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Welcome to the continuation of Parker’s Adventures. Last we left off, Parker just preformed on stage with the beautiful Ms. Penny in front of the entire Royal Diamond club. That’s not where the fun ends though.

As I dress I can’t get over how strange my last few days have been. I’m certainly not complaining, but before now I hadn’t had sex three times in a year let alone in a week. Well, since I’ve been married anyway. Before then it was a little more frequent than that.

Putting my necklace and watch back on Lady Irene comes in, and dismisses Lady Katherine. “I heard you put on quite the performance,” she says as she leads me out of the room, “best we’ve ever had.”

“I’m just glad I didn’t finish too quickly.”

“The way Lady Heather put it, she’s never come as hard as Ms. Penny did.”

“That sounds like high praise,” but I make no effort to hide my sarcasm.

“It is.” Now I am surprised. The woman may not like me, but I pleased her mistress, and I guess that counts for something.

Lady Irene leads me through a door behind the front desk and up a flight of stairs. Before too long I’m in an office and my Vixen is sitting behind her desk wearing the same green and blue robe she had briefly worn on stage. There wasn’t a single moment on that stage where I didn’t want to rip our masks off. I’m sure as the proprietor of this sex castle Ms. Penny wouldn’t have appreciated it, so I kept to the rules.

It’s doubtful anyone would have recognized me, but I’m a nobody, she’s not. “It’s good to see you again,” I say with a smile. It’s so strange to me that I’ve had sex with this woman, but we’ve never actually been introduced. Lady Irene closes the door behind me and for the first time, we’re alone.

“It’s good to finally meet you, Parker. Would you like a drink?”

More than anything I’d like a bottle of water or some kind of sports drink, but something at her wet bar catches my attention. “That depends. Do you have any apple juice to cut that with?”

She smiles at me, “A man after my own heart.” In a gesture I’m sure isn’t common to her, she gets up from her chair and makes me a drink. This woman really is amazing to me. On top of everything else, not only does she have Apple Crown Royal, but apple juice too. She hands me a glass and has one for herself, same drink. “Here I thought I was the only one that drinks this.”

“You kidding? I’ve been drinking this since I found out Crown made an apple whiskey.” The juice helps cut out the harshness of the whiskey and makes for a much more enjoyable drink.

Sitting on the edge of her desk in front of me I sit in a chair close to her. “I like you, Parker, you’re not like most men I meet. I don’t hide the fact that I have money, but you don’t even seem to notice.”

“Why would I be looking at that when I’ve got you in sight?”

She laughs, “That’s what I mean. You know, a girl could fall in love with a guy who says things like that.”

“You don’t even know me.”

“I know more about you than your ex wife does.”

One eyebrow goes up at that. “If that was supposed to impress bakırköy escort me, it fell very short. My ex knew so little about me it came to her as a shock when I filed for divorce.”

“You’re right, not the best example. There isn’t a single person that gets through the front gate that I haven’t run a background check on. I’ve got a file for every member of my club, there is very little I don’t know about them.”

I’m not sure where this is going, but there’s one thing I do know. “You didn’t have enough time to run a thorough background check on me.”

“True, and it’s also part of my point. I thought about giving you a free membership…”

“But you know I’m not a local, so what would be the point?” She nods. “I don’t know when I’d be able to afford to come out this way again. Hell, technically I can’t afford it this time.” Although I may have recouped my expenses off the blackjack table today, I’m not quite sure.

“You say the word and I’ll have you flown out here at no expense to you. I’ll even get a hotel suite, as long as we share.” Her smile promises more carnal delights.

“I appreciate the offer, but I don’t accept free rides. If I want to go somewhere or do something I pay my way or I don’t go.”

“I don’t want to buy you, Parker. I just want to see you again.”

I can tell she’s sincere, but this is a rather bizarre situation. “I’d like that too. Maybe if you’re in my neck of the woods we could have dinner.” It sounds like a kiss off even to me, but that’s not what I meant at all.

She uncrosses her legs and pulls the robe back to show me her leg, a perfect imprint of my teeth in her flesh. Didn’t draw blood, but my mark will be there for quite some time. “This means something to people like me, it’s like laying your claim on me. I thought at least it meant you’d want to see me again.”

“I do.” I explained to her that while what we did was amazing, I’m not up for a steady diet of it. As it turns out the club only meets once a month, and she only makes an appearance like that about twice a year, so exhibitionism isn’t what she always wants. In the early days of the club she preformed every month, but that’s changed over the last few years. I assure her that if she’s ever in my city we’ll get together. She even creates a contact profile for herself on my phone. The picture is of us kissing, her robe beginning to fall open. And this is how I met Jennifer Heinz.

“If I thought you had another one in you tonight, I’d ask you to make love to me right here.”

“Oh, I think I can manage, but it won’t be as vigorous.”

She gives me that bedroom laugh, she’s okay with that. Before moving to me she picks up a remote, hits a button and that same music that played while we were on stage comes on. I inquire about it, finding it familiar yet I’ve never heard it before. Jennifer tells me she had some friends make it for her special. She’s always wanted something, like a cross between Enigma and Type O Negative, specifically designed to be sex music. It succeeds in this, and I really beşiktaş escort like it. “I can send you a copy,” she says as she unbuttons my shirt, “but only if you promise not to give it to anyone. The band would be up my ass if it got out.”

