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This story is inspired by Literotica member Armando100, who provided the arcing sensual concept and story outline.

A family of four falls on hard times. They turn to modeling to keep afloat.

There is voyeurism and exhibitionism taboo frisson tension in this story, and lite sex. If you are looking for growling, howling and torrenting sex, this is not for you.


Chapter 1: The Byrons

Chapter 2: Hard Times

Chapter 3: An Opportunity

Chapter 4: Shoot 1: Test Shots

Chapter 5: Shoot 2: Hugs All Round

Chapter 6: Shoot 3: Hugs & Caresses

Chapter 7: Shoot 4: Males Topless, Females in Bras

Chapter 8: Shoot 5: Undergarments Only

Chapter 9: Shoot 6: Females Topless

Chapter 10: Shoot 7: Males Naked

Chapter 11: Husband-Wife Chat

Chapter 12: Dad-Son Chat

Chapter 13: Mum-Daughter Chat

Chapter 14: Husband-Wife Chat

Chapter 15: Shoot 8: Native

Chapter 16: Fame

Chapter 17: Hard Times


Chapter 1

The Byrons

The Byrons are a good-looking family for sure.

Paul, the husband and dad is 52. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall. He has his measured share of soft contours apt for his age group. A goodlooking man with a determined jaw. His aquiline attributes contrast complementing with the mellowed features of his body form to project an Adonis hunk shaped by lived experience.

Paula, the wife and mum is 50. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. She carries that classic timeless English rose look, now cast in a mature rendition. A curiously healthy anaemic complexion, with a light dusting of freckles. Nuanced over with cheeky warm cuddly lusciousness. Comely is the gush word that will do her social justice. She is lush topside. Lite Rubenesque, just short of buxom.

Son, Michael is a strapping young lad, in Britspeak, of 20. He is slightly taller than his father at 5 feet 8 inches. Lean and mean.

Daughter, Mia, 18, taking a genetic cue from her mum, is the younger variant classic English rose in bloom. At 5 feet 4 inches, she is slightly shorter than her mother. Where her mum is lite Rubenesque, Mia has a willowy pubescent demeanor. A lithe delicate athleticism. A somewhat late developer, but, bearing a virginal promise of fulsomeness in the fullness of time.

The Byrons are a conservative family, with a mildly religious inclination. Paul and Paula are the quintessential secondary school sweethearts. Paul had a little fumbling experience with other girls, as sexually naive as he was, before he fastened onto Paula.

Paula’s sexual universe has been limited to a single actor, her husband. She has never seen another adult manhood in her life other than Paul’s. And nobody has seen her adult body other than Paul.

Michael and Mia have essentially followed their parents’ straight and narrow rite of passage. Not by any compelling parental guiding force. It just is. Michael has played the field a little more than his dad, but, by not much, although his experiences are a mite more memorable. Mia, in one word, is pristine.

The family is modest at home and outside with their dressing. No childhood accidental bathroom ooops nudity flashes. No bathroom to bedroom five metre sprint streaks. No teenhood inadvertent fleeting lingerie exposés. No spectacular wardrobe malfunctions. They have seen each other in no less than austerely sensible swimsuits that leave everything to the imagination.


Chapter 2

Hard Times

Unfortunately, the family falls on hard times due to the collapse of the family business run by the couple. The children are acutely aware that they are at risk of having to discontinue their studies and losing their nice home, and not luxurious but comfortable lifestyle.


Chapter 3

An Opportunity

Paul approaches a friend who had experienced a bad phase and emerged from it. The friend agrees to introduce him to a professional photographer who sells photos to a portal which specialises in the erotic arts. But, he also cautions that the remuneration will depend on how far his family is willing to push the aesthetic envelope.

Paul and Paula meet the photographer in his office. He appears professional. His office is not ornate, but functional for his kind of business model and modus operandi.

The photographer explains the business model of the portal which he is selling his photography works to. The portal deals with erotic works in the range of sensual through erotic, just short of sexual. Part of the allure is the abstraction of never knowing where erotic ends and sexual begins. But, the portal is resolute about never traipsing into the lewd and lusty zone. That is a crowded and commoditized marketplace which the portal doesn’t want to be inadvertently sucked into. There is no art in porn. And no porn in art.

