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Big Tits

This is 3rd part in a series. The first two stories I wrote were called “Daughter is the Centerfold ch 01” and “Daughter is the Centerfold ch 02”. Hope you like it!

I live alone most of the week. Tonight was no exception. After working all day my house is a welcome friend. I like doing the little things that keep me busy; cleaning the garage, organizing the closet, picking up some needed cleaning supplies, wiping out the silverware drawer, putting the chlorine in the hottub. Usually I don’t have any problem filling up my time off with something productive to do. But tonight I just wanted to jack off.

The phone call at my office that day had taken me totally by surprise. Katie, my 18 year old daughter, had called to let me know that her photo submission for the “Girls of…” pictorial in Playboy Magazine had gotten the attention of the team putting it together in Los Angeles. She told me that she had received a call from Playboy L.A. and that they wanted to come up to Seattle, video her around town and actually do the photo shoot in a warehouse that had been arranged in Sea-Tac, by the airport. They were overnighting the contract to her and Katie wanted to bring it over tomorrow for us to look at together. After all, she said, I had been the one to take the pictures and help her with her resume and application. She was wanting my advice on what to do now that the offer to pose nude was actually coming together.

Talking to her about Playboy Magazine again had reminded me of the night 2 months ago when we had done the photo shoot at my house. I had started taking pictures of Katie in my hottub just in her bikini, but one thing had led to another and before too long she was totally naked masturbating herself while I was taking lurid pictures of my nude daughter. Ultimately, I had stripped down and joined her in the hottub, stroking myself to an incredible climax while she watched.

Before the night was over we had moved into the office in my house to edit the pictures down. We had stayed totally nude except for our towels while we were doing this. We had never really been naked around each other up to this point. It was so erotic that Katie had ended up on my bed masturbating herself again, and she actually touched my cock with her hand and told me to climax on her while she was masturbating. It had been a very special, unexpected, and highly erotic night. But we hadn’t talked about it since. After talking with Katie on the phone today, nearly two months later, I invited her over for dinner the next evening to review the contract and any details she wanted to discuss.

Now as I puttered around my house I couldn’t keep my thoughts straight. I went back to my office and grabbed my DVD copy of “Playboy Girls of Reality TV” and went to the TV room to watch it. Before it had even started I had my pants unzipped and sat back on the coach knowing how good it was going to feel. I needed to see some other naked women to stop thinking about Katie. I felt like a man who had tasted the greatest dessert in the world and now had been told he could never taste it again. I recalled the erotic, almost hypnotic feelings I had experienced sitting in my office editing the pictures with Katie while both of us were nude. It was like I was walking in a dream. To be able to turn my head from the computer screen and look at her exposed tits, and her soft bush…just inches from me. No embarrassment, no feelings of guilt…just beauty, and desire.

As the DVD started I clicked “menu”. I didn’t want to watch the actual DVD. I wanted to go straight to the special features. It was the interviews that drove me crazy. The all-American girls talking to interviewers, flashing their tits from time to time like it was no big deal. Katie Doyle. That’s the one I wanted. I remembered her because she had the same name as my Katie. She was sitting at the scene of her photoshoot for Playboy draped in a towel, and nude beneath it. She was answering some question about how the country of Morocco would feel if they could see her posing nude, and her towel kind of slipped down a bit to reveal her breast to the cameraman. Ah, that’s it…pause.

Fuck. Katie, my Katie, is going to be doing something like this. And I am going to be able to watch it someday.

I took my cock out and started stroking it towards a climax. My mind wandered back to when I had cum on my daughters tits on my bed at her request. Why hadn’t she talked to me about it since that night? It was like it never happened. Did she feel guilty? I did. I wondered if she would have anything to do with me again.

Getting her phone call today was a great relief and turn on all at the same time. I was totally ready to go as far as she wanted to take this, and no farther. But with all of my heart I was hoping she wanted to get naked again and have some more fun. It was all I could think about. I almost climaxed as I sat on the couch, but held back.

I changed the DVD scene to the Music Video special feature for Katie Doyle and forwarded it to the moment when ataşehir escort she stands totally nude and thrusts her hips forward revealing her pussy lips in full, beautiful color. Paused. The camera was zoomed right up on her pussy lips for about 2 seconds of video.

