde girl. She carried a riding crop in her hands. When Gracie didn’t reply fast enough, she smacked the crop pointedly against Gracie’s perfectly shaped ass cheeks. Then she swatted the crop across Gracie’s sensitive tits.

“OW! Yes Mistress,” Gracie admitted.

“Well too bad. First you have to earn it.” She glanced over her shoulder. “Now come here, Vanik. Vanik, where the hell are you?”

A burly, barrel-chested slave with an obscenely long cock came from the shadows in the corner of the dungeon cell. He was Sabrina’s only trustworthy male slave. The only one she could leave completely without restraints and know that he would obey. He was Hispanic, and his shoulders rippled with veins while bristling with muscle. He eyed Gracie like a fresh piece of meat. Something to be fucked or perhaps eaten.

“What does my Mistress require?” he said in his deep, raspy tone.

“Fuck this little slut’s pussy. Make it rough and nasty.”

Vanik nodded. “As you say, Mistress.”

Before Gracie knew what was happening she was ataşehir escort on her hands and knees behind Connor, Connor’s ass right in front of her face. Vanik was spreading her pale ass cheeks, slipping two saliva-coated fingers between her pouting pussy lips as a third finger gently rimmed her labia, creating this delicious competition of mounting sensation. He admired the way she squirmed under his touch. The way every single, deft change in how his two fingers penetrated her would force Gracie to shift her hips this way or that.

“Stop toying with the bitch. I want her stuffed full of cock,” Sabrina said. “And you, you little blonde cock-tease, I want you to lick your brother’s ass. It’s the least you can do to earn his cock!”

“Yes Mistress!” Gracie gasped, her breasts aching with desire as Vanik’s shaft suddenly plunged between her labia, fucking her in one vicious thrust.

“AAhhhh…Tight fit! Move those hips back at me. Fuck yourself, bitch!” Vanik growled his commands as Gracie slammed her pussy back to meet his cruel thrusts. The constant friction sent so many stimuli through her sex-craved body. Her arousal coiled more and more tightly within her loins and everywhere else as feminine instinct took over, unlocked by the drug’s power.

“Yessss…ahhh,” she practically crooned. “Fuck my pussy so hard…aaahhh…make my teeth rattle, you bastard!” She groaned as he fucked her so roughly that the sound of their joining bodies was no more than a series of violent smacks. Her breasts shook with the force of his thrusts, flying forward each time his cock slid between her pussy lips, enjoying the seal of her sex lips for only the briefest time before withdrawing for a fresh and pulverizing thrust.

Meanwhile the big-breasted Latina watched it all with a critical eye. Sabrina took a lit candle and gingerly poured drips of wax down Gracie’s smooth back.

“AAAHh OW!” Gracie moaned.

“What did I say, cunt? Get your face in there. Your brother’s ass has been thoroughly washed, along with the rest of him. I want to see your tongue laving out his puckered hole. Get busy!”

Saying that harsh command Sabrina knelt down, pinching each of Gracie’s sore nipples firmly enough to make her moan with a painful-pleasurable stab of stimulation.

“Y-yes Mistress. I will,” Gracie said reluctantly. She had never licked out a person’s ass before, but it seemed preferable to having her poor breasts pinched for just another second. They were still so tender. Gracie leaned forward, tentatively flicking her tongue at Connor’s star-shaped hole.

“Gracie no! What are you doing?” Connor begged. “Stop! You don’t have to listen to the evil bitch.”

‘But I do,’ Gracie thought somewhat sadly. The rising tide of lust soon swamped her regret though, and her moans became muffled as she licked out Connor’s ass and felt Vanik’s cock plunging into her snatch like a jackhammer. The constant plowing of Vanik’s thick cock deep into her sex had her breasts aching fiercely now, her juices trickling down his able shaft. She was still wiggling her ass and thrusting backward to encase and slurp up every inch of Vanik’s invading cock. It was like a game, to see how much of the male slave’s cock she could enclose before he stabbed that same shaft deeply toward her womb.

“OOohhh yes. You little slut. You love impaling that pussy on my cock, don’t you?”

Between licks, her tongue flailing desperately inside Connor’s anus, Gracie moaned. “Yes Master. I live to sheathe your cock with my pussy and my juices.”

