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Brooke was incredibly unimpressed. Sitting in this kitchy Mexican restaurant across from the most mundane man she had ever met she swore to herself to never use a dating app again. As she picked at her soggy enchilada Jonathan continued to drone on.

He was by no means an unattractive man. His slightly too small T-shirt brought attention to his strong arms and cut physique. His hair was clean cut and beard freshly shaven. Clearly a man who cared about his appearance, but in this moment Brooke couldn’t care less about his biceps. She just wanted this date to be over.

“Magic can be more than just simple card tricks of course. The real fun lies in the subterfuge, in making the audience doubt their own logic. That’s the biggest thrill for a magician.” Jonathan rambled on in between bites of his cheese quesadilla. ‘God even his food choices are bland’ thought Brooke as she entertained herself by separating her beans and rice.

Brooke was pretty to say the least. Her chestnut hair cascaded around her face in loose waves, framing her delicate features which were punctuated by full lips and deep brown eyes framed by fluttery lashes. She had calculated a simple ‘date casual’ ensemble of black leggings and a flowy blue shirt that allowed just enough cleavage to show off her well developed chest, but now as she sat with her date who continued his lecture on the art of magic she found her cleavage to be a wasted effort.

“I’m boring you aren’t I?” Asked Jonathan.

“I’m sorry?” Brooke looked up from the plate and was a bit taken aback by Jonathan’s eyes locked onto her.

“It’s ok. I can tell this is not going very well. You’re clearly bored out of your mind.” Jonathan held his gaze, his eyes were not unkind but still incredibly firm and unyielding, almost like he was searching for something. Brooke felt her hair stand up on end, and couldn’t help but feel just a bit like a rabbit cornered by a fox.

“No, no. It’s not that. I’m just a bit tired, that’s all.” Brooke was incredibly unsettled that he still had not blinked, but try as she might she could not look away. His eyes were so blue and deep. How had she not noticed before?

“Don’t lie to me.” His eyes were a challenge, but his tone was soft.

Without thinking Brooke found herself saying “I’m sorry.”

His whole demeanor had completely shifted. Before he was rambly and self-obsessed, but now he was laser focused and all his attention was on Brooke.

“That’s a good girl.”

Brooke realized she had been holding her breath, but now her chest was heaving. What the hell was going on?

Jonathan continued “I can tell that you’re the kind of girl that needs a bit more attention. How about we take this back to my place? I promise the rest of the evening will be much more exciting.”

‘You can leave right now Brooke’ she thought to herself. ‘Just get up and walk out’ but to her shock she found herself taking Jonathan’s hand as he led her to his car. He opened the passenger door for her and she sat down, he reached over to buckle her in with his arm grazing across her breasts, but all she could do was sit with her hands in her lap. Jonathan got in on the drivers side and started the car.

‘No, no, no’ thought Brooke ‘this is your last chance, just go. Get out of the car! Go!’ Jonathan’s hand reached over and rested on Brooke’s knee as the car pulled away and her thoughts were quieted. All she could focus on was his hand and how it was so warm and so big and so..controlling? Was that really the right word? No, not controlling, comforting. Jonathan drew lazy circles on Brooke’s knee and she felt herself sinking into a deep and cozy haze. This was the most relaxed she had been in a long time and slowly any thoughts of fighting this amazing feeling were washed away.

The car pulled into the driveway of a surprisingly nice two story condo. Jonathan pulled his hand away to turn off the car and Brooke turned to look at him, her fog subsiding ever so slightly. Jonathan held her gaze and brought his hand up to her cheek. Brooke snapped into a moment of clarity as Jonathan spoke.

“I know this is all new for you and maybe a little bit scary, but I just wanted to show you how good ankara eryaman escortlar things can feel if you give up your control, but I’m giving you a chance right here and right now Brooke. If you don’t want to do this I’ll call you a car and you can go home.” He brought his hand down and waited for her reply.

Brooke’s heart was racing. She knew the smart thing to do was leave and never look back, but she could not deny that there was something about this that felt so incredibly thrilling.

“I want this.” Brooke half-whispered.

“Are you absolutely sure?” Jonathan held her in his gaze.

Brooke nodded and leaned in slowly, her lips parting as she kissed Jonathan. He responded tenderly, holding back his desires and after a moment he pulled away.

“Good girl.” He smiled and Brooke felt herself slip back into that delicious haze.

They left the car and he brought her inside his condo, the furniture was simple and modern and the air was cool. He led Brooke into the living room and pulled her onto the couch with him, their lips locking as they kissed passionately. He kissed his way down her neck and her fingers locked into his hair holding him tightly against her. She was lost in her lust and couldn’t contain her moans of ecstasy. Gone was everything and everyone, all she knew in this moment was Jonathan and her own desire. He wrapped his fingers into her hair and pulled as he brought his eyes back to hers, they were both gasping but his demeanor was cool and controlled.