In my mind, I flashed back to the moment my Katie and I had been looking at photos while editing them for her Playboy application. I had shown her how I could zoom in on special parts of her. I had chosen one picture and zoomed in on her pussy. What had she said? “Fuck…that’s hot, Dad,” she had said to me. That was the first moment when I had turned and licked my lips right in front of her after I had glanced down at her own pussy while she was watching me. I was sitting there nude in my chair looking at my daughters beautiful nude pussy. Our eyes had met and at that moment we both knew something more was going to happen. Just thinking about this moment pushed me over the edge and I came three huge spurts on my tummy. God, it felt so good. What was going to happen tomorrow? I had no idea, but I was up for the ride.


The next day seemed to take an eternity. I finally made it home, got changed, and starting prepping some dinner. Katie walked in the side garage door into the kitchen with a packet of materials. Dropping the materials on the kitchen table she said, “Hey, Dad,” and came right over to me near the stove and gave me a big hug.

“Hey, sweetie. How are you?” I said, giving her a big hug back.

“I’m awesome, Dad. And, Jesus, that smells really great.” As she loosened her hug from around my back she looked right up at me and smiled her big smile.

“It’s great to see you. I’ve missed you!” I went back to finish stirring the vegetables.

“Oh, I know. I’ve been so busy.” She drifted over to the kitchen table. “Dad. Where’s your Playboys? I want to look at some of them.”

“Uhhh.” I stammered. “Back in my office. Do you want me to get them for you?”

“Come show me, please. I want to see more examples of what its like.” She started to walk towards my office.

“Katie. I need to finish cooking. How about after dinner?”

“Oh. OK. Good call. Can I do anything?” She came back towards me.

“Um. Just help me eat it. I cooked enough for both of us.”

“How about I get us some wine?”

“Good call.” I finished prepping dinner while Katie prepped a bottle of wine. We sat down to eat and spent some time catching up. But the conversation was stifled. Things weren’t like they had been. There was no easy, casual interface between us. It was feeling strained. I decided to address it head on. “How come you haven’t talked to me in so long? Did what we did that other night a couple months ago make you feel uncomfortable?”

There was another uncomfortable silence, but at least the question was out there. If she was upset by it, I needed to know so that I could steer us away from it in the future. Finally she said, “I don’t know why I haven’t talked to you lately.” She raised her head and looked right at me. “Do you want me to be completely honest with you?”

“Of course,” I said, preparing myself for some bad news.

“That first week, after what happened, happened…between us…” she started shaking her head.

“What honey. Tell me.”

“I masturbated every night and every morning thinking about what had happened. And Dad…I mean, I’ve never, ever been so turned on in my life. And that was enough for me. Just to think about it. I knew I didn’t want it all the time. And I knew I didn’t want to mess up our relationship. So…I chose to do nothing except live in the memory of the most erotic moments I have ever experienced.”

This wasn’t going so badly, I thought. “So, what happened the second week? I mean Katie…its been 2 months since we talked. I was really worried we were gonna be messed up by all this. Was I right?”

“The second week I realized I had started thinking about you like I have thought about some of my boyfriends. And that made me really uncomfortable. I was wondering why you hadn’t called me. And I was feeling neglected. It really started to bother me. But I knew I was freaking out for no good reasons. I mean, I wasn’t freaking out because of incest. I mean, we didn’t have sex, even though we got close. I was freaking out because I was feeling possessive of you. And I didn’t want that. So, I decided to give myself some time to figure out how I felt about everything.” She stopped, not sure if she wanted to continue telling me this story. I wasn’t sure where she was headed with this.

She decided to keep on speaking. “I kept having flashbacks to what had happened. I mean…in two seconds I would become totally wet down there, do you know what I mean?” I nodded. It didn’t surprise me. I had been having similar experiences. “I was torn because I wanted more of it. I just didn’t want it to mess us up. And I didn’t want it to be like we were dating. So, I don’t know. When I got the call from Playboy, it just seemed natural kadıköy escort bayan to finally call you again and come and see you.”

“I’m glad you did. I’ve missed you.” I smiled at her. She was so beautiful.

