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Grant was rushing around, trying to get ready as quick as he could. He was determined not to be late for their date tonight. He’d booked this restaurant months in advance, knowing it was her favourite and it’d be packed out. Valentines is always like that, but he wasn’t such a cynic like all of his friends.

He thought Valentines Day was just another excuse to be romantic and treat your loved one how they deserve. Jessica meant the world to him and even though they’d only been going out about six months, he knew she was a keeper.

Jessica was a 19-year-old stunner that he met at the Library. He was working there at the time on a cold, blustery day and she asked for a particular book they didn’t have in stock; he can’t remember which, some biology textbook. She caught his eye and there was frisson between them. He couldn’t find her again whilst he continued working, but as he was leaving for the night she was packing up her things. He went over to help her and as they got talking, Grant invited her for a coffee. You know the rest of the story from there. Grant always jokes that he was immediately attracted to her spellbinding figure but knows full well that it was the dark sultry intelligence that smoked behind her hazel eyes. Her mid length brunette hair was always immaculate and more than often held up by some intricate contraption that Grant couldn’t work out or two simple chopsticks, which also confounded Grant as to how they stayed there.

Grant said constantly that he was batting above his average, but he got his fair share of female attention; standing 6’2 in socked feet and with a slender figure, he always thought he was in good shape. Never an overly keen sportsman in school, Grant found other ways to keep fit like regular exercise and eating well. He was proud of his body and baring a few superfluous freckles on his broad shoulders, wouldn’t change anything.

The taxi honked noisily, making him stub his toe on a chest of drawers and swear loudly. He hurriedly brushed his teeth and gurgled some mouthwash and grabbed his coat, slamming the door as he left. The cab sped through the dark city streets to Jessica’s apartment in the streaming rain. They pulled up and there she was, standing on the doorstep, her make-up looking exquisite and wearing a big coat pulled up around her tightly. She ran through the rain down the stairs to the road quickly and almost dived into the cab beside Grant. The rest of the journey seemed to disappear as they talked and exchanged the usual pleasantries; they were both surprised when they arrived at the restaurant in what seemed like no time at all.

The maître d’ took their coats and led them to their table, right next to the window to look out onto the park. The wet but brightly lit park looked like something straight from Monet’s canvas, the rain streaked window giving it all a romantic impressionist verve. Grant felt like tonight was going to be perfect.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was buzzing, everyone talking comfortably and holding hands. There was a beautiful selection of flowers around the room, each table having a single red rose placed in the middle. The soft piano music was audible but not overbearing. Perfect.

They both ordered from the small, carefully selected menu: he had a seared loin of yellow fin tuna with fennel and quail’s egg, she selected duck breast with Savoy cabbage and mustard mash.

When the food arrived, the beauty of the presentation and aromas that meandered effortlessly to their palates took them both aback. They swiftly tucked into the meals, silence descending to their table as they ate. They each tried the others dish, though neither could decide which was better.

Grant had fallen in love with Jessica a long while ago, and to all common knowledge the feeling was more than mutual, however their relationship so far was intimate but not sexual. She said that she wasn’t ready yet. Grant loved spending time with her anyway and knew that he could wait if it was necessary for her. On cold dark nights, he thought about calling an end to it, but he knew that he loved her so much that he could never do that. He knew she was worth the wait. He was a virgin as well, and like all boys wanted to get rid of it more than anything, but knew that waiting for the right girl would be worth it.

When both plates were empty, they were talking bout how long they’d been together and all the fun things they had done. All the different parties and clubs and gigs. All the different people they’d met and fun days out. The embarrassing stories arising from meeting the others parents. They could barely notice the rest of the world, let alone the rest of the room. Everyone in the restaurant was doing the exact same: hand holding over the table, plates pushed to one side, all talking in soft hushed voices.

As time wore on, as much as no one wanted the night to finish, people began to leave. Grant and Jessica just kept talking and talking until they were one of the last ones there. As they realised the time was past eleven, casino siteleri they decided to call it a night. Asking for the bill and for the bar staff to call a taxi for them, Grant gave the maître d’ a generous tip and thanked him for a perfect evening.

