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a shorty from me. it has the potential for more if anyone shows interest in the back story, or indeed, if you want to know more about David and Cindy. lemme know via PM, email, or PC.


Cindy was back. Nine years she’d been gone but there she was, standing right in the living room, dressed to fuck — our little joke, and wearing that sly smile that had always turned me on.

“Hello, David. Your mother told me about the break up; I’m so, so sorry to hear about it.” I could tell by her face that she was lying through her teeth. She wasn’t sorry. “I thought I’d pop by, just to see if you’re alright. To see if there’s anything I can do.”

Pop by? I hadn’t seen her for nine years. Not a hint of her in all that time.

She took a step towards me, hesitant as though not fully confident she was welcome. Very unlike the Cindy I remembered. Of course she was nine years older, we both were; I was no longer that awkward boy of nineteen, just as she was now in her late forties. She was probably wondering if I still found her attractive, if I still wanted her.

I could smell her scent, the long ago scent of Cindy that invoked so many memories. My cock stiffened quickly in a Pavlovian response. “Cindy?” was all I managed to croak.

She laughed then, a bright, clear sound, a happy, relieved sound. “Yes, David, it’s Cindy.” She moved closer to me. “Are you pleased to see me?”

“I…” I stammered. “I… It… It’s a surprise. You took me by surprise.” She laughed again and in a surreal moment noticed her teeth, white against the moist pink of her mouth and the scarlet slash of her lipstick. “God but you’re as beautiful as ever,” I whispered then. “And I still love you.”

Those words cut the laugh in an instant and Cindy suddenly looked very serious. “You still love me?” Tears welled. “You still love me?” she repeated and pressed herself close to me, her body moulding against mine. “Kiss me, baby,” she crooned. “Show me how much you love me. Kiss me and then…”

I cut off the rest of her words by grabbing her tightly in my arms and pushing my mouth to hers. There was a momentary pause as Cindy, caught by surprise at my swift assault, recovered enough to return the kiss.

We devoured each other. Each of us groaning and whispering words of love as we kissed hungrily. Cindy growled and fumbled with my belt, eager to have me out in the open.

“Take those clothes ataşehir escort off,” she panted during a snatched interval in the frenzy of lust. “I want to see you naked. I want to…” She broke off when my erection sprang eagerly into view. “Oh, God,” she groaned, staring at the stiffness. “You’re hard already. So long and hard… Fuck me. Do it now.”

There was no preamble, no foreplay other than that brief, hot kiss. Cindy staggered back to the couch, collapsed into the cushions, and with indecent inelegance hauled her underwear down over her stockinged legs.

I savoured the sight. Cindy, my glorious Cindy was back. I groaned while drinking in the scene, my eyes roving over every part of her. Her pinned hair, that dirty blonde colour I favoured, was already falling askew. Her lipstick was smudged after that kiss. I paused over her long legs in the sheer grey of those stockings; she possessed an elegant pair of pins to rival any dancer. Her dress was hitched up above her waist exposing her sex, while her fingers moving quickly against that smooth part of her I remembered so fondly.

“Cindy,” I moaned and absently stroked my cock.

“Don’t wank it,” she panted, her eyes bright with desire. “Come and stick it into me. Quickly, I want you inside me. I want to feel you moving inside me.”

I fell heavily onto the sofa next to Cindy. “On top of me,” I growled. “You ride me. I want to suck your tits while you fuck me.”

Cindy scrambled out of the seat. She climbed across my lap and straddled me. While she reached down to hold my waggling cock upright I hastily unbuttoned the front of her dress. Her unfettered breasts swung into view and I groaned at the sight of those old friends.

“Beautiful,” I sighed. “Oh, Cindy… You’re so beautiful. So sexy.”

“You’re beautiful too,” Cindy returned. “I’m so glad I came to see you. Now,” Cindy mushed the head of my cock against her opening. “Now, let me slide down over you…” She gasped as the bulb penetrated her. “That’s divine,” she murmured and pressed her face against my shoulder.

I could only sigh in response as I experienced that hot grip of her body as she took more and more of my length. She was sodden, obviously aroused with the anticipation long before we’d even touched: I could plainly hear the squelch as we began to move together.