“I’ve missed you two, Dad.” We talked some more about what had been going on her life. Her apartment manager had been bugging her, and she was getting ready to move to a rental house on her own. Turns out the Playboy offer was for $30,000 plus expenses. This was going to go a long way towards helping get some debt cleared away and pay for her college tuition.

We looked at the contract and scheduling. Everything seemed legitimate and on the up and up. All Katie had to do was return the signed contract, put the dates on her calendar and show up. We cleared the dishes, poured a 2nd glass of wine for each other, and headed back to the office for the Playboy Magazine collection I had back there. Really just 3 issues I had saved. One issue was the one with Miss Canada, Danielle House. The 2nd issue was the Kristy Swanson issue. And the 3rd issue was the one where Shannon Doherty was posing nude for Playboy. We put the 2 office chairs close together and I handed them to her. She put them in her lap and opened the Danielle House issue. She went right to the pictorials. I was starting to feel aroused watching her look at naked pictures. She asked me, “What turns you on about this?”


“Yeah. I want to know what works for you and what doesn’t. I need more information if I’m going to do this nude modeling thing.”

“Well,” I started, “look at this picture here.” I turned to where Danielle was laying on a bed with her head on a pillow completely nude, clutching a blanket up between her breasts. “See how she is showing everything…breasts, and her private parts, and she’s trying to cover herself up, but she’s not being very successful at it? That’s a great picture. Its like she doesn’t want me to see her naked. But she’s letting me see her naked at the same time.”

“Really,” she said. “That’s very interesting. Go on, please.”

“Sure. No problem.” I said, smiling at her. “See this one?” I turned to the photo where Danielle is looking in a mirror with some kind of a princess crown on her head. “See here, she is looking into the mirror at herself. Its a private moment. I’m not supposed to be able to see it. But I’m seeing it. See the way her nipples are pointing out here. They are hard. She’s very excited by what’s happening. That makes me think that she knew at that time that someone was in the room taking her pictures, and she was very turned on by it. I look at her nipples and I feel like…,” I stopped short.

“What?” She pressured me to go on. “You look at her nipples and they make you feel what?”

“I look at them. They are so beautiful. And I want to suck on them. And that gets me hard.” I liked talking this way a lot to her. I was hard already, and didn’t care. She seemed to have gathered enough information on that issue and she moved onto the Shannon Doherty issue.

“Why do you have this issue saved?”

“The Shannon Doherty pictorial is really good.” She flipped the magazine open to Shannon’s section and asked me again what I liked about it. “I don’t know. Well…look here. Look at her breasts. They’re beautiful.”

“What do you think of my breasts?”

“Well. They are beautiful too, sweetie, of course.”

“Do you really think so?” she went on. “Because if you don’t think they are you should tell me now so I don’t embarrass myself doing this Playboy thing.

“Katie. Your breasts are absolutely beautiful. Some guy is going to be very lucky to be able to kiss your breasts someday.”

“Dad…my breasts have been kissed before.”

“Oh, yes. Of course, they have. I mean…someday. Well, you know what I mean.” I was trapped.

“No, I don’t know what you meant. Why don’t you tell me? What did you mean when you said some guy is going to be very lucky someday to kiss my breasts?”

“Well, I didn’t know anybody had ever kissed your breasts before. I mean, how could I? I certainly had never kissed your breasts before.”

“No, you haven’t.” she said. “Would you like to?”

“Katie, your breasts are beautiful. You don’t have to do this in order to impress me, or get me to express my honest opinion. I’ve seen them. I took the pictures. They are beautiful, trust me!”

“Dad. Do you want to kiss my breasts.” It was a point blank question. If I said no, I ran the risk of hurting her feelings, and lowered my chances of actually possibly getting to kiss them. If I said yes, she might think I was a pervert or gross and never talk to me again. What would you say?

Defeated, I answered her question, “Yes, I do want to kiss them.” She smiled. “I want to keep looking at these magazines while we talk. But I want to do it topless, to help build my confidence up. Do you mind?” She reached behind her back and started to undo her bra.

“No, of course I don’t mind, sweetie.” She pulled out her bra escort maltepe and took off her shirt and sat there topless. The bra wrinkles still meandered across her breasts where they had been holding them back. She looked delicious. She must have been a 36 DD, I’m not sure. Her tits were large, round, white surrounded by nice tan lines, and her nipples looked perfect to me. They jiggled nicely as she settled back into her chair.

