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The weeks until the holiday break flew by in a blur of final exams and studying. On the way home from campus Jim tried to stay focused on his parent’s conversation about finals and classes, but the whole time his thoughts were firmly on his best friend’s mom and how much he wanted to fuck her. Fortunately, he didn’t have to wait long. Only a couple of days after coming back Pat’s dad took Pat on an all day hunting trip, so Carol was alone at home the whole day. Jim told his parents he was going out to meet some high school friends and quickly made his way to Pat’s house.

Carol greeted him with a wild, excited smile and Jim got to live out his version of the fuck that Pat had described sharing with Carol on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They only made it as far as the living room before they melted together into a deep, wild kiss. As their frantic kiss continued they eagerly pulled off each other’s clothes.

Carol lay down on the couch and pulled Jim down on top of her. She reached between them and easily guided his hard cock into her waiting pussy. Jim knew there would be time to be slow and tender later, so he started pumping into her wildly. He savored the familiar sensations of her body and soon he couldn’t hold back and filled her pussy with a big load of cum. When he finished cumming Carol rolled them over so Jim was lying on his back. She crawled over him and lowered her dripping wet pussy onto his waiting mouth. Jim drove his tongue deeply inside her and immediately felt the heavy, warm juices from inside her pussy coating his face. Jim eagerly tongue fucked her and drank in the combined taste of their previous fuck. Carol moaned excitedly and rubbed her pussy back and forth against his mouth. When she finally exploded into her orgasm Jim drove his tongue as deeply inside her as he could to feel the way her pussy trembled around him.

Almost as soon as she finished cumming Carol spun around and leaned down to suck Jim’s cock into her mouth. Jim moaned from beneath her and resumed licking and teasing her wet pussy. After several long minutes of teasing and exploring each other Carol climbed off him and extended her hand before leading him up to her bedroom. Once there they fell onto the bed and soon she climbed over him and lowered herself down onto his cock. She fucked him expertly and perfectly controlled him to keep him from cumming. Jim played with her tits as they fucked and marveled at how expertly she fucked him. She kept Jim in control until she came first. The sight and feeling of her orgasm was almost too much for Jim to resist, but he managed to control himself. When she finished cumming she resumed their fuck and it was now clear that she wanted Jim to cum. He soon gave her what she wanted and again filled her with his cum.

After he finished cumming Carol lay down on top of him and they softly kissed and caressed each other for a long time. They spent the rest of the day fucking, sucking, and caressing each other. Carol soon asked him to describe his fucks with Pat. She was very interested in hearing all the details of what they had done with each other and it clearly made her very horny. She got so excited hearing Jim talk about sucking and licking Pat’s cock as they fucked that she orgasmed repeatedly and fucked Jim like a sex starved slut. By the time Jim kissed Carol goodbye his cock was thoroughly fucked out and he was completely exhausted. He slept very soundly that night with his mind filled with happy images of Carol.

Things settled into a wild and very happy routine for Jim, Pat, and Carol after Christmas. Pat’s dad worked the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day and that left Pat, Jim, and Carol alone all day in the house. With only a couple of exceptions the three of them spent their time naked and fucking.

Carol usually started some heated foreplay and then excitedly watched Jim and Pat suck and tease each other. Sometimes she joined in near the end to help bring them to orgasm and other times she just sat by and watched the boys make each other cum. In either case she eagerly sucked and licked their cocks until both were hard again and then wildly fucked both boys. No matter her mood or the style of fuck she led them through Jim couldn’t imagine a happier way to spend a break from college. They spent many long hours fucking and pleasuring each other over those days.

Carol’s final surprise for them came on New Year’s Day. She had hoped to be with them on New Year’s Eve, but that wasn’t possible. Instead they had to wait until the next day when Pat’s dad went to the sports bar to watch the college football bowl games. Jim arrived at Pat’s house looking forward to the day and wasn’t at all disappointed.

They shared a long, satisfying fuck and lounged in Carol’s bed together before she crawled between them and coaxed both of their cocks back to life. Once they were both hard again Carol teased them and drove them both wild. Carol then asked if they were up for something kartal escort bayan wild. They both immediately agreed.