The compensation for the models will depend on how much erotic capital they contribute to the project. There is a sort of market democracy to this. The family may access the portal ataşehir escort bayan anytime as members of the public to check out their own popularity ratings.

Paul and Paula feel somewhat assured by this order of professed aesthetic integrity. This is no basement musty dank porn dive in an abandoned derelict block.

In terms of method and process, the photographer informs that the portal likes to commission works in increments, feeding into a coherent series, then a collection. That way, the photographer and his models get progressively comfortable with each other, fine-tuning the artistry along the way, to produce works of increasing quality.

The photographer adds that their faces will be artfully blurred out in the final images so that their identities are not revealed to the portal. Thus, the family can model freely without the overhang anxiety of privacy concerns.

Finally, the photographer outlines his particular preference in interacting with, and engaging his models. He invests time and effort in explaining his artistic concept and mission at length, to his models, so that there is complete alignment between photographer and models.

Once immersed in the ozone of the photoshoot, he likes to operate unobtrusively, if not invisibly, at the margins, letting his models express and range themselves freely, and yet within the agreed overarching concept. That way, there is an agreeable confluence of concept, design, artistry and individual expression, feeding into the commercial purpose.

Paul and Paula are now totally impressed with the photographer. They have heard many horror stories of rogue photographers taking awful liberties with their models. This is all the more a concern because their daughter is an innocent teen. Paul takes a mental note to thank his mate properly for such a good photographer referral.


Chapter 4:

Shoot 1: Test Shots

The photographer agrees to take a few experimental photos of the family at their home and surroundings.

He will pay a nominal sum. Further assignments and remuneration will depend on the approval of the portal.

Paul and Paula convince their children to go with the project.

Seven photos are taken. The whole family, husband/wife, dad/son, mum/daughter, brother/sister, mum/son and dad/daughter.

The photographer uses this test set to conceptualise and visualise future compositions.


Chapter 5

Shoot 2: Hugs All Round

After three days, the portal grants approval for a 4-series, comprising husband/wife, brother/sister, mum/son and dad/daughter. Each photo fetches them a decent sum.

Each series involves them hugging each other in three pose configurations.

Male facing female front-to-front. Male hugging female from behind. And flipping, female hugging male from behind.

For each pose configuration, there are four perspective shots, taken from four sides.

The portfolios garner encouraging reviews. There are proposals for minor variations in the next shoot scheduled four days later.

The family is relieved and happy. Firstly, there is the income, a welcome lifeline. Secondly, the glowing satisfaction that they are of professional modeling quality. The satisfaction is all the more sweet considering that they have no experience in this realm.


Chapter 6

Shoot 3: Hugs & Caresses

The variations in the male-facing-female pose are to move the hands lower till the palms are cupping the other’s bottom. The children are reluctant, but the parents convince them to go along. The stakes are upped.

The back hug variations involve placing the palms on the other’s chest. Then, gradually moving the right hand lower till it covers the other’s groin. And then moving the left hand downwards too.

They have never been a touchy feely family. Though they are a bit embarrassed, they are beginning to like the poses and the warm family intimacy opportunities presented to them.

The photos garner better reviews and earn a bonus payment too.


Chapter 7

Shoot 4: Males Topless, Females in Bras

The next shoot with higher payout has the family model the same poses. But, the males bare their upper body. The females have only their bras on. All are still clothed from their waists down.

Mia and Michael are sheepish. But, Paula and Paul respectively, convince them to go with the modeling flow.

Paula’s bosom is smothered in a lacey unyielding half-cup bra. The mammary tension is palpable. Her engorged nipples duck just below the top edge of her bra. The fabric barely conceals her areolas.

Mia is encased in a dainty soft bra, matching her budding breasts. Her enticing gentle rise of chest arcs into the soft receptacle of fabric.

It is a tingling experience for the family members. Each pose configuration stirs new sensations.

The males like feeling the breasts through the bras, pressing their groins against the soft bottoms, cupping the mounds through the escort kadıköy fabric, and feeling the soft breasts mashed against their chests.

The females like feeling the strong smooth male chests, pressing their groins together when front-to-front, and cupping the straining bulges through the trousers.