“Yes, baby,” Cindy moaned. “Fill me with it. It feels kadıköy escort bayan divine.” I couldn’t reply since I had two generous handfuls of Cindy’s breasts and was dividing my time between each of her nipples, the teats long and thick in my mouth as I suckled. Cindy lifted her jugs from my grasping fingers and forced them against my face. I continued to nuzzle at her while using my own hands to clasp her buttocks, helping her up and down on my cock. “Suck my tits,” Cindy panted. “Yes, that’s good, suck them. Suck hard on my tits, honey.”

I let Cindy control the tempo; I had no alternative given the way she mashed her breasts into my face as she used my cock for her own gratification. I could feel the urgency of my climax rising, but could only mumble a warning.

Respite came however as Cindy lifted herself off my cock. She stood astride my legs and looked down at me sprawled like a casualty on the furniture.

“From behind,” she ordered and strode across the room; a woman with a purpose. “Come on, David,” she barked and wiggled her derriere in invitation. “Grab my hips and put it back in. Give Cindy a really good slamming.”

“You’re bad,” I grinned, but moved quickly to obey.

“That’s the way,” Cindy sighed as I sank balls deep again. She impatiently shrugged the dress off her shoulders, letting the garment slide down her back while her breasts swung heavily. “Maul my tits and fuck me.” She was as filthy as I remembered. Even from the start her vocabulary was fished straight from the sewer, and now I think she was even worse.

Cindy was my first — well, if I’m precise, she was my second — woman, but that’s another story. Out of them all, and there haven’t been more than half a dozen, she is by far the filthiest, both in language and in style. The first time I saw her she was dressed provocatively, dressed to fuck, a phrase that became a little joke between us as I mentioned. The things Cindy said and did affected me at the tender age of nineteen. From the moment of my seduction to our tearful parting, she amazed me. Cindy was wild, uninhibited, and free.

Cindy groaned and moaned as we fucked; I would’ve said ‘made love’, but we weren’t making love, that could come later. This first time together again was urgent, even aggressive, and far too robust to be described as love-making. We rutted, Cindy and I, each taking what we needed from this escort maltepe first coupling in such a long time. I think, looking back, that I was punishing her. Even though she wasn’t to blame — for the ending at least, she was definitely responsible for the beginning, but I was punishing her all the same.

Of course the punishment in this case suited Cindy. The harder I rammed into her; the tighter my grip on her hips and breasts; all of it pushed her closer to her own climax. I knew from experience that when she came the profanity that would spew forth in a vile torrent would take me over into the abyss with her.

That moment wasn’t long in the coming.

“You bastard,” Cindy moaned and clawed at the unfeeling wall she was using to support herself. “You’re going to make me come. Your lovely cock is going to make me piss come…” Her head lolled forward; her hair hung loose now, and Cindy began that low, dark moan that I knew as the precursor to her orgasm. She reached back with one arm and raked her nails along my flank, raising red welts that oozed blood.

All I could do was hold Cindy’s waist and slam into her with even more vigorous strokes than before; an act that elicited a wail of delight from my newfound lover.

“Do it,” I grunted. “Do it, you bitch,” my voice tapered to a groan.

“I am,” Cindy shouted back at me. “I’m… It’s… Oh fuck…”

Cindy’s arms buckled and I was forced to hold the swaying woman upright with my arms tight around her waist. In that position, my cock buried deep inside her, I let go and surrendered to the surge.

I can’t recall how long I held Cindy like that. The intensity of my semen spurting into her stultified my senses. I can only dimly recollect Cindy’s sighs as my climax withered, unlike my unyielding cock, and I regained the power of thought.

“Dear God,” I muttered, finally releasing Cindy.

“Indeed,” my lover intoned. “You missed me then?”

I grinned wryly despite the questions that were already running through my head. “I missed you,” I muttered a moment later when the poignancy of our last meeting returned to haunt me and tears threatened.

Cindy, seeing my distress, took my hand and, with a slightly comedic waddle, one hand jammed between her thighs to stem the flow of my seed, led me to the bathroom.

“Let’s tidy up,” she said gently. “Then we can talk. Things have changed. I’m back…” She looked at me from under her fringe like a shy schoolgirl. “If you want me back of course?”

“Mum…” I stopped, realising my error.

“Cindy,” she whispered firmly. “Like this I’m Cindy, remember, as we agreed?”

I nodded and repeated the name, “Cindy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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