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It’s a beautiful warm sunny day in the middle of summer, I’m floating about my kitchen, waiting for the cookies to cool enough to put in the picnic basket and for you to come and collect me. I’m wearing a short denim skirt and a white summer shirt, with sleeves that finished just below the elbow and the top few buttons undone. My nipples are visible through the crisp white material as I’m not wearing a bra. As I’m placing the cookies delicately in a tub I hear the doorbell. I glance at the clock, you’re right on time.

“Come in, I’m just sorting the cookies out and I’ll be ready!” I say, skipping back into the kitchen.

You follow me, saying “you made cookies? Good girl.” Smiling, I keep putting the cookies in the tub, feeling your arm slide around my waist as you press yourself against my back. You reach for a cookie with the other hand, then peel away from me while I pack them away. Finally ready, we head towards your car, I pick up my house keys and slide on my sandals en route.


You drive us to a secret location, with the picnic basket in the back and me blindfolded in the front, you don’t want me to know where we are. After a while, we come to a stop. You take off your seatbelt and lean over, taking my face in your hands and kissing me softly.

“Where are we?” I inquire. You hush me and tell me to keep the blindfold on, releasing the catch of my seatbelt.

You kiss me again, and guide my hand to your groin. I hadn’t noticed you undo your trousers, but I find my hand inside them, and I gently begin stroking you through your boxers. I feel eryaman escort you becoming hard under my touch, and pull your boxers away to grasp your cock. Turning towards you I lower my head, planting soft kisses on the head of your hard dick. I lick and tease your head, still caressing you with my right hand, placing my left hand on your balls to caress them. Taking your head in my mouth I play with my tongue, feeling you begin to writhe beneath me.

I move down further, your hand is entangled in my hair, the other caressing my naked breasts under my shirt. You encourage me as I bob my head up and down, tasting you, loving the feel of your cock in my mouth. You continue to move under me, pushing your hips involuntarily into my face, you squirm in pleasure as you explode into my mouth. I swallow every drop, then sit back up again in my seat, licking my lips.

“Can I take the blindfold off yet?” I ask.

“No,” you reply as you fasten your trousers again, “we haven’t got where we’re going yet.”


After taking a few moments to recover, you begin driving again, and it’s not too long until we reach our destination. I become a little concerned when I feel the road becoming more bumpy, but you assure me it’s fine. Finally you pull over and take off my blindfold.

“Did you enjoy the journey?” you ask.

“Yes Master,” I reply, “very much so. Are we gonna have the picnic now?” You tell me we are, you know the perfect spot. You have driven to a woodland area, fairly discrete and yet few enough trees not to blot out the beautiful clear blue skies and sincan escort the sunshine. We settle at a small clearing, with ripe green grass and pretty bluebells lining the edges. I kick off my sandals as we sit on the grass, setting out the food on a blanket. We each have a glass of pineapple juice, I had the sense to pack a cooler bag so it’s nice and refreshing in the warmth or the summer. I’ve brought sandwiches, scones (with jam for them of course), strawberries and cookies, along with pineapple juice and some ice cream.

We pick at the food, and are amazingly wasp and ant free! I pick up a scone, and lavishly decorate it with jam. I accidentally spill a drop of jam on me, missing my white shirt as it lands on my breast. Smiling, you say you’ll get it.

You lean in, unbuttoning my shirt completely and pulling it aside, exposing my naked breasts. I put the scone down and lean back on my hands as you lick the jam from my breasts, and then begin to kiss them. You move your body against mine, pushing me backwards onto the ground and moving on top of me. You tongue circles my nipples and you suck and nibble lightly on them. Holding my hands beside my face you kiss my lips again, then kiss my neck as your right hand roams down my body, over my breasts, tweaking my hard nipples before continuing down, then placing your hand on the inside of my thigh. From here you slide gently up my leg, under my tiny skirt, sending tingles down my spine. You reach my pussy and stop to look at me.

“Dirty bitch,” you remark, “naughty girl isn’t wearing a thong!” batıkent escort I smile, knowing you wanted this as u finger me gently and lean in to kiss me again. You feel how wet I am and realise how much this is turning me on. You move your fingers to my mouth, letting me lick and suck on them, tasting my own juices. You go to kiss me again but I stop you, shaking my head.

“Just fuck me. Please, I need to feel you inside me right now, I need your huge cock to fill my pussy, I need you to be fucking me..” Hearing the urgency in my voice you reach to undo your trousers, releasing your hard cock before plunging into me, fucking me hard and fast. This is what I wanted. This is what I’d been waiting for. I feel you going deeper into me with every thrust, making me gasp for air. I wrap my legs around you, my bare feet on your bum, pushing you into me as I move my hips to meet yours. You fuck me frantically, slamming into me as I moan in pleasure. I’m loving this. I needed this. I whisper this in your ear, you smile, kiss me and keep on going. It doesn’t take long for you to take me to an amazing orgasm, and the contractions in my pussy push you over the edge and you cum, holding me tightly as you cum deep inside me. You lie on top of me as we recover together, I kiss your forehead and hold you, savouring the post-orgasmic peace.

Sitting up again we realise we’ve accidentally knocked some of the picnic stuff over. I clean up, putting everything back in the basket, except the rest of the cookies which you want to keep. Getting back in the car I ask if you wanted to blindfold me again but you shake your head no, so I climb in and you pull away, taking me home.

Later, when I’m unpacking the picnic basket alone at home, I find a bluebell attached to a note. It reads, “Tuesday, 2pm. Be dressed for fun on ice.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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