As they slid into the taxi together, Jessica turned to Grant and kissed him deeply and passionately, taking him aback slightly. He barely had time to tell the taxi driver where to go before she was on him again. Her lips crushed his as she kissed Grant with a force he’d never seen from her before. Her wandering hands went to the back of his neck and grabbed at his side. Her fingers stroked through his hair and made his spine tingle. He pulled her closer to him and kissed her back just as passionately. She leaned back, biting his lip as she leaned, just enough so it hurt a little. The driver could barely keep his eyes on the road and had to swerve a couple of times just to prevent crashing.

As they pulled up to Jessica’s flat, she leaned in close, placing her mouth next to his ear. She kissed and licked his earlobe a little, making him squirm and then said very softly, “I want to make love to you.”

He turned in disbelief.


“No” she said throatily, nibbling on his ear “Next week.”

And with that she got out’ve the car and rushed to her door without looking back.


Jessica was on Grant’s mind for the whole of the next day. He wanted to call her and talk to her, but he didn’t want to appear shallow and desperate; so he just carried on his day as normal.

He woke up about 9:30am, arising lazily, stretching out on his large, soft double bed. A few joints cracked as he sat up, his cock poking him lightly in the stomach. Feeling rested and relaxed and his roommate away for a couple of weeks he walked downstairs naked, switching on the Hi-Fi as he went. Talking Book blasted out: the first few bars of ‘You Are the Sunshine of My Life’ making him smile.

He decided he was going to head to the gym first, then shower and get some college work done.

A couple hours later, he was back at home and feeling a good burn in his muscles. He took a long hot shower to clean his body and refresh. Whilst in the shower it hit him just how big a responsibility it was to take Jessica’s virginity. She wasn’t saving it for marriage or anything, just for the right guy, and now she’s chosen him as the right guy. Grant knew he couldn’t just rush it or treat it like no big thing. He needed to think it through, make a plan and make it a night she’ll remember for the rest of her life, to smile and look back on. Grant also quite wanted to make it a nice experience for him too, it being his first time. The water pounded into his back, starting to chill as he leaned against a wall and pondered. He started shivering before he realised how long he’d been in the shower.

He wrapped himself up in his large navy dressing gown, rubbing his body down in the towelling to both dry and warm himself up. When he got upstairs, he placed the gown on the back of the door, and looked himself up and down in the mirror. He flexed and grinned at his body. After dressing Grant put on some Arcade Fire to help him get down to work and unwind. His notes looked so dull, but he knew they had to be done today, otherwise his tutor would replace his eyeballs with his testicles using a rusty spoon and then laugh at him. Metaphorically.

After an hour or so, he’d done only two pages, as all he could think about was Jessica’s fabulous body writhing and flexing under his. Her strained moans catching in her throat as he made love to her.

Grant had never actually had full penetrative sex before, but he’d fooled around with girlfriends before; him fingering her, a short unfinished handjob, him licking her. That sort of thing. He’d never had a girl bring him to orgasm before, but he seemed to be quite adept at what he was doing. He found a pleasure in cunnilingus that he found in nothing else. The taste, feeling of being between her legs, the sheer power you can have in such a submissive position. He revelled in the unadulterated bliss he found when tonguing and sucking a beautiful smooth pussy.

He gave up on his notes and decided to play watch some TV. He saw Sex and the City was on, and thought he might try and get into the female psyche a little, so settled on to watching it. After 45 minutes of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character making ridiculous, childish decisions and then coming back to her girlfriends to complain and whinge in her whiney voice, he decided there must be better ways of doing it.

The next day, he had to go to a lecture, and was determined to actually do some work after his waste of a day yesterday. He, of course, failed miserably.

Back at home, he though about Friday night some more. An idea started to form; a brief notion of what could be good enough.

He read some romantic stories on Literotica to try and get a bit more of an idea. He wanted to make things for canlı casino her as perfect as possible.