Paul and Paula take the initiative and lead their young ones along. Each one is also fantasising about the others’ assets.

Michael fantasising about his mum’s mature body, lush breasts, bulging mound and ample soft bottom.

Paula imagining her son’s strong sculpture of body, and manhood packed in his trousers.

Paul enjoys cupping his daughter’s firm budding breasts, feeling her pert bottom and soft pubescent mound. Mia’s light nest of muff provides pleasing traction to his doodling finger ministrations.

Mia likes her dad’s chest. She wonders about the form and substance of his manhood. As she feels him up, she constructs an intuitive mental image of her dad.

The photos garner even better reviews, and another deserved bonus payout.


Chapter 8

Shoot 5: Undergarments Only

It is the same poses as before. But, the models discard more textile.

The males wear only their nominal briefs. Male thong bikinis, more like penis sheaths, effectively cock socks, masquerading devilishly as briefs.

The females are in bras and panties.

Paula is in a high-cut thong panty. The garment flares high above her ample hips, revealing much of her plump mound. The high-cut accentuates the definition in her hips. A faint pencil shaded shadow edge frames the vee of her thong.

Mia wears a dainty floral translucent panty. Wayward wisps of her pubis peek out at the gusset edge. She tries to tuck them back in without much success.

The females can feel the male groins better. The males can feel the nipples and mounds with more engaging intimacy.


Chapter 9

Shoot 6: Females Topless

Again, better reviews and better payout to come.

This time, the females are to discard their bras. They still retain their panties.

Paula turns away from the males in a show of socially conditioned modesty. She peels off her bra slowly, but without hesitation. She instinctively drapes her right arm across her breasts to conceal them just a little bit longer.

Paula turns around. She pauses. She fastens her vision on her son’s eyes, then drifting to her husband’s, only to find that her husband is ascertaining their son. A curious circular vision. A circle game of psychological theatre.

The moment of truth. Paula drops her right arm coyly to present herself. For the first time in her life, another male other than her husband sees her breasts. And it is her son, and then the photographer. A milestone moment.

They aren’t large. But, full, plump and well-separated, tipped by light brownish pink nipples. Pendulous. They hang slightly. Sway teasingly a little as she moves. All natural. Her nipples point down just enough to make them alluring. Her breasts are heavier than they look. Sagging a little from their weight. A dusting of freckles on upper chest accentuates her cleavage.

It is Mia’s turn. Like a model daughter, she emulates mum. Mia turns away from the males. She hesitates and pauses like one who is on the cusp of a life-changing moment. She peels off her bra uneasily, full of hesitation. She instinctively drapes both arms across her breasts.

Mia turns around shyly. She pauses. The teen is too embarrassed to look at anyone. She stands on edge. She rivets her eyes at the far corner of the ceiling as if captivated by its banality.

A vision of loveliness. Pretty face. On the cusp edge of womanhood. Gentle soft arc of pubescent breasts. A light shadowy hint of cleavage. Panties trimmed to just this side of decency, revealing a hint of the lower curve of her pert buttock. The antithesis to her mammary mum. Juxtaposed against her mum, the vision tells a story of the wondrous body journey of female evolution, from youth to woman, in the human project.

Paul and Michael are enamored of Paula’s and Mia’s breasts. A study of deep contrasts, cast from the same genetic mould. Mother and daughter. Woman and teen. Mature and pubescent. Buxom and lithe. Metaphorically, the extravagant go-go dancer and the economical gymnast.

Paul’s first touch of Mia is electric. He finds sensual abundance in the minimalism of his daughter’s soft arcs and subtle nipples.

Michael wallows in his mum’s womanly charms. Her pliant flesh melts into his massaging hands.

The photographer is eminently pleased with the frisson captured.


Chapter 10

Shoot 7: Males Naked

More payout for the next round.

The men are to lose their briefs, their last refuge.

Paul and Michael are reluctant. Paul doesn’t want Mia to see his private parts. But Paula convinces him. She reminds Paul of their dire straits, and the financial benefits beckoning.

Michael is even more reluctant maltepe escort to show his private parts to his mum and sister. Paul steps in and convinces Michael that there is nothing wrong in that. For example, nudist families see each other in the buff routinely without batting an eyelid. Just go with the flow. Michael hopes it doesn’t come to flow.