For a few more minutes they continued coupling just like that, until eventually Vanik pulled out with a satisfied sigh. He had not yet come, and for a moment Gracie was confused. Then he walked around to stand by Connor.

Connor’s face went white as he saw the man’s cock, slimy and glistening with Gracie’s fluids. He could smell the pungency of her juices all along Vanik’s cock, the unmistakable, damning proof of his sister’s drug-induced depravity.

“Please. Put it back inside me,” Gracie pouted. But she wisely stayed where she was, licking dutifully at Connor’s crack.

The big Hispanic kadıköy escort bayan seemed to consider something for a moment. Sabrina sauntered over, lightly gripping the base of Vanik’s cock as she admired the glistening cunt cream from Gracie’s sex.

“Hmmm. You think we should make the brother lick his sister’s juices off of your cock, Vanik?”

A small upturn at the corners of his mouth was all that revealed Vanik’s amusement. He nodded. “It may have crossed my mind, Mistress.”

Connor was shouting now. “NO! You sick, crazy bitch. I won’t do that!” But his protests soon lost some of their conviction in the new distractions that followed.

“Let’s make it a little more palatable to you then, shall we boy?” Sabrina chuckled. “Gracie, come here to the other side. I want you to position your pussy and impale it on your brother’s sorry excuse for a penis.”

“No…please,” Connor said, his words faint now as resignation crept into his voice. His face contorted as Gracie eagerly knelt doggy-style and reached back, using her delicate fingers to carefully nestle the head of his cock between her snug labia. Then she eased herself back, encasing Connor’s unwilling warmth, grinding her pussy back and forth as she engulfed him with an audible slurping sound, her sex still so moist from her coupling with Vanik.

“OOohhh…Aaahhhh…brother. Your cock feels like it was meant to fuck me,” she practically purred, starting a leisurely fuck-rhythm, shoving her pussy back again and again and again to the agonized groans of her sibling. Connor couldn’t believe this was happening. He had been a college student with a bright future, and now he was a no-name sex slave caught in a world of depraved lust, pain, and pleasure.

“Please…this is so…this is against nature,” Connor said, plaintive and desperate. Yet his cock had no trouble staying hard for his lithesome sister as she bounded back and suctioned it between her cunt lips, clenching her muscles lovingly around it. His shaft felt her heat, the girl’s velvety softness milking his testicles toward the most taboo of climaxes. Desperation and horror vied in him with the pleasure that kept climbing higher and higher in his loins. Connor realized that his mouth had gone dry, that he could hardly breathe.

He could hardly do anything but watch in disbelief, awful fascination, as his sister’s sexy snatch slammed backward to sheathe his rigid penis.

Then he saw Vanik’s musk-scented cock dangle before his eyes as he stood over Connor’s sister. He brandished a knife as he spoke a warning.

“I’m only going to tell this to you this once, slave. I’ve got seniority, and that means Mistress Sabrina won’t mind if I discipline you. If you bite down or hurt me when I plunge my cock down your throat, you’ll probably lose a finger or two.” Saying this, Vanik forced Connor’s mouth open and pressed his shaft between Connor’s lips. The young man nearly gagged as the strong flavors of salty maleness intermingled with Gracie’s feminine taste, overwhelming his palate. ‘Oh god!’ Connor groaned. This couldn’t be happening. The dual sensations – Gracie’s cock slamming back to greedily squeeze the length of his penis, combined with the foreign penis ramming down his throat – it was all too much for Connor.

The young man groaned and cried out for mercy, his pleas a string of muffled shouts.

It seemed to take forever, but at last Vanik pulled out, spurting cum in Connor’s hair, down his face, and even spurting a few last big dollops of seed onto his sister’s smooth ass cheeks.

This was the ultimate degradation, something Connor could not even believe. Yet it all paled in comparison to the fueling need, the eruption of lust surging through his loins as lithe, beautiful Gracie continued to impale her snatch eagerly on her brother’s manhood, their sexes joining with a series of squelchy-wet noises.