As the week progressed, Grant drew more and more on the plan, adding and refining and perfecting every little detail. It got to Thursday morning and he’d finally figured out what he was going to do, what he was going to cook, what he was going to wear, everything. All he needed to do was buy the necessary ingredients for the perfect evening.

Grant called Jessica later that day to make sure she was well and everything was still on. They discussed how their week had been and what they’d been up to. Jessica said that she’d not been able to do anything all week, all she could think about was Friday night and him. Apparently, she booked a manicure, pedicure and facial and was going to get a friend to help with her hair. Grant was ecstatic at how much she was looking forward to it, but daunted by the pressure of it all. After the phone call he realised just how big a responsibility he was taking on, but he knew he could do it.

Friday morning finally came and luckily, Grant had no lectures or lessons. He got up bright and early and got ready for his day. After going for a jog around campus, he got his stuff ready and went out to begin his day of preparation.

The first stop was the florist, where he got a large bouquet of roses, all red. After that, he stopped into the chemist and picked up a pack of condoms and some K-Y lube, just to make sure. He then visited the local Deli where he got all the necessary ingredients for the sumptuous supper he was going to make for her. He dashed then into the local supermarket to get some extras like candles and wine and he was done.

He got all of this home and put the most of the roses into a vase full of water. He then started to tidy up the entire house and place the candles on every available safe surface. He stripped his bed and put on fresh white sheets and duvet cover, which smelled like ‘blossom and black diamond’ according to the softener bottle.

Time was starting to make itself known in Grant’s mind as it got to around 4 o’clock. He realised he still needed to prepare and cook dinner, lay the table, light the candles and have a shower and get ready.

After laying the table, he started to chop up his tomatoes, onions, green pepper and cucumber to make his Gazpacho soup, then seasoned his rack of lamb and put it in the frying pan to start to the cooking process before he put it in the oven. He could leave his desert till later due to the tiny amount of prep needed for it.

Jumping in the shower Grant was starting to feel really excited and anxious thinking about what was to come that night, but more than a little apprehensive. Worrying thoughts kept flashing through his mind like, “What if I cum too fast?”, “What if she doesn’t cum?”, “What if something goes wrong?” or, worst of all, “What if she’s had second thoughts and doesn’t turn up?!” He really started to fret now as he washed his body down. He had to actively think that that wasn’t going to be the case, there had been too much preparation gone into that evening and he had waited too long for this not to be perfect.

Grant started to soap up his body, starting with his right bicep and working the Lynx shower gel into lather all over his torso and shoulders. He rinsed and then put the Original Source shaving cream on his face. He like the way it felt on his skin, like it was covered in lava that being cooled by the freezing pelt of a hailstorm. It was pretty exciting he thought. He also made sure to trim his pubic hair and make sure everything was smooth and sensitive. After finally shampooing and conditioning his inch-long dark, thick hair he stepped out of the shower steaming and grabbed a towel to put around his body.

He got dressed slowly, listening to some relaxed jazzy Aretha Franklin and trying to get into the mood. He looked at the time and realised he only had an hour left and jumped with a start. Grant started rushing and swearing repeatedly under his breath like something from Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Running downstairs he hurried about, fiddling with lighters, trying to find one that worked. Once he found one, Grant began to light all the fifty or so lights around the house, particularly the ones in the bedroom.

Finally he had finished all the chores and jobs he needed to, it was 6 o’clock and he still had half an hour left to chill out until Jessica got there. He was dressed in a clean, ironed, crisp shirt and black chinos with his black polished shoes on. Grant looked and felt the part of his love’s romantic seducer.

Grant rose with a start when he heard the doorbell finally ring. He had a quick final glance in a mirror and rushed to the door.

Jessica looked better than he’d ever seen her before. Her black skirt hugged her figure in all the right places, extenuating her curves, her white fitted blouse was simple and sexy; her hair had obviously been done that day in a kaçak casino salon. She oozed sex appeal. He invited her in, taking her coat and kissing her on the cheek. There was obviously a sexual tension between the two, but for the first time in their relationship, a sense of awkwardness was noticeable too. Grant put this down to some residual fear of what was to come and a growing excitement and eagerness for the fun to begin.