In this moment I’d probably promise her anything she wanted, but I can understand. “You got it.” My shirt slides down to the ground, then my T-shirt is yanked off. Jennifer runs her hands over my chest, down to my sides and around my back. Once again she finds the marks that disappear into my pants.

“I’m not the first woman to mark your flesh this week.” She traces the marks with her fingers, hands side into my waistband to find where they started. “Was she a girlfriend?”

“No,” I say as I undo my pants, “not a girlfriend.”

My pants and boxers slide down, “Then who was she?”

“Just a friend that needed a ride.” She begins to ask another question, but I stop her with a kiss, my hands untying the sash on her robe. “Do you really want to keep talking about her?” With her robe on the floor, she does not.

Jennifer pushes me back down into the chair and straddles me. Kicking off the last of my clothes, I kiss her with a need just as strong as it was on stage, but more gentle than before.

My hands slowly roam over her back as she presses into me, my erection trapped between our stomachs. In no time at all I’m as hard as ever, ready to fill her again. She picks herself up off my lap enough for my dick to slide under, then inside.

Taking me slowly, Jennifer moans into my ear as she rests back down on me. Neither of us needed the foreplay, we’d had plenty of it on stage. Moving her hips back and forth, my cock works deep inside her, throbbing with blood and heat. My hands cup her ass and I help move her on me while I take her breasts in my mouth. Sucking on those hard nipples I listen to her moan and cry out, squeezing her cheeks as she grinds on my cock. Our rhythm is slow, but hard, our breathing becomes labored.

Clasping her hands behind my neck, Jennifer leans back so she can watch my face as we fuck. She’s tight and wet with such heat I wonder how I don’t go mad with the physical bliss of it all. “Oh, god,” I say as she picks herself up and falls back down on me, “you are so amazing, Jennifer.” At the sound of me saying her name, she’s spurred on to increase her speed.

She grips my body and holds me to her as the orgasm catches her by surprise. My body is tired and used, but I don’t cum yet, I hold myself in check for the time being.

Thankful her desk is mostly empty, I pick Jennifer up and lay her on the cool surface. Her legs wrap around me as I slowly pump in and out of her, moving my hips just a little from side to side trying to work in her in different ways. I must be doing something right because her nails are at my back. Instead of focusing on the marks made before her, Jennifer traces her own. Her tan skin looks delicious to me, those natural perfect breasts bouncing with each thrust. I want to put my hands on them, squeeze and hold them, beylikdüzü escort but I keep my hands on the desk, holding myself just above her.

Increasing my speed I rock her whole body as my balls slap her ass, each thrust bringing another, louder moan. Pussy tightening on my cock again she screams out my name as this orgasm encompasses her whole body, her legs shake uncontrollably.

I don’t let up, I keep fucking her as the orgasm crashes into her wave after wave. “Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she whispers as I increase my speed. My muscles are on fire, abs and legs giving what they have left so I can bring her again and again. So close to the brink I slow my speed to allow myself some minor recovery, then pick back up. I may not be as vigorous as before, but I try to make it last.

She plants her palms on the desk and lifts herself up to kiss me. Now I clasp my hands behind her neck and watch her face as I fuck her from this slightly modified angle. Now she’s practically screaming, “Oh baby, oh baby,” as I use the last of my energy. There is no rhythm this time, just a frantic movement of hips as I pound my cock in and out of her, breasts bouncing in a delightful frenzy.

Now I’m moaning as the orgasm builds, ecstasy releasing all over my body as I thrust once, twice, three times more. I’m about to pull out, but her legs trap me, force me deeper into her quivering pussy. I’m light headed as I cum, everything I had left leaves my body as I let go of everything I’d been holding back. My back stings where her nails raked me.

We stay like that for a few minutes before we can move again. I’m going to be feeling it in the morning, and the aches and pains will bring a smile to my face. With some hand towels we clean up as best we can. Sure, there’s a bathroom connected to this room like a master bathroom, but we’d get distracted in there together. It’s after 2:00 a.m. and I’ve got to be on the road in the morning.

As I slide my boxers and pants on, Jennifer gasps. Apparently she clawed me really well when I came because she managed to draw blood. Not a lot, but enough that she breaks out a first aid kit. I don’t need any bandages, but she puts on some anti bacterial ointment. At least now my white T-shirt won’t get ruined. Jennifer walks me to the front door and kisses me good bye before putting me in her limo.

I’m so tired I don’t get to enjoy my first limo ride and by the time we get to the hotel I’m barely conscious. I haven’t even realized that Lady Katherine had accompanied me, partly because she was up front with the driver, but also because she’s wearing a pant suit. She escorted me to my room, on orders from Jennifer to make sure I got to my room okay. I don’t know what happened after that because I woke up to the phone ringing at 11:00 a.m. I never sleep on my stomach, but that’s how I wake up, my body one giant ache.

Somehow I managed to get myself ready for check out before the Luxor could charge me for a late check out. After a couple espressos and a light lunch I left Las Vegas with a worn out body, back full of stings that accompany any movements, a smile on my face and a smoke in my hand. Best vacation ever.

Thank you for taking the time to read my latest addition. If you enjoyed this chapter please give a like, rating and any comments are appreciated. Parker’s Adventures will continue, so keep an eye out for the next chapter.

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