“Now, what’s in this third magazine you like?”

“Well, Kristy Swanson, of course. Just look at her. She’s one of my favorites. She had never done a nude scene in any of her movies, and all of a sudden one day she up and days a completely nude photo shoot for Playboy. Usually when celebrities do shoots like this they’ll show their breasts and not much else. But Kristy shows it all. Look here.” I flipped to the page where Kristy is posing on some kind of a log on a beach. “Her breasts are pointing up to the sky, and her privates are pushed forward. Its very erotic.”

“You mean her pussy, Dad?”

I smirked, “Yeah…her pussy.” I turned the page. “Look at this one. See how you can see her clit just a little bit and her nipples are totally hard. Its very erotic.”

“Do you like to see clits, Dad?” It was another point blank question.

“Well. Yes, I do. Its the bullseye, right? But to be too coarse about it, or show it too much, kinda doesn’t do it for me. Its got to be subtle, but there. Playboy is the best at that.” I stopped talking and let my eyes drift to her tits and rest there. It was quiet for a while. She looked at the magazine. I looked at her tits. It was very nice. I wondered what was going to happen.

Finally she spoke again. “Dad? Do you think we could fool around, and not have it mess up our relationship, or be like we are boyfriend/girlfriend?”

“I don’t know, sweetie.”

“I really just…” she broke off. She stood up and started to take of her shoes and pants. I let her. She stripped totally nude in front of me and sat back on the chair. “Dad. I just feel so sexual in this situation. I can’t help myself.” She started rubbing her pussy with her left hand and her nipple with her right hand. “I know you’ve seen my naked. I know you’ve masturbated in front of me. I know you came on my tummy and my breasts. I know I’ve touched your cock. I just want more, Dad. I need more. We’ve got to figure it out.”

“What do you want, Katie? Tell me. I’m right here for you.” I was trying to encourage her to speak her heart.

“I want to make love to you, Dad. On your bed. Totally naked with no pressure for what comes next. I want to be able to touch your body from head to toe. I want to be able to suck your cock and taste your cum. I want to be able to kiss you deeply. And then I want to just go on like nothing happened. Can’t we do that?”

I stood up and grabbed her elbow and pulled her into my body. Her nakedness pressed up against my fully clothed body and made her seem so fragile and in need of me. My hands dropped from the back of her shoulder blades, all the way down her back, to her naked ass cheeks. I softly caressed them, bending lower, and I kissed her neck. She melted. I picked her up and carried her back to my bedroom. Laying her on the bed, she worked to get the sheets pulled back as I got fully undressed. She covered herself up and laid her head on the pillow in the middle of the bed.

I climbed under the sheets and moved my body directly over her. My cock dropped down to her pussy and I looked in her eyes. I could have asked ‘are you sure you want this’ but I didn’t. I could have said ‘no turning back’ but I didn’t. She wanted this to happen as much as I did, but we didn’t want it to ruin anything. That was the deal, that was the price, that was the way it was going to be. I dropped my face close to hers and kissed her gently on the lips. We started frenching while at the same time I started preparing her vagina with my cock going in just a little bit.

I was getting ready to fuck my own daughter.

Her mouth was delicious, and she was so ready for me. It only took a few little preparation strokes of my cock and she was fully moist and ready for me. I looked at her in the eyes as I prepared to push myself all the way into her. She looked back at me completely caught up in the moment. As I pushed my way in she let out the most wonderful moan of pleasure I think I have ever heard, and then the game was on. I did every thing I had always wanted to do to my daughter but had never had the courage or opportunity to try. We fucked, I ate her pussy, she sucked my cock, I fucked her tits while she licked me. I licked her asshole and played with her beautiful ass. I fucked her from behind. She must have climaxed 8 times, while I held back. Finally I came on her face and collapsed on the bed.

We had lain together for about 5 minutes when she finally said, “I’m gonna go. But I’m going to want to do this again. Are you up for it?”

“Absolutely.” I said. “Katie, I understand why you are going. I want you to know I’m your father first. This sexual part of our relationship is something that I will never let come between us. As long as we can both handle it I will be here for you as a father and a lover. And when it comes time to end the lover part…your father will still be here.”

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