“Yes, fuck me. Move your cock inside me baby. Push forward and fuck me just like that, Connor.” What?! Connor belatedly realized he had somehow, even with Vanik’s cock down his throat, started to automatically thrust his pelvis forward, becoming a full-fledged participant escort maltepe in his sister’s coupling. His cock swept forward again now, penetrating her silken glove as he let out a plaintive hiss overtaken by desire.

“Aaahhhh…Gracie…ohhh Gracie.”

“Gracie what?” Sabrina demanded, her crop smacking hard across Connor’s shoulders and chest. “Tell your bitch sister how much you want to COME inside her.”

With a sigh of defeat, lust surging more powerfully than ever, Connor groaned. “Shove that pussy back on my cock, Gracie. I love how your pussy feels with my cock squirming inside of it. I…I want to come so badly in your wet pussy,” he said, feeling totally degraded.

“Harder. Stuff her full of cock, you worthless boy. Do it!” Sabrina growled. She was rubbing one hand over her clit now, wetness dripping down her thighs as the arousing sight of the brother-sister ordeal fueled the dominatrix’s cruel libido. Now Sabrina lifted a cream-scented hand to Connor’s face, ordering him to suck her fingers clean of her sex-juices even as Gracie continued to impale her cunt with increasing force.

“Please…I’m doing it!” Connor moaned. Sabrina’s free hand was reaching underneath, cradling Connor’s testicles in a menacing embrace that could go from fondling caress to tormenting squeeze in just a heartbeat.

“I’ll cut off your testicles if you don’t fuck this bitch rough and fill her pussy!” Sabrina hissed.

Then it happened. Or, more accurately, the dominos fell, one after the next. Gracie’s moans reached a peak.

“Fuck me, fuck me Connor, oh god I’m coming…I’m going to come on your hard cock, yesss! OOHHHH! Aaaaaaoooohhh Mmmm!!” She shuddered violently as her pussy gushed its cream in copious amounts, flooding Connor’s shaft. Her orgasm was so forceful that the excess juices streamed to the base of Connor’s penis and even left the wrinkled folds of his testicles spattered in her fluids.

Connor couldn’t take it anymore. The convulsions of his beautiful sister’s cunt sent his manhood over the precipice. He grunted, his whole body becoming stiff as a board in the moment of his release. Eruption was probably more accurate. He squeezed his eyes shut even with Sabrina’s cream-scented fingers still in his mouth, and then he felt his manhood twitch and spasm so many times inside Gracie’s damp heat.

“Yes, come inside me. So much cum,” Gracie sighed. The aftershocks of her orgasm kept her enthralled, and she was still grinding and wiggling her sexy ass as Connor spent his last heavy spurts of seed.

Finally, when the aftershocks of the siblings’ orgasms had subsided, Sabrina stood back and viewed her handiwork. Connor hung dejectedly in chains with Vanik’s cum still leaving gooey traces in his hair and on his chest. Gracie now turned around and spread her legs, her eyes widening at the long trails of cum oozing from her swollen pussy.

“Oh god. So much cum,” she mumbled, looking down at the evidence of Connor’s crime.

Sabrina knelt between the blonde’s creamy thighs, lapping hungrily at the cum seeping from her folds before cleaning out Gracie’s sex even more thoroughly. Soon the blonde’s pussy glistened only with Sabrina’s saliva. Sabrina then straddled Gracie, kissing her tenderly on the mouth. She then playfully suckled on each of Gracie’s sore nipples.

“Uuuhh. Please be gentle, Mistress. My breasts are still so tender.”

“You did well, slave. I will spare your brother’s life. You’ve earned him at least that.”

Meanwhile, frozen in a world of shame, the memory of sexual bliss haunting his mind, Connor wondered whether this new eternity would become hell…or, and this frightened him much more in some ways – a decadent haven of twisted desires. A deep male instinct in him had actually enjoyed the moment when his seed gushed deep inside Gracie’s cunt, and that terrified Connor most of all.

Whether he ever won his freedom back or not, Connor’s time in the dungeon of Mistress Sabrina would alter what he was, who he was…forever.


Rescue and freedom though, were not far off, and already the authorities were closing in on Sabrina’s compound.

To Be Continued…


I hope you enjoyed the story.

Disclaimer: all characters in the story are 18 or older, and all events are entirely fictitious. Remember, this is a fantasy. Always follow your dreams, the darker and kinkier the better!

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