The males are now totally naked.

Paul’s and Michael’s penises are a curious study of similarities and stark contrasts. Both are pristinely mown. This has the effect of accentuating the prominence of their shafts.

Paul’s penis is in the small to medium range. It is fleshy. It swings pendulously when he moves. Right now, it is flaccid.

Michael’s penis carries a statuesque demeanor. It is in the medium to big range. It appears like it is in a perpetual semi-erect state, although it is hard to tell for sure. It points downward, but not quite true south. When he moves, his penis does not sway nor swing as flaccid phalluses do. It remains regally dignified.

Paula and Mia wonder what is Michael’s normal state. And when he is full flourish, what would that be like. Will the real Michael please stand up? An enigma that is ripe for demystification. A tingle courses through Paula and Mia at the prospect and the possibilities.

The shoot proceeds. The females eye the two penises, and two sets of dangling succulent plums.

As the shoot progresses, the females get to touch and feel the penises and sacs. The males show their appreciation by responding with massive straining erections.

Paul’s penis grows with flourish. Whereas Michael’s penis rises resolute and hard, but not much bigger.

Next, the photographer encourages Paula and Mia to hold the penises and cup the balls rather than just covering them with hands. The females are more than willing. They do exactly as instructed, playfully subversive. Soon, their panties are soaked in their own juices. Paul and Michael respond with gathering moistness on their penis heads, just short of droplets. The erotic charge is palpable.


Chapter 11

Husband-Wife Chat

Paul and Paula have a private conversation in the evening about the day’s shoot.

Paul enquires on Paula’s feelings on seeing Michael naked and touching him intimately. Paula tells Paul that it is embarrassing, but still a wonderful and arousing experience. In her heart, she longs for more.

Paula enquires on Paul’s feelings on being exposed to, and touched by Mia. Paul replies that it is difficult to articulate his feelings as the experience tugs him in so many disparate directions. Paul adds that he is apprehensive about how it will affect Mia. Will Mia, upon later introspection, start hating him for exposing himself?

Society is socially conditioned to impose a higher level of ethical standard on father-daughter interactions than on mother-son. The father figure inevitably carries the predator baggage.

Paula says that she had observed that Mia looked eager and curious staring intently at Paul’s male parts. Mia stole surreptitious rationed glances at first. As time went on, she became increasingly comfortable with the modeling dynamics.

Paul looks at Paula sheepishly. He intimates that he likes the way Mia held and gently squeezed his penis and balls with her dainty hands. He likes the way Mia started off tentatively, hesitantly, and as she got more attuned, her limp hands became increasingly firm and assured.

Paul is tenting. This detail of the moment does not escape Paula. She cheekily brushes Paul’s crotch. She caresses it gently, and then grips it with the intensity of a vice. As Paul gasps, she smirks.

Paul and Paula agree that they should poll their children about how they feel. And whether they should continue with the subsequent shoots, if offered.


Chapter 12

Dad-Son Chat

Paul asks Michael whether he feels awkward exposed to his mum and sister. Michael replies that he is embarrassed. He really feels sorry for his mum that she has to endure this indignity because of their dire family circumstances.

Paul lets on to Michael that he has talked to his mum about it. She is really gratified to see the outcome of his remarkable physical developments from boy to manhood. It is every mum’s silent wish and muted joy to see her son, her own flesh and blood, grow up and out.

Paul adds that Michael should enjoy the shoot, while making some good money, and even use this opportunity to satisfy his deeper curiosities about his mum and sister. Michael appears to agree reluctantly. But inwardly, he is looking forward eagerly to more modeling pose innovations.


Chapter 13

Mum-Daughter Chat

Paula talks to Mia to suss out her feelings and reactions.

Paula asks Mia if she has seen a naked adult male before this modeling project. Mia has not. Mia intimates that she was curious to know how they look. But she was worried about their embarrassment, especially her father having to expose everything to her, his daughter. Paula assures Mia that her curiosity is natural. Even she herself, as a mum, was curious to see how Michael looks naked. Paula intimates that she is happy with what she sees, the body of a healthy, vital strapping young man, whom she has a part in bringing to flourish.

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