The silence was terrible, as tense as a bridge about to break, a tower to fall; unendurable in its emotion, its truth bursting to be spoken. And then, as if by an instinctive gesture, her hand reached shyly out to his. He knew she was looking up at him. He could not move his hand, and suddenly he could not keep his eyes from hers. They came together in a kiss so idyllic and yet so violent it shocked them both. They flew together, the universe swirling around them, a cacophony of silence and apocalyptic emotions running circles around their bodies, strained against each other.

They drew apart, in awe of what just happened. Jessica started to laugh, all former sense of tension gone. They were just two people happy and comfortable to be around each other.

Grant invited Jessica to move into the kitchen. She said that everything looked and smelt wonderful and she hadn’t stopped dreaming about this night all week. They chatted and drank a little wine, waiting easily for dinner to be ready. He loved looking at her, and tried to hide his awestruck glances whenever she caught his eye.

“Dinner is served”

Grant began with a starter of ice-cold gazpacho soup with homemade ciabatta croutons. He was really pleased with how this dinner had turned out as he had been thinking of it for so long. The long deep soup served to open the palate but also had enough flavour as to make it memorable through the meal. He didn’t eat much, but Jessica finished hers in no time at all.

Grant was stalling a little now, as though the meat was cooked, it needed resting before being eaten. To fill the time Grant went to change the music, putting on some smooth James Morrison. Finally the lamb was rested and able to serve. It was a breaded rack of lamb served with sautéed potatoes and a light green salad with balsamic dressing. It wasn’t overly complicated, but the dish was well balanced and light. Grant and Jessica talked through the entire meal, laughing and drinking, feeling more relaxed than either had felt all week.

When both were finished, Grant cleared the plates and dishes away, putting them into the kitchen to be done at a later date. Jessica came through to the kitchen with him and when he had put all the dishes down, grabbed him from behind. She ran her hands up to his chest, leaning her body into his. Her head rested comfortably in the space between his shoulder blades as she gripped his body. His intoxicating smell encompassed her entirely, making her feel safe and warm. He always smelt good, she thought. Never too much, always a subtle scent that just added to his aura. He sighed deeply as she held him, a deep murmurating rumble that reverberated with contentment causing her to join in. She smiled. She ran her hands down his body then back up, slowly but with pressure on him. Up and down his sides and his front, between collarbone and waist, her hands explored him. Jessica changed her style a little so it was more the tips of his fingers and the heel of her hand running lengths of his torso; more and more she changed the position of her hand until it was just her fingertips. She started to vary the pressure, gradually getting from massage to caress, then harder and more vicious, using her nails and scraping them up his sides, tickling his sensitive ribs. She ended up scratching him slowly, a small impish grin upon her face as she knew she’d leave marks on his body she’d later see. He bit his teeth together loudly.

Grant grabbed both of her wrists in one of his large hands and span around, catching her in his arms and pressing her body to his with his lips against her ear.

“You’re going to regret that.”

“Oh yeah?” she replied devilishly.

He turned away without saying anything, a small grin playing across his lips without her seeing.

He carried on as if nothing had happened in silence. She didn’t know what to think, had she gone too far? Had she done something she wasn’t supposed to? A few moments later however, he finished putting some pots and pans away and looked her straight in the eye. He didn’t say anything, didn’t move anywhere, just stood holding her, looking at her. Jessica didn’t know what was going on. She was about say something, but Grant just put his finger to her lips softly and smiled at her in a way that conveyed calm and contentment. The smile changed though. The finger stayed on her lips, and the smile conveyed less contentment and instilled an insinuation of lust into her mind.

Grant swiftly grabbed Jessica to him whispered small beautiful, terrifying, corrupting nothings into her ear. The more he talked and talked, the more she wanted him. She could not hear all the words but she heard the sounds and the unmistakable sentiments of desire gush straight to her soul, tingling within her a dormant dragon of desire that sparked a fuse running directly to her erogenous mind.

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