Jim watched excitedly as Carol pulled something out of her bedside drawer. She then positioned Pat on his hands and knees and moved behind him. It was then that Jim saw that she had pulled a tube of lubricant from the drawer. Jim felt a rush of nerves as Carol started working the lube around Pat’s asshole. Jim’s stomach knotted as he realized what Carol wanted. Could he really fuck his friend’s ass?

Pat’s long moan brought him back to the moment. Carol smiled wickedly as she worked first one finger and then two up inside her son’s virgin asshole. As she continued working Pat’s asshole she motioned for Jim to come closer. With another squeeze of lube Carol started preparing Jim’s cock by smearing a heavy load of lube on his rock hard cock.

Carol pulled her fingers out of Pat’s ass and moved Jim into position behind Pat. Carol moved directly behind Jim and pressed herself tightly against him. Carol reached around Jim and grasped the base of his cock before guiding it to the entrance of Pat’s asshole. Carol guided Jim’s movements by pushing her hips against his ass when she wanted him to push forward and pulling him back with her hand on his hip. As Jim’s mind reeled in lust and amazement Carol worked the tip of his rock hard cock into Pat’s asshole. The next thing Jim knew Carol had pushed about half of his full length inside Pat.

Pat moaned wildly and his moans reached another level when Carol pushed forward again and didn’t stop until the full length of Jim’s cock was buried inside Pat. They remained frozen like this for what felt like several amazing, unbelievable minutes as Pat’s ass stretched around Jim’s cock. Jim’s mind spun with the unexpected and unbelievable thing that was happening. In some ways this felt familiar and comfortable. After all, fucking Carol from behind was still one of his favorite positions. However, in many other ways this was wildly unknown and new. When he looked down he saw not Carol, but his best friend and roommate on all fours in front of him. Aside from that Pat’s asshole gripped and held his cock harder and in a different way from Carol’s pussy. It wasn’t necessarily better, but it was equally satisfying and very exciting.

As if acting on some primal instinct Jim took the lead at that point and fucked Pat’s asshole. Carol remained pressed up tightly against Jim and seemed to really get off on vicariously fucking her son’s asshole.

From his perspective Jim couldn’t imagine a wilder scene. Carol’s soft, sensuous body was pressed against him and her stiff nipples poked prominently into his back. On his other side Pat’s ass gripped his cock fiercely. Jim had to concentrate to resist the urge to cum. Jim finally reached the end of his control when Carol started whispering wickedly into his ear. Hearing her talk about fucking Pat’s asshole and seeing the unbelievable sight of his best friend on all fours in front of him was more than he could take. Jim sent a huge load of cum shooting into Pat’s asshole as the trio created a loud chorus of lustful groans and moans.

When Jim finished cumming Carol pulled him out of Pat’s ass and guided him back onto the bed. She quickly positioned a few pillows under his ass and repeated her preparations just as she had done on Pat’s asshole. It was clear that she wasn’t done yet and now wanted to see Pat fuck him. After she readied his asshole with her fingers and smeared lube on Pat’s rock hard cock Carol sat beside Jim and pulled his legs up and apart spreading his asshole wide for Pat. Pat eagerly moved between Jim’s legs and excitedly worked his cock inside Jim’s ass.

Jim groaned with surprise at the sensation of Pat’s hard cock entering him. He had never had anything shoved into his asshole before Carol’s fingers and now he had the full size of Pat fucking him. Jim squirmed slightly and Carol comforted him and told him just to relax. Jim was surprised by how quickly the sensations turned from borderline uncomfortable to wildly exciting.

After pausing for a few long moments Pat began thrusting back and forth inside him. This was unlike anything Jim could have ever imagined or anything he had ever known before. He gazed down at the wild sight of his friend fucking him in what was basically the missionary position. Carol sat beside them and excitedly urged her son on. Before long Pat was fucking him hard and fast. Pat didn’t last long and he soon filled Jim’s asshole with a huge load of cum. The feeling of Pat’s cum in his ass made Jim groan wildly.