“Tonight you are mine. Everything I say, you do. If you are good, I promise this will be a great night for us both. Understood?”

“Yes” Brooke gasped as Jonathan pulled her hair tighter and brought his face closer as he challenged her.

“Call me sir.”

“Yes sir.”

Jonathan removed his hand from her hair. “Take off your shirt.”

Brooke lifted off her blouse to reveal a simple nude satin bralette. Her nipples jutted out from the thin fabric and Jonathan held each of her globes in his hands, rubbing the outline of her nipples with his thumbs, enjoying the feel of the soft, cool fabric. He gave an experimental pinch to one and Brooke gasped.

“Take it off.” He said.

Brooke quickly stretched the bralette up over her shoulders and Jonathan pushed her back onto the couch as his mouth went for her breast. With Brooke’s arms still stuck overhead she let out a squeal which quickly turned to soft mewls as she felt Jonathan’s tongue swirling around her right breast and his fingers rolling the nipple of her left. She delighted in the feel of his body on top of hers and could feel his erection pressing against his jeans as his leg rested between her thighs.

She sought out his belt and began to unfasten it, when a firm hand grabbed her wrist. She froze and held her breath. She slowly looked to Jonathan’s face. He was deadly serious.

“Did I say you could touch me?”

“N-no sir.”

“That’s right. I’m in control here. You do nothing without my say.”

“I’m sorry, sir.”

Jonathan looked at Brooke’s face. Considering her.

“Perhaps you’re not as compliant as I thought.”

Brooke swallowed hard. Afraid to look away. Did she really want this? The lines felt so blurry. Overcome by her own desire she could think of nothing but Jonathan and the pleasure he was giving her, but in this moment she was hesitant, maybe even a little bit frightened. Before she could wrap her mind around any of it Jonathan spoke.

“Come with me.”

Still holding her wrist he pulled her towards the bedroom, her shirt and bra left on the couch. Brooke became aware of her topless state and used her free arm to cover up. Unsure of what was to come and whether or not she wanted any part of it. They entered Jonathan’s sparse bedroom which housed nothing but a nightstand on either side of a large wrought iron bed and a single dresser. Jonathan methodically closed the door and dimmed the lights. Brooke stood awkwardly in the center of the room, completely unsure of what to do, her arm still attempting to contain her modesty.

Jonathan turned to her. “Are you going to be good for me?”

Brooke was silent. Her mind was a complete tumbleweed escort etimesgut of emotions. Fear and uncertainty danced at the forefront, but even more powerful than those sensations was the erotic warmth coming from between her thighs. She could practically feel her pussy pulsing in anticipation. Jonathan walked over to her and moved her arm away from her breasts.

“Now, don’t move. Not a single twitch unless I say so understand? If you move there will be repercussions.”

Jonathan stood over her. He slowly hooked his thumbs in Brooke’s leggings and tugged down. Brooke’s breath hitched and her heart raced, but she felt compelled to follow his instructions. Jonathan kneeled down and brought her leggings all the way down to her ankles. He then put all his attention on Brooke’s pale satin underwear which matched the long forgotten bralette in the living room. He brought his hand up and cupped her sex, and let out a low growl as he found them soaked through. Brook could do nothing but breathe heavily.

“I knew it. You’re loving every minute of this aren’t you?”

Brooke stayed quiet, trying to hold onto some remainder of dignity, but her will was quickly fading as he began to rub the outside of her mound.

“Say it Brooke. Tell me how you love it.”

She fought the urge to speak. In one quick motion Johnathan pulled her underwear down and Brooke couldn’t help but let out the smallest of gasps. In an instant Johnathan was standing again his eyes boring into her as his index finger achingly entered her waiting pussy. His deep blue eyes were as intense as ever, commanding her.

“Say it Brooke.”

Her reserve was completely shattered. “I love it sir, oh god I love it.” Johnathan smiled and he began to pump his finger in and out.

“That’s it baby. Give in. Give in to your own pleasure.”

“Oh god, Oh god.” she was moaning and whimpering almost incoherently, overcome with the building wave in her pussy. She couldn’t control herself any longer and her body began to buck and grind against his hand. Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back in sheer ecstasy, but right as her climax was about to crest Jonathan removed his hand. She looked at him bewildered. His grin was mischievous and his eyes were alight, he was clearly enjoying every moment of this.

His simple reply was “You moved.”

Jonathan in one deft motion picked Brooke up and put her on the bed. She was clearly still dazed from her stolen climax. He reached into the dresser and pulled out a tie, which he looped through one of the rings of the wrought iron bed and expertly tied the ends to each of Brooke’s wrist.

Brooke was shocked to say the least, but her mind was wrapped in a heady fog. She needed to cum. God did she need to cum and only Jonathan could grant her that sweet release.

Jonathan joined Brooke on the bed, lying on top of her. His hard cock finally free as he had removed his clothing. He kissed Brooke and she returned it wholeheartedly. He then climbed up her body until his dick was lined up with her mouth and he slowly guided it in. They locked eyes as Brooke took his cock into her mouth.