When Pat finished cumming both of them turned their attention to Carol and guided her down onto the bed. The boys crowded between her thighs and worked together to lick and suck her dripping wet pussy until Carol was crying out in absolute lust. They continued to mutually lick and tease her pussy until she came long and hard.

When escort maltepe she finished her powerful orgasm the boys turned to each other and started stroking each other’s cocks until they were both rock hard. Jim felt a new excitement at the touch of Pat’s cock knowing that Pat had now fucked him. Pat’s cock was still heavily coated in a mixture of Pat’s cum and the lube and Jim’s hand easily slipped back and forth on Pat’s growing shaft.

Once their cocks were ready they took turns fucking Carol until she came two more times. They both had great control now since they had cum so often over the past few days and so they were able to fuck her long and hard and still remain in control. After Carol finished her second orgasm in rapid succession she wildly urged the boys to fill her with their cum. She begged Pat to fuck her harder and faster until Pat rammed his cock into her pussy as fast and hard as he could. Their bodies slapped together roughly and the bed slammed the wall firmly for many long minutes before Pat let out a mighty groan and filled her with his cum.

As soon as Pat finished cumming Jim took his place. His cock easily slipped inside Carol’s drenched pussy. It hardly felt like there was any friction at all with the heavy lubrication of Carol’s own juices and Pat’s cum. Jim was so excited after watching their wild fuck that he eagerly began fucking Carol just as hard and fast as Pat. Carol urged him on with a torrent of wicked talk and she began flexing the muscles in her pussy to squeeze Jim’s cock. Jim moaned wildly at the sensation and soon he too let out a long groan as he filled her pussy with cum. After that all three of them collapsed together in a heap of exhausted, sweaty bodies and drifted off into a peaceful afternoon nap.

Unfortunately, that was the last time Jim was able to get with Carol before he had to go back to campus. Back on campus Jim and Pat continued their affair. After being introduced to fucking each other’s asses by Carol that became a regular part of their activities. They grew very comfortable fucking each other from behind and then moved to propping each other’s asses up on some pillows to simulate this missionary position. They quickly discovered that in this position they could fondle the other person’s cock as they fucked and soon this became a favorite way for them to pleasure each other. In the weeks after returning to college they fucked like this at least three times a week.

Pat continued dating the girl from his class and it was right around Valentine’s Day that they finally fucked. Soon afterward they started fucking regularly and Pat spent more and more time with her. One result of this was that Jim and Pat had fewer opportunities to fuck each other. Even when Pat was around he had often just finished fucking his girlfriend and so wasn’t feeling very horny.

Fortunately for Jim, it was right around Valentine’s Day when he started dating Sara. Sara lived in an apartment with a couple of roommates but she had her own bedroom. It didn’t take long before their dates ending up back at Sara’s apartment with them fooling around. Things progressed very quickly from there and it was around St. Patrick’s Day when Sara and Jim fucked for the first time.

Being with Sara was very different from being with Carol, but Jim loved it just as much. Sara wasn’t as smooth or practiced as Carol, but it was also clear that Sara had some experience. She had a hungry enthusiasm that really excited Jim and she seemed to be as constantly horny as he was. There was something about her young, tight body that drove Jim wild. Jim enjoyed the softness and maturity of Carol’s body, but he also loved the way Sara’s lean and tight body.

Jim’s relationship with Sara was destined to be brief. By the time spring break came they had already split up. Jim wasn’t all that upset because he knew that things with Sara would probably never last even from the very start. Instead he just enjoyed the relationship, and especially the sex, for what it was.

During this time Pat also split up with his girlfriend but he quickly started dating someone else. Pat also got involved with one of the frat houses and was really busy rushing the house and doing all the activities involved with that. Jim and Pat hadn’t really seen a whole lot of each other in the weeks before spring break with all their various other activities, so Jim looked forward to the break as a time to catch up and relax.

Unfortunately, spring break didn’t give them much of a chance to catch up either. For the first part of the break Jim and his family went on a little family trip. When they returned it was only a day later that Pat left with his parents on a similar trip. By the time they returned to campus Jim felt more than a little disappointed that he didn’t have a chance to be with Carol.