Jonathan groaned as he felt her throat open for him. “That’s a good girl.” He said as he began to pump in and out, slowly at first but quickly gaining momentum as he felt Brooke’s tongue dance along his head and shaft with each thrust.

“That’s it baby, take it. Take it all. Oh, so good.” Jonathan groaned as he brought himself to the edge.

Brooke sucked emphatically, enjoying the sensation of Johnathan claiming her mouth and pleased by his praise. Jonathan braced a hand against the rungs of the headboard as he pistoned in and out of Brooke’s mouth, his cock growing, ready to burst.

Jonathan let out a growl as his cock released into Brooke’s throat and he sighed as he felt Brooke swallowing his cum, milking his dick of every drop. When he was satisfied he pulled out his cock and looked at Brooke. She was a beautiful sight, her chest heaving up and down with her arms pulled taught over her head, her hair disheveled and falling every which way. Jonathan reached out and tenderly moved the hair away from her batıkent escort face.

“Thank you sir.” She responded softly. Jonathan would have taken her right there and then had he not needed time to recover. No, he had other plans in mind for the time being.

Johnathan had always hoped this is how the night would go, but Brooke was exceeding all expectations. Whether she knew it or not, she was the perfect partner for him. Never before had he met a woman so affected by him and he couldn’t deny that the chemistry was raw and intense, and everything he had ever dreamed for.

He kissed her passionately and she responded ten-fold. Their tongues dancing together in perfect sync. Johnathan pulled away and began kissing his way down Brooke’s body. Each kiss sent a jolt of pleasure through Brooke and she felt about ready to burst as Johnathan positioned his face above her sex.

“Is this what you want?” Johnathan asked smiling, already knowing the answer.

“Yes, sir.” Brooke arched her back and thrust her pussy forward. Presenting it in all it’s glistening glory, it’s folds coated in her arousal. Johnathan could hardly contain himself, but he waited, wanting to toy with her just a little bit more.

“Tell me what you want Brooke.” Johnathan slid a single tantalizing finger down her slit and Brooke whimpered. “Beg me for it”

“Please, please sir. I want to feel you. I want to cum please make me cum.” Brooke was practically squirming with desire, unable to control herself. When Jonathan finally lowered his mouth onto her swollen clit Brooke bucked and moaned in utter delight.

Johnathan swirled his tongue around her clit and sucked lightly. His finger entered Brooke and curved up, running back and forth along her inner ridges. She was completely lost to desire. Johnathan’s ministrations brought forth a cascade of moans and gasps as Brooke was brought ever closer to sweet release. She begged him to continue.

“Don’t stop. Please, don’t! I’m going to cum. Yes, baby I’m going to cum”

Johnathan continued, his cock growing back to full size. Surprised to hear the ‘baby’ reciprocated and equally turned on. Brook bucked and tugged against her restraints as he felt her inner walls begin to pulse and clench.

In one final cry Brooke was brought to climax. Her whole body was awash in intense warmth as wave after wave crashed over her. Her muscles tensing and releasing in delightful spasms throughout her body. Her mouth spread into a perfect “O” as she rode it out, Jonathan continuing to pump his fingers in and out as he watched in awe. Brooke in one last gasp went limp against the bed, her eyes closed as she basked in the glow of the greatest orgasm of her life.

She was brought out of her daze by the feeling of Johnathan moving on top of her. His eyes were soft as he slowly ran his dick along the outside of her folds. Brooke whimpered and Jonathan held her gaze as his cock entered her awaiting pussy. When he was fully inside they both sighed and Johnathan just held himself there for a moment as Brooke adjusted to his size, she was so incredibly tight. He reached up and loosened her bonds. With her hands free she brought them to the sides of his face and pulled him in for a kiss. At first, soft and sensual but it quickly grew to an impassioned frenzy. Jonathan began pumping in and out of Brooke’s aching pussy, her hips thrusting up to meet him. Each one gasping, racing towards their second release. Brook was the first to cry out.

Brooke’s back arched as her second wave crashed. Her walls tightening on Jonathan’s thrusting cock. He groaned with passion as he felt Brooke’s orgasm around him. He continued to pump, ever closer to his release, when Brooke suddenly pulled him close and held his gaze. She looked up at him, her eyes flooded with lust and passion, in this moment it was only them, only this.

“Cum for me Jonathan.”

Jonathan came with a growl of absolute ecstasy as he released himself and collapsed onto a panting Brooke. They both lay there for a moment, his dick resting inside of her, until he rolled onto his back and they both looked up to the ceiling just breathing, unsure of what to say to the other.

Jonathan reached over the nightstand and dimmed the lights until they turned off. He turned onto his side facing Brooke who wordlessly moved so that she was resting against him. His arm draped over her, his hands benignly tracing the contours of her breasts as they both let their breathing even out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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