Back at campus Pat got right back into his frat activities and it wasn’t much later that he decided he was going to move pendik escort into the frat house for the next school year. Pat tried to convince Jim to join him at the frat house, but the frat lifestyle wasn’t something that appealed to Jim. Instead Jim spent his time studying or hanging out with many of his new friends. Through dating Sara and his classes he had met a whole group of new friends and he spent more and more time hanging out with them.

Jim also got to do something new during this time, dating two girls at the same time. Amy was a really nice girl from one of his classes and Sue was someone he had met when he was dating Sara. Sue was a bit of a “bad girl” herself and Jim happily discovered that Sue was just as enthusiastic about sex as Sara had been. Things with Amy started a lot more slowly but Jim felt like things with Amy might actually become more serious whereas he knew Sue was ultimately just a lust filled fling.

Much to his delight Jim discovered that although things started slowly with Amy she also was very enthusiastic about sex. Even when they started spending the night together they didn’t fuck right away. Instead they spent many nights exploring each other with their hands and mouths. Finally, just before the end of final exams they spent the night together in Jim’s dorm room and shared a long, passionate fuck. Although Jim had now fucked three other women, fucking Amy for the first time felt new and exciting. He was disappointed that he wouldn’t see Amy during the summer and they promised to email and talk on the phone often.

Back home for the summer Jim worked at his summer job. His dad had found him a decent job at a big car lot. Jim worked regular hours during the week and although the job wasn’t exciting it wasn’t very hard and he enjoyed spending his time outside in the warm summer sun. Throughout summer vacation Jim and Pat fucked fairly often on the weekends. Pat’s girlfriend also lived far away, just like Amy, and so there were a number of Friday and Saturday nights when Jim and Pat would catch a movie or hang out with friends from high school before heading back to one of their houses and fucking.

On many of these times when they were at Pat’s house, Carol joined in the fun. She never tired of watching Jim and Pat fuck and loved getting in a wild 69 with one guy while he was being fucked by the other guy. Carol also loved having both cocks inside her at the same time and Jim and Pat eagerly tried to satisfy all of her urges and desires.

It was near the end of summer break when Pat’s dad took Pat out for a guy’s weekend at the lake. While Pat and his dad spent the weekend fishing and camping Jim spent the weekend fucking Carol. They fucked in just about every room of the house and in just about every position they could imagine. In between fucks Carol wanted to hear all about Amy. She seemed genuinely happy for Jim. He talked about his adventures with Sue and Sara and about how he really felt something special for Amy. He also told her about his classes and his plans for what he was going to major in.

When they finally said goodbye at the end of the weekend something felt different to Jim. It seemed that Carol was making a much bigger deal out of saying goodbye than usual. Jim commented that she was being awfully serious and Carol responded by saying that he may not realize it now but that he had almost outgrown her. “I’ll never outgrow you,” Jim responded.

“Yes you will,” Carol said. She wasn’t upset and instead seemed a little disappointed and resigned. She told him that she knew all along that what they had was only a temporary thing. “Besides,” she joked, “you’re not going to want to be with me in a few years when I’m all old and wrinkly.” Jim tried to protest but she continued by saying that she could see both him and Pat becoming men. She told him she was really proud of both of them for the men they were becoming and that soon both Pat and Jim would move on to their own adventures and lives away from where they grew up. They kissed warmly and deeply before Jim finally left.

A few days later Jim was back at school for his sophomore year. This year he was in an apartment with a couple of friends and Pat was off in the frat house. They still saw each other occasionally but that was it.

Jim and Amy picked up right where they had left off before the summer break. As the school year progressed Jim realized that perhaps Carol had been right. His life seemed to be going in some different directions with Amy and his new group of friends. He still went home on some of the breaks from school but he now also spent some breaks with Amy in her hometown or staying at campus. At the end of that school year he found a job on campus and stayed at college instead of going home.

Just as Carol had guessed when they said goodbye all those months earlier, that was the last time that Jim would be with Carol. In fact, after that summer Jim and Pat never got together again. They had gradually drifted into different social groups and activities at college and as the years passed they saw less and less of each other. As college continued Jim became more and more serious with Amy and they ended up getting engaged just before graduation.

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